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Heating up the Kitchen

Ian Fulfills Chloe's Fantasy

It was an early morning, the clouds grey and heavy with rain as Chloe climbed out of bed. The smell of coffee drifting from the kitchen helped clear the groggy feeling she was having. Chloe was so thankful that she had preset the coffee pot last night before she went to bed! It had been a late night at the hospital and Ian, who was staying at Chloe's house, was already asleep when she had gotten home last night.

She walked into the kitchen, poured herself a cup of coffee, and contemplated what to make for breakfast. She decided on french toast since Monday morning was the start of her 'weekend.' She was getting a few eggs and the milk out of the fridge when she heard the toilet flush. Ian was up and would be getting ready to head out the door to the gym. She went back to what she was doing not paying much attention to anything around her. She grabbed the rest of the ingredients and began cracking the eggs.

She had slipped her apron on over her black boy shorts and white tank top before she had started, her hair falling in messy waves as she mixed everything together. She was just getting ready to make the first batch when Ian wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her against his body as he slowly kissed her neck.

She smiled and let the feeling of his lips linger the sensation feeling almost electric. They had such busy schedules that it had been almost three days since they were able to spend any sort of time together. She slowly turned around in his arms as he kissed her lips, his hands finding her ass as he slowly lifted her up. She wrapped her legs around his hips as he walked over to the center island.

He sat her down and continued to kiss her as he untied the apron revealing her almost see-through white tank top. Her nipples had become hard from all the kissing and touching, and were now poking through the paper thin fabric that covered them. She ran her hands along the back of Ian's neck and down his shoulders as they continued to kiss, his tongue sliding in and out of her mouth grazing her top lip ever so slightly when she would trace her tongue along his bottom lip.

They continued to kiss her legs still wrapped around his waist as his hands came to rest on her firm breast. He ever so slightly pinched her erect nipples sending waves of excitement cursing through her body. As his hands slowly lifted her tank top up over her head his mouth found her left breast and began to suck lightly on it. As his tongue flicked her nipple she leaned her head back and let out a soft moan enjoying the sensation of his mouth on her body. Ian then took her right breast into his mouth and did the same thing flicking her erect nipple with his tongue, before kissing back up her neck and nibbling softly on her ear.

He paused for a moment and whispered 'Lets make love.'

Ian looked into her eyes before he began to kiss her passionately his hands pulling her body into his. He slowly kissed down her neck, past her breast and down her flat stomach as he gently eased her back onto the countertop. He then kissed down her thigh and back up the other before kissing her pussy through the fabric of her black boy shorts. He could feel the dampness and knew was waited for him as he slid them past her ass and down her legs until they dropped to the floor.

He then pulled her towards him so her ass rested on the edge of the counter before spreading her legs and slowly kissing down her sweet pussy lips. He continued to kiss back up her pussy until he reached the top of her pubic bone. He then looked into her eyes before spreading her lips and placing his mouth over her throbbing clit.

The sensation of his warm mouth on her sensitive clit made her let out another moan as her legs tensed a bit, he slowly licked down and back up taking in the sweet musky smell that he loved so much. As he continued to lick up and down her pussy he could tell she was on edge anticipating his next move.

As he slowly flicked her clit with his tongue he slid one finger into her tight pussy. She was so wet it caused him to smile thinking about the fact that she became so aroused by his simple touch. He slowly slid his finger in and out of her silky smooth pussy as he continued to suck on her clit. He wanted to taste her sweet juices and knew how to make that happen. As he went to slide his finger back into her pussy his slowly slid the middle two in.

Chloe moaned a little louder this time as he began to make a come her motion with his fingers. He had found her g-spot and was relentlessly working it making her have an over powering sensation to pee. She started rocking her hips with every motion and begin to moan more frequently as he brought her to the edge. Just when she was about to reach climax he pulled his fingers out and slowly licked back up and down her pussy before slipping his tongue in and out of her sweet wet hole.

