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His Favorite Girl

"Hey Coco watch where you are walking sweet thing!" Hunter hooted as his boss nearly dropped beer all over his uniform.

"Hunter O'Neal, you know my name is not Coco. It's Cindy!" Cindy said placing her hands on her hips and turning around.

"You let all those other boys call you Coco. Why can't I? I work here at this club every night with you, and I can't have a little bit of fun?" Hunter asked again popping the top off two beers and sliding them down the bar to a guy at the end.

Cindy glared at him, "you know damn well why I let them call me that!"

A man on the other side of the club raised his hand signaling for Cindy to come over to him, "I really hate that guy he is the worst man in the history of men!" She said walking past Hunter knocking into him as she passed by. "I promise you one day Imma quit and when I do I swear I'm gonna.." Cindy trailed off as she walked away leaving Hunter to man the bar while she was gone which normally was a long time.

Hunter walked over to some girls who had just walked up to the bar and began talking, the thing he was the best at. They ordered dirty margaritas and he made them while he chatted making it look as though it were easy. The girls thanked him one even gave him her number; he smiled and put it in his back pocket where at least five more were.

He sighed to himself and started to wipe down the counter humming along to the song that the DJ was playing deep in thought when a girl walked in. She looked to be around twenty-three which was what everyone looked like in the club. She had short blonde hair and what looked like sea blue eyes. She wore a low cut shirt, a pair of boot cut jeans, and a pair of old yet still in fashion pair of pointed toe boots. She looked out of place not because of the clothes she was wearing, but by the way she looked. Her eyes screamed that she was worried, about what he had no clue. He smiled as he saw her turn and quickly walked towards him.

"Hi there can I get you anything?" Hunter asked winking at her and turning on his sweet smile.

"No, I am looking for someone she works here. Her name is Cindy, she is my best friend in the whole world and I really need to talk to her." The girl said tapping her fingers on the bar as if in a hurry.

"Um, she is kinda busy right now. What's your name maybe I can tell her to call you when she gets back?"

"Kasey?!? Honey pie, is everything ok? Is Hunter bothering you? Hunter why didn't you tell me Kasey was here!!" Cindy said from right behind him, to fast for him to get a single word out.

"Cindy its fine he didn't know really. I just need to talk to you!" Kasey said her eyes telling that she needed to tell someone what was on her mind.

"Okay but Hunter has to stay I don't want him running out on me after closing time just because he doesn’t want to clean up the restrooms!" She said grabbing his wrist as he tried to sneak away.

Hunter sighed jumping up on the counter and listening to what the big problem was. "I don't know where Sophie is! I called the police and they are out looking for her, but other than that I have no clue where she is!"

Cindy gasped covering her mouth, Kasey looked as though she was about to burst into tears at any minute.

"Oh sweetie! Okay now no worries, let’s think this threw. Where would So-" Cindy was cut off by Kasey phone ringing she picked it up and began to talk quickly with who every was on it, which sound like the police.

Cindy pulled Hunter off the counter and a few steps away, "now you listen to me and you listen close. You are going to drive Kasey to where ever she needs to go, you are going to make sure she gets home, and you for damn sure better not ask any question that will make her cry you understand me?"

Hunter gulped and nodded, when Cindy got mad she sacred him and scared him like ever loving crazy! They slowly walked back as Kasey ended her phone call.

"They found Sophie she is at the school! Thank goodness this town isn't too big!" Kasey said smiling in relief.

"Kasey, Hunter is going to go with you. Don't even start to argue with me, Honey, you know it ain't gonna get any of us anywhere!" Cindy said placing her hands on her hips motioning with one of her fingers for Hunter to jump over the counter and get going.

Hunter sighed and did just that making sure his keys, phone, and wallet with him before leading Kasey out the door and to his car.


They drove for a little the only words that where shared were directions and Kasey asking him if he could drive any faster. Finally they rounded a corner, as they rounded it you could see a nice school with a playground right in front.

"There they are!" Kasey shouted pointing to where the sidewalk that lead to the playground meet with the normal side walk. Hunter stopped the car and Kasey jumped out running over to the little girl in pig-tails who Hunter guessed was Sophie. Kasey dropped to her knees and hugged the girl. Saying words like 'you scared me to death!' and 'you are in so much trouble little girl!'

"Ma’am, I need to talk to you," The Officer said as Hunter walked up.

