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From Friends to Lovers

Hot foreplay and intense sex on a chair when two friends become so much more
Facing each other, just inches apart, he gazed into her eyes and didn’t say a word as he took her two hands in his and brought them to his lips to gently kiss them. He kept holding her hands in his warm, slightly rough ones, rubbing the backs of her hands with his thumbs as he brought them back down and softly said, “Kayla…I really like you. But I know we’ve been just friends, I don’t expect anything from you that you don’t want to give.”

She adored how her name sounded as it came out of his mouth. The softness of his gentle touch and lips on her hands, the tender look in his eyes, sincerity in his voice and wonderful words made her heart melt.

“I really like you too, so much. I just didn’t know how to tell you. I didn’t want to ruin our friendship, and I knew I couldn’t face you again if you didn’t have the same feelings for me as I do for you,” she replied.

She felt Ryan let go of her hands and then his tender touch again as he brought his up to cup her face. She looked directly into his dark brown pools as she tried to reassure him by putting her hands on his firm chest and barely holding onto the soft material of his sweater before saying softly, “I really want to be with you.”

She turned her face up so her lips barely brushed against his for a moment before he leaned into her and gently pressed his soft lips to hers. Wonderful electricity shot through her from head to toe. His lips felt so smooth and warm, they felt magical on hers.

Pulling back from their tender kiss, Ryan lightly pressed his forehead to hers and kept his eyes locked on her as he took his hands from her face to bring his arms down to put them around her, his hands on her back gently pulling her into him.

She noticed for the first time the small flecks of gold mixed with the chocolate brown of his beautiful eyes that she couldn’t look away from if she tried. She saw the boyish, charming smile she loved to see spread across his lips and extend to his eyes as she met his grin with her own before pressing her lips back on his a bit harder than before. She felt his warm hands slide up her back until his hands were entangled in her curly chestnut colored hair, his touch felt so good running his fingers through its length and massaging her head.

She felt his warm tongue slide against her lips and she eagerly met it with hers, lightly teasing his tongue at first before pulling him into her mouth by swirling her tongue around his. She closed her eyes as their tongues danced back and forth between their mouths, her heart and mind doing cartwheels.

She suddenly felt Ryan's rising erection against her upper thigh. He pulled back to look in her aqua blue eyes again, she grinned and wanted to let him know she was turned on as well, so she slid her right hand from his head down his chest and stomach to the growing bulge in his jeans, lightly running her hand up and down over it. The knowledge that he was turned on by her and desired her made her feel beautiful and sexy, feeding her desire for him.

She cupped his groin more firmly and very gently squeezed, and suddenly felt Ryan crush his lips to hers in a fierce kiss, she closed her eyes again and felt like the room was spinning as she continued to caress his bulge through his jeans. He held her close and guided her as he walked her slowly backwards until she felt the bedroom wall against her back.

She felt his hands slide from her back down to cup her ass where it met her thighs, gently squeezing both cheeks and pinning her against the wall as he pressed into her and continued to kiss her deeply. She loved the feeling of his soft lips and tongue slowing teasing hers and his hands massaging her bottom.

Removing her hand from his crotch and sliding it around to his back and underneath his sweater, she felt the lovely combination of his silky skin and strong back muscles as she moved her hand up and down his warm back, caressing it. She felt a twinge in her breasts and pussy as she felt his bare skin. Moving her right thigh between his legs and firmly pressing against his groin, she slowly moved her leg up and down to rub against it.

She heard a low growl in Ryan’s throat as his tongue tangoed faster with hers and his hands gripped her ass tightly, slightly lifting her up onto her toes as he pressed his crotch harder against her thigh that she started to move a bit faster to encourage his arousal even more.

Kayla felt the urge to feel more of his bare skin, and broke their kiss to look in his eyes as she slid her hands to his waist. Grinning at him and grasping the hem of his sweater, Ryan realized what she wanted and lifted his arms from her butt to over his head so she could pull his sweater up and off, revealing his bare torso and chest.

