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Hailey's Vacation Part 1

Hailey wins a dream vacation and meets a sexy single father.
When Hailey Davidson was a 20-year-old college sophomore, her biggest worries were those of most college girls. Like getting to class on time, knowing where the next party was, and making sure she did her homework. She also worried about styling her long, blonde hair, finding the right eye shadow for her blue eyes, and making time for her boyfriend, Alan Bryant. Alan was taller than the curvy and petite, 5’3” Hailey; standing 5’11”, with brown hair, brown eyes, muscular build. They had been dating a few months. Alan very much wanted to move forward in the relationship, specifically sexually. But Hailey, who already had one pregnancy scare a year before, wanted to prevent such an occurrence from happening again. The challenge was keeping this from her parents whom she feared would become enraged and cut all financial support and contact with her. She decided to use the school’s health clinic as they promised confidentiality, especially in the realm of birth control. The problem was the two-month wait to get an appointment due to limited funds.

She shared with Alan the delay in getting on the pill and suggested they use condoms if he didn’t want to wait. Alan said he was allergic to latex and insisted they use lambskin ones. However, during their first attempt, they discovered that Hailey was allergic to lambskin. Hailey asked around and learned if they used both, they would both increase the protection and neither would be in contact with the product they had issues with. Alan however, found this to be wasteful and decreased his enjoyment. He insisted they go bareback and promised to pull out when he climaxed. His pre-med friend told him the safest time for them to have sex and not get Hailey pregnant. Armed with this information, Alan convinced Hailey to “trust him” and have unprotected sex.

On the day of Hailey’s appointment to get birth control pills, she made a horrid discovery. Alan’s sure-fire pregnancy prevention information was anything but accurate. The doctor politely informed Hailey she was indeed six weeks pregnant. Hailey’s world crumbled around her. She spent the bulk of the day in shock, processing the information the doctor had shared. Now she had some decisions to make. Did she keep the child and raise it with Alan, a man she wasn’t sure she wanted to marry, give the child up for adoption, or terminate the pregnancy? None were options she liked. That evening, she told him. Alan’s reaction wasn’t what she expected. Instead of discussing their options, he accused her of being unfaithful and trying to trick him into marriage. She didn’t want to marry Alan, the sex they had wasn’t that great, and she didn’t like how he treated her. It devastated her that he didn’t know her better and thought so little of her.

As she lay awake staring at the ceiling, she debated about her options. She knew Alan was the father, and that was the only thing she knew for sure. Devastated and confused, she made an appointment at her college health clinic to discuss her options and make a decision. The earliest one available was a week away. She spent the time thinking about her options, but felt lost. She had too many questions, and not enough answers. The night before her appointment and her dreaded deadline with Alan, her parents called. Hailey hadn’t planned on telling them, but as soon as she heard her mom’s voice, she burst into tears and told them everything about the pregnancy and Alan’s reaction. Her parents listened in disappointed silence, then told Hailey they’d support any decision she made, no matter what. It was what helped her decide barring a life and death situation, she would keep the baby.

Hailey saw the doctor who confirmed everything was fine, predicted her due date for late October, and wrote her a prescription for some prenatal vitamins he wanted her to start taking. Her parents helped her find a good OB/GYN. However, Alan didn’t take the news well. He maintained his accusations of Hailey being unfaithful and refused to be a part of hers and the baby’s life. When Hailey shared this with her parents, they decided to hire a lawyer to make Alan pay child support. Alan hired his own lawyer and thus began an almost three-year court battle over the paternity of the healthy, 6lb, 9oz baby boy Hailey had just weeks before her 21 st birthday.

Despite numerous court orders, Alan refused to take the necessary DNA test to prove he was the boy’s father. Ultimately, the judge determined that after three years of delays and Alan’s refusal to take the test, that Alan was the father by default, and the only way to change his ruling was to submit to the test. If he was found to not be the father, Hailey would be made to pay back every dime paid with interest. However, if Alan was found to be the father, after all, the payments were to be doubled and it would be retroactive to the day the boy was born. That would be the last time Hailey saw Alan for over fifteen years.


Hailey became a hard working single mother who never took a vacation for herself, by herself, in her life. Her son, Timothy, whom she named after her father, had never met his. Alan took off to finish his education and fought paying any child support claiming the boy wasn’t his. She moved back in with her parents working several menial jobs until her son started school. She refused to take any government aid aside from health insurance for Tim, WIC, and food stamps. She took classes when she could, and thanks to the support of her parents, was able to earn a degree and get a job that paid well enough for a nice apartment.

Since Hailey had to be both mother and father to Tim, she tried to make his life as normal as possible. She signed him up for local sports leagues and cub scouts to find what would best hold his interest and provide him interaction with other children. It was during these times he asked about his father. Hailey tried to keep a civil tongue whenever she spoke of the man whose sperm created the child she loved more than life itself. Often she’d just change the subject in lieu of saying something she’d later regret. Little League baseball, soccer, basketball, and scouting helped occupy her son’s time, but always chewed a serious hole in her already meager savings. Yet, to Hailey, it was investment in his future and worth every penny and hours of overtime or fundraising she had to do.

Over the years, Hailey dated, but never brought a new man into her home or into Tim’s life. When she admitted she had a son, many stopped calling. The few who didn’t go running, often didn’t accept that Hailey would rather spend a Saturday with a group of dirty boys camping or on a soccer field, than out dancing and seeing a movie. Though, truth be told, Hailey hated camping and all the outdoors activities that came with scouting. More than once she got sick from sitting out in the rain or extreme cold during a late soccer game. But she joked with the other mothers about it, and made the best of the situation. In her mind, Tim’s happiness was the only thing that mattered.

As Tim got older, he asked if Hailey minded if he gave up some of the sports he didn’t like as much. She didn’t, especially since all the sports put a lot of stress on her already tight budget and she wanted Tim to be happy. He gave up baseball and basketball to focus more on scouting and soccer. When Tim entered high school, things changed rather quickly. He signed up for the school’s ROTC program and really thrived. He loved the structure and discipline this provided, and he began to make plans for college. Hailey’s meager savings wouldn’t pay for more than a year at a local junior college, and she knew she’d need help. But the economy was bad and her boss couldn’t give her raise, so once again she sought out her son’s birth father. Unfortunately, he was still difficult to find and the lawyer who had helped her in the past, couldn’t afford to do much without being paid. Though he did donate as much time as he could afford to spare.

