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Guy at the bar

The whole journey home we can’t our hands off each other.
Sitting at the mirror, I put on my make-up, making sure my hair has that sexy bounce in the curls. I look at my figure in the mirror as I slide on the dress for the night and slip into my new Gucci heels. Looking in the mirror at this girl who is ready for another night on the town, I whisper aloud, “Will he ever come along?” The thought stays with me as I close my front door, ready to meet up with the girls for the night.

Walking to the bar, we hear men whistling and howling at us; we giggle as we walk past. At the bar we waste no time getting to the dance floor. “Looking sexy,” I hear from a voice behind me. It's David, the club owner. God he looks so hot in that tight shirt showing off his muscles. How I wish those arms were around me.

“Oh hey Dave, how’s it going?”

“Great thanks, can I buy you a drink tonight?”

I say yes whilst walking over to the bar with him; I can feel his eyes on me as he walks behind me. I suddenly feel a tight grip on my hand as he pulls me onto the dance floor.

“How about a dance instead?”

I smile as a sign of I would love to, feeling his hands on my hips pulling me close to him. God I have been waiting for this day for weeks and he has finally noticed me. Dancing with him, feeling his strong arms around I turn around he places his hands on my hips, pulling me close to him. I feel his manhood against my arse. Mmmm, he must be so big I can feel him through his jeans.

Throwing my head back onto his shoulder, I begin to feel his breath on my neck. Shivers run down my body as I feel his lips, so soft and gentle, touch my neck. He brings his lips up to my ear and asks if I would like to come back to his place for the night. I turn around and look at him as I pull him closer to me and kiss him; his hands tighten around me as he pushes himself onto me.

The whole journey home we can’t keep our hands off each other. As we get to his door he doesn’t even let me open it, instead pinning me to the wall, pushing his lips onto mine, feeling his tongue on mine, his hands all over me, pushing me through the door.

Once inside, the roles change as I pin him to the wall, kissing him, taking his shirt off to reveal that ripped body, kissing down his neck to his chest and his stomach, slowly undoing his jeans as I feel him getting harder against me. Slowly I move down his body to his bulging cock, and am shocked at how big it is.

Rubbing him through his boxers, I feel his hardness and slowly begin to kiss down again, this time sliding his boxers down and seeing just how big he really is. I kiss it up and down until my tongue is not able to resist anymore and begins to lick up and down the shaft, before wrapping my mouth around it.

Moving back and forth slowly, taking it deeper each time until I can’t take any more of it, my movements becoming faster and more vigorous, moaning into his cock. I feel his hand sliding onto my head as he begins to control my movements, beginning slowly giving himself a little break, his movements becoming faster as he begins to thrust his cock into my mouth.

Pulling me up, and telling me that he thinks I have had enough for now, he pulls my dress off me, revealing my body, perky C cup breast, and just a little leopard print thong covering my shaven drenched pussy. Leaving me in my heels, he picks me up, kissing me and grabbing my arse, and biting on my lip gently.

Laying me on the edge of the bed, kissing down my body circling my nipples with his tongue making them hard, down my stomach with gentle bites on my side, he slides himself down and begins to kiss up the inner of my thigh, mixing in gentle bites.

As he gets closer to my soaking wet pussy, my body begins to tremble. His tongue is getting closer as he licks so close to there and blows, sending my heart beat racing, clenching the bed sheets in my hands, gentle moans slipping through my lips. He begins to kiss through my thong tasting the wetness, removing them and revealing my shaven, soaking wet pussy to his mouth. His tongue licks up and down my pussy lips before spreading them wide open and placing his tongue on my clit.

My moans getting louder, as his tongue movements become faster and more vigorous. My body beginning to tremble and shake, my back arching my hands clenching the bed sheets, my moans turning into screams as I feel myself beginning to orgasm, he continues and doesn’t stop at the sound of my screams, until he pulls away and stops, looking at my naked body tremble as I still continue to cum, my breathing heavy and fast.

He lowers himself to me, kissing me and caressing me with his hand as I feel his cock pressing against my cum drenched pussy, his hands pinning me down now. I feel him slowly pushing and pulling back out again, teasing me with just the tip of his head, before pushing his head inside me and pulling me into him, a loud moan slips through my lips, not expecting him to enter me like that.

He begins with gentle movements, his hands now on my hips as he pushes himself into me each time, my moans becoming constant. His thrusts begin to get faster and harder, my breast bouncing from his thrusts into me, he makes a few hard thrusts making me scream, before flipping me onto my stomach and lifting my arse up in the air, caressing my arse and spanking it a few times, making me flinch a couple of times before my arse is red.

Sliding his hands down my waist and on to my hips positioning himself, before pulling me into him, my knuckles white from clenching so hard as I feel his cock deep inside me fucking me hard hitting my stomach. I beg him to carry on fucking me hard like a dirty little slut. Slapping my ass, he pulls me up to him by my hair, and begins to tell me what a dirty little girl I have been and what a punishment I need.

He rubs my clit whilst fucking me hard still, letting me go and letting me fall to the bed. As he tells me he is going to cum he pulls away , I position myself to his cock and keep my mouth wide open, waiting for his hot juicy cum to shoot all over my face and mouth, tasting every last bit of it. We both fall to the bed and just realised what has actually happened as we lay there on the bed naked….

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