He brought his arms back down to grip her hips and found her eyes with his again, as she dropped the sweater on the floor and ran her hands lightly over his firm chest and slightly soft tummy, loving the combination of his warm, smooth skin and slightly rough chest hairs. His manly smell and cologne wafted into her nose more strongly than before, sending an even more intense wave of arousal through her and she felt her nipples tingling slightly and her pussy feeling warmer.

She could see the desire in Ryan’s eyes growing as he moved his hands from her hips to glide them up to her breasts over her sweater, cupping them from underneath and gently squeezing, lifting them up slightly as he leaned in to kiss her again. Her need for him grew stronger as she felt his lips again on hers and his touch on her breasts, but as he moved his hands slightly to rub her nipples through her sweater and bra with his thumbs, a strong surge shot through her breasts and down to her pussy, and she felt it getting hotter and slightly damp.

Wanting to feel his bare skin on hers, she pulled back from their kiss and brought her hands to cover his and guided them down to grip the bottom of her sweater before lifting her arms up over her head. Quickly getting the message, he pulled her sweater up and helped her get her arms free of it. She saw his eyes not leave her 36D breasts as he dropped her sweater on the floor and immediately returned his hands to cup them and rub them softly through her strapless lacy black bra that her dark pink nipples could just barely be seen through.

Her heart rate increasing, she pressed her torso against his, loving the feeling of his warm bare skin on hers. Ryan’s eyes slid up from her breasts to meet her gaze, and she saw the glint in his eyes before moving himself down and focusing his hungry eyes on her breasts as he lifted them up and together as he kissed lightly up and down her cleavage.

Feeling his hands and lips so softly press on her breasts made her crave his mouth on them. She guided his hands from her breasts to around her back and the clasp of her bra before putting her hands gently on the back of his head, running her hands over his scalp and through his hair. Ryan quickly undid the clasp and allowed her bra to fall away and release her from its confines.She felt the chill of the air on her nipples, making them harden slightly and begin to tingle and grow more sensitive. “So beautiful,” she heard Ryan murmur as his hands slid around her sides to once again cup her breasts and feel their full weight in his hands.

His warm hands felt wonderful on her tits, but were nothing compared to the strong surges of desire that coursed through her as he moved his mouth to her right breast and lightly licked and teased the very tip of her bud with his tongue. She felt a low moan escape her lips and shivered slightly, then felt strong pulses of electric current flow from her breasts to her groin and moaned louder when he sucked her entire nipple into his mouth, creating gentle suction as he swirled his tongue around it, every so often teasing the bud. She pressed his head against her breast, encouraging him to suck harder and move his tongue faster, loving every second of his lavish attention to her nipple.

He withdrew his mouth from her right breast and switched to her left to repeat his action on it as his left hand fingers grazed lightly over her right nipple. The sensations he was creating felt so good, she leaned back against the wall for support as her eyes closed, her mind whirled and she felt a small trickle of wetness in her pussy.

As great as his mouth and hands felt on her breasts, she felt the urge to kiss him again and brought her hands from behind his head to cup his face and gently pull upwards to guide him to stand up and bring his mouth to hers, his hands still kneading and massaging her tits. She brought her hands down to the waistband of his jeans, slipping her index and middle fingers just inside the very top of his pants and slowly sliding the backs of her fingertips back and forth against his belly to tease him slightly. She felt him moan very softly against her mouth, and she slid her right hand down to his groin, feeling his hardness had grown dramatically as she rubbed his member through his jeans, still sliding her left fingertips along the inside of his waistband. He took her nipples in between his index fingers and thumbs to tweak and twist them gently, causing a flood of arousal to course through her and return his moan with her own.

Wanting to bring him the same pleasure he was bringing her, she broke their kiss as she brought her hands to the button of his jeans and opened it, slowly unzipping his pants and slipping her right hand beneath his cotton briefs and over his warm, hard member. She heard Ryan’s low groan and felt his cock twitch in her hand as she adored the feeling of his sizable shaft and the hot, smooth skin of his cock as she slowly and lightly ran her fingertips up and down its length a few times.

