Going Out Of Business

By seemywowzza

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The last time I came through these doors it nearly cost me my life.

If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed it. But there it was, a big hand written sign on the plate glass window, GOING OUT OF BUSINESS. I sat in the car, staring in disbelief. Lexi must be heart broken for sure I thought to myself. She poured her life into this place, and now...

Movement inside the coffee shop caught my eye and interrupted my train of thought. I could see the shape of a woman moving slowly about inside the dimly lit shop. Once a thriving gathering place for the locals to gather and talk about each other, now sat empty, haunted by unfulfilled dreams of what should have been.

She saw me getting out of my car but she took her time moving towards the front door. We both reached for the door knobs at the same time. The lingering aroma of fresh brewed coffee spilled through the door as it opened. We stood silent, staring at each other. Tears formed in the corners of her eyes, softly and quietly reflecting the depth of her disappointment. I reached up to brush a tear away and she slapped at my hand.

"Don't fucking touch me mother fucker!" she sneared through clinched teeth.

My look must have startled even her. She closed her fists and half heartedly punched at my chest as she fell into my arms sobbing.

"I did everything I knew how to do. And it still wasn't enough!" Lexi said between sobs. "Where have you been dammit? You said you would be back in two weeks, not three fucking months!"

I had no explanation to offer other than I was just too fucking busy with business to get back as promised. Please don't tell me I'm to blame in any shape, form or fashion for the business failing I said to myself.

The three days I had spent here during the summer were the best three days of my life. I wanted to come back as promised, but business is business. I got here when I could.

I turned Lexi toward the door, and wrapping my arm around her, walked her back inside. She had spent most of the day pushing a small pile of debris from one side of the dining area to the other, and back again.

"Want some coffee fucker?" Lexi aksed with a small smile creeping across her lips.

"Of course I do!" I said as I sat down at a small table.

I watched intently as she slowly shashayed across the room, stopping once to look over her shoulder to make sure her walk still captured my attention.

"I'm watching every move you make baby!" I said, leaning back and spreading my legs to show her the slight bulge in my slacks.

I rubbed the length of my shaft a time or two as she stood watching my hand. The surge of blood into my love muscle stretched it's length down the inside of my pant leg. Lexi looked at my growing member, then my eyes, and asked if coffee was all I had come back for.

I got up from my chair and walked towards her. My erection poked proudly against my slacks, showing off it's thick eight inches of rock hard arousal. Lexi turned and leaned back against the counter, watching as I approached.

Neither of us had forgotten how intense and fulfilling our love making had been three months ago. Even before I got to her, her head tilted backwards and her mouth opened to receive my kiss. I took her beautiful face in both hands and shoved my tongue between her parted lips as she moaned and gasped. It had been three very long months. Months void of passion and unfulfilled carnal cravings.

My cock pushed into her tummy and she reached for it, rubbing it's length through my slacks.

"Oh my God Howdy. I can feel it pulsing in my hand!"

Lexi deftly unzipped me, pushed the elastic band below my balls, and pulled my cock through the opening as she lifted her blouse and pushed her bra over her tits. Leaning over, she slipped my throbbing cock between those gorgeous mounds of joy and slowly titty fucked me as she watched my desire grow.

"Have you missed me Howdy?" Lexi moaned as the warm soft flesh massaged my swollen member. "Have you missed fucking your slut?" she asked as her hot breath swirled against my stomach and cock.

I pulled her even closer, drinking in her perfume as I ran my fingers through her long dark hair. I leaned to nibble on her ears and neck as her hand held my cock as it slipped from between her tits. Lexi closed her eyes and moaned freely as my touches teased her senses.

Wrapping both hands around her waist, I lifted her to a sitting position on the counter. She looked at me with a twinkle in her eyes.

"Are you going to do what I think you are going to do? Hmmm bad boy?"

One of her unfilled desires, or fantasies was to make love on the counter top in the store. She needed liberated from her miseries and I intended to do just that. I was going to make sure she got her wish.

I leaned forward, between her outstretched legs and took one nipple, then the other in my mouth. Lexi loved how I sucked her large hard nipples. And I loved how responsive she was when I did so. I sucked one into my mouth, holding it firmly between my teeth as the mix of pain and pleasure coursed through her tit to her head. She didn't know whether to complain or moan, so she did both simultaneously .

