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Home For Dinner

Contributing Authors: Alphamagus 
Two lovers eat a meal and more
This is the second story written in collaboration with Alphamagus. We are enjoying it enough to make it a series, assuming you enjoy it as well.

Juliana and Robert were both foodies. They ate out frequently but also enjoyed shopping for food from various market purveyors and then cooking together. Dinners during the week were generally simple, given the long hours that both of them worked. But, on the weekends, there was more time to experiment with their culinary repertoire. Their kitchen was well-equipped and large enough for both of them to work in at the same time. It became much less of a chore to cook and clean up together and they took almost as much sensual pleasure from the food and wine as they did from each other. Robert always was turned on watching Juliana eat.

Robert knew that Juliana had been under particular pressure at work all week and would likely not want to go out that Friday night. She would be too tired. He decided that she needed a treat nonetheless and went to his fish guy in the market on the way home from the office to buy some lobsters – a favourite of hers. She preferred eating them at home because it was so messy. Robert bought some mussels to steam in wine as a starter, a ciabatta stick, and several bottles of wine (enough for the weekend, he hoped). He was going to make a special dessert himself, rather than buy one from the bakery, and bought what he needed for that also.

He arrived at their renovated Victorian house downtown before her, happy to have a head start on dinner. He changed out of his work clothes into old khakis and a pink oxford shirt (just to please her as she liked him in pink). While they had been living together for more than two years, the spark between them had not weakened. There were always small, thoughtful gestures which were a testament to both their affection and undiminished sexual attraction. He went into the kitchen to organize the groceries and begin preparing dinner.

Juliana arrived home, perhaps a half hour later. She immediately took her shoes and suit jacket off. She walked towards the kitchen quietly in her bare feet and came up behind him. She wrapped her arms around him, kissing the back of his neck, surprising him. Robert loved these moments of spontaneous affection from his lover. She also liked to tease him, and reached down to his crotch giving his cock a long stroke up and down, asking, “Happy I’m home, sweetheart?”

This was part of their reciprocal need to touch each other often.

Robert wondered what man would not be happy with this woman. She was smart, funny, accomplished and turned him on more than any of the long list of women he had been involved with before her. He had never been so thoroughly captivated by anyone. Juliana always let him know how much she cared for him and understood him. She was the only person with whom he could be himself entirely.

Juliana laughed as Robert responded to her touch. His cock trembled and began to stiffen immediately. He turned around and took her in his arms, kissing her deeply.

“Hello, darling. Why don’t you change into something comfortable and join me for a glass of wine, while I cook?”

Juliana caught her breath after that kiss, went off, and returned in a loose white linen dress, still in her bare feet. They drank some chilled white wine, talked about their respective days and began with the mussels. Robert had observed that Juliana always ate with gusto. It seemed to be an extension of her sensuality. He watched as she attacked the mussels, eating them from their shells and slurping the winey broth. It reminded him of something else she drank and he was compelled to kiss her.

They shared a long and tender kiss as Robert went to bring in the lobsters. Robert had steamed them and served them simply with a garlicky butter. As they were finishing eating, Juliana noticed the stickiness of the lobster and butter coating Robert’s hands. She reached over and smiled at him before taking his hands in her own, slowly licking the juices from his fingers and palms. She felt him shudder as each digit entered her mouth and her tongue started slowly caressing them. His arousal, which had been growing more and more during this course, was starting to actually feel uncomfortable within the confines of his khakis. He drew her to him and kissed her deeply.

“Darling, we still have dessert. If you tidy these dishes, I'll quickly go and prepare it,” he said, a little breathless with excitement.

Getting up, Robert went to the refrigerator to get the ingredients for dessert – Eton Mess. He crushed the meringues with his hands then added the strawberries that had been soaking in wine. Finally, he added the whipped cream to the bowl and mixed the ingredients together. This had always been one of his favourite desserts from childhood. His mother had always made it for special occasions. He knew that it was decadent, but it was so delicious. Also, his mother had not served it with a cold bottle of Prosecco as he planned to do. The sparkling of the wine would make a great palate cleanser from all of the food.

He spooned the dessert into two dishes and added a couple of rose petals to garnish. He was a very romantic man. Still very aroused from the first two courses, Robert shuffled back to the dining table where Juliana was waiting patiently. She looked so seductive, he thought, as he gave her one of his most flirtatious smiles. His cock was feeling very insistent inside his trousers and he knew that he would have to sort it out soon. He did not know how much more of this arousal he could withstand without taking her.

Juliana watched him as he approached with the dishes, and as he was about to place hers down in front of him, she reached out her hand and traced her fingers along the very prominent bulge of his cock, through the fabric of his trousers, whilst looking up at him with a question in her eyes. It was all too much for Robert and his cock which was now straining within his boxers. He put the dishes down and pulled her to her feet.

Kissing her passionately, he slipped her dress over her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. He then removed her bra and started kissing her magnificent breasts, rolling her pink pearl nipples on his tongue and sucking and kissing them. His kisses become more and more ardent as her hand went once more to the bulge in his trousers and started caressing his cock. She wanted him to fuck her there and then. She hastily unbuttoned his trousers as he was fumbling with the buttons of his shirt. He was so excited that his cock sprung from his boxers as soon as his fly was opened. The urge to be naked with this incredible woman was overpowering.

