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Holidays at the Farm Part 1

Semester break is here. Ken and Elaine are alone. Sarah is gone with the family
It is Christmas and semester break from college. My first semester of freshman year is over. I survived and made the Dean’s List with a 4.0 average in all my classes. It was a lot of hard work. I was looking forward to five weeks off. No books, no tests, no classes and no cafeteria food.

I was informed that I would be spending my holiday with Elaine and her family working on the chicken farm. I was disappointed at first because Sarah would not be around. I missed Sarah but it was probably for the best. She was my cousin and I loved her. We had been having sex at every opportunity since summer.

Fortunately, Elaine and her family were staying home for the holidays. They had a chicken farm to run. Chickens can’t feed themselves. Elaine’s parents said I could stay with them for the holidays. They had offered the use of their basement area which was furnished like a small apartment. In return I would help out taking care of the chickens. I had done that before and it was not hard work. The worst part of the job was shoveling all the chicken shit. It smelled awful. I wore a surgical mask to prevent any particles entering my body.

I am Ken. You have read of my exploits at the farm with my cousin Sarah and her friend Elaine. As you have read in “Summer on the Farm” and “Thunder at the Farm”, Ken, Sarah and Elaine are lovers. This may look like an ideal mix, but it is not. Ken and Sarah are cousins. Sarah and Elaine are bi-sexual lovers. Elaine is in love with Ken, but has to share him with Sarah.

As much as I want Sarah, it is starting to wear on my conscience. She is my cousin and I do love her, but it just is wrong on so many levels. We grew up as best friends. We talk about everything, even intimate things you only tell your BFF. We never dated other people. We have a lot of friends in common. So why not be lovers for the first time?

I share my love with Sarah and Elaine, We never have sex alone. It is always the three of us. We are having fun and no one knows we are intimate, because there are always three of us and two are related. We are having sex but it really has no meaning. It is just animal lust, the satisfying of our youthful urges.

Now I have a chance to be intimate with Elaine alone. I miss her more than I miss Sarah. I have been thinking about what we have been doing all semester. Having sex with Sarah is wrong, I know it. But it is so good and relieves sexual tensions and frustrations for us. There are no strong emotional ties that bind us because we are related. I made up my mind that the sexual encounters with Sarah over this break will be our last.

I will have time with Elaine. I know that Elaine loves me and we have not been able to share that love together without Sarah being there. Elaine has loved me since she has turned 16 and I kissed her at a party playing spin-the-bottle. That was her first kiss and it had left a lasting impression on her life. I was the one and only one she wants. She wants to sleep with me and share her most intimate feelings.

Up until now when we are together we hold something back. We never fully release ourselves. Sarah is always lurking in the background or attached to us. We can never relax and enjoy each other. That is going to change.

As I drive up to the farm I feel I have to do something about it. I am driving from Massachusetts to New Hampshire to Elaine’s home. My mind is wondering what I should do and how I should act when I see Elaine and her family. I will be living with them until Sarah and her family get back. I will be working at the farm caring for the chickens. I will be sleeping in the playroom in the basement.

My mind starts to drift to Sarah and how we break off our illicit coupling. I know it is wrong and so does she. We never really discussed it. We just acted on our youthful impulses which felt so good at the time. It was a very well kept secret, but it was eventually going to be exposed. When it did there could be some very serious problems. Both our families are very strict. Our religious background will not allow us to ever see each other again and we will be shunned from the church and our families. I decide we will break it off when she gets back.

With that decision made I feel better, as if a great weight has been removed from my shoulders. Now it is time to think about Elaine and what we are going to do and share over this holiday.

I am getting anxious and excited to see Elaine and her parents. I haven’t seen them since Thanksgiving. I can’t wait. Elaine and I will have to go shopping for presents. I had not been able to buy anything due to school and exams. I have two shopping days left before Christmas. Stores are closed on Sunday so I have to make it quick. The shopping trip gives Elaine and me some much needed time alone.

