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George Part 3 - The End

The ending to something incredibly intimate for me.
Young Mrs. Anna Dustin sits in a baby nursery, decorated in pinks, yellows, and whites. She’s only twenty seven, but everything is falling in place for her, finally.

As Anna stares into the small delicate face of her newborn daughter, she reflects back on her life before little six point nine pound Demi Alice Dustin came along.

As for most teenagers, high school is a rough time, it’s when you are trying to discover who you are, what you want your life to be. At the time, Anna wasn’t thinking much of her future except to be Mrs. George Dustin. It was her long time fantasy to walk down the aisle in a white dress with roses in hand and the man himself waiting at the alter in a black tux.

Those dreams had been quickly thrown out the window; he wasn’t interested in her; in his own words “I don’t want you.” and that was all it took for Anna to lose every ounce of confidence she built to confess her feelings to him.

Of course soon after that she was pulled from private school and home schooled. She figured it was for the best considering how the end of her seventh year had gone.

Over the course of time, Anna was slowly building her life back together, trying to ignore that feeling that so much had been left unsaid and undone when she left the small school. Though she wouldn’t know it at the time, being barely an adult, she would have the chance to straighten everything out.

Before Anna’s twentieth birthday, a long time fantasy turns into a passionate relationship between she and George. Though she had been planning to move out of state, she stays right where she’s at, in her home town, not too far from her newly acquired love.

It wasn’t a hard decision when he asked her to move in with him eight months into their relationship. Anna thought that he was going to leave her at first, but her fears were quickly crushed;


“Annie, can we talk?” His voice is coated with nervousness as they sit at a table in a Target food court. A small trace of fear had found its way down Anna’s spine, but she kept her head up and gave him a slight nod.

“Well, I’ve been doing some thinking and… I… I’m exhausted; with this distance I keep feeling is there. And it sounds stupid, but I feel like you’re a million miles away though you’re only twenty minutes from my house.” By the expression of George’s face, she knew her own must have been terribly confused. She guessed that he was ending their relationship, which had always seemed too good to be true.

“What I’m trying to get at is… I…” His vision kept bouncing around from her face to the table and around the food court, the tall man was hunched against the table, seeming small.

Anna decided to lead the conversation a bit though she had no idea where he was going with this and it was killing her to find out, she simply rest her hand over his and whispered a very soft repeat of his words, “You’re trying to get at?”

He rubbed his fingers over the back of her hand, gliding his thumb across her knuckles. He lifted her hand to his mouth to kiss it as their eyes met and he sat up, squaring his shoulders and gathering all his courage.

“Would you move in with me?” Though he seemed semi-confident, his expression faltered at her somewhat shocked expression. “You don’t have to, I just…” He never got the chance to finish that sentence, she was up out of her seat before he could blink, her arms wrapping tightly around his neck as she sat in his lap. “Yes, of course I will.”

The fear that had her stomach a twisted mess melted away into a soft, quiet sob. She was certain she was going to lose him and the thought made her want to pull her hair out. Anna didn’t know what she’d do without him.

His arms had wound around her back, embracing her tightly as he heaved a sigh. “You thought I was going to leave, didn’t you?” The sentence wasn’t a clear one but she knew exactly what he meant. She gave a small nod without moving her cheek from the crook of his neck, inhaling that sweet scent that was all George.

“I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to give that impression… I was just terrified you’d say no.” His large hands moved along her back, one finally resting behind her head as she let out a breathy sigh.

“I love you.” She had barely whispered the words and he wasn’t sure if Anna had wanted him to hear that or not, though now it didn’t matter; she had sat back just enough for them to see each other’s faces, his mouth pressing to hers with as much passion as he could muster, a swell of pride washing over him at how strong Annie was to not simply storm off the moment things seemed to be heading south.

He panted out a soft “I love you, too” after a few precious moments of kissing, he would have continued if it hadn’t been for a few friends from his job at the factory seeing him, making little girly “ohh” sounds just to annoy him.

Anna laughed at seeing them; it seemed perfect in her mind, for them to break the little nervous bubble around the couple.


A smile was across Anna’s lips as she reflected back on old memories that had led her to where she was now. She rocked Demi to sleep after breast feeding the small infant, staring into the baby’s face made her seem like another one of Anna’s fantasy’s, one she never thought she’d have. Again, Anna thought back, to the third best memory she had of her relationship to George.


It had been a crisp, cool day as Anna walked into the small house that she and George were renting. Setting down some groceries, Annie removed her sweater, hanging it up as she begins the task of putting away the numerous items away in their proper places.