Encircling his member with her hand and applying gentle pressure, she slowly stroked him from base to tip several times before releasing her hand and running just her index fingertip very lightly around his cock head a couple times to tease him before replacing her hand around him and stroking him again.

“Your touch feels so damn good,” Ryan murmured as she took hold of the waistband of his jeans with her left hand and began to tug them down before Ryan’s hands left her breasts to aid her and they slid to his ankles. Her hands left him and in a flash he slipped off his shoes and socks and stepped out of his pants and briefs and kicked them out of the way. He looked so incredibly sexy standing before her, even better than in her fantasies she had about him while getting off with her vibrator. His strong arms, firm chest with patch of dark hair, toned legs and butt, and hard, smooth member were hard to tear her eyes away from.

“You have no idea how hot you are,” she told him in the sexiest voice she could muster as she replaced her right hand on his cock and also slid her left hand down to cradle his balls, slowly rolling them back and forth in her palm and squeezing them gently with her fingers as she continued to slowly stroke his shaft with her right hand, now more free to move without his jeans getting in the way.

Ryan grinned broadly at her words and his hands gripped her waist and he kissed her lips briefly and softly before sliding his hands across her stomach to the button of her jeans, unbuttoning them and sliding the zipper down. “Let me help you get these off,” Ryan said, smiling at her with a wicked grin and gazing into her eyes and she removed her hands from his balls and cock so he could get on his knees in front of her.

Tingles ran all over her body as he glanced up to meet her eyes once again and put his hands on her hips. He leaned forward and ever so softly kissed her belly button, sending chills up and down her spine. He kissed softly just below her belly button, this time allowing the tip of his tongue to tickle her. She giggled and grinned as he looked up at her with the same wicked smile. He lightly brushed her stomach with his fingertips and kissed it again, making her giggle harder and said “Ticklish, huh? I’ll have to remember that.”

A moan escaped her lips as he continued to kiss her belly and lightly tease her skin with his tongue as his hands took hold of the top of her jeans and very slowly pushed them down to her ankles, revealing her black lace panties and creamy thighs. He helped her lift each foot and get her shoes and pants off, tossing them to the floor. She bit her lower lip as he breathed deeply and gazed at her body as he ran his warm hands over her hips and thighs, making her feel like putty in his hands. His eyes came up to meet hers and he was looking at her adoringly, making her breath catch in her chest and a warm glow fall over her as he told her softly, “You’re even more beautiful than I’d imagined.”

She felt so happy she felt tears spring to her eyes and she bent over to cup his face with her hands and kiss his lips softly and sweetly at first before sliding her tongue between his lips and feeling his meet hers again, kissing her back passionately while raising up to stand on his feet before her. He put his arms around her, slowly sliding down her back and over her ass to grasp her cheeks. She moaned into his mouth, his touch felt amazing as he lightly ran just his index fingertips under the bottom edge of her panties.

As wonderful as that felt, feeling him then trace his fingertips lightly back and forth across her upper thighs where they met her ass made her gasp with the intensity of the desire coursing through her. Her breasts swelled and she pressed them into his chest, rubbing her nipples against him, driving her arousal higher as she sucked his tongue deeper into her mouth, feeling his rigid cock pressing against her abdomen.

She felt Ryan’s hand come around and go between them to graze his fingertips over the front of her panties and down over her pussy lips through the sheer material. His gentle touch felt incredible, sending little electric shocks through her and she shivered and her legs quaked a bit. Feeling her response, he continued to lightly brush her pussy lips as he broke their kiss, looking into her eyes and breathing heavily as he supported her back with his other hand to keep her standing while he teased her.

He stopped for just a moment while he slipped his hand inside her panties and slid them slowly down to continue lightly grazing her smooth, shaved lips with his fingertips. His slightly rough fingers felt like heaven and she adored his touch, his teasing was sending surges through her pussy and increasing her wetness. She couldn’t help closing her eyes and submitting to his touch as he drove her craving for him, beginning to quake and softly moan, breathing heavily as her heart raced. He suddenly slipped his fingertips just a tiny bit into her slit, oh-so-slowly and gently running them up and down, making strong surges shoot through her and her clit ache for his attention. “,” she moaned his name softly in two syllables, and slightly opened her eyes to see him gazing at her with a look of intense desire and need.