Tim’s involvement with soccer, ROTC, and boy scouts lead to college scholarships Hailey hadn’t even considered. Tim earned his Eagle Scout, played for the high school’s soccer team for four years, and thus, was recruited by an in-state university to play soccer, and entered their ROTC program after graduating high school. These programs paid for the bulk of Tim’s education, and Hailey could cover the remaining costs, allowing Tim to focus on his education and not have to get a part-time job.

It wasn’t until part way though Tim’s first year of college that Hailey realized how much of her life had been tied to her son’s. Suddenly, her once busy weekends were free, and she had no plans for the summer the way she had before for so many years. After some persuasion, she went out with some co-workers to a charity event with a live band and a raffle. All the money collected was to go to the charity, and they were assured that none would pay for events like this, as many of the services were donated.

The event was held at a local bar, and even a percentage of the drinks and food were going toward the charity. There were a variety of prizes including passes to the local movie theaters, dinners for two, and the grand prize was a three-week trip to an all-inclusive five-star beach resort. Though Hailey didn’t have a lot of spare money, she decided instead of buying an alcoholic drink and something to eat, she’d put her money toward the charity instead. She bought twenty-dollars worth of tickets and joked that if she won the trip, it would be the cheapest vacation she’d ever have. What Hailey didn’t know, was her friends had put her name on most of their raffle tickets to increase her odds of winning a prize.

The band played, and Hailey and her co-workers danced and had fun. Hailey was glad she came and figured even if she didn’t win, the money went to a good cause. Her friends bought her a strawberry margarita when they noticed she was just drinking water. Hailey was too embarrassed to admit she spent her alcohol and food money on the raffle tickets, and accepted the drink. The group also bought some sampler platters and shared them with Hailey. Everyone knew she was a single mother and how she struggled. It was no secret that she’d be the first to volunteer for any overtime offered, and the bulk of her spare money went to her son. They all had switched shifts with her at some time so she could attend some event for her son, and her vacations were always spent on an outing for her son.

What Hailey didn’t know, was how everyone knew how hurt she was when Tim chose to spend his first spring break with his friends at a beach resort in Mexico instead of coming home. Yet it was clear how she moped around that week, and they knew her words did not match her feelings. This was why they wanted her to win a prize or two in the raffle. In their eyes, no one deserved it, or needed it more. Hailey was the one person who never put herself first, and the girls decided it was time for Hailey to be spoiled.

After a few hours of music, samplers, and drinks, the raffle begun and the prizes were given away. The MC was an older gentleman with salt and pepper hair and a gentle smile. Hailey thought he was handsome and that some woman was very lucky. That is, until she noticed the young man with brown hair helping him and realized that it was some man who was very lucky. She giggled softly as she was impressed with this couple not being afraid to be themselves. The first few prizes went quickly, and several people were excited to win the CDs, the movie tickets, and the gift cards for dinner at nice local restaurants. As the evening progressed, the more expensive prizes started to come up including a weekend in Las Vegas and the grand prize, a three-week all-inclusive beach trip at a five-star resort Hailey had never heard of before.

The weekend in Las Vegas went to a young couple who had just gotten married, and they joked it would make a nice honeymoon. Hailey was happy for them and knew the person who’d win the grand prize would have a fabulous time. “And now, for the prize we’ve all been waiting for... A three-week, all-inclusive stay at the five-star Regale Litore Maris; Thanks to the generous donation from the Talbott Corporation. The winner is… ME!”

The audience all laughed. “Just kidding folks. Okay, seriously now,” he said as he reached into large bin of raffle tickets. “The real winner, the lucky person who will get three wonderfully fun-filled weeks for two to work on their tan is… Hailey Davidson!”

Hailey made the mistake of taking a drink when her name was called and instantly began to choke. Her co-workers all began to scream and cheer at hearing Hailey’s name. Once Hailey could breathe again, and regain her composure, she walked up dumbstruck. The audience applauded as she received her prize. It was some time before Hailey could rejoin her friends as there were publicity pictures that were taken with all the lucky winners.

When Hailey returned to her co-workers, she felt sick. It hit her while her picture was being taken that she’d have to give up this amazing prize as she couldn’t afford to pay the taxes on it. “Congratulations, Hailey!” said Millie.

“What a win, Hailey!” said Barbara.

“What’s wrong?” asked Kathi.

“N-n-nothing,” lied Hailey.

“Hailey,” said Millie, “you should be happy.”

“Yeah I know but—”

“But, what?” asked Barbara.

Tears welled up in Hailey’s eyes. “I can’t afford the taxes for this prize,” she sobbed.

“There are no taxes,” said the young man who was aiding the MC.

The women turned to see him standing behind Hailey. “What do you mean?” she asked, wiping her eyes.

“Mr. Talbott arranged to pay all the taxes so the winner could enjoy the trip and not be burdened. I thought you knew that. Same thing for the couple who won the weekend in Vegas. That stay is at the Talbott Tower. Mr. Talbott has been a big supporter of ours for many years. It’s how we can afford so many nice prizes for our raffles and put on this amazing fundraiser every year. It was Mr. Talbott’s idea to include the trip, and pay the taxes and fees. He jokingly told us if he didn’t, the winner might not get the prize they were promised due to a lack of money.”

Hailey wiped her eyes and blushed. “Forgive me for being so silly. I never knew twenty-dollars would win me such an expensive prize.”

The young man smiled. “Sweetie, you’ve got nothing to be sorry for. Just go and have a wonderful time with your man, or your woman, for that matter.”

Hailey didn’t know what to say. This was a trip for two, not one. “Oh… um… yeah… about that.”

“Hailey’s single,” chimed in Millie.

“A single mother, no less,” said Barbara.

