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Good Morning My Love

Good Morning My Love

two lovers discover the perfect way to start the morning
I always thought of her as an exquisite beauty, a beautiful and erotic goddess; and she was never so beautiful as when she was lying next to me, asleep.

I woke up very early and just watched her for a moment, this amazing vision of beauty lying next to me. Her dark hair flowed gently across her bare shoulders, drawing my gaze to the perfect curves of her breasts, rising and falling with her breathing. I reached across and turned off her alarm; today I was going to be her alarm clock. I knew this was her favorite way to wake up.

I started by delicately tracing the curves of her breasts with my fingertips, marveling at the way her nipples began to harden as she slept. I leaned over and began to trace circles around her areola; soon her nipples were rock hard and jutting up, begging to be licked and sucked. As I caressed and squeezed one breast and sucked lovingly at the other, I watched her lovely blue eyes flutter open and gaze intently at my loving attention to her awakening body. She smiled sleepily, an expression that quickly gave way to an "oooh" expression as the first waves of erotic pleasure began to flow through her lovely body.

There was no need for her to lavish any pleasure on me; my cock was already rock hard and she knew it, but we trusted each other when it came to giving and receiving pleasure. It was so wonderful sometimes to simply make her the center of attention, to start the day by having both of us working together to arouse her body into into a sudden rush of sexual release. I had no doubt that my turn would come -- I was in no hurry. For now, we were both intent on simply making her feel good.

As I alternated between licking and sucking her nipples and sharing deep romantic kisses, I was aware that her hands were becoming more and more frantic as her pussy begged for attention. Her legs spread wide, her fingers probed deeply into the folds of her dripping wetness, her fingertips and thumb rubbing and spanking and pulling at her clit. She was becoming so fucking turned on, this would be a very quick orgasm.

I kneeled between her legs and used my heavy leg muscles to push hard against her silky smooth inner thighs, forcing her wide apart. I leaned forward and kissed her deeply and told her to use my cock.

"Tease your hot cunt with that dick" I growled at her, and she thrust her tits up toward my hungry mouth as she obeyed my instructions.

I sucked eagerly at her tits as she gripped my shaft and began rubbing my swollen cock head against her clit, then lubed my dick by rubbing it up and down her wide-open slit. Her pussy cream was so amazingly warm and slippery against my pulsating flesh.

I circled my arm beneath her, cradling her narrow waist with my straining muscles, lifting her beautiful naked breasts to press hard against my hairy chest. She responded by wrapping her smooth long legs around me and digging her heels into my back.

Her hand stayed at her pussy, rubbing frantically all around her bald mound as my cock began to slide in and out. She rubbed her clit and forced its swollen hardness against the wet shaft of my cock as I began to fuck her deeper, harder, faster. It was like a train roaring past; very soon we both lost control.

She began screaming obscenities so loud I thought the neighbors might hear:

"Fuck me, oh godammit fuck me!"

She was demanding that I give her every inch, hard and fast and deep, and she started cumming as soon as my balls started slapping against her ass cheeks. My cock buried to the hilt in her spasming pussy, I could feel the hot wet walls of her cunt gripping my shaft as she came, squirming and crying out.

Her cries came breathlessly, urgently, obscenely. It was quick but intense, and soon there was nothing but the two of us, bodies entwined, moaning into each other's salty and sweaty flesh, loving the feel and the taste and the sense of oneness as we struggled to catch our breath.

But we were not winding down or drifting back to sleep; we were both aware that my cock was still raging hard inside her quivering body, and there was no stopping the flow of heat and wetness from deep inside her. Neither one of us was finished. I rolled over and took her with me, telling her how beautiful she was as her perfect breasts hung right in front of my eyes, her hands on my shoulders.

Her ass and pussy were clenching, rocking forward and back, as she milked my cock expertly. I could feel the warm wet cream dripping from her pussy and running onto my balls. I told her I had to taste her:

"Let me taste your sweet hot pussy, baby!"

She smiled, because now it was her turn to give me exactly what I wanted. I watched in amazement as she crawled off me, almost making me shoot my load as I felt my cock sliding out of the smooth velvet grip of her pussy. She kissed me gently on the lips, neck, shoulders, arms, chest. She was working her way lower and lower, while at the same time performing an erotic dance, repositioning herself so I could taste, see and smell the heat and amazing wetness of her pussy.

Before I knew it, my hands were massaging her lovely ass cheeks as she straddled my upper body, leaning over me. I looked up and saw streams of wetness pouring down her thighs, my beard-stubbled cheeks chafing her inner thighs. I looked down and saw her perfectly formed breasts, swaying gently as she began to massage my balls.

She looked back at me and smiled, saying, "Let's have each other for breakfast this morning!"