Ryan didn’t want to remove his hand from her, but immediately the idea of sitting before her and watching her sounded fantastic as she gently pulled it away and out of her panties before releasing his hand and pointing to the straight-back chair in the corner of his bedroom.

“Sit, please,” her husky voice made his heart race faster as he quickly moved to sit on the chair, his member standing straight and tall as his hands went to her hips to gently pull her in front of him.

She was a vision, her long curls slightly tousled from his hands in it, cheeks flushed, breasts slightly moving up and down with her quickened breath, the curve of her hips and little soft belly looking so inviting in her lace panties. Her breasts dangled tantalizingly in front of him as she bent over to softly kiss his lips before standing up again and turning around slowly so her back was to him.

As good as her panties looked from the front, her ass was made for black lace. Her round cheeks just inches from his face, she hooked her thumbs into the waist of her panties, and he glanced up to see her looking over her shoulder and down at him with a wicked grin on her face. Very slowly pulling her panties down just a bit, she teased him, giving him a quick peek of the top of her cheeks before pulling it up again.

He loved her playfulness and confidence almost as much as the action itself. His eyes came up to meet hers again and he gave her a wicked grin of his own, showing her his approval before telling her “You sexy little tease.” She grinned back at him mischievously before turning her head back to face front. Arching her back while bending over slightly, she slowly slipped her panties down until they revealed her curvy cheeks before wriggling her hips slightly and standing back up to help them fall to the floor.

He couldn’t have resisted touching her if he tried, immediately bringing his hands up to caress her ass, loving the smooth skin and firm mounds of flesh beneath his hands, before bringing his lips to her and softly kissing her ass lightly all over. He could smell her womanly scent more strongly, and it drove him to distraction, wanting to bury his face in her and lick her pussy.

She turned to face him and finally revealed her bare pussy to him, shaven and smooth except for a single dark strip of short hair above her slit. Her perfectly symmetrical, rounded lips entranced him, he couldn’t tear his eyes away from them. She had a gorgeous pussy, he couldn’t wait to see her entire moist flower lying open and waiting for him.

Before he knew what was happening, Kayla moved to kneel before him and capture his gaze with her eyes once again before her hands went to his rigid cock and swollen balls. Leaning back in the chair, her warm, soft hands felt incredible and sent surges through his body as she lightly stroked his upper thighs with her fingertips before slowly jacking his cock with her right hand while massaging and rolling his balls with her left, every so often pressing against his taint and increasing the pressure that was building in him. She looked so hot on her knees and the sheer pleasure on her face while gazing at his member could only mean she liked what she saw, making his confidence soar.

“This looks really yummy, can I have a taste?” her heard her say with a gleam in her eyes as she slowly licked her full, sensuous lips and glanced back and forth between his eyes and his cock. “Please,” was all he could utter, amazed by the vixen that was before him that had just a few minutes ago been a demure, slightly shy woman..

Kayla's right hand still slowly stroking his cock, she leaned down and used her left hand to guide his balls to her mouth. She breathed hot air over them, causing a warm sensation to flow over his groin before he felt the first touch of her soft lips grazing his sack, tingling sensations shooting through him that grew stronger as she began to lightly lick his balls with her tongue tip.

Wanting to watch her, he reached his hands up to gently pull her long hair back away from her face and hold it behind her head. He moved his butt forward slightly to give her better access, and felt a strong surge rush through his balls and cock as she sucked his right testicle into her hot mouth and rolled it around, massaging it with her tongue.

“Ohh…that feels awesome…” he moaned softly as his eyes fell closed and felt his breath catch in his chest as she switched to his left testicle to repeat her motions, her wet mouth and slightly rough tongue sliding around his sack. As she moved back and forth from one side to the other, Kayla increased the suction of her mouth, slightly pulling his testicle before slowly letting her plump lips slide over it and slightly sucking as she released it from her mouth. The sensations she was creating made the pressure in his balls and cock rise further, his sensitivity growing as he relished every second of her attention.