Freeing him from his trousers, she deftly pulled his boxers down and let them fall to the floor. As Robert stepped out of them, she knelt down and bought her lips to the head of his cock whilst her hand rubbed up and down his length and kneaded his balls. Robert thought to himself that there was no way that he would last too long like that, so he quickly pulled her back to her feet and once more started kissing her hard on the mouth.

Lost in the moment, Robert pushed Juliana back on to the table with the intention of taking off her panties and having her there. But as he did so, the Eton Mess was knocked by his hand. It somersaulted on to Juliana’s front, spilling all over her. Robert saw this as an opportunity, not a disaster. Within a second, his face was on her tummy and breasts, licking up the cream and strawberries. He felt Juliana’s hand reach behind him and pull him to her. The meringue crushed between them as he bought his body over hers on the dining room table.

He kissed her hard, popped one of the strawberries into her mouth and then using his tongue, crushed the berry within. Some of the juice escaped and dribbled down her chin which he hastily licked up. She in turn smeared some of the discarded cream onto his nipples and brought her mouth to them, slowly sucking up the renegade liquid. The dining room table was a pink and cream Jackson Pollock facsimile now, but large enough to hold both of them easily.

He slipped off the top of her and went to her side, marvelling at her messy body and the effect it was having on his cock. Juliana wrapped her hands, which were now quite creamy themselves, around him and started to pump his length slowly. The cool of the cream delighted him against the heat of his manhood. He poured some of the ice cold Prosecco into her inviting mouth and then watched as it filled it, spilling down her neck to her breasts. She shivered with the intensity of the carbonated bubbles and temperature of the wine. Her nipples instantly reacted as the fizz covered them.

Robert’s mouth came down to them once more and licked up the liquid, making them impossibly hard and sensitive. He then poured some onto her torso and watched as the ice cold liquid trickled down her thighs and in between them. Shifting position, he bought his face to her womanhood. Taking very long stokes with his tongue, he felt just how turned on she was. Her juices were already flowing. Inserting his tongue all of the way inside, he got that amazingly sensual Juliana taste. Musky, sweet and salty. Taking a mouthful of the Prosecco himself, he transferred the wine into her pussy. Juliana reacted instantly as the fizz flooded her.

Her gasps turned to soft moans as she felt his tongue follow and neutralise the fizz. Its heat found her clitoris and licked it slowly. She felt on fire and realised that her orgasm was impending. Turning him around again, Juliana pushed him face up onto the table. Gripping his cock, she rubbed it down her entire body to the entrance to her pussy. She then straddled him. His cock engulfed her easily. Juliana shivered as she slid down his length and her hands grasped his. She then slowly started to ride him.

Robert knew at this moment that he had really met his match. This woman would be his forever. He started to grind into her and it was not too long before he felt their orgasms approaching. Holding back, just barely, he heard the unmistakable sound that she emitted as her climax hit - the drawing out of her breathing and then the long whimper. Not being able to hold on any more, he released as soon as he knew that she was there. Streams and streams of hot sperm filled her inside. He luxuriated in the sensation as he continued to thrust upwards.

Somehow, he realised that he was still aroused and, as his thrusting continued, sensed that some part of him had not actually released in entirety. He started pumping again with a renewed vigour, deeper and deeper inside of Juliana. She felt that he was going to have a second orgasm and started to move with him once more. He put one hand on her clitoral hood and started rubbing as he thrusted. His other hand went to her behind. Very gently, he rested his pinkie finger at her anus. It was too much for Juliana and she had another intense orgasm. His pinkie slipped inside her as she came and made her orgasm even more powerful. He could feel his second release coming and grabbed her so that he could taste her swollen nipples as he came.

Pumping wildly, he filled her once more, marvelling at how he had just managed to achieve that. She bought her lips down to his. His length was still inside of her and their juices were flowing out onto the table’s surface.

“Sweetheart,” she said, “We have made an unfortunate mess.”

He laughed a great booming laugh and pulled her down next to him, still inside of her and took in the scene around them.

They released from each other and stood uncertainly. The place was like a bombsite. Not only had the food been crushed on to the table, but a large part had also fallen on the floor onto their clothes. Robert bent down and retrieved his shirt. He wiped all of the remnants off Juliana with it and mopped up the immediate evidence off their tryst off himself, too.

“I will sort out the floor and clothing if you do the table and dishes,” he said. Juliana looked at him and around the room.

They both dissolved in laughter.

There was something about the act of tidying up the kitchen naked that was intensely sexual, Juliana thought as she watched Robert finish mopping the floor and then loading the washing machine with their soiled clothing. She heard him say that he was going to run a shower for both of them as she finished up cleaning the table and disinfecting it with a small amount of bleach before putting the dishes away into the dishwasher.

Neither wanted to lose the feeling of the moment but also, neither wanted to face this fiasco when they came down for breakfast the next morning. They completed the clean-up quickly. Juliana then took Robert by the hand to lead him up the stairs.

“I think that there is some that you missed on me, “she said with her eyes dancing. “We do need a shower.”

Robert did not have to be asked twice. He thought as they were climbing the stairs about how he would take her with the water cascading on both of them. Tonight would be lovely way to put a cap on the week.

Juliana was looking forward to the weekend and staying in bed with Robert instead of running off to work. Morning was her favourite time to make love and Robert was the man she wanted for now and always. No man had ever reached her the way he did.

Robert was looking forward to the weekend – two mornings with time enough for long, leisurely lovemaking, taking his time with her, and beginning each day with his favourite breakfast, Juliana’s pussy. There was no one like her – especially for dessert.

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