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Giving In

A part of a story I've been working on
She sat crosslegged on my bed. Dressed conservatively but still looked so beautiful. I only snuck quick glances but I knew she knew I was admiring her.

The white dress wrapped around her showed off her filled out, but gloriously curvy body, and I had a hard time stopping thoughts from coming into my mind. They shouldn't have been going into my mind but I couldn't stop.

"Drew?" my name tumbled out of her mouth. God, that voice. One other thing I also loved about her. So calming and just...her voice.

I finally focused my full attention on her. Though her eyes were just a normal dark brown, I can easily see the passion and confusion in them. What could I do?

Why couldn't I have met her sooner, why did everything I want have to be claimed?

She raised herself slightly, no longer crosslegged but sitting neatly on her knees. The sleeve of the dress fell and I could see her hard nipples beneath the white fabric. She looked so beautiful... Not just because of how provocative she looked now but just because everything about her shaped her to be so beautiful.

"Charissa..." I mumbled back. Barely above a whisper but she heard and gave a weak smile. I saw that she was trembling slightly.

I took a step forward and she opened her arms. This gave me the motivation to keep moving until her arms were around my waist and her head was gently leaning against my crotch. I knew she could feel my throbbing manhood beneath my jeans.

The scene was so intimate, I began losing all of my rightful senses and I took her by the arms and brought her up to my face.

The smile was still on her lips but I could tell she was scared.

The look on her face was so right.

I leaned in and finally kissed her. Our lips pressed against each other’s firmly and I continued caving in, my heart was pounding, my knees were shaking, but I didn't let her go.

Soon, I felt her lips part and I immediately accepted the invitation and my tongue invaded hers. The kiss was so passionate and filled with so much unexplainable feelings, my legs became even weaker.

So I could relax my legs, I carefully began pushing her back onto the bed, lowering myself on top of her body. We broke the kiss and she stared right into my eyes again. My beautiful Charissa.

I took this moment to begin sliding down the zipper on her white dress. She raised her body so it would come off easily.

There was no bra. Only white cotton panties. I slowly traced a finger around her stomach, she writhed and let out small giggles. I could only smile silently down at her moving beneath my hand.

After a moment more of teasing her stomach, I sat up and started to lift my shirt off. Her eyes traced over my shirtless torso. My body probably intimidated her. It was strong and well-built after intense military training I had to undergo a few years back.

Since she was in nothing but panties, I decided to be fair and slide off my jeans too. I wore boxers but the hard bulge was clearly visible beneath them. Now we were before each other more than halfway naked.

Her eyes didn't leave my crotch. She was still trembling. I was about to reach for her panties to slide them off but the look on her face made me pause and decide to fully expose myself first.

I was slow to pull my boxers down. Now my hard cock was in full view of her and her eyes were even wider now. It was large in every kind of aspect, matching my body build.

"Are you okay with this?" I asked in a low tone. I wasn't sure what I'd do if she said no. Probably still work my way to her breaking point? I was too turned on by the sight of her to want to give up now.

"I'm fine," she whispered, taking her eyes from my cock and looking at my face.

I was quick to slide my fingers beneath her panties as soon as she gave the words of approval. I couldn't contain myself anymore.

They came down easily and now we were both completely nude in the same room together.

I wrapped my arms around her naked body, bringing her up to my chest. I held her for a few long moments. My heart was racing, my mind was numb.

I felt her hand start to move downward. The explosive feelings it brought when she wrapped her hand around my hard cock made me wonder and excited me more at the thought of me putting it into her pussy.

Her fingers gently rubbed over the tip of my cock and went up and down my shaft. Her hands were so soft...

"Oh God," I groaned, and laid her back down onto the bed. She had to release my cock because of the new positioning, but I had full access to her womanhood.

I did have a large cock so I felt I had to work up to getting her ready for the penetration.

I got my middle finger from my right hand and slid it into her pussy. She was already extremely wet and my finger went in and out of her smoothly.

She started writhing underneath me again and my cock went even more into attention.

Now I added a second finger. She was so tense beneath me. So sexy and beautiful.

My concentration was slipping again. I let my two fingers go in and out of her for about five minutes before I couldn't take it any longer.

I stood again as she laid in front of me with her legs wide open, waiting to accept my body between them.

I got my cock to point right at her awaiting pussy. I moved back down, and soon the head of my cock was pushing against her...into and out of her.

She was so tight, she definitely never had a cock as large as mine in her. I was trying my best to be gentle, slowly easing all of me into her.

As I moved in and out, I looked down into her eyes. Her mouth was open slightly, letting out gasps of breath and small moans. I saw sweat beading on her forehead as I began picking up the pace.

"Drew..." she managed to call out and I lost it.

The speed increased rapidly and I leaned down and started kissing her mouth passionately.

To increase her pleasure, I jammed my thumb onto her clit and applied as much pressure as I could. Her moans became louder and more sweat was forming on the both of us. The movements were so intense and I was reaching my breaking point.

It started out as making love but now I was fucking her. Fucking the woman I loved.

All the tension that we had building up from the past few months...I was finally going to release it on her.

I felt her body freeze and tense up. She was gasping for air and gave out the loudest groan I had heard from her in the entire night. I felt her body contracting and I knew I just made her orgasm hard.

I eased up on the pressure on her clit so she wouldn't feel uncomfortable. Now I was focused on cumming. Cumming because of her.

She gave into me so well. I knew she would but I never believed I'd allow myself to get to this point with her. I don't think I'd ever regret it now.

The pressure continued building up inside me as I rammed into her. She was moaning again from the intense speed and that added to the build up.

Finally, I knew I was about to burst. I quickly pulled out of her and got a tight grip on my cock and started pumping. My cum immediately started to spray all over her gorgeous body.

She laid back and accepted my cum, even massaging some of it into her breasts. I finally finished releasing my milk and now I just had the beautiful image of her in front of me.

I fell next to her on the bed, moving a hand over her breasts and played with her still hard nipples.

"You were so great," I whispered into her ear and she turned her mouth to mine.

We fell asleep kissing one another.

Maybe I would have to accept the punishments that came from making love to and fucking this gorgeous woman, but I would never regret it. She was mine now.

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