Feeling her mouth leave his balls and giving them a last lick and soft kiss, he opened his eyes just in time to see her glance up at him with a look of pure desire before sliding her right hand down to grip the base of his cock and lick the underside of it bottom to top with her tongue tip. The light tease of her tongue felt fantastic, his eyes fluttered closed for a second as his body absorbed the intense arousal coursing through him. She grinned wickedly at him, sensing his pleasure, and licked him again base to tip, this time with her entire tongue, leaving a cool, wet trail of saliva up his cock that she slurped off the tip.

Watching her, feeling her wet, warm tongue tease him, he craved her hot mouth around his member, slowly beginning to roll his hips a bit to thrust it forward and encourage her to take it into her. Sensing his need, she glided her hand up and down his shaft while circling just his cock head with her tongue, driving him out of his mind as she lightly wiggled it over the sensitive patch on the underside where the head met the shaft.

Without warning she parted her full, pouty lips and glided them over his cock, oh-so-slowly working her way down until he felt the back of her throat on the tip of his member. A moan escaped his lips, his head rolling back with the intense sensations as her blazing hot, wet mouth engulfed him. He felt like he was floating for a few seconds as he had to fight to keep his hips from thrusting and fucking her mouth.

She slowly began working his cock with her mouth and tongue, creating gentle suction as she came up, her slightly rough tongue swirling around his shaft at varying speeds, never letting him know what to expect next. Releasing her lips from him entirely on the way down, just barely, ever-so-slightly grazing him with her teeth. Her left hand was still squeezing and massaging his balls and taint, the combination of the two was incredible as his mind whirled and all he could do was lean back and try not to come too soon as the throbbing in his cock was growing more intense by the second. “Ohhh shit…Kayla…” he groaned out as he felt pre-cum rising up, his muscles beginning to quake and shiver with the jolts of electricity coursing through him.

He never wanted her to stop, he could sit here and have her work his cock forever. But he felt the point of no return rising up in him, and there was no way he wanted to orgasm without taking her with him.

“Stand up for me sweetie, I want to make you feel as good as I do,” he told her, the urge to lick her pussy and make her beg for his cock rising up in him.

He immediately saw the wetness glistening on her smooth pussy lips as she released his cock and balls and stood up before him, her scent now stronger than ever, the heady aroma making it hard to form thoughts in his head. He reached out his hands to stroke her soft lips, her legs starting to quiver slightly and a soft moan escaping her as she put her hands on his shoulders to support herself.

“Your touch is so good, I love your hands on me,” he heard her murmur, delighted at her words. Not being able to reach her pussy with his mouth from his seated position, he slid out of the chair and onto his knees in front of her. Gently parting her lips with his fingers, he exposed her dark pink inner folds and dark red clit to his view, her entire pussy wet and glistening. Her musky smell enveloped him as he leaned in to lick her from bottom to top, his flattened tongue lapping up her sweet juices as he went, loving the taste of her and wanting more.

“Ohhh…mmmm…ahhh…” was all he heard from above him as Kayla made nonsensical noises. He wished he could see her face but was enjoying her essence too much to stop driving her arousal. He sucked her right pussy lip into his mouth and rolled it around between his lips, teasing it with his tongue before releasing it and repeating with her left. He felt Kayla’s hips begin to move slightly against his mouth, encouraging him to spread her lips farther apart and ever so lightly wiggle his tongue on the very tip of her clit.

A loud gasp left Kayla’s mouth, followed by an even louder groan as her legs shook and muscles tensed and relaxed. He swirled and flicked his tongue around her clit in between taking it in between his lips and sucking very softly, loving the sensation of her tiny bud of pleasure in his mouth and the increased wetness that began to make his fingers slick and harder to hold onto her lips. Wanting to bring her arousal even higher, he removed his right hand from her to slowly, very gently ease his index and middle fingers into her blazing hot, sopping wet pussy. His cock surged and twitched as he felt her tight hole massage his fingers and contract around them, her slick, silky smooth walls felt amazing and his cock was begging to replace his fingers inside her as he worked them slowly in and out of her, putting slight pressure on her G-spot with each stroke.

