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Ginger in the Moonlight

Make love to me Judson. I want to feel you love me. I want my love to envelope you
It was just a little after midnight. The night was cool and the breeze felt wonderful as me and Ginger lay naked hand in hand in the sand under the full blue moonlight. The ocean's waves were the only sound we heard other than our own soft breathing.

The blue hue of the night highlighted all of Ginger's delicate curves. The paleness of her tan lined breasts became lighted beacons, glowing tenderly a light blue as the moon shined down on her perky small mounds. The soft puffiness of her shaved smooth love bump between her legs humped beautifully into the pale blue light. The perfect vertical line that ran down the middle of her puffy lump was silhouetted delicately by the light of the night. Ginger was just so beautiful; an art form that exuded raw eroticism.

Then Ginger turned on her side to lay her arm on my bare chest. I felt her naked breast press up against my side. The center peak of it was warm and slightly puffy as it poked gently on my skin.

I looked at her and she was looking at me smiling and tracing circles along my chest with her fingertips. Her long brown hair flowed around her face and strands of it fell along her breast and tenderly covered her pink nipple slightly. The sight of it made my cock stir and her teasing over my chest with her fingertip helped.

Ginger looked down and saw my cock beginning to lengthen. I expected Ginger to say something funny. Instead, she looked at me with a very serious face and said, "You are so handsome under this moonlight. I love you so much Judson."

I tenderly wrapped my arm around her and let my hand fall onto her bare shoulder. Stroking over it softly, I looked at Ginger, smiled, and said, "You are the love of my life Ginger. You always will be."

Ginger did not say anything. She just smiled and turned her body and let her smooth leg fall between my legs. Her soft shaven mound pressed onto my upper thigh and I felt her delicate line of desire secrete a little of her personal moisture upon my skin. It felt really good there and caused my cock to stiffen all the way to its upright position knowing she was wet.

Ginger began to kiss me softly upon my chest. Her lips were warm and damp, just like the pair between her smooth legs. As Ginger kissed, she moved her hand slowly over my erection and tenderly touched it; teasing over it with her long fingers. I felt my balls move in their sack due to her soft touch. Her fingers splayed gently over the ridge of my hard head. I moaned as Ginger toyed her fingertips over it. Then she wrapped her fingers around it. I loved how she knew how to tease me.

I watched Ginger glance down occasionally as she moved her hand up and down my long hardness as she stroked me slowly and with a precision that stimulated me to feel good, but never would have brought on the inevitable. She touched me in a way that held it off, but teased me tastefully. Ginger just had the right touch.

I touched the side of her face with my hand and leaned up slightly to kiss her lips. They were full and luscious and felt good against my own. Ginger moaned into my lips as I kissed her. The heat of her lips filled mine with desire. Somehow, I managed to explore her naked body with my other hand until I slipped it between her legs. Ginger's body shuddered as my hand slipped over her pussy. It was hot and her labia were engorging with stimulation to match mine.

Just as slowly as Ginger had stroked over my erection, I slowly slid my finger through her hot centered fleshy slice. It was sticky and wet and Ginger moaned as my finger moved through her delicate fold. I continued to kiss her deeply as my finger played with her outer pussy lips, spreading a little of her hot moist core all over its smoothness. It was ready. Moreover, Ginger was ready to make love.

I turned and slid her body under mine. Ginger's back pressed deep into the soft sand of the beach as my heavy body landed upon hers. I cupped one of her breasts as I looked down into her eyes. I pressed tenderly upon it and her nipple immediately became rigid. Slowly I leaned down and took it in my mouth and sucked on it. Ginger's nipple was hot and hard. A long sigh exited her mouth as I nibbled on it. Then, as I kissed over her breast and at the nape of her neck, I felt her swallow under my lips that touched her hot sizzling skin. Ginger tasted like honey as my tongue licked over her chin to her bottom lip where I bit it slightly with mine. I kissed her again and she took my face in her hands and rubbed over it with her fingers. Ginger's fingers felt so good on my face.

As I kissed her soft lips again, Ginger relaxed and slowly spread her legs. I fell in between them; my hard cock resting upon her smooth shaved mound. Ginger sighed as my hard cock pounded with the beat of my heart upon it. I felt the warmth of her mound cradle my cock like a soft down pillow. The feeling of my cock sinking into her skin was almost like sinking into her wet pussy. It felt that good.

“Make love to me Judson. I want to feel you love me. I want my love to envelope you. I want you to know how much I love you,” Ginger suddenly said through hot heavy breaths that escaped her tender lips.

