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Sometimes the prelude can be as erotic as the main event.

I come into the bedroom. It's very dim with only sputtering candles for light. Your back is to me as you slide a Moody Blues CD into the player. 'Nights In White Satin' is starting to play. Justin Hayward is writing letters he'll never send. You are wearing a silky, loose-flowing long gown. It‘s just slightly see-through with accents of fine lace. The candlelight makes it shimmer as it softly moves with you. Your panties are barely visible through the silk. I am wearing a business suit, power tie and all, just home from a boring meeting. I come up to you from behind and circle my arms around your waist and you lean back into me. I nuzzle your neck under your soft hair. You’ve just come from the shower and your hair is freshly washed, dried and brushed. It feels so soft and light against my cheeks and smells so nice. Your skin smells of soap and the various lotions and potions that women use to entice and enchant. They are working well. There is just a hint of fine perfume. With light kisses and soft caresses, my lips and cheek grace the back of your neck. I work toward your ear with little kisses on your lobe and soft hot breath behind your ear. A shiver runs down your body. Your perfume is light enough for your musk to come through. I love your smell. I brush your hair to the other side and move to give your other ear my tender attentions.

Gently caressing your waist, my hands work their way up and down your sides. I slowly come up under your breasts and cup just the lower part, lifting slightly. They are full and warm. My lips are working their way to your cheek, still softly kissing and lightly licking. My breath is making your cheek cool with the moisture. My hands come higher to your nipples, lightly touching them through the silky fabric of your gown. I draw small circles around them with my fingers and as they start to harden, you turn your head to bring your lips closer to mine. Our lips lightly come together. Your lips are warm, moist, with the tangy taste of mint. You have just a touch of lipstick. You let your tongue lightly touch my lips. My tongue comes out to meet yours. The haunting rhythms of
'Steppin' in a Slide Zone' fill the room.

My pelvis is against your butt. I'm getting hard and you can feel me pressing
against you; you press back. Your hands have come around behind my head and pull me in to kiss deeper. I press harder against your ass, rubbing against the fabric of your gown and panties. I can smell your juices starting to flow. The pheromones are entering my mind telling me how turned on you are and ready to make love.

I pinch your nipples. Not too hard, just right. I rub them with the silk and they get even harder. I slide my hands through the front opening of the gown and touch your breasts. They're warm and soft. I feel your heart beating as I squeeze them.
I pinch harder and they become even more erect.  A soft moan mixes with the music.  You're really pressing back into my groin now, slowly gyrating side to side making me so hard that I can't take much more. I turn you around and we kiss, long and deep. You slide your thigh between my legs and up against my crotch.  As we embrace, you rub my growing cock with your leg. My tongue explores your mouth and dances with yours. You taste wonderful. I let you push my tongue back and you explore my mouth. I suck your soft tongue and touch it lightly with my teeth. I open my eyes and you are watching me. We smile together. Ray Thomas is singing 'For My Lady' on the CD now.

With my hands on your bottom, I’m massaging your cheeks and pulling you tighter against my hard cock. Slowly, you move your hands down and rub me through my pants. I am fully erect and straining against my zipper. It's getting hot in the room and I take off my suit jacket. You loosen my tie and pull me to you with it. We kiss some more, mouths wide, hungry for more. You take my tie off and slowly unbutton my shirt. Pulling it open, you lean down to kiss my nipples.
They grow hard as they get kissed, nibbled and licked. It feels so good. Your breath is cool on my wet nipples.  Your hands are on my cock massaging it through my pants. I am so turned on now. Your gown is open and your bare breasts are against my stomach; hot, soft and full. I feel your hard nipples pressing into my skin. I feel your heartbeat beating faster now. The music tells us we are 'On The Threshold of a Dream'.