She began to cook dinner for their three year anniversary, she was perfectly content with her life.

Around five in the afternoon, George came home from the auto shop he had opened up with his brother and best friend, Ren. He was a filthy mess and though Anna was glad to see him, she shooed him into the bathroom to clean up.

Once he’d showered and the table was set, the couple fell into conversation about the day. Stories of the auto shop never seemed to bore Anna, her own daily tales of working at the local hair salon made George laugh.

Anna hadn’t wanted a big surprise from George and insisted they just stay home for the night and watch a movie, maybe cuddle and have fantastic sex later in the night.

During the middle of the movie, Anna noticed her boyfriend’s quiet focus and knew it wasn’t on the movie. His hand that was on her shoulder gave a squeeze as he pulled her into his side more, her right arm looping around his waist.

“Is something wrong? You seem… out of it.” Those weren’t the words she wanted to use but at the time they seemed like the only ones that wouldn’t offend him.

“I do want to ask you something. It’s quite important… but I’m still trying to decide how to ask, though you make it very difficult to surprise you…” The last part of his sentence made her giggle, because it was true, he had a hard time surprising her for anything; she nearly always caught on before the surprise was given.

He grew quiet; glancing at her from the corner of his eye, knowing her attention was fully on him. He couldn’t stop the little smirk that was at the corner of lips as she poked at his chest. “Well? Ask me.”

George chuckled a little bit as he turned the movie off. Sitting up straight with her legs tucked under herself, she watched as George leaves the couch to get something from his jacket. Her brows force together as he pulls out a box that looks like it’s got a bracelet inside.

“I told you I didn’t want anything.”

He simply waves his hand as if to shoo the statement away, he sat beside her, right on the edge of the couch. “You’ll want this one.”

She grumbled quietly under her breathe, something about what a stubborn mule he was. George laughed briefly before he turned to her and placed the long velvet box in her palm, his left hand holding her hand within his lightly, the right hand over the box to stop her from opening it as he took a deep breathe.

“I love you, very much, and I’ve enjoyed the three years we’ve been together and I wanted to get you something to show that. And while I was looking around that jewelry store, I couldn’t decide what to get you; I kept jumping between two items. And when I finally decided, it was because I pictured your reaction to each one, and I knew this was the right thing to get you.”

The entire time he spoke, he was staring deep into her eyes which only made her itch to open the box grow more. She nodded a bit, wanting him to continue.

“I’ve been wanting to ask you this question for a long time, but I couldn’t gather my courage until now. I know your answer but it still shakes me to ask you… You know I’m a coward honey.”

Annie giggles and nods her head slightly, he had told her that once before, in the very beginning of their relationship.

“Anyway, I’m just stalling now. Annie…” And at the same time as he began the sentence he glanced down at the box, lifting the top open. “…Would you do me the honor, of being my wife?” Inside that somewhat large box, sat a ring. It was white gold and the diamond was cut in the shape of a heart, a layer of small diamonds shaping a second heart around it. Her breathing hitched as tears burst forth from her eyes, her expression locked to his, which showed his anticipation, his nerves were obviously taking a strong hit from her silence.

Gathering what little of her senses she could, she nodded, the tears of joy making her throat tighten. She sat up and threw herself at him, kissing him with a force that only he could handle.

The box snaps shut for a moment as his arms coil around her back, their mouths feverish as he rolls her onto her back, leaning over her as her head rests on a couch cushion.

George says nothing as he removes the ring from the box and slips it onto her left ring finger. She is barely paying any mind to the ring, her eyes completely lost in his.

Their hearts are hammering as one, hot kisses exchanged as clothes go flying onto the floor. Making love was the only word for the slow pace of their hips, hands exploring familiar territory that has been long claimed by the other, his hands sweep through her hair and her fingers cup his face.

Most of the night is spent on the couch, though when she wakes they’re in bed together, cuddled in the familiar silence.


As Anna set the baby into her crib, she chews her lower lip. She can’t stop thinking about her wedding which occurred only months after the proposal. It was her second favorite memory.


Nearly a week after George’s surprise proposal, Anna was ushered into a bridal shop by her mother and grandmother. She felt like it was being rushed for her to get married, but George didn’t seem to mind whatsoever; stating he would gladly walk down isle with her any day, even every day if they could.

She had laughed at the thought, it was just like him to say such a hopelessly romantic thing.