I am pulling into the drive way to the barn next to Elaine’s home. Their kitchen door opens and I see Elaine and her mom. I am wondering how to greet Elaine because her parents do not know we are in love. I get out of the car and grab my luggage and start walking to the door.

Elaine bursts out of the house and runs up throws her arms around me and gives me the biggest kiss full on the lips holding it for what seems like forever, so much for being subtle. Her mom is standing there with a surprised but with a happy look on her face. Her hands are wrapped in her apron. Elaine and I walk arm in arm up to the house.

I greet Elaine’s mom with a hug and a chaste kiss on the cheek. We go inside the house where I take off my coat and hang it up in the mud room. I bring my luggage down to the cellar and unpack. Elaine helps me. We kiss once in a while getting back together. I can see she really misses me as I do her.

When we go back upstairs, we sit down and talk a little while Elaine’s mom makes coffee, hot chocolate and a small snack. Elaine’s dad came in from the chicken coop. They have over 4000 chickens in two large coops. They ask how school is. I tell them I am not sure I want Computer Science and Business as majors. I am thinking instead of Animal Husbandry. It seems more my style. I will be a gentleman farmer.

They offer that I can stay with them the whole five weeks if I want. That sure sounds good to me. Elaine has this huge smile and is shaking her head yes. It is going to be at least two weeks before anyone in my family is back.

I need to stretch my legs after driving from school to my home and then up here. I excuse myself, put my coat on. Elaine gets up and joins me. We start walking down the road to Sarah’s house to check if everything is OK. They live ¼ mile away. We walk holding hands chattering about what is new and make plans for while I am there.

One thing is certain we are going to have a lot of time alone. It is Friday morning and Elaine’s mom and dad are leaving in the afternoon for a trip into Boston for some shopping. They will be gone until Monday. Elaine and I will have the house to ourselves for the weekend.

After we finish our walk, Elaine and I go downstairs where we greet each other in a totally different manner. Elaine jumps into my arms wrapping her legs around my waist, pushing her pussy against my cock. We kiss ardently with our mouths open tongues dueling. We hold each other so tightly; a crowbar would be needed to pry us apart.

We have so much pent up sexual energy and we want each other so badly. We have been writing at least two letters a week since I went off to college. Elaine has the biggest crush on me since she became a teen ager and discovered boys and their toys. I am her first and only boy she dated. I am the only boy she has been with. I am the only boy she wants. She and Sarah are lovers and that is enough for Sarah and Elaine when I am gone.

We stop our heavy petting and sit on the couch to watch some television. We behave while her parents are around and can walk in at any moment. Just after noon Elaine’s mom calls down that she is making lunch and will we come up and help set the table. We turn off the TV and walk hand in hand upstairs. We set the table picking on each other as kids do. Her mom and dad are laughing at our behavior. They think it is cute.

Elaine and I clear away the lunch dishes and wash the table down. They have a dishwasher so clean up is easy. We put fresh linens on the table for dinner. Elaine and I are going to eat alone and want it to be special. I take Elaine’s parents luggage to the car. They say their goodbyes and leave us waving from the driveway. Elaine and I are finally alone.

I turn to her in the driveway and hug her touching my lips to hers. We kiss a little savoring the moment. I take her hand in mine as we walk back into the house. She rests her head against my arm cooing. We are so content. A new era is starting in our lives. We will feel as if we are married, doing everything for ourselves. There will be no one else telling us what to do, where to go or watching that we behave.

What is next I thought? Do we remove our clothing and start having sex right away or prolong it to make it special? I want the latter. I want this “first time” to be special for both of us. She starts to go down stairs to my room. I stop her.

“Let’s go to your bedroom.” I say. “Is that all right?”

She giggles and with a huge smile says, “That is the most wonderful thing I can imagine happening.”

