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Gabby and Alan

The love of a lifetime

Gabby and Alan
by Jena121©

Alan was getting out of the car when he spied Gabby coming out of the house. He realized that it had been a long time since they had seen each other and he didn't know how much he had missed their previous companionship. She was always there for him whenever he had any problems, and would discuss anything with him that troubled her.

"Hi Gabby, how are you?"

"Hello Alan, I'm great thanks. How long are you going to be here this time?"

"I'm not quite sure about this trip, I will just have to wait and see. It will probably be here for quite a spell though."

"Oh well, go and settle in and I will see you later OK."


Alan took his bags into the house and upstairs to his bedroom. He decided to unpack while he was there and then have a shower before going downstairs again.

After he had showered and dressed in some fresh clothes, he made his way downstairs and into the kitchen.

"Hello Molly," he greeted the housekeeper.

"Well, well, it's so good to have you home, Mr. Alan. Have you come home to stay at last or just for a short time?"

"I'm not too sure yet, maybe for an extended amount of time. Will have to wait and see."

"Are you thirsty or hungry, Mr. Alan. I can get you a snack if you like."

"I'll just have some iced tea thanks."

He took his tea and strode out onto the verandah. Just to look over the hills and countryside of his home made him realize how he had missed it when he was away.

Gabby came back up the path.

"Did you get settled in alright Alan?"

"Yes thanks, all settled now, hopefully for a while."

"Well, you know what time dinner is, so I will leave you now and see you then."

Alan came down the stairs again and spotted Gabby in the dining room. After they ate they returned to the lounge room for coffee. He hadn't known just how lovely Gabby had become until he saw her at dinner. She still had her regal bearing and her wonderful smile. She sat straight in her chair, for all the world looking like a queen on a throne.

She stood about 5' 11". She was very statuesque in her bearing and her skin was still as pale and as unmarked as it was when she was younger. Her hair hung loosely past her shoulders, still such a natural glorious titian shade. Her eyes were a deep green that would put Jade to shame and her lips looked so full and soft.

Alan himself stood at 6'2" and he had acquired a tan over the years. He kept himself very fit because of his job, which had him traveling so much. His eyes were also green but with shades of gold shining through every now and then when he laughed. His hair was cut in a military cut, for ease and comfort and was a brownish-red mixture.

They sat and talked about various things that had happened over the time that Alan had been away. Eventually, he said he'd had a long day and was tired.

Gabby followed him up later and called "Goodnight" to him as she passed his door.

The next morning, Alan had a call from one of his distributors who lived out of the town.

"Gabby, I have to go out of town for a couple of days to talk to this guy, but I will be back as soon as I can. We still have a lot to catch up on."

"Righto Alan, I will see you when you get back."

Two days later Alan came back. He yelled as he came in the front door.

"Gabby, Molly, I'm home."

Molly came out of the kitchen and told him that Gabby had just gone shopping but that she would be back in about an hour.

Alan then decided to take a swim while he was waiting. He swam the pool for a few laps and was laying on a lounger when Gabby got home.

"Hey Gabby, come and have a swim with me before dinner."

"I'll be there in about 15 minutes, when I help Molly unpack these groceries."

She came out about 10 minutes later.

"Whew, said Alan. You should have warned me."

"What are you talking about."

"You look so fantastic in those bathers. I never realized just what a great figure you had."

"Don't be silly Alan, you've seen me in bathers before this."

"But you seem to have grown up and out now, I can't get over the way you look."

"OK, lets get to some laps before it gets too cool."

They swam about 20 laps before they tired and hauled themselves out of the pool and lay on the concrete surround.

"Have you had a good day Gabby?"

"Busy, as usual. How was your little trip?"

"I got him straightened out and hopefully I won't have to go back for a few weeks."

They got up and went in to shower and change for dinner.

After another night of doing the same thing, catching up and talking about their past, both went up to bed.

This went on for a few days. All this time, Alan was wondering why he was so drawn to this lady and why he was having erotic thoughts about her. After all, he had known her all his life. Things seemed to have changed.

One weekend, he asked her is she would like to go with him to another town for a few days. He had some business to conduct there the next week and thought a weekend before would be a great getaway for them both.

Of course, Gabby didn't know that Alan had another motive, to get her alone.

She agreed, and they set off for the town. He had booked them into a suite in the best hotel in town. Being a southern town, it was well equipped for the cold weather and had a fireplace. It was a 2 bedroom suite, and he just booked them in under his name.

When they arrived, he told her to get herself settled and he would be back in about an hour, that he had a couple of things to do before he could relax.

When he got back, he stopped at the door.

She stood tall and graceful in front of the fireplace. He just couldn't understand what he had done to deserve someone as beautiful as her. Alan walked over to her and ran his hand across her back and shoulder and pulled her to his side. She turned and looked into his eyes and saw the love that emanated from them.