It took four shops before Anna found her dress. She had been looking for a ball gown type dress, but when the sales women pulled out a mermaid gown she decided to try it on.

It had lace and beading all over, inch and a half thick straps with a collar that gently hugged her bust, a piece of lace covering the open skin of her chest to her collar bone. The dress seemed to be made for her, there was no hemming or adjusting needed. Anna would be lying if she said she hadn’t started crying right then.

“Is this it?” The sales woman asked, adding a veil to her bunned hair, even adding a bouquet of flowers from the sales rack into her hands. Anna hesitated for a moment, she pictured walking into the church in the dress, how George would look at her. She gave a nod to avoid more crying, her Grandmother in tears as she stood and hugged her grandbaby.
Finally, walking down the aisle. She had knots in her stomach as her brother offered his arm, willingly offering Anna up for marriage. Anna thought that having everyone stare at her would unnerve her and she’d be running back out the doors; but instead her eyes met with his and she couldn’t get to him fast enough. Her mother took the blue roses from her hands as her brother pecked her cheek and made his way over to George’s left.

Their hands fit perfectly together, standing in front of each other, before their friends and family alike, a priest repeating the vows. They had written their own vows but decided to read them privately before the wedding.

Anna had choked up for a moment when the pastor asked, “Anna, Do you take George Dustin whom you hold by the hand to be your lawfully wedded husband, covenanting to be true to him, to love, cherish, and honor him, in sickness and in health, in poverty or in wealth, until death do you part? ”

She had stared lovingly into his eyes for a moment as she nodded, clearing her throat as she said “I do.”

The moment the pastor finally announced them as husband and wife had been one of the happiest moment of Anna’s life and as they walked out of the church, hand in hand, as husband and wife, Annie knew this was where her life was meant to end up; all along, through the good and the bad, this is where she belonged.

The reception had been simple, something small, but large enough for everyone at the same time. Both she and George refused to dance with anyone but each other and spent a large amount of time on the dance floor, rocking back and forth to the beat.

The wedding night had been amazing, it was special in the sense that it was the first time they’d made love as a married couple, but it didn’t compare to when she lost her virginity. They had just been young adults and it was forceful and mostly controlling, but if George hadn’t made the choice he did in that instant, he knew they wouldn’t have moved forward into a relationship, being that Anna was such a bullheaded woman… and she admitted that. At times.


Demi was asleep at last and Anna was able to have a moment away from the five day old infant. Anna then thought of when she discovered she was pregnant, the thought of it pulling a huge grin across her face.


George and Anna had been married for five years when she began having serious stomach problems. Her ever loving husband insisted on taking her to the doctor, of course Anna would have none of that. She was the squirreliest woman he’d ever met when it came to doctors and hospitals, he even had the nerve to tell her that once during their marriage.

“No, no, no! I am fine! I’m just going to take some Advil and I’ll be good as new.” She nearly bit his head off when he mentioned taking her into the doctor’s office. He wasn’t pleased but made a deal that if she wasn’t feeling better by the end of the week, they’d be going to see Dr. Mason. She reluctantly agreed, knowing if she didn’t go of her own free will, he would simply drag her in, literally. 

By the end of the week, Anna was had been vomiting in the early hours of the morning. Her being pregnant had crossed George’s mind he had later confessed, but he was so worried he simply ignored the countless thoughts of what could be wrong and phoned the doctor after he had finished holding back her long hair.

Annie complied with going into the office; she was feeling horrible and wanted to know what was wrong. She distinctly remembered looking to George as they drove, hand in hand to the office; she was afraid she’d have cancer, maybe even die.

“What seems to be the problem Mrs. Dustin?” She had explained her symptoms to her physician and he simply nodded and asked her to take a pregnancy test. Anna had looked at him like he’d grown an extra head but went ahead and took the test. She felt her nerves in a twist as she tried to recall her last period for the doctor.

Sitting in the waiting room, both Anna and George were called into his private office. They sat with a solemn expression on their face's Mason sat down with her test results in hand.

“Congratulations. You’re going to be parents.” Anna’s brows had shot up as she looked to her husband, the cheesiest grin pulled across his lips.


That had been almost eight months ago, Demi had been delivered in the ER, exactly two days after Anna’s expectant due date.

Demi’s birth had completed what Anna considered a perfect life and it had made her fall in love with George all over again. Anna held her newborn daughter for the first time on April Third, Twenty Nineteen with George right beside her. That was Anna's best memory to date.

George was ecstatic, he had been by her side during every appointment, every phase during the pregnancy he was there and even missed work for the final month of her pregnancy.