The musky smell of her wet pussy competed with the aroma of coffee. Her shorts and panties had soaked through. I spent an eternity indulging on her luscious tits and neck and ears. Lexi responded by having an orgasm with little to no clitoral stimulation.

I unsnapped her shorts and pulled them and her panties off. Much to my delight, she had grown a nice beautiful full bush for me. I stood there admiring how full her pussy hair was and commented on how soaked she was. Her lips were swollen with excitement and begging for attention.

I pushed her legs wider with both hands as her breathing became very hard. Moans and grunts poured across her trembling lips as her body began to move spontaneously. Her juices puddled on the counter top under her.

"You know what I'm going to do to you don't you naughty girl?" I whispered as I locked eyes with her. Her lips quivered as she nodded 'Yes'. My hands slowly moved past mid thigh and she shook hard a couple of times in anticipation.

I squeezed and massaged her inner thighs, working my thumbs ever closer to her drenched pouty lips. Lexi's eyes begged me to finish their journey and to finish quickly. She gripped a handful of my hair, holding my head in place as she waited impatiently for my hands to reach their destination. My thumbs neared the outer folds of her labia majora , teasing the taut muscles that no longer fought to keep her legs together.

Slowly, I brushed my thumb tip across her lips, causing her to release a faint shriek. Her tits heaved at the thought that soon my fingers would be deep inside her starving cunt, thrusting hard, bringing her to a rousing orgasm.

I ran my thumb tip in small gentle circles around her hard nub as her hips rocked. Then I traced the length of her wet slit several times, each time, delving deeper between the soft meaty flesh. Her juices flowed like an artesian well, filling the air with her scent. Then I pinched her lips together, squeezing them against her clit. She shook hard and screamed in pleasure as I pulled and pushed against her hard clit using her own flesh.

Her nails dug into my shoulders as her body became completely mine. I held her folds in place as she writhed against my hands. Then I released her. She opened her eyes with surprise. Without speaking, her eyes begged for an answer as to why I had stopped.

Then I reached up, wrapping my hand gently around her throat, pushing her backwards onto her elbows. Her legs splayed wide for my visual feasting. Lexi stared between her heaving tits at me as I held my gentle grip on her neck.

With my free hand, I cupped two fingers and slid them between her wet lips. I curled them to rub the upper walls of her vagina and to tease at her G-spot. Lexi lifted one foot then the other, placing them on my shoulders. With her knees spread wide, she rocked her pelvis in a slow fucking motion to meet the slow deliberate thrusts of my long thick fingers.

It took less than a dozen good long hard thrusts for Lexi to pour her love across the counter top again. She squeezed at her tits, pulling and pinching her nipples hard as my fingers sloshed around in her sopping wet hole. She teased my fingers by squeezing them with her own love muscles.

I withdrew my cum soaked fingers and placed them to her lips. She watched me watch her as she licked every drop of her tasty goo from my fingers. She sucked my fingers like she sucked my cock. I was rock hard and ready to find my cock a good home.

I rolled Lexi onto her tummy, her legs hanging off the counter, but not touching the floor. Her ass and pussy were mine for the taking. I had her on display for all who passed to see. Just like she fantasized about.

I slapped her ass several times; telling her it was because she called me a mother fucker. Her cheeks reddened up quickly, but she didn't mind. Then I took each cheek in my hand and spread her wide before shoving my tongue inside her from behind. My brisk rough move caught her by surprise and she gasped loudly. She began to grind herself into my face as I took turns between licking her dripping wet cunt and her tight little bunghole.

Her cum was dripping down the counter glass as I licked and sucked at her cunt. As she neared another orgasm, I slid my thumb inside her butt hole and she went off like a roman candle, squirting cum all over my face as she yelled out in ecstasy . With my thumb in her ass and two fingers in her cunt, she went wild, bucking around like an unbroken horse. Lexi rode my fingers for several minutes before stopping to catch her breath.

I buried my face in her luscious hairy pussy, devouring her meaty lips. I sucked them into my mouth, nibbling each one separately as my fingers played with her wet curls. She moaned loudly when I fingered her tight ass as I ate her slippery feast. Twice she rewarded my talent with a good soaking.

