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House Maid PT2

Young son discovers house maid, dates, has sex, and gives her marriage proposal
“I want you to come over to the office today. We need to talk about a few things, okay bud” he told his son Chad. Chad was happy to have a chance to sit down with his dad even if it meant meeting him at his office.

Chad’s father, only 55 years of age, and few years older then Chad’s mother was a spry middle aged man. But he was more then ready to take an early retirement even though he was only 55 years old.

“You mom already knows this, okay?” he told Chad. “I’ve banked all of it and its all in yours and your sister’s names. Now, she’ll get hers when she marries of course, and you will too. Now seeing as you’ve only been home for about what? Two months now I’m sure you don’t have a girlfriend, right?”

Chad lied and said no he didn’t. His dad asked if he’d dated at all. Chad lied and said he’d only had one date but that was a disaster. How could he ever tell his parents he’d been out on sever al dates with Catherine and even had one night of sex with her, turning her into a beautiful woman who no longer could be considered a virgin?

“So this is the deal. Upon you getting engaged and of coursed married, I’ll give you 60 days to do this. If you’re not engaged in 60 days then you stand to lose half that money.”

Chad sat in his dad’s office and thought about what his dad had just told him. His mouth was open. He was dumbfounded. Lose ten million dollars, honestly. Holy fucking shit, he thought. That is soooo fucking ridiculous. No fucking way and it was clear to his dad that he thought that way too as his mouth sat open wide for anyone to read it clearly.

“So you have no girlfriends whatsoever?” his dad asked again.

“No” Chad said as she shook his head and wore a blank face. “Okay, I’ll work on that.”

He got up and said goodbye after hugging his dad. Okay yes, he loved his dad and he loved him with all his heart too, but this, this was fucking stupid Chad thought as he headed out of the office to his car.

He got in his car and drove away, playing tunes on the stereo as loud as possible. 20 million dollars, he told himself, if and when I get married? “Come on now” he said aloud as he headed for home and then began to have second thoughts. He turned off and drove over to Catherine’s thinking for some reason she might be home. “Wait, why would she be home? She’s at my place.”

So he turned and headed for home. “Hi honey” he said as he walked in and saw her leaning over doing something. He walked up behind her, smiling, and pressed his body into hers. She jumped unsure of what was going on. “Come on upstairs. Let’s play” he said teasing her.

She couldn’t and she knew she couldn’t. Seeing as she was at work, she felt rather uncomfortable doing anything, like that especially, at the employers. “No, honey, I can’t. You know that” she replied.

He was smiling regardless and stepped closer. “Ohhhhhh come on. My mom’s not home. It’s just you and me. Let’s go and play around a little” and with that, he smiled some more, looked into her eyes, and raised a hand so that it ran up her belly to her boobs and then up and over them ever so playfully.

“Ohhhhhhh Chad, no oh nooooo, please honey not right now” she said.

But he did it again and as he did it, he smiled that redeeming smile of his. He took her hand in his anyway and took her away from his work. She never resisted. She followed him upstairs and she thought she knew where they were headed. Instead, he stopped and turned into the bathroom.

“Oh gosh no” she said. She was afraid Mrs. Dempsey would come in while the two played. “I can’t, we can’t Chad” she said and said it with fear in her voice.

“But I’m horny, Catherine. I want to make love to you” he told her.

“Ohhhhhh god no” she said. But she knew what that would feel like. She knew how it would feel indeed and with that, she gave in. She unbuttoned the buttons to her dress as he finally started the water. “Oh god, ohhhhhh my god” she said knowing this was all wrong for her.”

They stepped in. She was naked. He was too. It was only their second time together. He kissed her and she kissed back as the warmth of the water flowed down over them. Her body was stimulating and sensuous as ever to him as he pulled her closer and closer. He loved holding her in the shower. It was sexy. She was sexier. He grabbed her by the ass as he held her close and kissed her sumptuous lips, tenderly.

“Mmmmmm ohhh lord” she said. “I love how this feels” as she in turn reached back behind him and squeezed his ass cheeks too. She smiled right into his eyes. “I love you” she added and with that she caressed his flat, solid stomach, and eased up so that she could rub his chest. Then she leaned into it and kissed his chest and nipples. “You like that don’t you?”

He said yes and leaned down to kiss her breasts and then he did it some more, followed by sucking and licking her nipples. She loved it as her head fell back and her mouth opened wide as if she was going to cry out, emotionally.

Out of nowhere, she reached down. She felt his limp cock. “Mmmmmm, I do love how this feels honey” she told him. “Should I get you hard?” He smiled and nodded and so she got him hard. She stroked him and eventually went down, on her knees, and put her tongue to it. “Do you like that too?” she asked.