“Well, I hope you can find a babysitter, 'cause this is an Adults Only resort. No one under 21 is allowed.”

Kathi laughed, “No worries there, her Eagle Scout is 18.”

The young man’s smile grew even bigger. “You raised an Eagle Scout? That’s amazing! Come, meet my partner. He needs to see not all single mothers are scum.”

The young man grabbed Hailey’s hand and took her to meet the MC, and a few others. Hailey shared her story about raising her son without his father, but tried to keep it as polite as possible. She knew anything she said negative could hurt her son. The next day the local paper ran a story that said, “Single Mother Wins Big on Twenty Dollars.” There was Hailey’s story about raising her son Tim, putting herself though college, and winning the grand prize on a twenty-dollar donation. It wasn’t long before her phone started to ring.


“Hey, big winner!” said her mom.

“We are so proud of you,” said her dad.


“When is the trip?” asked Dad.

“I need to speak with my boss and schedule the time off.”

“And three weeks! Oh, Hailey, this is just what you need,” said Mom.

“And if anyone deserves such a trip it’s you, kiddo,” said Dad.

“Well, I promise to let you all know when I leave.”

“Is Tim going with you?” asked Dad.

“Can’t,” said Hailey. “It’s an adults-only resort. He won’t be 21 for another two plus years.”

“Good!” said Mom. “You need some you time.”

After talking with her parents, Tim called. “Hey, Mom! Congratulations!”

“Thanks, baby!”

“Listen, I am so stoked that you got this, which makes what I need to tell you a bit easier.”


“Yeah. Coach says I’ve got a lot of talent, and asked me and some other players to work a soccer clinic for some underprivileged kids this summer. It’s a big deal for me to be selected, as it usually goes to the juniors and seniors and rarely to sophomores. And, one of my teammates who lives up here said I can crash at his place. I met his family and they are totally cool with it.”

Hailey gasped. She had assumed Tim would come home for the summer break, but now he had an opportunity to work with kids and teach them something he loved the most. “Do you want to stay?”

“Yeah, Mom, I do. But only if you don’t mind.”

Hailey did mind. But she also knew that Tim would give this all up for her in a heartbeat. She forced a smile on her face and lied, “I don’t mind in the least, son.”

“Really, Mom?”

“Really, Tim.”

“Oh, and the best part is I’ll get paid. There’s some foundation up here that pays for everything. That’s why they hire us from the team, ’cause we’re cheaper. And now that I’ve been selected, I’ll be selected every year until I graduate, unless I do something stupid and get disqualified.”

Hailey laughed. Even at minimum wage, it was a great opportunity for Tim and she knew her Eagle Scout wouldn’t do something stupid. “Well, what are you going to do with all your money, hon?”

“Well, some of it will go to my friend’s family to pay for my food.”

“Of course.”

“And I guess the rest I’ll save for Christmas.”

“Good plan, son.”


“Yeah, Tim?”

“Why didn’t you say more about my father in that article?”

Hailey was taken back. “How do you know what I said?”

“I read it online. Look, I know he’s a damn prick, leaving us like he did. I also know he never paid a dime of child support.”

“How did you know that?”

“I overheard you a few times with Grandma and Grandpa. Plus, some of the scout mothers talked about how hard you’d fundraise so I could go to camp. I didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but I wanted to make sure they weren’t saying cruel things about you.”

“And were they?”

“Naw. They were nice ladies. They always praised you and said nice things.”

Hailey smiled. “I’m glad.”

“So when are you going, Mom?”

“I’ll talk with my boss first thing tomorrow and schedule the vacation.”

“Great! Oh and one more thing, Mom.”


“Remember to practice safe sex. I don’t need a little brother or sister.”

Hailey gasped. “Timothy!”

Tim laughed. “You’d tell me the same thing Mom!”

Hailey laughed, she knew he was right. “Fair enough, son. I love you.”

“I love you, too, Mom.”

Monday morning Hailey met with her boss, who was already aware of her win. Since she had never taken more than a week of her vacation for summer camps with her son, and the occasional day here and there for other activities that involved Tim, she had the time built up. They scheduled her to go during their slower time in June. Hailey discovered that since she was going alone, her plane ticket was upgraded from two coach seats to one first class. The ladies who had taken Hailey to the event took her shopping. Finding shorts and tops were easy, but the quest for a nice bathing suit was less than enjoyable for Hailey. Though she was an attractive blonde with big blue eyes, she was also petite and very curvy. She didn’t want a bikini because her stomach was covered in stretch marks from having Tim. She wanted something that would flatter her curvy figure and petite frame. They found a nice floral suit with a matching pair of shorts that did the trick.

June came quickly, and Hailey had her parents take her to the airport. With the first class ticket, she was able to sit in the exclusive first class lounge where she enjoyed a cold drink while she waited for her flight to board. The majority of the people in the lounge were businessmen in expensive suits. Hailey felt out of place in her green shorts and dark pink blouse. She chose this as it was comfortable, and she was facing a lengthy flight with two layovers. The first leg of her flight, she sat next to a businessman who spent the bulk of the flight with his face buried in his laptop. The second portion she sat next to was a woman who complained about everything. Hailey knew this woman had no clue how good sitting in first class was, especially compared to coach.

The final stretch that would take her to the island, she found a handsome young man sitting in her seat. “Excuse me,” she said politely. “But, I think you’re in my seat.”

The man had black hair and the most amazing green eyes she had ever seen. He was wearing a green Hawaiian floral style shirt that complemented his eyes and khaki shorts. He smiled at her and said, “Really? Let me see your ticket.”

Hailey was hesitant to let this handsome stranger take her ticket when the flight attendant walked up and asked, “Is there a problem?”

“I think this gentleman is in my seat,” said Hailey.

“May I see both of your tickets?” she asked.

Hailey handed the woman her ticket, and the man did the same. “Ah yes, Miss Davidson, you are mistaken. This is his seat, yours is behind his.”

Hailey blushed. “Oh, forgive me.”

The man’s smile lit up his face. “Nothing to forgive. It’s an honest mistake, and you weren’t even rude about it.”