I reach around and start lifting up the back of your long gown. The silken folds gather at your waist until your panty covered ass is exposed. I rub your ass cheeks savoring the feel of the silk and your warm body beneath. I squeeze your ass and pull you harder against my throbbing cock. One finger ... then two, work their way under the elastic band at the back of your thigh. I trace a line to your cheek crack and ever so lightly, follow it down. Your muscles involuntarily contract, just for a moment. Then you relax, inviting me to go further. My fingers slide between your soft cheeks and feel the dampness. Are you getting wet or are you still damp from the shower? The cleft is so warm and soft I can't wait to explore it with my tongue.

We end our long kiss and I give you little kisses and nibbles down your neck to your shoulders and find your breasts. Your hand on the back of my head guides me to a nipple. I kiss it very lightly at first. Lightly flicking the tip of my tongue around it, the areola swells and your nipple grows even more. I open my lips and suck it in. I hear a moan and you arch your back. I bite it very gently and you moan again.
I hear you whisper, “Harder,” so I comply.  As my mouth works on your breasts, my hand comes down and slides along the front of your panties. My other hand is still caressing your ass. Your panties are the bikini style that you know I like. I don’t care much for thongs. I love the look and feel of the soft fabric covering your ass and pussy. They’re very silky to my touch and see-through. There’s just a touch of lacy embroidery in the front; very pretty and feminine. They're tight enough to show the cleft of your pussy but stretchy enough for a hand to easily slide inside ... but not yet. I ease my hand between your legs. You let your thighs separate just a little. I slide in further, feeling the silk covered labia folds. Oh, you are wet. Your panties are already getting soaked. I press harder and your panties ease up between the lips. I find the nub of your clit and make tiny circles around it. I feel your legs buckle just a little. You grab my shoulder for balance and your nails dig into my skin. It hurts so good. More wetness soaks through the crotch of your panties and coats my fingers. It's warm and slippery. I bring my hand up and back down under your waist band. I feel the soft hair of your bush and run my fingers down through it. Once again I find your clit and dance my fingers around it. Your nails dig in again. I reach deeper and open your labia. One finger, then two find your hole. It's so wet and open that you seem to suck my fingers inside. Your nails dig deeper in my shoulder. The pain is exquisite. My fingers slide all the way into your pussy and I dance them around feeling the velvety softness within. I gather as much of your nectar as I can and bring my fingers up to my mouth. As I taste your juices, I rise from your breasts back to your face. I lick my fingers and savor the haunting flavor of your sex. I'm watching you as I enjoy your essence. As you look me in the eye, you grasp my hand and suck my wet fingers into your mouth. Your eyes close as you savor your own honey, then you pull me close to kiss me. Long, hard and deep. We both taste your nectar and a shiver runs down my spine. The Moodys think that 'Every Good Boy Deserves Favour'. I've been very good ...

You break off the kiss and frantically unbuckle my belt, unbutton my pants and pull down the zipper. You can't wait to get to my cock. You pull down my pants as I kick off my shoes and socks. The wet from my pre-cum has made a dark stain on the front of my thin
dark blue cotton underwear. They’re stretched tight from my bulging erection. As I try to kick off my shoes and socks and step out of my pants, you jerk down my shorts. Before I can get rid of them, you already have my cock in your mouth. It’s my turn to moan as I feel my cock getting sucked deep into your hungry mouth.  I’m getting light headed and have to sit back on the bed. You follow me down never losing hold of my cock. Your hair cascades around your face and tickles my thighs. You slide up and down my cock as your tongue does things I have never experienced before. Oh my, you have been practicing. One hand is cupping my balls and other follows your mouth up and down my shaft twisting slightly on each stroke. Warm saliva lubricates my cock and it feels incredible. As you caress my balls, they seem to have a mind of their own as they tighten and relax in your hand.

