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His Mistress of the Night

He was unlocking the door to his apartment when he saw her, the drop dead beauty from 3b...

He was unlocking the door to his apartment when he saw her, the drop dead beauty from 3b. She was just on her way out. Always leaving in the middle of the night, he thought to himself, must be nice to be so young. She was a stunning beauty, must have been in her 20s, with nice 34D breasts and a gorgeous ass. Just looking at her made his cock remember he hadn't had sex in over a month.

He fumbled with his keys, just to buy time to watch her as she walked by him.

She chuckled and said, "You should get that fixed or you might put an eye out."

He looked down suddenly and noticed the bulge in his pants. Embarrassed, he tried to open his door in a hurry but now he really was struggling to open it, his hands not wanting to listen to his brain.

She just stood there watching him and finally he got up the courage. He said, "Well it just happens when I see a fine ass running through the halls." Scared at what she might say, he didn't turn around.

She said, "Oh you really think it looks good?" She turned and wiggled her ass his way.

He was shocked, but he knew this might be his one chance to get the girl from 3b, so he quickly gathered his thoughts. Finally getting his door unlocked he asked her, "Would you like to come in, if you're not in a hurry?"

"Why not?" she said with a small grin on her face.

Does she have a plan to get me in to bed? he asked himself. No, why would such a smoking thing want me?

While walking inside he asked her if she wanted a drink.

"Sure, what do you have?" she said.

"I got some beer if you want one," he replied.

"Sounds good," she said, while plopping down on his couch.

He got two beers out of the fridge, the whole time watching her. Sitting down in his chair, he noticed her legs where spread slightly, just enough for him to see up her skin-tight skirt and notice she wasn't wearing any panties.

His dick was raging by now. There was no way he could hide his hardon as it was tenting his pants. Looking down, then back up at her quickly, he noticed she was staring at it with a look of hunger and lust.

"You know, I could help with that," she said, as she dropped to her knees in front of him.

"Ummm...ok," was all he could manage to get out before she started tugging on his zipper. Am I dreaming? I have to be, this can't be happening, he thought to himself as she tugged his pants down. His dick stretched his boxers out.

"Yum," she hummed, pulling it out and staring at it with lust, like she was starving for it.

She flicked her tongue out and teased his cock, making it twitch. She slid her tongue up to the head and kissed the sensitive nerve on his big purple head, making him moan, letting her know he was loving the treatment her tongue was giving his member.

She opened her mouth wider than he even thought possible, and in one swift motion she had the entire length of his cock in her mouth.

"Oh," he mumbled in great pleasure, resting his hands on her head. In the back of his mind he felt she wanted him to do this. He started to thrust in and out, fucking her face. She knew what she was doing, she swallowed and swished her tongue around his cock as her drool was running down her chin and his balls.

He was in heaven and he knew if it kept up he would blow his load a lot sooner than he wanted to. It seemed like she realized this too, and pulled her mouth from his cock, falling back on the floor spreading her legs. At this point it seemed to him they didn't need words, their minds were one or at least she was in his. Confused, but still ready to fuck, he climbed down between her legs.

He rubbed her legs, sliding his rough hands up to her shirt, sliding the skin-tight top off to find she wasn't wearing a bra. He thought he would drool as he watched her tits bounce after separating from her shirt. Leaning down and kissing her passionately, their tongues entwined and danced, the sweet strange taste of her mouth a taste he didn't know, but he enjoyed it wanting more. He found himself almost sucking her mouth dry, but she didn't mind, she urged him on with her eyes.

Finding his hand needing and tugging at her breast, tweaking her nipples, touching her in ways that made a twitch run through her spine. Again, the voice in the back of his head was telling him just how she liked it. Slowly kissing her neck, he nipped and kissed his way down to her tits. He grabbed the left one first, sucking on her jutting hard nipple, rolling it between his tongue and his teeth.

She was truly loving this and showed it on her face. He moved onto the right, paying as much attention to it as the first, kissing it and flicking it with his tongue, making her moan. After what seamed like forever, he started moving down, sliding her skirt up to give her a makeshift belt.

"God, you're so beautiful," he said in a passionate tone. He took in her body like a drug he wanted so bad. Even as he had it, a lust he'd never felt before took over his body, driving him crazy.

Spreading her legs and lowering his head to return her earlier favor, he slowly kissed her inner thigh up to her perfectly shaved mound, running his tongue across it, up and down, teasing her clit. She was extremely wet by now and his two fingers slipped in with ease. She let out a passionate cry as he finger fucked her fast and hard.

He could tell she liked it, he didn't know how, he just did in the back of his mind. Something was telling him faster, harder, deeper, maybe she was screaming it but he was so lost in the heat of the moment he couldn't tell if his head was on straight. He rolled his tongue and shoved his fingers deep in to her pussy.

He continued the assault with his tongue, stiffening it and stabbing into her. She arched her back and rolled her head as a gushing orgasm set over her. She grabbed his head and bucked her hips, thrusting. He grabbed her hips and tried to suck up as much of her juices as possible.

When she was done he moved up her body, kissing her again. It shocked him how much he could feel for a women he barely knew. Like they were one, making his whole body feel like it would wilt and wither if they were apart.

She reached down, gripping his cock. She fed it into her tight pussy. He grabbed her hips and started to thrust deeper into her waiting snatch. "Damn, you're so tight," he moaned as her well trained pussy gripped at his member.

He started to thrust in and out of her. She wrapped her long trim legs around him and put her heels on his ass and urged him on. "Oh fuck me harder," she screamed. "Harder, damn it!" She thrashed her hips hard against him.

Damn, this girl is going to fuck me to death, he thought, as he fucked her harder and harder. Their hips smacked together so fast it was a blur. Driving his cock into her hard and fast, he tried to hold out as long as he could, waiting to cum with her, knowing she was going to soon.

With a few more thrusts there it was, her pussy clenched his member and he went off like a bullet. He shoved in deep and hard, shooting his load inside her as she wiggled around on the floor in pure joy.

He collapsed beside her, breathing hard, just starting to feel the rug burns on his knees and the pain in his hips. God, if I feel like this just think how she must feel, he said to himself.

She rolled over and said, "I’m fine and that was great." Had he just said that out load or was she truly in his head?

"What are you?" he said in a soft whisper, but when he looked over she was gone, nowhere to be seen. If not for the carpet burns on his knees and pain his hips from the powerful sex, he would have thought it was all a dream.

In the morning he awoke still wondering exactly what had happened last night, trying to put the pieces together in his head. Struggling all morning to wrap his head around what had happened while he got ready for work, he finally decided to let it go for now as he headed out the door. He looked around in the hall hoping he would see her, but of course I only see her at night, he thought.

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