“It happens all the time Miss Davidson,” said the flight attendant as she returned their tickets.

Hailey sat in her seat and stared out her window, when she noticed a shadow over her. She looked up and saw the man she accused of taking her seat staring down at her, smiling. “We were never really introduced. I’m Rick.”

Rick extended his tanned hand down to her. Hailey reached up and said, “Hailey.”

When their hands touched, Hailey was sure she felt sparks. She also noticed the faint scent of his expensive cologne. “Is this your first flight?”

“No, my third today.”

Rick laughed. “I mean, your first trip by plane.”

“Oh, no. But it is my first time in first class.”

“Oh? Win the lottery?”

“Kinda,” giggled Hailey. “I won a trip for two, but since I’m a one, they upgraded my ticket.”

“A beautiful woman like you, single? Oh, now that’s a crime.”

Hailey blushed at the complement. “Excuse me, sir,” said the flight attendant. “I need you to take your seat now.”

Rick smiled. “We’ll chat after we’re in flight. That is, if you’d like.”

“Sure,” said Hailey. “That would be nice.”

Rick sat back down. The flight attendant went over their normal safety spiel, and soon the plane was in the air. After a nice meal, Rick stepped around and sat in the empty seat next to Hailey. “So now, where were we?”

“Do you fly often?”

“Yes, my business requires me to fly to different locations all the time.”

“So are you working now?”

“No, now I’m talking to you.”

“No, I mean—”

“I’m teasing,” chuckled Rick “Actually, I’m starting a well-deserved vacation.”

“Oh? Where are you going?”

“Regale Litore Maris.”

“Really? Me, too!”

“Small world. How long are you staying?”

“Three weeks.”

“You won a three week stay at Regale Litore Maris?”

“Yeah. It was a prize at a charity raffle.”

“How much were the tickets?”

“Five dollars. I bought four as I only had twenty bucks. I found out later my co-workers had put my name on all their tickets except one or two each, so it would increase my odds of winning.”

“Nice co-workers.”

“Yeah, they’re great friends. I offered all of them the second ticket. But they’re all married, and their husbands didn’t want them to go without them. So, here I am alone.”

“Lucky me, then.”

Hailey blushed. “What’s your story? Are you married?”

“Divorced. My wife and I realized early on we weren’t in love and to stay married for the sake of a child is never good. I see my daughter every chance I get. Another reason I fly so much. She’s in her high school’s marching band and they compete all the time, so I fly out to see her competitions.”

“Are they any good?”

“Amazing. They win in their division all the time. She’s already received several scholarships and offers for college. Though she doesn’t need the scholarships, I can more than cover her tuition.”

Hailey shook her head. Where was this guy when she got pregnant with Tim? Why couldn’t her son’s father be more like this man, who obviously puts his daughter first? “How old is your daughter?”

“Fifteen. She wants a new car, but her mother and I think a nice used car will be better. Teenagers with new cars are a formula for disaster.”

“My son is eighteen, and he drives my old car. I have my mom’s old one, and she bought a new one.”

“Why didn’t he get your mom’s?”

“My mom’s car is older and not as big.”


“My son is almost six feet tall, and my mom is short like me.”

“Oh, it’s a small car then.”

“Yeah, a very small car. But it’s cheap on gas.”

“I hear ya there. Where’s your son now?”

“College. He’s working with some foundation to teach poor kids how to play soccer.”

“Very cool. So what was your old car?”

“A small SUV. I got it after my Saturn was stolen. I needed it with my growing boy scout.”

“Your son was a boy scout? That’s cool. How far did he get?”

Hailey grabbed the charm around her neck and said proudly, “Eagle. See, this is my Mother’s Eagle Pride necklace he gave me for Mother’s Day.”

Rick leaned in and smiled. “I see. That is something to be very proud of. Is he your only one?”


“So how long have you been divorced? Or are you a widow?”

Hailey sighed. “I was… um… never married.”


“Yeah, his father left me when I was pregnant and basically disappeared.”

“So, he’s never seen his son?”

“Not that I know of.”

Rick shook his head. “I couldn’t imagine not knowing my daughter or not having a relationship with her. Mind you, I don’t see her as often as I’d like, but thanks to things like Skype, I see more of her now than ever before. So, you raised him alone?”

“My parents helped.”

“What about his family?”

“They want nothing to do with me or my son. They think I got pregnant to trap his father.”

“Did you?”

Hailey was taken aback with that question. “No!”

“Forgive me for asking. I didn’t mean to offend you.”

Hailey sighed. “Sorry, it’s just... I’ve been accused of it for so many years, and you’re the first person to ever ask.”

“Well, you don’t look old enough to have an eighteen-year-old son. You must have been pretty young.”

“I was almost 21.”


“Excuse me, sir, we need you to fasten to your seatbelt as we’ll be landing shortly,” interrupted the flight attendant.

“Yes, of course,” he said. “Hey, when you get to the resort, ask for the acupressure massage. It will cure your jetlag. Trust me; I get it every time I go there. Look, as much as I’m enjoying our chat, I should probably return to my seat and gather my things for when we land.”

Rick stood up as Hailey asked, “Do you go there often?”

“Yeah, at least once a year. I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time. Maybe we can have lunch together while you’re there.”

“That would be nice.”

Rick returned to his seat and soon the pilot announced they were about to land. Hailey’s excitement grew as she looked out the window at the blue ocean water. The plane landed and she noticed Rick quickly left. She felt disappointed, as she was hoping they could resume their talk. After making her way through customs, she gathered her things and found the bus for the resort. Standing outside the bus was a tall, slender black man with a floral shirt and green shorts. “Welcome, ma’am. What be ya name?” he asked in a Jamaican accent.

“Hailey Davidson.”

“Ah jes, welcome miss. Take your bags for ya, I will. Go and find youself a seat.”


Hailey stepped onto the bus and was surprised to not see Rick. She sat in the front row hoping she’d see him board and maybe they could resume their conversation. A few other couples boarded the bus, but there was no sign of Rick. Then, a handsome man with black hair and tanned skin wearing a black suit stepped onto the bus and asked loudly, “Is Hailey Davidson on board?”

