His Hands

By TuhttttouchMe

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Our first date became something more very quickly.
His hands were large and soft. That was always the one thing I remembered most about him. When we would lie together he would run his hands up and down my torso. Caressing me gently, warming me all over slowly. In those moments I would sigh and snuggle closer to his hard body. Yet now when I turn over he is not there, just a cold empty bed to caress and comfort me now. My Trent is gone away.

I huff and turn over, imagining he is still beside. I imagine how it felt to sleep with him for the first time. How nervous Trent made me feel. How weak my knees were around him. How, when he spoke my name in that rough voice he had, I couldn’t refuse him. To this day my stomach flips thinking about night. I drew the covers closer to me and closed my eyes, trying to remember as best I could.

Trent and I had met on one of those dating websites. I thought that he looked hot based on his picture and some of the things he said in his profile would help establish some conversation between us. After about a week of emailing back and forth, we started talking on the phone. Hearing his voice made me melt in ways no other man had ever done. Not long after that first call we had our first date.

I had showed up to the restaurant wearing a snug, yet beautiful, black dress and black pumps. The dress was the type that accentuated my supple breasts and hugged my thick curves yet left enough hidden so as not to ruin the surprise. My dark, curly hair was gathered at the back of my head and cascaded over one shoulder. Somehow I had managed to make it early and while I waited for him to show up I sipped nervously at my water. After the third pass of my waiter to my table, I made to leave believing I had been stood up.

“Mae?” A male voice spoke just to my left as I was bent over grabbing my bag. I knew this voice and my breath caught. All I could do was look at him. “I’m sorry I’m late. There was a car accident on the freeway. Traffic just crawled.” As he spoke I took a good look at him. His body was lean and muscular. He wore dark slacks and a button up shirt with the top button undo, barely exposing his chest hair. Over his shirt he wore an opened blazer. Trent was just above average height, with a strong jaw and a nice head of dark straight hair. As my eyes trailed down his thick arms I noticed that he was holding his hand out to me. “I am sorry,” his deep gray eyes twinkled as he smiled at me. “May I still take you out to dinner?” He still held his hand out to me; it looked strong, yet gentle.

“Yes,” I said grasping his hand. Warmth exploded throughout my body at this first touch. Once again I was stunned into silence as he took his seat across from me. The date progressed pretty smoothly. I could tell by his appreciative looks and suggestive jokes that he found me just as attractive as I found him. After dinner we left in his car. We drove around the city a little before pulling up in front of my house.

“This was a great date, thank you,” I said before unbuckling myself.

“I had a good time too,” Trent looked deeply in my eyes and reached out tucking a fly-away hair back in place. He grazed my cheek as he pulled his hand away, and then laid his hand on my knee. I first looked down at his hand, then up into his depthless eyes. We stayed like that for a moment before he abruptly left the car and came around to let me out.

As I left the car, I passed very close to him on my way to the front door of my house. I could feel knots forming in my stomach and warmth beginning to spread from between my legs. He was a half-step behind me when I put the key in the lock.

“Do you want to come in for a drink?” I half smiled back at him.

“Sure,” he said closing the door behind us as we entered my home.

I dumped my stuff in the hall closet and turned to make my way to kitchen when Trent grabbed my elbow gently and turned me towards him. Looking into my eyes, he leaned in to kiss me. Our lips touched and I could barely breathe. My knees started trembling and lights exploded behind my eyes. His lips on mine were soft, yet firm. When we broke, I gasped and looked at him flushed unable to say anything coherent. He laughed and with that I grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him against me. My mouth connected once more with his as his hands circled my waist and drew my body against his. This kiss was full of need. As his tongue probed my lips and slipped into my mouth, a moan escaped me. One of my hands trailed down his arm as the other massaged the back of his neck. Our kiss broke again and I turned and walked down the hall.

I knew he was behind me so I began unzipping my dress as I walked to my bedroom. When there he pulled me to him once more and we kissed passionately. I could feel his hard penis pressed between and he began to pull my dress down my shoulders. Once past my hips, the dress fell in a heap around my feet. Trent began massaging my back and stomach with his large soft hands. Slowly he began caressing my large breasts through my bra. My hands stroked his arms and chest, and then I slowly took his blazer then shirt off. I rubbed the hard muscles of his chest as he removed my bra exposing my erect nipples. He first took one and then the other into his mouth. I leaned my head back and moaned quietly as he sucked my nipples. Slowly he began to kiss his way down my stomach. When Trent got to my panties he started rubbing my already wet pussy through the thin, gauzy materiel. My hands were rested on his masculine shoulders as I watched him begin to eat me out through my panties. He slid my panties to the floor and I sat on the edge of the bed. Trent trailed one hand up my leg to my thigh gently spreading my legs to expose my aroused sex.

He ran one finger up and down my labia, and then slipped first one, then two fingers into my wet hole. I groaned as he did this. Trent then leaned forward and barely flicked his tongue against my clit. My body began to tremble as his mouth brought me closer and closer to cumming. He slid one hand behind me as my hips rocked back and forth against his mouth. I began rubbing and pulling on my nipples with one hand. My hips moved faster and harder as his licking and fingering began to speed up. Soon, I started to cry and buck my hips. Unable to hold on any longer, I shuddered and moaned, having one of the best orgasms I have had yet. He stroked my pussy slowly a few more times before pulling away and standing up.

I was staring up at him with lust filled eyes. Trent grabbed my head and kissed me deeply. I could taste my cum mixing with his spit and became even more turned on. My hands started to undo his pants as we kissed. He stood and watched as I pulled his hard cock out of his pants. It was a lot bigger than anyone I had ever slept with. At least eight inches long and, when I closed my hands around him, my fingers barely touched. He had some precum on his cock that I used as lube when I began to stroke his hard member. I looked up at him I leaned in close. My tongue flicked the tip of his penis, and then I ran my tongue from the base to the tip before sliding him into my mouth. I fondled his balls as I slowly sucked his large cock. He had one hand on the back of my head and thrust himself deeper and faster with each stroke. He started moaning loudly as he fucked my face harder and harder, his balls slapping my chin. I could tell by his increased speed and the amount of precum coating my throat that he was getting close to cumming. I had one hand between my legs and was rubbing my clit, keeping time with his thrusts. Abruptly he pulled out of my mouth.

As he took a moment to remove his pants from around his ankles and put a condom on, I lay back on the bed. He climbed on the bed kissing his way up my body. As he became level with me he used his thighs to spread my legs then began stroking my sopping pussy with the head of his penis. Then without hesitation he thrust deep into me. My back arched and I started clawing his back. He was so large inside of me his thrusting verged on painful. As he began pounding me harder and harder our bodies found a rhythm, my hips thrusting up to meet him each time. I began gnawing at my bottom lip and clawing at the sheets. At one point, I remember whimpering and begging him to make me cum. Each time this happened he would slow painfully before pounding my raw pussy. Shaking and crying his name I came all over his dick. He stroked in and out of me a few more times, letting me savor the feel of him inside of me before pulling out. Without hesitation he stood over me and removed his condom. I watched as he stroked his hard cock to orgasm. Cursing, he spewed rope after hot, sticky, rope of cum all over my chest. I trailed my fingers through the hot mess and licked them clean.

After cleaning up and catching our breath, Trent slipped under the covers of my bed holding the blankets up invitingly. I smiled and climbed into bed next to him. I sighed deeply as he stroked and caressed my body with those warm, large hands of his. Eventually, we both drifted off into a comfortable sleep together.