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A couple agree to meet for a romantic weekend

I've woken up and smiled to myself. I've been anticipating this day ever since we agreed to meet at the hotel in Cornwall.

Resisting the urge to do something about my erection, I get cleaned up and dress in t shirt and shorts, and quickly finish packing.

I'm soon on my way and I use the solitude of the drive to think of you, of us and the good times we've had over the years. You are such a sensual girl, so sexy and so sensitive. I'm dying to see you, but I'm also nervous for some reason. Probably because I'm not sure what your reaction will be when we eventually see each other again. My memories of you are all so positive. I've dreamed of you many times over the years, and sometimes those dreams have caused me to wake up in a cold sweat. My god, but you turn me on so much.

At last I check in at our chosen hotel, and the receptionist tells me that you have already arrived and that you have our room key.

I make my way to the third floor and walk down the corridor to our room. A sign hangs on the door saying "Do not disturb" and I quietly try the handle and slide silently in to the room. My pulse is off the scale and I feel like I'm doing something terribly wrong.

The curtains are drawn and the room is in partial darkness, but I'm still able to make out your shape lying under the covers in the king size bed.

I sit on the edge of the bed and stroke your cheek and pull your hair back behind your ear.

You are breathing deeply and evenly and quite obviously in a deep sleep. I lean down and kiss your cheek, and you murmur softly, still sleeping but aware somehow of my presence.

I quickly undress and slide in next to you.. behind you. I move closer and my hard cock is pressing into your bottom. I put my arm around you and my hand soon finds your breast. I massage your nipple and you move your leg which allows me to position my cock at the entrance to your pussy.

Suddenly I realise that you are wide awake and you move your head over and we kiss. Softly and gently at first, but then more urgently. Our tongues are competing to see which of us can probe the deepest, and then I break away to tell you how much I love you, and at last I move on top of you as I slide inside you with one smooth wet movement. We both catch our breath as you receive my hardness to the hilt. I gaze into your eyes as we get a rhythm going and I strain to hold back from coming too soon. You tell me you love me and I tell you that I intend to stick my tongue inside your hot wet pussy. You tell me that you want my stiff prick in your mouth, and your sexiness is all too much for me and I cry out that I'm coming and you raise your hips as I spurt what feels like a gallon of sperm inside you. You reach your climax immediately and I collapse on top of you, still inside you and we both start to laugh as we try and recover from our exertions.

I wrap you in my arms and hold you tightly and tell you that I'm never going to let you go. We both doze off and when we wake up we laugh again and eventually get into the shower together and I get hard again and you tell me to wait till after dinner.

We dress up to the nines for dinner. . you in a sexy beautiful black dress and me in an elegant suit. People look at you in the restaurant and I can tell that the men are jealous of me and the women envious of your beauty and elegance. We are a good couple.

We linger over our meal but eventually we make our way back to our room. We undress and fall into bed and I hold you tightly as we fall into a sweet deep sleep. I wake up during the night and look at you as you sleep soundly, and once again I remind myself of how much I love you.

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