I look down and find that you are looking back. You smile with my cock still in your mouth. You pull it out and, starting from my balls, you slowly lick your tongue back up to the tip, looking at me the whole time. You go back to my balls and in turn suck each into your mouth. The pressure is on the verge of painful but I can’t bring myself to stop you. With a tight grip, you milk up my shaft until a drop of pre-cum forms on the tip.  You touch your tongue to it and pull back.  A fine string stretches out between my cock and your mouth.  Noisily, you suck it all back in and take my entire shaft into your mouth.  Your mouth, tongue and hands work feverishly and I am too soon near the point of no return. I don't want to come yet but before I can stop you, it happens. I gasp a warning that I am cumming but you don’t stop. Spasms rock my body and jets of semen shoot into your mouth. You keep sucking and jerking me off. I moan loudly as I lay back on the bed arching my back. You continue sucking and stroking until the spasms diminish and finally my erection starts to fade. You are still on your knees between my legs licking up the last drops of cum. I sit up and slide down onto the floor in front of you. With both of us kneeling on the floor, I take your face in my hands and deeply kiss you. Our mouths are open wide and I slide my tongue in past your lips. You suck it in like you were still sucking my cock. I can taste my own cum now. It’s salty, bleachy, tangy and very exciting. The pheromones are rampant now.
'Your Wildest Dreams' are echoing in my head.

I stand and pull you up. Turning you around, I let you down gently on the bed. I follow you down and we lay side by side. We kiss again and I can still taste my seed. I love when you let me cum in your mouth. It’s one of the most erotic experiences I can imagine. I want to return the favor. I slowly work my way down to your breasts and lick, suck and nibble each nipple until they are again swollen, hard and seem to quiver. I continue down, kissing your stomach, licking your navel until I arrive at your panties. Your legs open and the aromas rise to my nose. Those damn pheromones are awakening the primal instincts in my brain. I’m light headed and my heart is racing. The fabric of your panties is wet and transparent. I can see your bush and your swollen labia through the silk. Your pussy lips are open like the petals of a tulip ... inviting me in.
I lick the silky crotch and suck your juice through the material. The flavors are rich, musky, earthy and intoxicating. I reach for your waist band and slowly pull your panties off. As soon as your panties are free of your feet, you open your legs wide, inviting me back to your most private treasures. I lick and suck and kiss every part I can reach. My tongue probes deep into your cave. I wish my tongue was longer to reach deeper.  The forbidden pleasures are making me dizzy.

I slowly come back up to your clit. I start to lick up and down from your clit to your pussy. Up and down. My nose slides between your pussy lips and gets wet with honey. I go back to your clit running my tongue around it in small circles. I vary the pressure; lightly for a bit, then harder. My tongue works in circles, back and forth and up and down. I hear you moan as your back arches. I slide two fingers deep into your pussy and hook them up to caress your G spot.  I know I found it when you arch your back another deep moan fills the room. My tongue is working on your clit. You press your crotch hard against my face and your hands grab the back of my head. The smells, the tastes, the feeling of your body is blowing my mind. I am no longer in control. You’re holding onto my hair driving my face into your pussy. You’re moving my head and your pelvis to work your clit against my mouth and tongue. The spasms start to come in waves and you stifle a scream. More spasms and the scream escapes. Little jets of juice squirt from your pussy and cover my face. I try to lick it all up; relishing every drop. Like a vise, your thighs tighten around my head and I think you're going to crush me. It's hard to breathe but each breath I manage is pure heaven. Your orgasm seems to last forever and I feel like I’m going to pass out. Finally, the spasms subside into shivers and quivers and you relax just enough for me to take a deep breath. My face is still an inch from your wet pussy and the air I breathe is warm, humid and heavy with the primal odors of uninhibited sex.  My mind starts to spin again.

After a long minute or so, you release me from the grip of your thighs and pull my face up to yours. We kiss like we are starving and only each other’s lips will sate our hunger. My face is still soaked with your cum and I know you can taste it. I also know you love the taste by the way you bathe my face with your tongue. We kiss for a while, savoring the smells and flavors of our lovemaking. Then, taking charge, you pull me on top and wrap your legs around my hips. Reaching between our bodies, you take my rejuvenated erection in your hand and start guiding me to your pussy. The head of my cock presses against your open vulva. Your labia envelopes my shaft and seems to suck me in. You put your lips close to my ear. Your breath is hot. Your voice is husky. Your tone is demanding, “Fuck me! Fuck me now!” John Lodge is singing,
'Ride My See-Saw'.