“I’m Hailey.”

“Come with me, ma’am.”

Hailey was confused. “Is something wrong?”

The man spirited off the bus and a confused Hailey followed. Had there been a mistake? Was this trip a joke and she was to be sent back in coach? The bus driver smiled and removed her bags from the bus’s cargo hold. “Hey! Those are mine!”

The man in black grabbed her bags and said, “Follow me ma’am.”

Hailey quietly followed the man to a long, black limousine. He set her bags on the curb and opened the door. “I’m sorry I was late, ma’am. I got caught in traffic.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You weren’t supposed to take the bus, and my boss would have my hide if you had. Please, don’t tell him I was late. Mr. Talbott is a good man, but he doesn’t tolerate tardiness.”

“This-this is… for me?”

“Yes, ma’am. Mr. Talbott’s orders.”

“Oh, okay.”

Hailey climbed into the limo. The scent of fine leather filled her nostrils as the driver closed the door. He loaded her bags into the trunk, climbed into the driver’s seat, then said, “Feel free to have anything to drink, Miss Davidson. It’s all complementary.”


“We’ll be at the resort in about an hour. Would you like a massage upon your arrival? I can call ahead, so you won’t have to wait.”

“Um, sure. A gentleman I met on the plane suggested the acupressure massage.”

“An excellent choice, miss. I’ve been told by many of our guests it cures jetlag. Well, sit back and enjoy the ride.”

“Do you have a name?”


“It’s nice to meet you, Jake.”

As Jake pulled away from the curb, Hailey saw Rick walk up to the bus she was just on. She wanted to tell Jake to stop, but realized it was too late as they drove off. The drive was overall uneventful and quiet. She found some music to listen to while she enjoyed a glass of wine with a sweet and fruity taste while she took in the view all around her. Jake pointed out different sites during their trip. They arrived at the resort, and Hailey was greeted by a bubbly slender brunette wearing a tailored navy blue suit. “Welcome, Miss Davidson. I’m Wilma McDermott, the manager here. Welcome to the Regale Litore Maris. Let’s get your bags unloaded and get you settled in.”

Hailey shook the woman’s hand and said, “Thank you. This is quite a place.”

“We have Mrs. Lee all ready for your massage, then well send your butler up with your supper. Tomorrow, we can meet and determine what activities you’d like to enjoy during your stay with us.”

“Activities? I can’t afford much.”

Ms. McDermott gave Hailey a quizzical look. “Maybe it wasn’t explained clearly, but everything here is included with your prize. The meals, the activities, everything. You’ve even got $2,000 credit for souvenirs and such. When Mr. Talbott donates a prize, he makes sure the guests who win have a memorable visit. Now, I understand you’re alone on this trip.”

“Yes,” said Hailey. “I have no husband, and my son wasn’t old enough to join me.”

The women walked to a small golf cart where Hailey’s bags had been loaded. They climbed in and Ms. McDermott drove down a small path. “How old is your son?”


“Yeah, he’ll be old enough soon, but not now. This is our exclusive adults-only resort. We have a couples only and a family one as well. The Talbott Corporation has resorts all over the world and several in the US.”

“Yeah, they also gave away a trip to their Las Vegas location at the event I won my trip at. A young, newlywed couple won that one.”

“That’s nice. So how much did you spend on your tickets?”

“Twenty dollars. I found out later my co-workers bought me extra tickets to guarantee I’d win something.”

The golf cart pulled up in front of a quaint little bungalow “Well, here we are! Say, why did they buy you extra tickets?”

“Because what little spare money I have is putting my son though college.”

“Wow, you’ve got some great friends. Let me show you inside.”

Ms. McDermott grabbed Hailey’s bags and escorted her inside. She showed her the living room, bedroom, the kitchenette, and the back porch with private Jacuzzi, and the semi-private beach just outside. Standing in the living room was a petite, older, Asian woman with greying hair and dark eyes, and a younger Asian woman with black hair and dark eyes. Both were wearing a simple white dress and standing next to a long, white table. “Ah, Mrs. Lee. I see your granddaughter is with you today.”

“Yes,” said the young woman. “Grandmother is training me. Mr. Talbott says once I’m trained he’ll send me to one of his other resorts.”

“Oh, yes, Miss Davidson, this is Mrs. Lee and her granddaughter, Kim. Ladies, this is your client.”

“Hello,” said Hailey nervously.

“Miss Davidson,” said Kim. “Please undress, and then put on this robe.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Miss Davidson.”

Ms. McDermott left the bungalow as Hailey asked, “Should I shower first? I’m kinda grungy from the flight.”

“No, ma’am, that is not necessary,” said Kim.

“Okay. Underwear, too?”

“Yes, ma’am,” said Kim.

Hailey went into her bedroom, stripped down, and slipped on the plush, fluffy robe. She stepped out and Kim helped her onto the table. There was a towel under her hips as she lay on her stomach and removed the robe. “What’s this towel for?” Hailey asked.

“Some clients achieve an orgasm from this massage. This is to catch the mess,” said Kim.

Hailey blushed. “I didn’t think I was going to be touched there.”

Kim giggled. “No, ma’am. The pressure points that we use sometimes cause this. It’s perfectly normal. Happens to men and women all the time.”

Hailey felt a sheet lay across her ass, and the tiny hands of the older Asian woman begin to work. Occasionally she’d hear them softly talk in what she assumed was their native Asian language. She figured it was Mrs. Lee teaching Kim about the what and why she was doing what she was doing. The older woman rubbed her back, arms, shoulders, and legs. It didn’t take long before Hailey felt the first tell-tale sign about the sexual arousal she was warned about. Her nipples hardened, and she felt a warming in her stomach. This was followed by a warm feeling radiating from her pussy, and a mild ache to be filled. Hailey’s breathing became more ragged; eventually she was panting. She wanted to masturbate, but she wasn’t able to move. The massage continued, and the burning desire grew until the orgasm struck so violently her body convulsed on the table and she cried out in pleasure. She felt the fluid leak from her aching-to-be-filled sex, and smelt that familiar scent that usually followed her masturbation session. When she recovered from her orgasm, she felt herself blush.

