Happy Camper

By sexywordsmith

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Ron gets more than he bargained for when he flirts with a woman at a rest stop.

Happy Camper

By Naughty Venus

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Nikki. I have a little fetish I'd like to share with you, woman to woman. I form platonic relationships with men so that they will tell me thier fuck stories while I masturbate. My friend Ron had an interesting experience recently during his move when he was on his way to Florida. Here's what he had to say.

"I was drivin’ down the road and I was almost there, but I had to piss real bad so I pulled over at the rest stop . I then went into the bathroom to enjoy a nice long throbbin’ piss.

I walked out of the bathroom and that’s when I saw her. Not the type I usually go for, but she had a certain charisma I couldn’t help but notice. It was as if she had her own theme song playing behind her as she walked! She was at least 20 years younger than me, so I figured she was in her early 30s. She was wearing a pretty, pale blue, frilly poet shirt, boot cut jeans and heels. She was short and plump with shoulder length hair that laid in golden ringlets, and last but not least, she had great big titties! She walked a little closer and flashed a sweet, shy, sexy smile. She was sort of maternal looking and had a beautiful round face, pale skin, and bright gray eyes…. soft, yet intense. I thought…mmm….! Then, with the softest, sweetest, sexiest southern drawl I’ve ever heard, she says " hey there, how ya’ doin?"

I said "mmmmmm....sounds good so far....telll me more!" So he continued his story.

"I was getting a hard on already and hadn’t even introduced myself! We started talking and I was actually shocked when she said she was 40. Then she said "so…Ron…is that your camper?" I was like "yeah." She said "mind if I have a look inside?" ( Followed by a cute little giggle !) Who was I to argue? So, I took her for a tour of my camper.

We sat down and I offered her a fresh, hot cup of coffee and we talked for a while longer. I learned a lot about her. She was from Tennessee and had studied fine arts in college. She said she was looking for regular employment. She seemed very educated and she was interesting to talk to. She was almost finished with her coffee when she grinned real big and said " my, my, darlin’, you sure are cute!" I said "well, Dawn, I think you’re quite a little charmer yourself." She said "it sure is getting’ awful hot in here." and then she took her shirt off. I was thinking…"Now I could titty fuck her for days." She said " you know what?" I said "what?" She said " I’ve always wondered what it would be like to….have….anal sex." I was like "me too." She said "So…tell me about your dick." I said "Well, it’s 6 inches in diameter and it’s 9 inches long." She smiled and said "Darlin’? would you cream my cherry?" I said "well, just so you know, I’m just passing through here, I’ll probably never see you again, is that o.k. with you?" She said "yeah, it’s o.k."

I said, "well, I’m not sure what to do here, because I’ve never done this before, but I’ll give it a try." She said "Well, you got to inject an anal lube shooter up in my ass hole, put on a condom, and then you gotta be real gentle." I said "O.k, but I don’t have any of that stuff." She said "No worries! I got cha’ covered."

We started to kiss and we started playing with each other. She had a freshly shaved pussy and it was dripping wet. When I started to get a little harder, she put condom on me. She got down on her knees and started to suck my dick, cupping my balls in her hands, sliding her mouth up and down on my dick, making little circles with her tongue. She looked up at me with those gorgeous gray eyes and the sight of her little pink mouth stretched all around my dick was too much. Mmmmmmmm! I was about to cum, so I slipped my dick out of her mouth and pushed her back onto the table as she pulled her knees up to her chest.

Her plump belly was so cute! I put on some gloves and gently inserted the anal lube shooter. I began to finger her ass hole while she rubbed her pussy with her pretty, plump rosy-painted finger tips. I started to tease her ass hole with my finger. It felt different than a vagina. Now don’t get me wrong, I love vaginas, but ass just feels a little...different! Then I started with the "booty bumpers". She really seemed to like having her bum stuffed with the booty bumpers because she was moaning and grinding into them!

As she laid there rubbing her pussy, I couldn’t help but notice that she had beautiful feet, and perfectly shaped rosy-painted toe nails, all strapped up in her pretty high heels and that driving me crazy! Finally, my dick was really hard and I started to rub it up against her ass hole, massaging it. I told her I was ready, so she put her feet on my chest and pulled her ass cheeks apart and bore down a little.

I started to gently massage the head of my dick into her ass hole and she started to breathe hard. I asked her if she wanted me to stop and she said no. I could feel her ass hole stretch around the head of my dick and it was really intense. I said "you got such a tight little ass." She said "why, thank you." Finally, I was able to get the head in and she looked slightly distressed. I said "do you need me to stop?" And she said "fuck my ass."

I said "this is great...mmmm....tell me more...tell me more...mmmmm!" So he continued.