We make sure all the doors are locked and the shades are drawn. We walk around the house checking everything. We end in her bedroom. She enters her room, turns on the light and sits on her bed. I stand at the entrance of her room taking in her beauty surrounded by her castle. She has a few stuffed animals and throw pillows on her bed. There is a chair with a reading lamp beside it. There is a desk and a book case that contains her books and a small black and white TV. A large closet is opposite the bed with a bureau for her clothes, There is a full length mirror on the closet door, a typical girl’s room.

I enter the room and walk to her. I pull her up into my arms and move my lips to touch hers. We kiss, just standing there holding each other gently. We are letting the passion slowly build rather than consume us quickly. We want to savor this time and make real passionate love to each other rather than have sex. We want it to mean something.

I have one arm around the small of her back with the other cradling her head. She has her arms around my neck holding me to her. Our bodies are touching, with her pelvic area and my crotch being the fulcrum of our joining. I can feel the warmth building in my body and emanating from hers. There is a yearning coming from both of us. We break apart and sit down on her bed holding hands looking into each other’s eyes. We both smile and I put my forehead against hers. Our breath is mingling and the warmth is getting hotter.

“I need a shower. Is there one here big enough for two?” I ask.

“Yes, there is. Why don’t you turn down the bed while I get some clean towels?” She replies happily.

She disappears to the hallway while I remove the stuffed animal and the throw pillows from the bed. I turn down the covers exposing the crisp pale yellow sheets. The odor of lavender tickles my nose. It smells wonderful. Elaine enters the room with the towels. I proceed to undress her, taking my time to really look at her beautiful body. She undresses me savoring my body. I am slightly aroused in anticipation of what is to come.

We hug naked together. I feel my cock nestle into the warmth of her pussy area. She is wet and it gets on my cock. It feels good. She moans a little at my touch. I get more aroused. I move my arms down her back and grab her butt, pulling her closer. She takes in a deep breath. Her heart is racing. I break the hug and take a towel. She leads the way. I lag behind watching her walk down the hallway appreciating what I can see. It is wonderful. Her round ass wiggling as she walks.

We get in the shower, kissing as the water cascades down our bodies. There is a lot of romance here but no lust. We soap up each other, paying special attention to the private areas. I love the feel of her body in my hands. We rinse off and get out of the shower. We gently towel each other dry. We hang the towels up and walk arm in arm naked back to her bedroom.

We lay in Elaine’s bed knowing that no one will disturb us and we can be in each other’s arms for a long time. I have my arm under her head. She is lying on her side looking into my eyes. She does not have to say anything. She is exuding love from every pore of her being. She plays with the hair on my chest, I caress her hair. We are savoring each other’s essence.

I move my head down trailing kisses on her face until I come to her lips. I gently kiss her, drawing her closer to me. She responds by parting her lips to allow my tongue entrance. Our tongues mingle tasting each other. We suck them into our mouths sharing. There is no sense of urgency as there was in the past. I feel a stirring in my loins as we continue to kiss. She is pushing against me.

We break apart. I continue to kiss her cheeks, her chin, moving up to her ear. I kiss her ear lobe and nibble it. She gasps and moves closer. Her hands move more rapidly on my body. I suck on her lobes. I kiss her hair and smell the shampoo we just used. I start to move down her neck. She is moaning lowly, grabbing at my arms, feeling my muscles flex. I stop kissing her and suck on her neck. She is beating a tattoo on my arms and chest. I feel the heat rising.

I look down at her heaving breasts. Her nipples are hard and the dark areas around them are rippled, all this from kissing. My cock is pointing between her legs where I can feel warmth and her wetness spreading. She is thrusting slowly in and out against me in a gentle rhythm.

I move a hand to her breast to caress the globe. I circle the whole breast working my way around slowly. She pushes her breast up trying to get me to its center. I cover her nipple with the palm of my hand and push it in caressing it loosely. I move my hand so that her nipple is between my fingers, which are flicking it. She jerks at every flick and moans, “it feels so good.” I replace my hand with my lips, gently licking the tip and surrounding area. She puts her hand on my head and pushes it into her breast.