Anna could still hear George’s words after the delivery, after everything had become quiet and calm;


Demi was asleep in her plastic crib nearby, George sitting in the bed with Anna whom was curled up against him.

“You know, Demi … She’s more than a blessing.” Anna could only nod, she felt the same way, but what George had said after that, surprised her. 

“Looking at her, she’s perfect… not only because she’s mine, but she’s ours Annie. I can’t explain how I feel, watching you give birth, going through the pain of the pregnancy and labor it just… made me fall in love with you all over again.” His eyes lingered on Demi for a moment before his gaze fell on Anna again; he gently pushed her back against the hospital bed, and stroked her hair away from her face as he stared into her eyes.

“I love you, so much, thank you for our daughter.” Then he kissed her, it was a warm and tender kiss right on the lips. Annie’s eyes closed and tears pricked her eyes behind closed lids. She didn’t know what to say to George’s revelation. She had always loved him and she felt the same way about their daughter. Demi wasn’t just Annie’s nor was she just George’s child, she was theirs. She was perfect.


As all these thoughts came crashing through Anna’s brain, she went on to the kitchen to make some dinner before George came home. He had taken as much time off from his job as he could during the last month of Anna’s pregnancy, spending two more days than he should have from work while Anna and Demi settled into their new home.

Anna had made dinner and set the table with it right as George walked in through the door. He came up to Anna, pecking her lips quickly before he went to take a ten minute shower. Annie giggled a bit, looking at her husband, still just a great big grease monkey.

Once the couple had eaten, they had decided to call it an early night. There was no doubt that their life would forever be changed by the new little bundle of joy sleeping down the hall.

Though after George had really showered, he took one glance at Annie in her bed time shorts and was instantly hard.

Annie saw the spark of lust in his eyes, biting her lower lip she fell onto her side, giving him her back, acting as if the atmosphere around them hadn’t just shifted into something sexually charged.

George slipped into the bed behind her, rubbing his fingers over her back. He hadn’t realized how long they hadn’t had sex until then. The last time was probably a week before Annie found out she was pregnant. A rumble built in his chest; it was a quiet, but very sexual growl. Annie’s thighs clamped together as she felt herself become wet.

He gathered all her hair behind her shoulder, his mouth falling to her neck as he trailed slow, heated kisses along her warm skin. Anna ended up on her back within seconds, George, whom was naked, straddling her waist. She danced her fingers over his chest and stomach, making a swirling movement down to wrap her hand over his shaft, stroking in a slow movement, seeing how long it’ll take before he groans.

It doesn’t take long, their mouths meshing as they work together to get Annie naked. Once her damned shirt is off, her kisses and bites down her jaw and neck, his hands scratching gently over her sides and hips, tugging down her shorts.

With those finally off, Anna parts her legs for him. He pauses a moment, simply looking at her. Not even a week after giving birth and she looks more than perfect to him, a smile tugs at his lips as a blush creeps across his wife’s face, as if he hasn’t seen her naked hundreds of times before.

Cupping her cheek, he kisses her fiercely as he slips the head of his dick into her wet heat. He pauses, gauging her reaction before he slams forward, a squeal entering his mouth from their kiss as he begins to thrust his hips against hers.

George pulls Anna into a sitting position, her legs wrapped around his back. Their moving in sync, though he can’t stop himself from ravishing her neck, his hands roaming over her figure until he’s certain he’s re-memorized her entire body.

She’s suddenly whimpering his name; it brings him out of the near silence of their skin slapping lightly together, the way her nails drag over his skin. He recognizes her soft pleas, watching her expression as they orgasm together, Anna’s eyes closed, her mouth continuing with the little whimpers and whines of his name.

He lays her onto her back, pulling out of her in one movement. Annie groans, her eyes locked on him as he rolls onto his one back, tugging Anna close to his side to hold her against him. Without saying a word more they relax; beginning to drift off into sleep as love radiates throughout the room, surrounding them both in the perfect silence of the night.


I hope everyone enjoys the final piece to this story. It's half true half fiction. I can't really express how difficult it was to write this... It has been something I wanted to write for a long time and I cried finishing it. It jumps around a bit so if you don't understand something it's because Anna's point of view is skipping between present (* Present has also been made futuristic, going far into the future(2019) and past.

I'll be writing a different version of George and Anna, it will not be connected with this story in anyway and it will be entirely fiction. Might write something with an adult Demi.

Enjoy Lovies.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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