"Oh, yes! Right of course, um, Sophie just, uh.." Kasey trailed off not sure of what to say or do so Hunter stepped in.

"I got it Kasey; you go talk to the Officer." He said which won him a thank you smile from Kasey; Hunter squatted down and looked at Sophie who was smiling at him.

"Hi there my name is Hunter," He said smiling right back at her.

"My name is Sophie," She said holding her hands behind her back and turning back and forth.

"Well, Sophie have you ever done the monkey bars before? You look like the type of girl that would be great at the monkey bars!" He said holding out his hand for her to take, after a few seconds of thinking it over she took it giggling.

Hunter helped Sophie up onto the monkey bars he held her legs for her until she told him she could do it all by herself so he let go and she went to the end of the monkey bars and back. Hunter helped her down and gave her a high five telling her she was the best at the monkey bars and started to tickle her. Sophie laughed begging him to stop; when he finally did she made him do the monkey bars. Hunter told her he was too old but she called him a scaredy cat which made him want to prove her wrong. Sophie 'held' his legs as he did the monkey bars. When Hunter saw the conversation between the Officer and Kasey start to stop he told Sophie he was tried and that it was time to go back. She yawned and grabbed his hand as they walked back getting back to Kasey right when the Officer's car was leaving.

"Sophie Anne! You get in this car right this instance, you are in so much trouble I can’t even put it into words!" Kasey opened Hunters back door Sophie let go of Hunter's hand and climbed into the car. Kasey turned to Hunter trying to calm herself down to talk to him. "We live in an apartment on Rio Bravo, you can take us there right? If not just take us to the nearest bus stop. Most men don't like to deal with us."

Hunter smiled trying to ignore her anger at Sophie, "I can take you guys home. I have orders from Cindy, plus I really like Sophie." He winked, opened Kasey's door for her, and then quickly ran around the car to his side of the door.

"Hunter," Sophie started to talk and Hunter answered by a small grunt, "Will you come play with me again? Mommy never has time to play with me. I barely ever get to go to the park anymore."

"Sophie! That is not true; I have plenty of time to play with you!" Kasey said turning around as much as she could to look at her daughter.

Hunter bit back the question he wanted to ask knowing that if he asked a question Cindy would find out one way or the other so he held it in. "Of course Sophie anytime!"

Kasey slapped his arm as he parked the car, "Ouch what was that for?"

"For saying yes," She hissed not loud enough for Sophie to hear, although the kid was half way asleep and probably didn’t really care.

"Want me to carry her up for you? I am going to take a wild guess but I am pretty sure you don't live on the first floor." Hunter said looking up at the at eight-story building.

Kasey yawned and nodded, "You really don't have to she can walk, but I would rather not deal with the whining."

Hunter laughed getting out of the car he walked around and picked up Sophie slowly making sure not to wake her up. He wrapped her arms around his neck and scooped her up, her legs immediately wrapping around his body. Kasey tapped his shoulder motioning for him to follow her. They walked over to an elevator and rode it to the fifth floor where they got off and walked to apartment 5D. Kasey quietly opened the door and lead Hunter in and to the only bedroom in the small place. He waited for Kasey to pull back the covers before he put Sophie on the bed. Kasey took of both her shoes while Hunter took off her pink fluffy jacket. Kasey pulled the covers to about chest high and kissed her forehead. Hunter smiled and walked out of the room with Kasey right behind him.

"You asked no question what so ever! What is wrong with you?" She asked closing the door and walking over to the kitchen area, putting on some coffee.

"Cindy told me not to ask anything." Hunter said following her cautiously.

"Oh, so playing with Sophie, helping me put her to bed, and driving us home was just so that Cindy wouldn't kill you?"

"No, I was only supposed to make sure you got home. I didn't have to help you or talk to Sophie." He said taking a seat in one of the three chairs at the table close to the kitchen. "So you ever go out?"

"What happened to not asking any questions?" She asked bringing him a cup of coffee and sitting across from him.

"You got mad at me for it."

Kasey huffed out a breath, "No I never go out I watch Sophie and work. I haven't been out in about four years, haven't had sex in eight ever since Sophie was born."

Hunter’s mouth dropped, "you haven't slept with anyone in eight years!"

Kasey shook her head looking down at her coffee cup. Hunter became immediately turned on by this. "Well then looks like tonight is your lucky night."

Hunter stood up pulling Kasey to her feet, he kissed her.

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