"Gabby, I'm sorry, but I have other plans for us. I only hope that this is what you wish for, as well as I do."

She looked at him and suddenly realized what he was talking about.

"Oh Alan, we shouldn't be here. I'm not sure if I can go through with this," she murmured.

"Gabby my love, we don't have to do anything you don't want, just let me hold you and be with you in this idyllic paradise. You know I love you more than life itself and would never force you to do anything."

"Thank you darling, and I love you too. This just seems so new to me."

He pulled her down in front of the fire and held her in his arms. She resisted for a while but eventually settled back into his embrace.

"My darling Gabby, do you know how much I have wanted to hold you. Ever since I got home and saw you again, I knew then that I had been waiting for this day for so long."

"I want to kiss you and hold you so much," he growled under his breath.

"Alan, I never knew. When I knew you were coming home again I was so frightened. I knew how I had been feeling about you for so long but you just weren't there for me to tell you."

Alan bent his head and brushed his lips across her forehead and cheek. He then laid his lips on hers and kissed her so gently and softly. Gabby sighed, and opened her lips to enable him to devour her with his tongue, and reciprocated fully. It became a battle of the tongues.

They lifted their heads and looked at each other.

"Oh Alan, it has been so long since I have wanted to do that."

"Gabby, my love, I want to kiss you for the rest of yours and my life."

"I don't know how we are going to get around this when we get home, but let us just enjoy the few days that we have together now, and worry about the future later."

He had planned to take his time with this seduction, but with her words, he took her again into his arms and continued to kiss her mercilessly. He slipped his arms under hers and stood up, lifting her clear of the floor where they had been sitting, all the while invading her lips and mouth with continuous kissing.

Gabby put her arms around his neck and sighed as he wrapped her tightly in his arms and pulled her against his body. Hungrily, she pressed against him and cried her desire deep in her throat.

Alan looked down at the woman in his arms. She glowed with the firelight behind her. Without a word, he lifted her into his arms and proceeded to the bedroom, without taking his lips from hers.

They tumbled onto the bed, facing each other as they indulged on long, slow, shattering kisses. His hands raced over her, following the seductive curve of her body from her neck, down her spine and over her hips, then back again, leaving her tingling in every place that his fingers touched.

He groaned, a low masculine sound, as his fingers found her breasts. His mouth took her with a savage intensity that stormed through her like a tornado. She kissed him back with a need that reflected the deepest, emptiest part of her soul.

"I want you, she sighed. You make me feel so needed, so perfect.

"Don't you know, in my eyes, you are perfect, he whispered back. At least the closest thing to perfection that I have ever known."

"Kiss me again my darling."

His bare skin brushed hers without any interference. Somehow during the last few moments, they had both shed their garments. He settled over her, fitting his body into her curves. She could feel the pounding of his heart and he again kissed her deeply.

His hand drifted down to her thigh, leaving a meteoric persuasion behind. She was lost as his fingers moved to the soft part of her inner thigh, ever closer to the source of her pleasure. His fingers brushed against her mound and he cupped it with his hand. She felt so lightheaded.

He proceeded to inch his whole body downwards. Lifting one of her feet in the palm of his hand he started to massage it with his thumb. He did this to both feet for about 10 minutes. He then worked his way slowly up her legs, gradually getting closer to that junction she knew would be her downfall. He lifted her leg a little higher so that he could gaze at that wonderful Garden of Eden. Sliding his head along her thighs, he slowly eased his lips up to that spot that invited him to touch and invade it.

He gently lowered his lips to her outer labia lips and licked them so lightly. It was like a feather being passed over them. After he'd had his fill (for the moment) he stuck out his tongue and slowly lapped at the hood of her clit. He felt it lift off and he laved and and devoured the nubbin of pale pink flesh like a hungry man would devour a meal.

Whimpering his name, she pulled him up towards her.

"I want you, my darling. Please, please take me."

A long time later, arching and trembling under the touch of his body, she whispered, "I love you!" so softly that he thought she hadn't meant him to hear. It was if he was eavesdropping on her secrets.

This was too much for him and with a cry, he gave himself up to all the pleasure and passion that they had been working towards for hours.

They lay entwined for many moments, then turned and kissed with the depth of passion not known to either of them before.

"I love you Gabby, so very much. I have felt like this for so long but I wasn't sure how you would accept these feelings that I had. I want us to be together for the rest of our lives and will do anything to enable that to happen, even if we have to move away from here."

"Alan, I think that those feelings have been simmering in me as well for a long time and if we have to move to be together, then that's what we will do. As long as I am with you my darling, I will be happy."

"To think that we grew up together, an ordinary family, just brother and sister, and not have realized how this would eventually end. But it is only the start for us, she murmured. I love you."

"And I love you so much Sister of mine."



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