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His Angel Eyes Part 3

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Wayne and Christa become even closer to each other...
Special thanks to Stuart for helping me come with the idea of His Angel Eyes and for letting me bounce ideas off of him. Love ya Babe!

Wayne and Christa had become inseparable over the past few months. Even when they had to be apart for a few hours Wayne would try to get his work done as fast as he could so that he could spend more time with his angel eyes. He knew that she was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. He just didn't know if she felt the same way, and if she did how would he ask her.

The day began like any other day for the two of them. Wayne went out to make sure the ranch hands had done their chores and finished working on unloading the truck of supplies they had just received that day. Christa was hard at work in her office. She was finished going through the mountain of paperwork on the desk and was just making sure the figures in the books matched the invoices from her suppliers, and from the sale of cattle that they had just sold the day before.

Her thoughts weren't on her work though. She was thinking about how much she was in love with Wayne. She was hoping that he would ask her that one question that almost every woman wants to be asked. She knew it was so soon, but they had grown up together. She was ready to have a family, and she wanted Wayne to be the one to give her a child. But she didn't want to tell him with not knowing if he felt the same way.

She started hearing her name yelled in the back of the barn. She tripped over her feet as she ran towards Wayne's voice. Her heart felt like it was going to beat out of her chest. "Please let him be ok." She was thinking over and over to herself. She felt like it took her ages to get to him, but it was only like a minute.

He was kneeling on the stable floor beside one of their horses. A pretty light brown mare that was supposed to be having her little baby any day now. Today seemed like it was going to be that day.

"Hi Angel, I think Missy is ready to have her little one. Do you think you will be able to help me deliver the foal? If not I will need you to call Josh the vet for me. I just need someone to help me pull the foal legs. She does most of the work. We are just here to make sure nothing goes wrong. Do you think your can help?" Wayne asked me as he pet Missy's side. He looked at Christa like he wanted to share this moment with her, and she had to say yes.

"I will try to help. I don't really know what I'm doing so your gonna have to tell me what to do." Christa said as she keeled down beside Wayne.

"We shouldn't have to really do anything. Just help her if she needs it." Wayne said as Missy began to do what felt right to her and push. About a half hour later Missy had a beautiful little filly.

"That was just so beautiful." Christa said with tears in her eyes. Wayne laughed when he looked over at her face.

"Aww Angel." He said as he got up to his feet. He went into the nearby washtub and washed his hands. "You know that's one of the things that I love so much about you. Your so tenderhearted, and so sweet."

"Thanks love." Christa said as she felt her cheeks warm. She knew Wayne would say something about her blushing.

"Wow Angel eyes looks I made you blush yet again. I never get tired of seeing those rosey cheeks." Wayne said walking over to Christa and wrapping his arms around her body hugging her to him.

"I love you Baby, but I think we both could do with a shower." Christa said as she got a whiff of the smell of horses and the other smells that go with working on the ranch.

"Really? Well do I have to shower alone." He asked as he took her hand in his and began to walk toward the house turning out the lights as they went.

When they walked into the house he picked her up, carried her up the stairs to their room. They had moved her stuff to his room a few days ago. He liked sleeping in his bed better. There was more room for his long legs. He walked into the bathroom with her still in his arms and let her soft body slid down his hard muscular one. He looked down into her eyes and kisses her passionately.

"Lets go take our shower Angel." Wayne said husky pulling away from her arms. He turned the shower on and waited for the water to become the right temperature for them.

Wayne took the bottom of Christa's t-shirt and pulled it over her head. Then with one hand unsnapped her pink bra and watched as her 40 D breasts were unleashed. He smiled as she began to blush as his eyes roamed over her body. He loved looking at her when ever he had a chance. He kneel down and unbuckled her jeans he pulled them down her smooth legs. He looked up at her, and pulled her matching boyshorts down her legs. He looked at her shaved pussy and licked his lips. Christa blushed when he got up from kneeling.

She began to unbutton his shirt and pushed it off his arms. Then she unbuckled his jeans and pushed those down his long legs, and grabbed his silk blue boxers down his legs as well. His hard dick sprang out as she looked up at him. Her face turned even redder. He laughed, took her by the hand, and pulled her to the shower.

The warm water splashed on to her back and she put her head back into the spray. She closed her eyes as the water poured down her hair make her body wet. Wayne grabbed the strawberry scented shampoo and began to wash her blond locks of hair. Watching her face as she smiled he gently pushed her back in to the water spray and let the water wash away the shampoo.

 He took her body wash and poured some in his hands and began to wash her body. He caressed each of her arms taking his time enjoying her soft moans of pleasure. Wayne then softly cupped her breast and began to kneed them. She moaned louder as he pinched and pulled at her rosy nipples. He knelt down in front of her and took her right leg in his hand and gently washed her foot. She giggles as he lightly touched the bottom of her foot.

