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Friends, or Lovers?

Two friends who have a constantly changing relationship finally settle on what it is.
Please keep in mind that this story is fictional, based on real people. All names are made up, and any similarities to other real persons is pure coincidence.

James sat at his desk, staring at his computer. He was thinking about his friends, Vicky and Amy. Vicky and James had been friends since middle school, with unusual ups and downs in their friendship. Just over the past few years they decided they were best friends. Amy and James had been friends since James was in his second year of high school. They had become friends within a month of knowing each other.

Amy and Vicky had been best friends since high school. They had had many of the same friends over the past seven years. It was rare for either of them to be around someone else without mention of the other.

James was the youngest of the three. He was six months younger than Vicky who was two months younger than Amy. He had had crushes on each of them in high school. He had started crushing Vicky in eighth grade and ended his second year of high school. He had had a crush on Amy for about three months in his third year.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

James got up and opened it to find that it was Amy. She'd called an hour earlier saying she needed to see him. They greeted each other and hugged. James lead Amy to the living room and sat down with her on the couch. "So, why did you need to see me today?" he asked, knowing she would tell him almost everything.

"Max has been cheating on me."

James was stunned. Max was Amy's fiancé. They'd been dating since her junior year of college. "Are you sure he's cheating? Why would he cheat on you? Your wedding is month away."

"Yes, I'm sure. I went over to his house today, and I found him in bed with some chick. I didn't even let him know I was there. I just turned around and went back out the door." Amy began to cry. James put his arms around her and held her tightly. Ever since high school, James and Amy had been like brother and sister.

"Amy," James said, trying to calm her down. "He's just an asshole. You'll get over him in a while."

Amy looked up at James. "How do you know that? How do you know I won't be single for the rest of my life?"

James laughed. "Because you're still young. You're only twenty four."

Amy smiled. "James, I wanna do something tonight."

"Like what?"

"I don't know, maybe go somewhere with you and Vicky, have some fun."

"Okay then, you go home, take a shower and get changed. I'll call Vicky and have her call you in an hour."

"Okay, can you pick me up?"

"Sure, why not. So what, Six?"

"Six thirty."

"Alright, now get up and go home."

"Fine." Amy got up, gave James a kiss on the cheek, then left.

James go up, grabbed his phone, and dialed Vicky's number. "Hello."

"Hey Vicky"

"Hey James what's up?"

"Max cheated on Amy."

"What??" Vicky sounded irritated.

"Yeah, well she was just here. I got her to calm down, surprisingly fast."

"So, why are you calling?"

"Well, Amy said she wanted to do something and I said I would call you."

"Oh, well I'm free tonight. When are we going?"


James told Vicky to call Amy. She said she'd see him in half an hour.

James finished his work on his computer and signed off. He went to his room and began to look for something nice. He grabbed the shirt that Vicky always seemed to like. She always said he looked sexy in it.

He heard a knock. Vicky was early. James opened the door, he was just getting his shorts zipped. Vicky was waring a pale blue tank top and short shorts. "Hey Vicky. Come in."

Vicky went in, giving James a hug. "So how are you doing today James?"

"I'm good. How's the song coming?" Vicky was the lead singer of her band, and she wrote most of the songs.

"It's good, but it needs some work."

James was having trouble keeping his eyes on Vicky's face. Her tank top showed more than he'd expected.

At six o'clock the two of them headed out to Amy's in James' car. Vicky moved to the back seat so Amy could sit up front. Tonight was about Amy.

Amy was waring a red blouse and jean shorts. They told James the restaurant and he drove there.

While they were at the restaurant the girls sat next to each other across from James. He could feel Vicky's foot moving around. The two of them always flirted, which sometimes affected their personal lives. Both were now single because of their flirting.

After dinner they went to a movie. Unfortunately for James the girls wanted to see a chick flick. He finally agreed to watch it. During the movie, Vicky, who was sitting in the middle, started to rub her leg against James'. James couldn't ignore it. He already hated this movie, and Vicky was now turning him on.

When the movie ended, James took Amy home. Vicky was totally exhausted and just wanted to sleep, at least that's how she made it seem, so James drove home. When they got to his house, he helped Vicky out of her seat. "James, I'm too tired to drive."

"I know Vicky. You can stay here tonight. I'll sleep on the couch."

James almost carried Vicky into the bedroom. He set her down on the bed. He grabbed a blanket and headed out. Vicky took off her tank top when James left and waited for the light in the living room to go off.

James stripped down to his boxers, and laid down on the couch, pulled the blanket over him, and turned off the light. He began to think of what Vicky had been doing all evening. She seemed to be trying to turn him on the whole time.

Suddenly he noticed movement to his left. He sat up, turning on the light. He saw Vicky standing about five feet from the couch, in only her bra and shorts. "Vicky, what are you doing?"

Vicky smiled and walked over to him. "I'm going to get what I've been waiting for."

James was stunned. "What are you talking about?"Vicky climbed on top of him, straddling his waist. "Oh... Vicky, are you sure you're okay?"

"I'm absolutely sure." She put her hands on his chest. "Don't tell me you don't want this too."

"I do," James said still in shock, "but I thought you didn't."

"What? I gave you signs all night. Why would I not want this?"

"Okay, that is a point." James put his hands on Vicky's hips. She leaned down and kissed him. "Wouldn't you rather do it in the bedroom?"

Vicky smiled and got up. James walked to the bedroom with Vicky close behind him. Once they were in the bedroom they closed the door and began to make out. James put his arms around Vicky, and began to move one hand up her back to her bra. He unclipped it as they separated.

Her 36 B breasts totally exposed now, Vicky pulled her shorts down, revealing her panties. James member now more erect than he'd believed possible. James removed his under ware as Vicky removed hers.

They moved closer to each other, and kissed again. Vicky pulled away and grabbed James' dick. She put the tip on her pussy and began to rub against it. James pushed himself slowly into her. Vicky gasped. James stopped, not sure if he should continue. Vicky pulled him into her completely.

Vicky wrapped her legs around James waist as he began to move in and out of her. James moved Vick onto the bed, slamming hard into her. James could sense Vicky was getting close to her orgasm.

James pulled out and moved his mouth down to her cunt and began to suck on her swollen pussy lips. He then moved his tongue inside, eating her out. Vicky began to scream out in pleasure as she came. James sucked and licked up all of Vicky's cum.

Vicky moved, pushing James back onto the bed. She grabbed his cock and began to masturbate it. Then she took it into her mouth and began to suck on the head. Then she started to deep throat it.

After a few minutes of giving James a blow job, Vicky pulled off. She climbed back on top of James and lined his cock up with her pussy. She lowered herself onto it and began to move. James thrust in on every downward movement Vicky made.

Soon Vicky was cumming again. James began to fuck her harder, he was nearing his orgasm. "Oh, Fuuuckk..." he said as he came.

"Oh god, oh god. That feels so good." Vicky collapsed on top of James. "I am so glad we did that baby."

"You have no idea how much I enjoyed this." James put his hands on Vicky's back and began to slowly rub her shoulders.

I would like some criticism on this, as this is my first story on here.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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