“Oh Ginger, I love you more than you know. I know I don’t ever express my love for you enough,” I said as I looked into her beautiful brown eyes.

“Express it to me now, please,” Ginger replied.

What was I supposed to say back to that? There was only one way to answer Ginger.

Slowly, I moved my hips and lowered myself where I felt the head of my erection fall through Ginger’s hot moist slit until I felt the opening of her vagina. It was so wet, her pussy literally dripped upon my hard head. Ginger’s slick moisture coated my erect tip. It was as if it was readying it for my entrance. It just felt natural.

In a very slow manner, I punctured Ginger’s hot wet opening, only pushing my cock’s head into her. She gulped heavily as my erect head filled her and her vaginal muscle gripped it tightly as it acclimated itself to me being inside her once again. Once Ginger relaxed from the initial jolt, her inner muscle loosened, enabling me to sink all the way into her hot pliable slickness. I stayed inside her for a few minutes just to feel Ginger’s warmth surround me once again. I loved how her inside orifice felt on my hardness. It always felt like the first time no matter how many times we had made love. Ginger’s love always came through.

I backed out of Ginger’s pussy slowly and felt her cavity slide easily along my long hardness. I even felt her labia follow along as I backed out. When I entered again, her labia folded in on itself with an added pressure upon me and it felt wonderful. The feeling of knowing I was pleasing her pleased me.

Ginger wrapped her silky smooth legs around me loosely as I gently entered her again. My body slid along her smooth legs as my erection plunged deep into her hot chasm. Her body sunk just a little deeper into the cool soft sandy bed we were making as my body tenderly landed on top of hers. My chest rubbed her breasts with a whisking touch that sent tingles through both of us. The tip of her nipples slid along my pectoral muscles with a touch that was light, but strong enough for both of us to feel. Ginger moaned deeply as our bodies tenderly came together as one.

My slow steady movements into her showed my love for her. Her relaxed body, that I was hovering over, showed her love for me. The gentleness of our bodies connecting was lovely and when Ginger and I would come together, the love we shared for each other shined through immensely.

Our bodily contractions upon one another let us know the love we were sharing was real. The slow transferal our bodies made into each other gave us true feelings that were captured compassionately and warmly. Ginger whimpered little sounds that told me my love was entering her and filling her up with desirable emotions that easily shifted into me, entering me with a slow swift passion. We were definitely one in love.

Slow and methodically, Ginger and I made love to each other until our bodies filled with a feeling that each of us had to release. I could feel her body reacting to my meticulous movements into her. She was feeling every detail of my love enter her and her body responded with a precision that entered me. Her love for me surrounded not only the one item penetrating her, but also surrounded me naturally. The love we were sending into each other began to culminate into a big passionate explosion.

Ginger began to breathe heavier as her body began the climax. Her pussy became wetter as I slid gently inside her. She began to match my slow thrusts with her body, arching it ever so carefully to feel me fill her fully. The spasm inside me began to enter my hard shaft. I could feel the tingling at the base of my long hardness get stronger. Ginger could feel my rigid penis inside her begin to throb and she began to moan quicker and gasp as her orgasm approached. Her pussy began to pinch my erection in pulses of contractions that pulled a generous feeling upon me that brought my spasm further forth. I was not able to hold off the tingles any longer. And neither was Ginger.

Together, our orgasms crowned and our bodies came in unison. Ginger sighed each time my warm jets of orgasmic fluid landed in her pink encasement. I groaned each time her pussy quivered upon my throbbing leaking erection. In spasms of unity, Ginger and I let our bodies take in each other’s passionate summit until the moment was over and our bodies relaxed.

I collapsed onto Ginger with my now relaxing body and took her into my arms. Ginger wrapped her arms around me and tenderly rubbed my back as I kissed her. Her lips were warm and puffy and the passion we had shared came through in our loving touches. My now softened cock fell out of her as I rolled off of her and onto my back beside Ginger on the sand. The soft sand stuck to my skin instantly as I laid there beside her.

Ginger turned on her side and faced me. She was smiling as she laid her arm over my chest. I looked into her eyes and smiled. Ginger moved closer to me and kissed me softly on the cheek. She patted my chest with her hand and said, “I love the way you love me Judson.”

I looked at her, stroked her cheek with my thumb and said, “I love how you love me, Ginger. No one else has ever understood me more.”

Then we closed our eyes and fell asleep together on the cool moonlit sand. The night never felt so wonderful.

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