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Found (Chapter Four)

What happens when you can't have the one person you want most?
After an hour and a half of driving, the tour bus finally pulls into a parking lot of a simple motel. The walls are yellowing, indicating age and the doors to the rooms have rustic looking numbers nailed harshly to them.

I sigh as I look at the motel in front of us, silently wishing there is a better option, but the nearest hotel is three hours away, and motels are cheaper.

"Okay! Listen up!" I yell and I struggle to stand up on the couch to get everyone's attention, "Now, for however long we are staying here I am off duty of pulling girls out of your beds!" I say, crossing my arms over my chest as if looking for someone to challenge my statement.

"Come on Gracie! Girls never listen to us the way they listen to you," Eli pouts, his shoulders sagging.

"I'm on vacation. I have seen way too much of all of you and I need a break," I laugh, shaking my head.

"She's right. We are all on vacation the second we step off this bus, so if any one of you decide to have a one night stand, take responsibly of your damn actions," Danny says, walking out from the back storage bedroom, holding a dark green duffle bag.

I nod and I step down from on top of the couch. I let out a deep breath as I walk past Danny, nudging him into the right wall with a grin as I walk back to the storage bedroom to pack up my own bag.

I hum a small tune as I pick up my own duffle bag, similar in size to Danny’s, only mine has a solid blue background with small purple polka dots scattered around. I bend down to open my suitcase full of clothes and I pull out a few pairs of shorts, some shirts and three dresses. I grab some undergarments and two pairs of flip flops, along with one pair of red five inch wedged heels.

“Now what do you need those for? Those just spell trouble,” I hear behind me, making me roll my eyes as I zip up my duffle bag.

“Who knows? I might just go have some fun with Jeremy’s girlfriend tomorrow night while you all go get shitfaced drunk.”

I gasp as I feel his arms snake around my stomach, his icy cold fingers just barely slide under my shirt to brush my narrow hip bones. My eyes close as I let my head fall back to rest on his hard shoulder, “Luke, what are you doing? You’re going to get both of us in trouble!”

“Shhh, they all left to go check in and get each of us a room,” His breath tickles my ear as his fingers slowly move around my waist, softly and expertly kneading my skin.

“I don’t care! Danny is already mad at you, imagine what he would do to you if he walked in to see your hands on me like this,” I manage to whisper breathlessly as I force myself to move out of his warm embrace.

“I wasn’t even touching you that much,” he mumbles under his breath and I turn around to see his bright green eyes roll in annoyance.

“You had your hand up my shirt!” I giggle, my fingers going against my will and within seconds they are buried in his soft black hair.

“I could have done so much more to you if I wanted to, but I didn’t.”

“Yeah, okay,” I say with a shake of the head as one of my hands falls from his hair to brush the side of his face, feeling the rough stubble of not shaving for a few days.

“I want to so badly Gracie. I would love to lay you down and feel you writhe under my body as I pleasure you with my fingers, my lips and everything else possible.”

My eyes widen and I jerk away quickly, turning my back to him as I zip up my duffle bag. I stand up the second my bag is zipped and I sprint towards the bathroom to get my make up back and my necessities.

“Sweetheart, stop. You know you want me as much as I want you. Stop denying everything between us. I can feel the connection and the tension between us and so do you. I can see in your eyes when you look at me that you want me to touch you. Why do you keep stopping me every time I get close to you? I want to do this, and as I said before, you are mine,” Luke says, his footsteps being heard closely behind me.

“Luke..,” I begin but I stop when his rock hard, chiseled chest presses against my back. I feel his fingers wander back to my waist but this time they don’t stop to feel my hips, they move up and up until they are brushing the undersides of my breasts, making my body let out a betrayed whimper.

“See? Your body is so responsive to my touch,” He whispers before his lips connect with the side of my neck, making my knees shake and threaten to buckle under me at any second.

“Please, Luke, you have to stop before we do something we really regret,” I whisper, slowly coming back to my senses as I realize something I have never wanted to realize before now.

“What? What could we do that we would regret? Grace we would both love every second of the pleasure we could bring each other.”

I shake my head and bite the inside of my cheek as I wriggle out of his grasp for the second time.

“Just stop. All I want to do right now is go soak in a hot bubble bath to relax,” I say, my voice soft as I unzip my duffle bag to add my make up and necessities bag into it before I move past him, out of the bathroom, down the hall and to the bus door

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