“Sorry,” she whispered.

“Nothing to be sorry for, ma’am,” said Kim. “We’re almost done.”

A few minutes after her violent orgasm, Kim helped Hailey sit up and put her robe back on. Hailey felt how wet the towel below her was. “Wow,” said Hailey. “That was amazing.”

“You call me before you leave, I cure jetlag and motion sickness before you go,” said Mrs. Lee.

“I’m here for three weeks. Can we just schedule that now so I don’t forget?”

“Of course, ma’am,” said Kim.

Hailey scheduled the massage session, then the two women left. Hailey took a long, hot shower, slipped on her robe and began to search for her clean pajamas. “Hello! Miss Davidson?” called out a woman’s voice.

Hailey peeked out to see a young redhead wearing a white starched blouse and dark grey skirt standing in her living room. “May I help you?” asked Hailey.

“I’m Kelly. I’m your evening butler. I brought you dinner.”

“Oh,” said Hailey. “I’ll be right out.”

“Take your time, ma’am. I’ll set this up and then be out of your way.”

Hailey quickly changed from the robe to a clean pair of jean shorts and tank top. When she emerged from the bedroom, Kelly was gone. On the small table was a plate with grilled fish, steamed vegetables, sweet potato fries, and a glass of white wine, like the one she had in the limo. Everything was cooked to perfection, and Hailey hadn’t realized how hungry she was until she began to eat. Once her meal was done, Kelly returned to unpack Hailey’s things, turn down the bed, and clear the dirty dishes.

“Suzette will be by in the morning with breakfast, and she’ll take you up to see Ms. McDermott. Did you fill out the breakfast menu I left you?”

“Breakfast menu?”

Kelly stepped over and showed Hailey the breakfast menu by her plate. “We find it’s easier to provide our guest with a menu for their meals so they can pick what they would like to eat, and to prevent food allergies and such. Do you need a moment to fill it out?”

“Um… yeah.”

Kelly handed Hailey a pen. Hailey went through the menu and marked what she wanted. “What about lunch and dinner?” asked Hailey.

“Well, most guests are out enjoying the resort for lunch and dinner. However, if you wish to eat in your room, just call, and we’ll have a meal brought down within a short time. There’s a menu by your telephone. Feel free to call anytime.”

“Good to know,” said Hailey, then handed the breakfast menu back to Kelly.

“Did you need anything else?”

Hailey yawned. “No. I think I’ll call it an early night. Thanks.”

“Well, if you change your mind, just dial zero on the phone and let the operator know what you need.”


Hailey changed into her pajamas, climbed into bed, and drifted off into the deepest, most restful sleep she had experienced in years. She awoke the next morning, took a quick shower, and put on the same tank top and jean shorts she wore the night before. As she stepped out, there was a knock at the door. Hailey saw a slender woman with long black hair and olive skin wearing the same white starched blouse and dark grey skirt that Kelly wore the night before. “Miss Davidson?”


“Good morning. I’m Suzette. I have your breakfast.”

“Come in.”

Suzette quickly set the breakfast on the table. This morning it was scrambled eggs with bacon, coffee, orange juice, and fresh fruit. “Would you like any cream or sugar for your coffee, miss?”

“You wouldn’t have any flavored creamer would you?”

“I have hazelnut, Irish cream, and French vanilla with me.”

“Well, I like cinnamon vanilla, but French vanilla works.”

“I’ll make sure to bring you some tomorrow, then.”

Suzette handed Hailey some small, prepackaged creamers and some sugar packets, then went into the bedroom. Hailey ate while Suzette made the bed and cleaned the room. Once Hailey was finished, she slipped on a pair of sandals and Suzette gathered the dishes. They left the bungalow and rode in the small golf cart back to the main building. As Hailey walked in, Wilma McDermott walked up smiling and said, “Miss Davidson! How did you sleep?”

“Better than I have in years.”

“Wonderful. So, here is a list of all the services and activities we offer here. Look them over, and I’ll be back in a few minutes to see what interests you.”

Ms. McDermott handed her a pamphlet with the available dates and times for specific activities. As Hailey looked them over she heard, “I didn’t think I’d see you after you ditched me at the airport yesterday.”

Hailey looked up to see Rick approach. His green eyes sparkled and his black hair was neatly combed. He was wearing a grey tank top, black shorts, and sandals. “Hey!” exclaimed Hailey. “It’s great to see you! And I didn’t ditch you. You ditched me.”

“How so?”

“You practically ran off the plane when we landed.”

“I needed to call my daughter before it got too late for her.”

“Shit!” cried Hailey. “I didn’t call my son or my parents. They must be worried sick by now.”

Rick stepped up and took Hailey’s hand gently. “No worries, my dear. Why don’t you call them right now?”

“Oh, the charges on my cell will bankrupt me.”

“Nonsense! You’ll use my cell phone. I have an international plan and I never come close to using all my minutes.”

Hailey smiled. “Are you sure?”

“Positive. Now call your family and let them know you’re fine before they call the US Embassy.”

Hailey giggled and said, “Thanks.”

Rick handed her his cell phone and she quickly called her parents first, then her son. She let them all know she was fine, and apologizing for not calling sooner. She tried to keep each call short, promising to have a good time and enjoy her time off. When she finished, she handed Rick his phone and said, smiling, “Thanks again. My mom was the only one who was really worried. My son figured I was having fun, and my dad thought it was jetlag. Oh yeah, thanks for recommending that massage, I feel great! I can’t remember when I’ve slept better.”

“I’m glad to hear that,” smiled Rick.

Ms. McDermott stepped up smiling and asked, “Well, made any decisions?”

“Um, well… I-um, that is, no… not really.”

“Is there anything you’ve ever wanted to do?” asked Rick.

Several ideas ran though Hailey’s mind as she looked down at the pamphlet. “Oh, parasailing. I’ve always wanted to do that.”

“Really?” asked Rick. “I love parasailing. I’m going in a few days, maybe you’d like to join me?”