He couldn’t get enough of the sounds Kayla was making, he glanced up to see her hands massaging her breasts and rolling her nipples in between her fingers, head rolled back so he couldn’t see her face, the intensely erotic image along with her taste and smell driving him crazy with need for her.

“I want to…feel you... inside of me,” Kayla gasped out breathlessly, her quivering and shaking increasing and her hips thrusting her pussy against his fingers and mouth.

Feeling her need match his own, he quickly removed himself from her to sit back on the chair, pulling open his nightstand drawer to remove a condom from it. Smiling her approval, Kayla bent over to kiss him softly before taking the condom from him and opening it, placing the tip in her mouth before bending down to place it on the head of his cock and using her mouth and hands to unroll it down over him. “Damn woman, you are full of useful skills, huh?” he told her teasingly, smiling a wide grin at her, loving her sexy playfulness once again.

“You haven’t seen anything yet,” she replied in a husky voice with a gleam in her blue eyes, smiling that delightfully mischievous grin he loved to see spread across her cherry red lips.


Standing before him once again as he sat in the chair, Kayla looked down at Ryan to see her lust for him reflecting back at her in his smoldering brown eyes. She couldn’t wait another second, she had to feel his thick cock in her. Ryan reached up to grip her hips and guide her while she straddled his legs and the chair, opening her pussy while she reached down with her right hand to grasp the base of his pulsing member and hold it steady while putting her left hand on his firm shoulder for support.

Ryan’s eyes traveled down to watch her pussy meet his member as she slowly lowered herself so the tip of his cock was at her entrance. As much as she wanted to impale herself on him, ever so slowly she allowed just the head of his cock to enter the first few inches of her. The intensity of the first feelings of his cock in her made her pussy yearn for his full length as a long moan escaped her lips that matched the growl that came out of Ryan’s mouth as his hands gripped her hips harder and tried to push her down onto him.

She stood firm and rhythmically clenched and relaxed the muscles of her pussy walls as she massaged his cock head, warm juices flowing out of her and running down his shaft as she just barely moved up and down on him. Ryan’s eyes were fighting to remain open as his eyelids fluttered, his mouth hanging open and unable to make a sound for a few moments before moaning out desperately “Please…fuck me…” It was all she needed to hear and slid all the way down on him.

All sense of time and space stopped for her as she felt his entire thick, warm cock stretch and fill her pussy. Her eyes closed and she couldn’t move, breathe, or make a sound for a few moments as the overwhelmingly magnificent feeling of him enveloped her entire being. He felt so incredible inside of her, filling her until she could feel the tip of his cock pressing against her sensitive cervix, which felt amazing in and of itself.

Her eyes fluttered open to find Ryan gazing at her, a look of sheer pleasure contorting the features of his face in the best possible way. She felt the urgent need to kiss him, cupping his face with her hands and crushing her lips on his. His tongue forcefully opened her lips and slid into her mouth, their tongues twisting and swirling, tangoing back and forth between them.

She felt the first pump of his cock in her as Ryan broke their kiss and urgently thrust his hips, making her moan with the intensity of feeling him stroke her from the inside. His hands came up to her breasts to cup and massage them, his warm hands feeling even more wonderful than before. Lifting them to meet his mouth, his lips and tongue expertly teased and sucked her nipples, making incredibly powerful jolts of pleasure shoot through her breasts and down to her pussy.

She began riding him hard and fast, she loved being on top. Ryan’s eyes bored into hers with an intense stare as she grit her teeth and began to fuck him with abandon. He immediately responded by thrusting back into her, matching the crashing of her hips and thighs against his. His hands slid around her to grip her ass tightly, she loved it as his strong fingers dug into her flesh and held her steady while pushing her harder against his wonderful cock.