"Stop that! You know very well my feet are ticklish Wayne!" Christ said as she was giggling.

"I know." He said smiling up at her. He ran his fingers up and down her smooth as satin leg. He pushed that leg down and reached for her left leg and gave the same treatment as he gave her other one. He smiled wickedly at her as he light caressed her foot. She giggled again, and gently slapped his arm playfully.

He put her leg down and pulled her ass towards him and kneaded her ass with his slick fingers. Wayne felt his hard dick twitch as he looks at her smooth hairless pussy. He gently washed her pussy and then watched as she stepped back into the shower letting the soap wash down her body. He couldn't help but think of what she would look like standing in a waterfall and letting the water cascade down her beautiful petite body.

Christa took the soap bar he used, and began to lather her hands with it. She walked the few steps to Wayne and began to slowly work the soap on to his chest. She washed his arms and then got to her knees and washed his legs and then she lightly caressed his ass. She smiled up at him as she took his large dick in her hands and began to wash it. Wayne moaned as her hand tighten it's hold on his penis. She laughed as he grabbed her hand to stop her from jacking him off anymore.

"Angel if you keep doing that I won't be able to do what I have planned for you later tonight." Wayne said with his wicked gleam in his eye.

"Wayne what are you planning?" She asked as he let the water wash the soap from his body.

"Hmm you really want to know?" He asked smiling at her.

"Yes, I really want to know." She answered back. He puller her to him and kissed her once gently.

"How about I show you instead?" He asked lightly caressing her back.

"Please." was all she could say as he began to finger her clit. He could already feel her juices inside of her. She was already for him and he hadn't done much to her. Granted he teased her a little while he was bathe her. He thought she could get a little wetter for him.

He bent back down to his knees and slipped a finger into her tight little hole and began to finger her slowly at first and then faster. He took her clit into his mouth and began to pull and suck on it lightly.

"MMMM!!! ARHHH!!!" Yelled Christa as she began to cum.

Wayne got to his feet and took her into his arms. He began to kiss her passionately letting his tongue duel with hers. She could taste herself on his lips and that was exotic to her somehow. Wayne broke their kiss and they were both gasping for breath.

"I want you so bad Angel eyes." Wayne said his voice raspy. He gently pushed her backwards till she felt the cold tile on her back. His hands went to her ass and lifted her up.

"Wrap your legs around me Baby. I can't wait any longer. I need you now." Wayne said as Christa obeyed him wrapped her slender legs around his waist. She felt the tip of his dick press into her. With one hard thrust he was inside her.

"Mmm. You always feel so good Angel." Wayne said as he began to thrust into her with slow deep thrust.

"Please don't stop!" Christa cried out.

"Angel there is no way that I can stop even if I wanted you." Wayne said as he grunted out. He began to thrust himself into her harder.

"Oh God Wayne!" Christa moaned out as she began to twitch as she began to orgasm. As she was coming down from her orgasm Wayne thrust harder three more times, and then came deep inside her.

"Damn Christa." Wayne said as he pulled out of her and dragged her with him into the spray of the shower.

"What did I do wrong?" She asked looking nervous.

"Nothing Angel. It's just that I never thought I would be so much in love with you. Lets rewash and get out of here. I have something I want to talk to you about." He said.

They both quickly rewashed themselves, and turned the cold water off. Wayne grabbed the towel and pat Christa down. He hurried with drying himself off and lifted Christa off her feet and brought her to his bed. He laid her down and kissed her gently and then went to his desk and pulled out a piece of notebook paper and a small silver box.

"Now don't get mad but I found and read this the other day when I was trying to find where you put the invoice for the horses we bought a month ago." Wayne said as he handed Christa the paper

She began to read it out loud.

"If only
If only he would understand
If only I could show my love
If only we could be as one
If only he could see my love
If only I could kiss his lips
If only I was the one for him
If only we could be together
If only he could make me his
If only things were right for us
If only I could make him see
If only I could be for him
If only he would ask me
If only..."

"I wrote that." Christa said as she looked up at Wayne.

"I know and in a way I'm answering you." Wayne said as he took the little silver box and placed it in her lap. "Open the box Angel eyes."

She opened it and looked inside and gasped. A small gold ring with a heart shaped diamond was nestled inside. Wayne took the box and got the ring out. He knelt down on one knee and took her hand in his.

"My Angel eyes, I love you so much. Will you be my wife?" He asked.

"YES!" She yelled out. He laughed as he took her hand in his and slipped the ring on.

"Perfect fit." He said smiling down at her hand,

"It's so beautiful." Christa said looking down at her ring.

"It was my mother's. I love you Christa." Wayne said as he took Christa into his arms and kissed her lightly. He got into bed and slowly they drifted off to sleep. Christa dreaming of a house filled with children and love. Wayne dreaming of Christa holding a little girl in her arms.
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