“That would be great. Oh, and horseback riding, I haven’t done that in years.”

“The sunset dinner and ride is the best one,” said Rick.

“I take it you’ve done this before.”

“A few times when I was still married. How about you and I do that, as well?”

“Sure,” said Hailey. “Sounds like fun.”

“So what do you want to do today?” asked Rick.

“Well, you seem to be the expert here, what would you suggest?”

“Ever ridden a wave runner or a jet ski?”


“I know a beautiful cove that you can only get on via watercraft. We can take a picnic lunch, go on a nice hike, swim in the cove, and enjoy the day. I promise I will be a total gentleman the entire time. That is, unless you don’t want me to.”

Hailey giggled. “That sounds wonderful. What should I wear?”

“Well, you look amazing, but you’ll need a bathing suit and some good hiking shoes. Do you have a backpack?”

“No, I didn’t think I’d ever need one.”

“Let’s get you one, while the kitchen fixes us a nice picnic. Wave runners are easier to ride than jet skis, so why don’t we use those.”


“I’ll get two ready for you at the docks. Anything in particular you’d like for lunch?”

“Do you like roast beef?” asked Rick.


“Two roast beef sandwiches, with all the fixings. Some chips, bottled water, and sodas. Regular or diet?”

“Um… diet,” said Hailey.

“One regular, one diet.”

“I’ll get right on it,” said Ms. McDermott.

“Great, shall we go shopping?” asked Rick.


Rick took Hailey to a series of shops and they picked out a nice backpack with the resort’s logo on it. Hailey figured she could give it to Tim to use for school when she returned from her vacation. When she reached the counter to pay, the salesgirl smiled and said, “The gentleman already paid for it.”

“Oh no!”

“It’s a gift to make up for making you think I ditched you.”

Hailey blushed. “You don’t need to.”

“I know, I want to. Now, you need to change, as I’m sure you’re not wearing your bathing suit under your clothes, so let’s meet back here in say, half an hour.”


Hailey caught a ride back to her bungalow and quickly changed her clothes, putting on her bathing suit and matching shorts. She traded the tank top for a t-shirt since she didn’t care if it got wet or ruined. Then put on some sunscreen so she wouldn’t burn on the ride to the cove. She packed her tennis shoes, socks, some sunscreen, a towel, and a change of dry clothes, and slipped on the water shoes she bought for the trip. She threw her long blonde hair into a ponytail and looked at herself in the mirror. Looking back at her was a woman near 40 with blue eyes, blonde hair pulled away from her face, and a curvy body she wished was thinner.

“He picked you girl,” she said quietly to her reflection. “A handsome man and good father picked you. Don’t fuck it up.”

She tossed her new backpack onto her back and returned to the main building. As she walked in, she saw Rick holding a similar backpack and a box, wearing a baseball cap with the resort logo on it. “Hey!” he called out. “You made it.”

“Did you have any doubts?”

“None at all. Here, I got you this.” Rick handed her a baseball cap like the one he was wearing. “I realized after you left we’d be riding in the sun, and a sunburnt head would ruin our fun.”

“Thanks,” said Hailey as she put the hat on, weaving her ponytail though the back.

“You look great! Are you ready?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

“Did you bring sunscreen?”

“Yeah, and I put some on before I came up.”

“Good thinking. Well, shall we?”

Rick led Hailey down to the water, where a handsome young man was waiting in the water with two wave runners. He went over the basic safety instructions and had Hailey ride with him for a test ride so she understood how it worked. Once he was sure she could operate it properly, he bade the couple goodbye. Rick led them over the crystal-clear, blue water for close to an hour before they arrived at the cove. Hailey saw a beautiful white sandy beach, with small hills and hiking trails. It was clear very few people knew it existed.

They parked their watercraft near the beach and set the box under some shade. “Are you hungry or would you like to walk around?”

“A walk sounds nice. Let me change my shoes.”

As Hailey changed from her water shoes to her tennis shoes, Rick took some bottled water from the box and handed her two bottles. “Put these in your pack. You can leave your stuff here. I assure you no one will bother it.”

Hailey blushed and quickly unpacked her things, putting the water bottles in the pack. Rick led her around showing her the different sites for about an hour before they returned to the beach. They finished their bottles of water, and were hungry. Rick laid out a nice beach blanket for them to sit on and opened the box. Inside was a small loaf of bread, a container of sliced roast beef, and containers with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, cheeses, onions, mayonnaise, and mustard. There were four small bags of flavored potato chips can four cans of soda, two regular, two diet.

“Looks like we have enough for two meals each.”

“Great!” said Hailey as she grabbed the bread. “What would you like on your sandwich?”

“Hey! This was my invitation.”

“I know, but you’ve done so much already. Please, let me help.”

“Okay. I like everything. But, if there’s a chance I might get to kiss you, hold the onions.”

Hailey was midway spreading the mayonnaise when she paused and asked, “Did you say something about kissing me?”

Rick smiled and blushed. “Too forward?”

Hailey shrugged. “I don’t know. Maybe. But it is honest, and I can’t fault you for honesty.”

Rick smiled. “Well, hold the onions then. Just in case.”

Hailey tossed the container with the onions back into the box and said, “This way we’re both covered.”

Rick smiled even bigger as he watched Hailey fix his sandwich, then hers. Both were exactly the same, and soon they were enjoying their lunch. Hailey picked the bag of barbeque chips and Rick took the ranch-flavored ones. They shared the chips, drank the sodas, and talked.

“So what is it you do, Hailey?”

“I’m a data entry clerk in a small insurance firm. It’s very mind numbing work, but it pays well enough to allow me to provide for me and my son.”

“How long have you been there?”

“About fifteen years. I started off scrubbing toilets and emptying trash cans after I’d put my son to bed. Late one night, the owner was working on something, and his computer froze. I was able to help him fix the problem without losing his data. He told me that once I had my degree he’d give me a full time job for twice what I was making. My parents helped me with my son so I could go to school when this offer was made. I mean, it’s really not work that requires a degree, but the owner wanted educated people. What about you?”