It was like an electric shock of pleasure as her wide-open mouth engulfed my engorged cock in one gulp. She was sucking and licking me, loving the taste of her pussy that coated my cock and balls. My tongue was lapping eagerly at the musky feast in front of me. My fingers squeezed and dug into her quivering ass cheeks as I dived into this glorious erotic feast. As my tongue began probing into her hot cunt and fluttering quickly all around her clit, I knew her second orgasm would not take long.

She was such an amazing oral lover. She loved cumming all over my face but really enjoyed lavishing my cock with wet sloppy attention at the same time. And she knew me so well; not only was the wetness and noise and gulping and eager moaning such a beautiful gift of pleasure to me, but she amazed me with the incredible control she had in manipulating my sensations of pleasure.

I was all at once the recipient of a beautifully erotic and sensuous gift, and yet a plaything in her hands and mouth. My pleasure was something she could control -- she could bring me to the edge of an explosion and hold it for as long as she wanted. Several times I thought I was cumming but she magically allowed me to relax and start over; it was almost as if I had already cum three times but somehow wasn't being allowed to finish.

Finally I became desperate; my tongue was fucking her deeply as her pussy gushed and pulsated, begging for more. I pushed two fingers inside her pussy as one slid into her tight asshole, and her moans of approval vibrated along my cock shaft as she bobbed up and down fervently. I was fucking her hard with my fingers and tongue, and she began to jack me off as hard as she could.

With a loud wet pop and a gasp for air, she released my dick with her sloppy hot mouth and gripped my shaft with both hands. Her fingers locked around my dick in a vise, she began pumping so hard that it made her tits and ass bounce in front of me. She groaned and leaned back, smothering me with her wetness as I grabbed her with both hands around her waist, forcing her pussy down onto my wide-open mouth.

My tongue plunged in and out, long and hard, as her body was wracked with a convulsive orgasmic release that lasted a full two minutes. I tongue fucked her and reveled in the sensations of her spasming pussy squeezing my tongue as I forced it deep inside her, over and over, deep and hard.

She just kept on screaming "Oh fuck -- oh fuck yes -- fucking hell yesss!"

Her grip on my cock was amazing, like the tightest, hottest pussy imaginable. She almost fell off me as my body tensed and I thrust my lower body straight up off the bed, my ass muscles and thighs straining as this amazing sex goddess rode me and pumped frantically at the hot shaft locked in her fists.

Despite her moans and screaming obscenities, and my own muffled animalistic grunts as I ground her cunt down onto my face, I actually could hear the splashes of cum as three hot spurts sprayed off her bouncing tits. Her pussy spent, she rolled off me and left me gasping, her hands still pumping, my cock still shooting.

She kneeled beside me and wouldn't stop pleasuring my cock, determined to watch and enjoy every shot of cum as I kept straining. My ass was six inches off the bed as she milked me. I looked down to see an unbelievable vision of eager wantonness. There were streams of cum running down her neck, covering her tits. Thick strings of cum were hanging from both hard nipples.

She kept milking me, as my body spasmed and she squeezed and pulled on my shaft so perfectly. She coaxed a slow thick river of cum out of the incredibly dark purple mushroom head, covering her fingers, dripping onto my balls.

As I relaxed and let myself fall back onto the bed, my legs spread, thighs quivering, she sucked my cock one last time deeply into her mouth. Sucking hard and groaning to prolong my pleasure with those incredible vibrations, she drained my shaft and gathered a mouthful of cum until my cock began to relax.

I watched in amazement as she gripped my shaft tightly one more time, keeping me stiff for just a while longer, as she smothered my cock head and shaft with kisses and licked gently at my balls. All the while she slowly let that mouthful of white thick cream ooze out of her lips and coat my manhood with my own sticky wetness.

It was all at once a perfect combination of lusty raunchiness and loving erotic pleasure, almost teasing, as she let me wind down and prolonged my ecstasy beyond belief.

Soon we were in each others arms again, enjoying a passionate embrace, loving the sensations of sticky wetness between us. Our kisses were an amazing shared taste of cum and creamy pussy wetness, our arms and legs a tangle as we tried to melt into each other.

Soon we would have to decide if it it was time for us both to get up and start the day as we should. Or, was this unbelievable start to the day too special to be dismissed too quickly? We had both experienced something that seemed too good to end. Perhaps a quick call to the office; maybe we needed to spend the day in bed...

Unable to decide, we walked on shaky legs together, hand in hand, to share a shower. Perhaps as we cleaned each other up, we would wake up and realize that being a responsible adult and heading off to work was the right thing to do.

But as the hot shower spray and warm steam engulfed us, and two sets of soapy hands began to not so much clean up, as to make love to each other's bodies, we soon knew better. It was going to be a long, lazy day of lovemaking.

We were two lovers who desired nothing but to give the other all the pleasure in the world. We were a perfect combination in the selfless giving of pleasure, secure in knowing that we would receive all the pleasure in return that we could ever ask for.
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