"I continued to gently inch my way in. She said "your dick is so big!" I looked down and I could see her ass hole was really stretched and I could feel the pillow-y softness of the inside of her ass hole. It was very hot and so very cushy! I loved it! She started to whimper as I was massaging my way into her ass hole with my 9 inch dick. She seemed really uncomfortable, so I asked her again if I needed to stop. She said "fuck my ass." So finally, I inched all the way in and she let out a little scream. I stood still for a minute and slowly removed her sandal style pumps and rubbing her pretty feet so she could stretch a little. She looked so helpless in an adorable sort of way. I couldn’t help but admire the way her golden ringlets surrounded her pretty little face like a halo as she rubbed her pussy, but what really got to me was the way she was sucking her pretty, plump, rosy-colored finger tip at the corner of her mouth.

I started thrusting back and forth into her tiny little ass hole and noticed a tear falling from the corner of her eye and I think it embarrassed her because she quickly turned away. I asked her again if I needed to stop but she just kept moaning, and rubbing her pussy saying "fuck my ass, baby, fuck my ass."

I kept fucking her ass. I started thrusting her faster and harder and she was rubbing her pussy. It was turning me on so much, I had to look away because the sight of her pretty, plump, rosy colored fingers rubbing her tight little pussy was just too much! Her little ass was so tight……mmmmmmm……..I was just about to cum and she said "I’m cumming, I’m cumming." Then I felt intense pressure as her ass hole started pounding on my dick. I was thinking "ouch!" I got so turned on that I kept on pounding her ass hole and I could feel it throbbing and swelling and stretching around my dick, so hot, so soft !

Finally, I felt the surge, the white hot heat, I pumped her faster and harder and she let out a little scream and grabbed her titties. Her little plump, rosy colored finger tips squeezing her nipples, her plump white belly giggling, her tight, hot, cushy ass hole, it was just too much! Finally, I said "I’m cumming…!" I felt dizzy and hot as I smeared a cream pie into her tight little ass hole with my throbbing cock. I just stood there and looked down at her. Damn, she was cute! I leaned over to kiss her. I went to wash up.

I came back into the room and she was getting dressed. I said "don’t go." I went to kiss her again and felt of her wet, hot pussy. I slid a finger into her tight little pussy hole. I pushed her back onto the sofa, lubed her pussy and applied a plastic barrier. I started to lick her pussy and she started writhing, begging me to fuck her pussy. We got onto the bed and got into 69 position. She put a rubber on me and started to suck my dick while I played with her pussy.

When I was hard, I told her to bend over. I stood there, caressing her ass cheeks and rubbing her wet little pussy hole. Finally, I started teasing her pussy with the head of my cock and she said "fuck my pussy , baby, please fuck my pussy." So, I slipped my cock into her pussy and started thrusting her. She started panting and rubbing her pussy again. Her pussy was nice and deep but it was also snug. I slipped a gloved finger into her ass hole and fucked her pussy at the same time. She said "spank my ass" so I started spanking her gently while her little fat rosy ass cheeks were jiggling around and I got so turned on while I was pumping her pussy I couldn‘t stand it. I put her on her back again and put her knees over my shoulders and started to slam fuck her. She began to cry out so I asked her if she wanted me to stop. She looked up at me with those big gray eyes, put her hands on my face and said "fuck me" so I put my mouth over hers and silenced her little screams with a kiss. She started rubbing her pussy and she came again. Her pussy was red hot, raw and throbbing as my dick was pounding her, stretching her tight little hole. I grabbed a heaping helping of them titties as I was thinking…Mmmmmmmm….her pussy was great! Finally, it was too much for me so I said "I’m gonna cum!" and she wiggled her hips and pressed against me while I throbbed inside her.

We kissed goodbye and I started to drive away. She looked up at me and said "see ya’ later!" I smiled, put on my sun glasses and looked at her in my rear-view mirror as I drove away, smiling.

I went home and hit the sack right away, cause that little ball buster had worn me out. I tossed and turned all night thinking about her. Flashes of her kept running through my mind. Her smile, her soft, hot ass hole, her snug little shaved pussy, her golden ringlets, her pretty pink mouth, her laugh, and those intense gray eyes. I never met anybody like her and I regretted not getting her phone number. I dreamed about Dawn all night.

I woke up the next morning starving to death. There was no food in the house so I quickly realized I had to go get something to eat. I drove down to the first restaurant I saw and sat down at the table. I began to read the breakfast menu. I looked up and there she was, smiling at me as she said "good morning sir, my name is Dawn, I’ll be your server, would you like to start off with a fresh, hot cup of coffee ?"

I wished him luck with his new romance, thanked him for the fuck-story, hung up the phone, and rubbed my pussy some more.

"Naughty Venus"