The new sensation of his tongue flicking in and out drove her wild. He continued to do this while his hands wrapped around her hips and soon she was moaning and with minimal warning he felt a warm stream of sweet juice cover his face. Ian continued to enjoy her sweet juices until she was shuddering from the stimulation her legs resting heavily on his shoulders.

He kissed back up her stomach and gave her breast some attention before her hands were around his neck her lips on his. They continued to kiss while she caught her breath, running her hands up and down his shoulders and chest her soft touch sending sparks through his body. Chloe then slid off the counter and pulled up a stool. She smiled as she pulled his shorts down letting his hard dick spring out.

As his shorts fell to the ground, she pushed him back onto the chair running her hands down his chest letting her nails lightly dig in. As Chloe leaned over to take his dick in her mouth all Ian could think about was her perfect ass. He c ouldn't wait to grab it as he slammed his rock hard dick in and out of her tight pussy.

But just as he was getting lost in the idea he felt her mouth on the head of his dick, her tongue swirling around and around it as her teeth bit down slightly hard but not hard enough to hurt. Chloe then kissed down the shaft before taking his balls into her mouth. As she sucked his balls into her mouth Ian looked down to see her looking up at him. She pulled him in with her big green eyes as he got lost in the sensation of her sucking on his balls causing him to moan deeply with pleasure.

Chloe then kissed back up his dick and started to slowly suck on the head before she started bobbing her head up and down as she was taking his dick in and out of her mouth. She sucked his dick slowly for five deep sucks then picked up the speed for five, she repeated this pattern sucking it slow then fast for four, then three, then two, then one long suck and continued repeating the pattern.

The entire time she was looking into his eyes as he held her hair back, her sweet lips taking his dick in and out never forgetting to give the head plenty of attention. She was just starting to flick the head with her tongue when he pulled her up with a smile. He got up off the stool, turned her around and pushed her up against the counter.

Chloe bent over slightly as her erect nipples touched the cool surface. Ian grabbed her ass a few times while running his dick up and down her pussy lips before slowly entering her. Her silky walls wet with excitement made him let out a grizzly moan as he begin thrusting deeply inside her. This caused Chloe to let out a slight moan that almost sounded painful.

Ian had gotten caught up in the excitement and forgot to go slow, Chloe's pussy was tight around his thick dick and it took a few thrusts for her to adjust. He leaned over and kissed her neck as he let her adjust to his thickness.Her eyes were closed and she knew he was now being cautious slowly sliding in and out of her pussy being sure not to hurt her as he grabbed her ass.

Chloe turned her head to look at him, smiled, and said in a slightly stern voice 'Make me your little slut. I want you to fuck me hard.'

Ian's eyes grew big hearing her say the words, she was always so delicate and soft spoken. Hearing her tell him to make her 'his little slut' turned him on even more as he grabbed her hips and started fucking her hard and fast.

With every thrust her ass smacked against his hips. He was fucking her good when he got an idea, he slowed down and slowly pulled his dick out of her pussy. Ian then started fingering her slowly being sure to pull his finger out and run it along her ass. This caused Chloe to let out another soft moan as she enjoyed all the attention. When his finger was nice and wet and her ass was as well, he rubbed his dick along just the opening to her hole. With her wetness coating his dick and her ass he slowly entered her. Her ass was tight as he pushed his throbbing dick inside her.

Chloe's mind was racing as she felt a painful sensation. She was nervous from inexperience but took a few deep breaths as the pain she felt soon turned into pleasure. Ian made sure to go slow and she was so wet that it made things much easier. He slowly slid his dick in and out of her tight ass as she bit her bottom lip and let out a soft moan.

She whispered 'Oh yeah baby. That feels so good.'

Hearing her enjoying what was being done drove Ian over the edge. He took a few deep breaths as he released his load in her ass.

He breathlessly pulled his dick out and pulled her into his arms. As he kissed her a smile spread across her face, knowing that they both got what they had wanted that morning.

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