I move back up to her lips kissing her harder now. I bite her lower lip and pull on it. She moans louder. I push my tongue deeply into her mouth dueling with hers to take charge. She wraps her tongue around mine. We kiss with mouths open slurping our saliva as we exchange it. We make a lot of noise during this exchange. My hand is still on her breast caressing her nipples and the globes.

Elaine’s hand wanders down her stomach over her hips and into her V. She is probing to feel her wetness but also to sneak up and grab onto my cock. She tries to be subtle about it but it is hard to disguise. I let her proceed giving no resistance. I want her to grab me, to hold me, to possess me. She reaches her object and pulls it up as if it were a trophy. She giggles and moans as I further my assault.

She strokes me slowly and looking in my eyes, “God I have missed this! I want to have this forever.”

“It is all yours while I am here sweetheart” I reply.

“Yes I know, but then you have to go back to school and leave me.” She says sadly.

“I know, but rather than dwell on the future, let’s go with the here and now. I am here and I am all yours to use and abuse as you see fit.” I tell her.

She laughs, “I am going to take what I can get and get it all. I am so in love with you.”

“I love you so much it hurts.” I say back.

My hand is slowly tracing its way to where her hand is. I touch and tickle her stomach and her sides. She is moving and jerking as my caresses tickle and arouse her. My fingers explore her belly button (an innie). She is rolling her hips trying to get my hand to her pussy. I am not ready to tread there. She is softly pleading with me to put my hand on her mound. I answer moving my hand to her hip tracing her hip and pelvis down her outer thigh. I tease her a lot. I shift my position to have access to her lower body.

She reluctantly lets go of my now swelled cock. She lets out an unhappy groan. I kiss her inner thigh and she squeals. She is happy again. I kiss my way down her thigh to behind her knee. I stop there lifting it up and licking behind it and kissing it softly. It is driving her wild. I kiss down her calf heading for her toes. I pick up her foot and hold it aloft. I kiss her ankle, her instep, her arch and her toes. I suck on each of her toes. She is moaning continuously. I switch to her other foot and move up that leg, pausing as I did on the way down. She is eagerly awaiting my arrival. I am not there yet and I am going to tease her some more.

I am at her inner thighs. She has spread her legs wide for easy access to her pussy, but I wait. I lick and bite her thighs. She is rolling around and bouncing up and down. I look at her pussy. She changed it. The wild and curly hair has been closely trimmed presenting a neater picture to my eyes. It is so wet that juices are flowing. As she spreads her legs wider, her pussy opens up to let more juice out. She is really wet and it is flowing down to her butt and onto the bed.

I slide her down and move to allow her to have my cock while I have her pussy. She grabs my cock eagerly stroking it. She has never had my cock in her mouth without Sarah hovering nearby. Now it is all hers. She caresses it peeling back the foreskin exposing the mushroom tip. Her tongue darts out and grabs some pre cum. I jump at the intimate touch. She licks my quivering shaft from tip to base and back up. She strokes it slowly squeezing it gently.

She kisses the tip and opens her mouth to put the tip in. Her lips engulf the tip and cover the mushroom head. I feel a sucking sensation on my cock. She puts more of it in her mouth swirling it with her tongue. It feels so good.

I moan “Aarrgh!!!” My back arches as I try to push it further in.

She is pushing in and out on my cock, gently sucking and swirling her tongue. She has not gotten my cock completely onto her mouth and I do not expect her to. I am over 9 inches in length and 3 inches in girth. It takes a lot of practice for that to happen easily. She is still doing a wonderful job and I am certainly not going to complain.