She felt herself begin to go into another place inside her mind, where nothing else mattered except for the breathtaking sensations coursing through her body. She could hear Ryan’s rapid, heavy breathing and gasps for air between his erotic moans, the slapping of their wet skin against each other, the rhythmic squeaking of the chair and squishing sound her pussy made as she rode him for all she was worth, pounding herself into him.

“Oh God,” she heard Ryan moan out in her ear as she pressed her torso harder against him, her left cheek against his soft beard, kissing his face as she pressed her swollen breasts and engorged nipples against his firm chest, rubbing herself on him as her hips thrust desperately.

She could never get enough of his cock inside of her and feeling his sweaty, hot skin pressed tightly against her. She never wanted to stop fucking him, never wanted to disconnect from him even for a moment.

The pressure of his cock rhythmically stroking her G-spot and every so often rubbing against her cervix was building her need deep inside her abdomen, intensely powerful waves radiating out from her core through every part of her. Her clit was rubbing furiously on him but she needed more stimulation to put her over the edge, her need to orgasm becoming increasingly desperate by the second.

Slowing her thrusts a bit, she leaned back to face Ryan and look into his eyes, clouded and hazy from his efforts to hold back for her to come with him. Taking his right hand from her ass, she brought it around her to place it on her pussy, his fingers in position to stroke and rub her clit. She repositioned her hand to take his fingers in hers and show him just how she liked to be touched as she quickened the pace of her thrusts on his cock once again.

Ryan immediately caught on to her subtle coaching, and within seconds his perfect ministrations on her clit combined with the magnificent feel of his rock hard cock filling her had her steadily building to climax.

“Right there, just like that,” she groaned to him as he found just the right spot on her clit and she brought her hands to her breasts to tug and twist her nipples, her eyes closing, arching her back and head rolling back, the indescribably fantastic sensations flooding through her. Shaking violently, her mind focused entirely on the waves of pleasure surging higher and higher every moment, everything in her straining to find the sweet release she desperately craved, she heard Ryan’s urgent voice whisper “Come with me baby,” and felt her glorious peak begin to envelop her.

The utterly overwhelming waves of pleasure engulfed her, radiating out over and over from her pussy through her entire body. She was incapable of thinking, of doing anything but allowing them to overtake her, taking her higher and higher as she erupted and flashes of light danced behind her tightly shut eyes. Every muscle of her body convulsed over and over as the tension coiled up in them for so long released their powerful energy. She heard herself growl from deep in her chest as Ryan’s cock kept rhythmically thrusting into her and hitting her G-spot as his fingers gently rubbed and rolled her clit, making her skyrocket.


Ryan was shaking and straining but Kayla felt and looked so incredible he couldn’t help himself, grunting and releasing a loud moan as he felt his heavy balls tighten, abdominal muscles clench and throbbing cock surge as he erupted and hot juices shot and flowed out of him.

Every muscle in his body tightly tensed and relaxed again and again as he lost all sense of anything other than the bursts of mind blowing pleasure coursing through him. He continued to pound his pulsating cock into Kayla as she took over rubbing her clit, wanting the feeling of her surrounding him and hard squeezing of her pussy as she came to never end. He never wanted to stop fucking her, never wanted to be anywhere but inside her.

His leg muscles burning, heart racing, sweating and breathing heavily from the exertion, he felt Kayla slump against him and go limp in his arms, feeling slight tightening of her around his spent member every so often as she came down from her peak. He felt exhausted but completely content and at peace feeling her wonderful warmth surrounding him, not wanting to have to disconnect from her just yet. He gently stroked her back and hair, adoring the feeling of her body against him, arms around him and her head nestled into the crook of his neck as she snuggled against him.

Needing to kiss her, he shifted slightly and felt Kayla lean back to bring her eyes to his as he cupped her face and was mesmerized by the wonderful soft glow about her as he tenderly pressed his lips to hers and gently sought her tongue with his.

Feeling Kayla slowly pulling her lips from his and seeing her gazing lovingly at him, he told her softly, “I never want to let you go.”

Glowing even more at his words, she met the charming smile that spread across his face with her own happy grin as she replied, “You never have to.”

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