“I’m in the process of taking over my father’s company. He built it from the ground up, starting with nothing and building it to the empire it is today. He wants to retire soon and he’s grooming me to take over. Actually, I’m ready now, but he’s not ready to retire. My mom, on the other hand, is really putting pressure on him to retire and let me have the company.”

Hailey giggled. “My dad was in the army for thirty years and they had to retire him, kicking and screaming. Then he took another job and did that for close to fifteen years before a heart attack forced him to retire.”

“Was it serious?”

“Serious enough. He changed his lifestyle, retired, and now he and my mom enjoy their retirement. The worst part was me having to move back in when I got pregnant with Tim.”

“Yeah, I don’t get that. You said the boy’s father just left you.”

“Pretty much. I was in my second year of college when I found out I was pregnant and he went nuts. He accused me of cheating on him, getting pregnant on purpose, it was so frustrating.”

“Didn’t you use any birth control?”

Hailey shook her head. “He claimed he was allergic to latex and I’m allergic to lambskin condoms so he said he’d pull out. I had an appointment to get on the pill at the school health clinic, but I got pregnant before I could see the doctor.”

“Wow. That’s terrible.”

“No, what’s terrible is how he turned on me and Tim. I filed for child support and he denied he was the father and demanded a DNA test.”


“And he never showed. We rescheduled several times, but since he kept failing to take the test the judge ruled he was the father and ordered him to pay child support. That’s when he disappeared.”


“Yeah. He’d surface here and there. Once I saw a check from a tax return, but nothing else. I haven’t seen him since Tim was two. His family won’t even acknowledge Tim is his son, and his parents call me a whore. The worst part was trying to keep all this drama from Tim.”

“I’ll bet. Does he know the truth now?”

“Yeah. He figured it out. In fact, he even teased me about not getting pregnant on this trip.”


Hailey shook her head. “That hasn’t been a concern for me for a long time. I’ve been on getting the Depo-Provera shots since he was five. I love the lack of a period and knowing I can’t get pregnant if I decide to have sex with a man I just met. Oh fuck! I didn’t mean- that is- Oh hell!”

Rick fell back laughing. “It’s okay. I understand what you’re trying to say.”

“So what about you, what happened with your marriage?”

“Not much to tell. Sally and I got married right after we graduated college, and she had Judy within our first year. But after about five or six years, we were really drifting apart. I was working for my dad, learning his business and how things were done. Sally was raising Judy like a single mom. I guess we were married about seven or eight years when she came to me and asked for a divorce. She had met someone, and even though they hadn’t done anything, she knew our marriage was over. The thing was, I knew she was right. The worst part was keeping it from hurting Judy. We agreed that Sally would keep the house until Judy moved out. Then she’s to sell the house and split the profits with me. I only pay child support and half the mortgage. Sally can easily cover the bills, but if Judy needs something, Sally knows she just needs to ask and I provide it right away. I have unrestricted visitation with Judy, but now that she’s gotten more involved with her band, I work around her schedule.”

“What does she play?”

“The clarinet. She’s been playing since she was seven, and loves it. Last summer she even went to band camp.”

“‘And one time, at band camp’,” said Hailey giggling. “I hate that stupid movie but that line is stuck in my head.”

“Yeah. Happily shit like that doesn’t happen.”

“At least you hope.”

“True. But from what I’ve been told they don’t have much free time, and I trust my daughter. When she’s sixteen my wife will take her in for some birth control for two reasons. The obvious one, and the fact she gets really painful cramps and is as irregular as a pack of socks from an outlet store.”

Hailey giggled. “I can sympathize. That’s how I was. Another reason I got blamed for Tim.”

“Would you like to go swimming, or take another hike?”

“Well, Mom did warn about swimming right after eating so how about another hike?”

Rick chuckled. “You know that’s an old wives tale.”

“Well, my mom is an old wife.”

Rick laughed and stood up. He helped Hailey to her feet and they took a second hike that led them around different parts of the cove. When they returned, they decided to go swimming. Hailey was a bit nervous to let Rick see her in her bathing suit, but knew it covered what needed to be covered. She stripped down and ran into the water. It felt cool and refreshing over her warm skin. She looked around but didn’t see Rick anywhere. She began to wonder if he had vanished or drowned when she felt something grab her ankle and pull her under the water. She dipped under a few inches then was released. She popped up and Rick appeared next to her.

“Did I scare you?” he asked.

“A bit.”

“I only wanted to play.”

Hailey splashed him then swam away. It took Rick a moment to catch up with her. The two played and splashed for a while, then returned to the beach. Rick fixed them a second sandwich while Hailey lay out in the sun on her towel.

“Here, let’s eat.”

“Thanks,” said Hailey as she sat up, they ate the sandwiches, finishing the chips and soda.

Hailey couldn’t remember a nicer day or outing with a man, and found she really liked Rick. After they ate, they sat out in the sun, walked around the cove holding hands and talking about random subjects, and swam some more. When they packed things up to return, Hailey knew she wanted to give Rick the kiss he had mentioned earlier, but didn’t want to ruin what had become a great day. She helped him load the box their food was in onto his wave runner. They walked back to gather their things and make sure nothing was left behind. Once they were sure, Hailey stepped up, took Rick’s hand, reached up on her tip-toes, and kissed his cheek.

“In case I forget to tell you later, thank you for everything you’ve done for me.”

She reached up and kissed his lips softly. Rick wrapped his arms around her and kissed her back. He slipped his tongue into her mouth. Hailey felt her heart race as sparks flew through her body. She had kissed men before, but she couldn’t remember when a man’s kiss had affected her so strongly. Rick pulled back and said, “Wow!”

“Yeah,” gasped Hailey. “Wow!”

“I’m glad we skipped the onions.”

They laughed. They boarded the wave runners and returned to the resort as the sun was beginning to set. Rick insisted on taking her to dinner at a beach side café, where they could watch the sunset and the waves crash on the shore. They enjoyed a pleasant dinner and made plans to go parasailing together, as well as many other activities. Rick walked her back to her bungalow, kissed her at the door, and bade her goodnight. Hailey debated about inviting him in, but decided not to rush things.
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