I come to the top of her thigh and move to the center. I place my mouth on her silken mound. She bounces and thrusts. I kiss it and suck on hit driving her wild. Her reaction is to almost bite my cock. I move my kisses down her mound seeking her slit leading to her tunnel of love. She shifts and it opens before my eyes. I move my lips to her lips and nibble them. I slurp up the juice that is flowing. It is quickly replaced by more. I lick up and down the outer portion of the tunnel. I stiffen my tongue and push open the lips wider. I enter the tunnel and dart in and out. She is moaning continuously getting loader and louder. Above her slit I spy her clit peeking out from its hood. It is beckoning me to come and meet. I move to it and kiss it. I suck and nibble on it. She is thrashing again. I feel her convulsing with several small orgasms.

I move my hand to her pussy and insert a finger. She starts to hump my finger. I take some of her juice and coat my thumb. I work my thumb around to her ass, pushing on the brown button. It yields to let my thumb have an entrance. As I poke my thumb in her ass I insert a second finger in her pussy. Now I hold her like a bowling ball. I move my fingers and my thumb in a circular motion. She is coming again and again.

She releases my cock and yells, “I AM READY! TAKE ME! PLEASE!”

I hoped to come in her mouth, but this is the first time for what she did. There is plenty of time for that later. I shift my position so that I am face to face with her. I lean down and kiss her fiercely. She kisses back just as hard. We are in a hurry now to get going further. I rise up and insert my hard cock into her love tunnel. She is so tight that I have to go in slowly. It is almost like the first time. I push in further and further. She lets out a gasp followed by a big sigh. I slide in and out of her and she rises and falls with my movement. We are together for what seems like forever. We are feeling so as one. I can feel her walls closing in on my cock. She is preparing to have the big “O”. She is gripping me tightly. I start to move more rapidly. She is keeping up with me.

I slow down and pull out. She cries out “DON’T STOP!”

I roll her over and up on her hands and knees. Her bottom is waving in the air. I position myself on my knees behind her. I grab my cock and plunge it in her waiting, yearning pussy. She groans and moans. I take my thumb rub it on her pussy to get it lubricated. I put it on her brown spot and slowly push it in her ass. She pushes back and sighs again. I start a rocking motion pushing in and out of her. She is making guttural noises of pleasure. She is tightening back up on my cock. I feel my balls tighten and the rush of liquid through me. She comes gushing around my cock and I come filling up her pussy. There is the mingling of our love juices spreading inside and outside as we fill up her love tunnel.

We stay coupled for a long time as she throbs pulling all my cum from my cock. I am still very aroused and hard. I slide in and out of her stirring up the pot. She is moaning still. I fall out after shrinking. She rolls onto her back and I lay beside her. I lift up and move to kiss her. She throws her arms around me and kisses me for a very long time.

We are so happy this is the first time we could make love without interference from a third person and enjoy and savor the company of each other.

I look in her eyes and say, “Thank You. That was the best love making I have ever had. You were wonderful and marvelous. I can’t wait to do it again.”

She looks at me and says, “You are my light and shining star. You light up my life. I love you and I always will. I want to stay by your side until you die. You make me whole. I will go on forever.”

We lay there for a little while basking in the afterglow of our love making. I can feel her heart beating. Her breasts are rising and quivering, her nipples still hard. We hold hands and look at each other’s eyes.

We get up, look at the bed and decide that it is time to wash the sheets. We made a big mess. Elaine gets dressed in a silk night gown which she bought for this occasion. It accentuates her body. I get hard looking at her. She is giggling. I pick up the clothes I was wearing and carry them down to my room in the basement. Elaine follows me with the laundry. I get dressed and we sit on the couch cuddling listening to the washing machine.

“I think we should sleep together down here tonight.” I say.

Elaine agrees and tips her head up to kiss me. We talk about dinner plans and decide that we will have frozen pizza, salad and wine. When we finish we can come back down to the basement and get into bed after unfolding the couch and see what rises.

This is the end of part one. Part two will follow when Sarah returns or something else happens.

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