I pulled my digits from inside her cavities and massaged up her lower back to her shoulders. Her hair was wet with perspiration and her breathing was labored. Her beautiful dark curls were matted to her face. I slapped her ass really hard and she yelped, "What the fuck was that for?"

"I have no good reason baby. Guess I've just missed you. That's all."

Lexi slipped off the counter and turned to face me. What a site, naked from the waist down, and blouse and bra between her armpits and the tops of her tits.

"Shut the fuck up asshole." Lexi laughed as she slapped at my arm.

Lexi unbuttoned my slacks and yanked them and my boxers over my hips. They fell easily in a crumpled mass around my feet. My full erection s tood at attention, aimed at her face. Then she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled herself off the ground. I knew where she was going. My throbbing hard cock had yet to be released to have his own brand of fun. I felt her hot body slither up mine as she wrapped her legs around my waist. The sensation of her hairy pussy rubbing my shaft was maddening. Then she lifted herself high enough to place her wet lips around the large bulbous purple head of my aching cock.

"Is this what you have been waiting for fucker?" Lexi panted as she pecked at my neck, cheek and lips. "Do you want to fuck this pussy? Hmmmm ?"

With her legs wrapped tightly around me, she rubbed her slit back and forth across the head of my cock, driving me crazy. I let her do as she pleased because I knew what was coming. Once she had nestled the head securely inside her lips, she flung herself downward onto me, taking all of me in one really hard thrust.

Lexi threw her head back and screamed as my size split her tight pussy, stretching her side. Once I hit bottom, she snapped her head forward, just an inch from my face. We stood staring at each other, breathing hard as my cock meat pulsed inside her tight cunt. I knew she could feel the blood coursing through it's length, stretching it beyond it's swollen capacity.

She nibbled at my lower lip as she mumbled profanity, speaking in more than one language. It didn't matter what she said, it all sounded like, 'Fuck the hell out of me!'.

Then she slowly lifted her pussy off of my shaft, leaving only the tip touching her wetness. Then she dropped herself down it's length again, then again and again. Each time was more forceful than the last. Each time she responded with profanity laced utterances. Her hips rocked and ground against me as my thrusts met hers. Each time she dropped herself on my throbbing cock, I tried to ram my cock out the back of her vagina. Her juices dripped down my thighs as our pace quickened.

We found our rhythm and soon we were like a finely tuned fucking machine. I held both her ass cheeks in my hands as she held onto my shoulders. Sensing I was going to cum, Lexi pushed herself off of me and dropped to her knees in front of me. She grabbed my shaft with both hands and began jacking me off as her lips and tongue lapped at my cock. I arched my back as her pace quickened and exploded all over her face and into her open mouth. Spurt after spurt splashed across her face and dripped onto her heaving tits. She then began to clean me up, licking and slurping every drop of my cum she could find. Three months of built up passion washed across her face in a matter of seconds.

She looked up at me as her tongue danced around the head of my cock. How the hell she kept me so hard was beyond my grasp. But who was I to complain? She slid her velvety mouth down my shaft until she gagged a couple of times. Then she looked at me as she held my cock in her hands and said it was time to fill her starving cock hungry cunt.

I laid down on my back on the counter top and she crawled on top. She rubbed the head of my cock across her clit a few times before taking me all the way to my balls. Her tight pussy muscles gripped at my cock as I stretched her out. Our bodies once again melded into one writhing mass of hot sweaty flesh as we fucked each other hard. Kissing was damn near impossible as our bodies shook violently from the pure pleasure. She leaned back to a sitting position as I grabbed at both her tits, firmly massaging them as I pistoned inside her. We both erupted in a wave of orgasms that flooded across our bodies.

As we laid there, we noticed a car had stopped in the parking lot. We weren't sure if they could see us or not, but we waved anyway. Within seconds of us acknowledging we had seen them, they exited the parking lot. Between kisses, we finally laughed at ourselves for what we had done.

We offered a goodbye 'fuck' in every room of the store, including both bathrooms, the storage closet and her office before finally falling asleep on the couch in her office.

Little did Lexi know at the time, but I was secretly happy her shop was closing. I had returned to offer her a job working and traveling the country with me.