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Four Day Weekend Part 3

The third out of who knows how many parts...Again this is for my hubby Pv2 Moorman.
Five months after Kevin proposed, I sat in my OGYN's waiting room. I was finally going to find out what we were having. I looked around the room, seeing the other woman with their husbands and boyfriends..Making me wish that my soldier was with me.

A month afer I last saw Kevin, he was stationed at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. We had kept in conact but I wasnt able to visit him. My hormones were raging, and needed to feel the touch of my soldier.

The nurse called me back and had me lay on the table next to the ultrasound machine, and told me the doctor would be in soon.....


After I got home I went straight to the kitchen, I was hungry and craved chicken and mashed potatoes. As I was fixing my dinner, I couldn't help but remember that I was making Kevin's favorite meal. Maybe it was because I missed him..or it could have been I was carrying his offspring.

As I set the table to eat I heard a knock on my front door. Who in the hell is that? I thought to myself as I walked to the door. I didn't think to look through the peep hole, so when I opened the door I got one hell of a suprise...

There stood the love of my life, all six foot of him. He was wearing his ACUs again, I looked at him up and down before I could react. I wrapped my arms around his neck, as his strong arms embraced my 5 foot 3 pregnant body. He sat me down slowly as he kissed my full pink lips deeply, a moan escaped my throat as he moved his mouth to my neck.

Kevin closed the door as I walked back into the kitchen. I yelled into the living room, "Baby are you hungry?, I just made dinner." He didnt reply but I felt his hands on my waist, as he lowered his head onto my neck once again.

I turned off the stove as his swept me up in his arms, carrying me into my bedroom. He carefully laid me on the plush bed, as he removed his ACU jacket and t-shirt. I saw his dog tags lay against his chest. Without realizing it, I reached out and touched them..I could almost feel Kevin's heart beating out of his chest.

Kevin took off my light blue sundress, leaving me in a blue and white bra and matching panties. He kissed down my bra covered breasts and stopped at my 22 week pregnant belly, kissing and caressing it lightly. He looked up at me as he slid his hand into my panties, inserting his index finger into my wet enterance.

He took of my panties and kissed my clit lightly before flicking it with his thumb. I felt his lips kiss my legs, starting at the knees and slowly working his way up my inner thighs. I moaned uncontrollably as he pushed his tongue deep in to my love hole.

"Oh God, Kevin." I squealed as I felt his tongue on my clit. He slipped two fingers into my wet pussy and slowly pumped them in and out of me. My hormones were rushing at full tilt, as I grew closer to climaxing.

Kevin nibbled lightly on my clit, I grabbed his shoulders and pulled him closer. I wrapped my legs around him, not wanting him to stop. He pulled my clit in to his mouth, and I lost any control I had over my body.

My legs started trembling as I started to cum, my breath became short and ragged. My heart was racing beyond any control..I reached above me and grabbed the black iron head board as my juices flowed onto Kevin's hand.

"Fuck!..oh God baby..yes I'm cumming!" I screamed

He waited until my body and breathing recovered before continuing in our love making. Kevin slid up between my legs, touching his Army ring hanging around my neck. He gave it to me a month after we started dating, since then I have worn it on a chain with the dog tags that say:

Property of US Soldier Pv2 Moorman.

He smiled as he looked into my eyes, and kissed my forhead. I was to lost in his hazel eyes that I didnt even pay attention to him stripping of his ACU pants. I was brought back to reality, when I felt the tip of his thick cockhead enter my dripping hole.

Kevin slowly pushed into my cunt, my walls stretched around his dick. Wrapping my legs around his waist, I pulled him deeper into me. He leaned forward and kissed my swollen breasts, licking and sucking my sensitive nipples gently. Blowing on my wet skin, making my body shiver from the cold.

His thrusts became deeper and harder, sending my body over the proverbial orgasmic edge. My body began to shiver with every movement he made, bring me closer to cumming for him once again.

Kevin slowly turned me over, pulling my ass up in the air. Pushing deep into my quivering pussy, hitting my very sensitive and swollen cervix. I screamed as I felt my climax approch slowly, my muscles began to tighten severely around Kevin's throbbing cock.

His moans became louder, his breathing was harder and quicker than usuall. He grabbed my hips and began pounding my cunt faster as he groaned..

"I'm cumming babe."

That was all I needed to hear, I came with so much force that my body was weak and shaking. I screamed his name loud enough that it echoed through my tiny apartment. My sweet nectar flowed on to my soldier's cock, as he shot his hot creamy cum inside my canal.


After we ate dinner and showered we laid on the couch watching my favorite TV show. We cuddled and talked about our future, which is a on going conversation with us.

I snuggled under the blanket and laid my head on his lap. Kevin leaned down and kissed my temple as he asked...

"Have you picked out any names yet baby?"

"Yes I have." I answered proudly.

"Well, what are they."

"Desiree Nicole and Elliot Mathew." I said with a grin

"Oh well it looks like the bases are covered, whether it's a boy or a girl." Kevin said as he caressed my cheek.

"No baby, those are the names for both." I replied as I sat up looking at him.."We are having twins, one of each."

Kevin's jaw hit the floor and he raised his eyebrow, when he heard the news.

I laughed at his face as I said.."What can I say, when the US Army does something, they do it right."
To Be Continued...

I love you baby, with all of my heart. You are the one person that I can tell anything. I cant wait to be with you forever. Im a Proud Army Wife to be, and couldn't be happier.

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