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Found (Chapter Three)

What Happens When You Can't Have The One Person You Want Most?
My eyes strain away from Luke's captivating green stare when I hear the door of the bus open, followed by laughter and cursing.

"Eli! You're terrible, that poor waitress didn't know what to do with you!" Jeremy says through his hysterical laughter.

I let out a small giggle as I shake my head, thinking how Eli has been like a little boy in a candy store ever since Withering Transit went viral. Eli was someone my brother grew up with, he is actually my brother’s best friend, even though they don't entirely act like it. Eli is just fairly taller than me, standing around 5'8 with a his hair on the sides buzzed to barely a little brown stubble with hair colored a bright blonde coming down over his left eye, giving him the whole ‘dangerous’ look, as he puts it. His eyes are the sweetest eyes you will ever look at, blue with a darker black tint to them with strong cheek bones. He's been skinny for as long as I've known him, meaning you can easily see his veins in his arms and bulging out of his neck. On his neck, he has a tattoo that actually says "Withering Transit" in black script. Moving down his body, he isn't as big as the other guys but he can still be intimidating.

"Gracie! Yoo-Hoo."

I blink rapidly, my eyes slowly focusing back in on snapping fingers in front of my eyes.

"What?" I ask, looking up at Danny's smirking face.

"Are you back with us? You looked pretty deep in thought," Jeremy says, smiling.

"Just thinking about how much Eli hasn't changed," I tease, laughing at Eli's wounded look.

"Wow, Gracie that hurt!" He holds his hand over his heart as if I shot him or something.

"I'm sorry, but it's true," I shrug with a small apologetic smile and I see him wink and bring me a white container.

"Since my food wasn't good enough for the queen," he says sarcastically, making me roll my eyes as I open the container, revealing pancakes soaked in brown syrup and bacon.

I feel my stomach grumble as I grab a piece of bacon and I take a small bite, the flavor exploding with pleasure on my tongue, "Thank you," I groan.

"You're welcome!" Eli smiles and sits down at the small built in table in the kitchen.

I take another bite of bacon and I look to my right as I feel the couch sink. I wave at Danny and his eyes bore into mine, challenging me.

"Hmmm?" I ask, with my mouth full of food.

"So, how was your talk?"

I shrug and I glance over at Luke who is attempting to keep his eyes on the floor. I sigh and I run two of my fingers through my hair, "It was fine."

"What did you two talk about?"

"Nothing really. I mean… Luke politely apologized and so did I," I say with an innocent shrug, my plastic fork cutting into my pancakes.

"Why did you have to apologize? He was the one that called you a whore."

I shake my head and I pull the piece of pancake off my fork with my tongue, contemplating what to say.

"She simply apologized for running out on us and leaving us full of worry," Luke mumbles, looking up from the floor as I nod in agreement, swallowing.

I see Danny's mouth open from the corner of my eye and I speak up, cutting him off before he has the chance to ask any more questions, "I, for one, am sick of this damn bus. Can we please stop at a hotel tonight?" I ask, fluttering my eye lashes at my brother as my bottom lip puffs out.

"Why?" Danny asks, his eyes darkening.

"Because, that’s why! I'm tired of being in this damn bus! I would love to relax in my own room and take a hot bath. Besides Jeremy has been bugging everyone on this bus with his annoying phone sex night once a week with his girlfriend," I say, pointing over at Jeremy who's eyes widen and his cheek turn beat red.

"Yeah man! That's so disgusting. We can only hear you, never your mysterious girlfriend!" Eli pipes up, holding his fork up in the air with protest.

"That's actually a really good idea Gracie, I could call Cassie and fly her out here and she could stay with me in a hotel room and watch our next show!" Jeremy says, his leg bouncing in excitement.

"I still haven't met her, Jeremy! You said I would be the first to meet this girl!" I say, crossing my arms over my chest.

"I know, you'll meet her tomorrow if possible. I'll let you take my credit card and you girls can go shopping," Jeremy nods.

I smile and I nod in agreement, "Good, I've been needing a shopping partner but Cassie will be the one using your credit card, not me," I say, looking over at Danny whose eyes look as if they never left me, "Please Danny? I really want this! Each of you all could go have a fun night out since you don't have a show for what, three days? Go! Please?" I ask, begging.

I see Danny nod once and cheer with glee as I move to hug him. I kiss his cheek softly as a thank you before springing up to go ready my suitcase.

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