He moaned and then smiled and nodded his head. All of a sudden, he forced her head over it. She was swallowing it, something she didn’t so before, but she soon began to like it all nonetheless. It got hard and it got hard sooner then she thought it would.

“Let’s have sex” he said.

“In here?” she said. “You mean let’s have sex in here, in the shower?”

He nodded his head and pulled her closed. He pulled her real close. He looked into her eyes and kissed her as he unexpectedly lifted her up and placed her above and then onto his cock.

“Ohhhhhhh my Chad” she said as she felt the strength of it entering her pussy. “We can’t” she went on to say. “You don’t have any protection” but he didn’t care. He wanted sex with her. “No ohhhhhh god” and she closed her eyes as she said “no ohhh fuck no” but then she grabbed him resoundingly and said “yes oh fuck yes, yes keep doing that honey. Keep doing that to me. This feels soooo darn, ohhhhhh my lord yes oh fucking yes. That feels so fucking good” as he plummeted her pussy, hard and vigorously.

He was about to cum. She had already orgasmed. He put her down and came all over her belly and lower body. It all felt good. She was proud of herself knowing she was able to get her new boyfriend and lover to cum like he did.

They got out and dried off. He smacked her ass and then held her closely. He was behind her and reached out and around her. He caressed her breasts and told her he loved her. It was something new to her. Nobody in her life told her they loved her before.

“Really, you honestly love me?” she asked.

“Yes, I think I do” he told her. “Is that wrong? Is that a problem?” he added as he started getting dressed. She said no. She got dressed too. They kissed a little longer and then he said “I have something to talk to you about but lets do that later on, okay?”

He came over a little later on, after she was off work. His parents still didn’t know he was into her and visa versa. To him that didn’t matter but it did to her, for now.

“Hiiiii” she said once she opened the door and as soon as she did, she hugged him.

She was thrilled he was there. It never mattered how he felt or what he was thinking. She was thrilled he came over. “I love you Chad Dempsey. Have I ever told you that before?” she told him with a huge smile canvassing her lips. “I love you, I love you, and I want you and your luscious body against mine all the time. And I mean that. I want it now. I want it tomorrow. And I’ll want it each and every day from here on forward” she went on to tell him.

He was happy she said it as she went on to tell him “Make love to me. Make love, right now, and right here. I don’t care. Do it on the floor, or on the couch, or even back in my bedroom for that matter. Yes, my bedroom. That’s it. Let’s do it there this time” she said spawning a loving smile he’d never forget ever.

He decided to hell with his dad for now. With that he pulled her extremely close and pressed his lips and his mouth against hers. They started kissing, madly. Tongues whipped out into the other’s mouth as each ones arms and hands grabbed hold of the others body. They pulled at one another. They grabbed at each other’s backs and whatever else they could hold onto. She pushed into his crotch as they kissed more intensely then earlier.

Before either knew it, they had fallen to the floor. Fuck the bedroom, he told himself. This is too crazy and wild for that. Just inside the apartment doorway, she was on him, and kissing him as her hands rambled crazily through his hair. He loved it. He did the same thing back to her.

They rolled as the heat rose between them. They rolled some more. It all seemed more pronounced as sweat built up inside their clothing. She couldn’t stand it and before he knew it, her top was coming off her body. Still she continued kissing his lips as though she wouldn’t ever see him again in her life.

She loved this man who had introduced her to sex. She loved how sex felt. And she convinced herself there wasn’t any other man in the world who would or could make love like Chad could make love to her.

She pulled his shirt out of his pants. Her hands, while they kissed madly, had gone up inside his shirt. She was pulling at his chest and trying lovingly and even more madly then ever to make love to it. She wanted it. She felt she needed it. She had to have him and his chest as much as possible.

Her top finally came off. So did her bra. At first she didn’t realize it but once she did, she loved it. She made sure his mouth and his hands were all over her boobs. She loved it when he sucked and kissed them. She loved that personal, romantic passionate attention, and she knew she’d want more then life could offer her. He was on them like a leach on garbage. He was attached and attentive. He consumed them and she adored that.

Seeing as she did, she reached down and petted his crotch. She stroked it and stroked it as if there was no tomorrow. He grew hard by her doing that alone. He moaned. He pushed himself up into her body as she stroked his loins although he still wore pants. She loved that he was turned on by all that.

“I want you again” she whispered. “I need you inside me again. Please oh please honey.”

He didn’t even look at her. He took off his pants and then removed hers. He didn’t even kiss her. He removed his underwear and then he took hers off too. She didn’t even have to suck his cock this time. He laid her flat on her back and once she was, he mounted her, and he inserted his cock into her pussy.

“Ohhhhhhh fuck honey, yes oh fucking yes” she cried out. “That is soooo terrific. I love how you feel inside me honey. Yes oh fuck yes” she screamed out as they pumped at one another’s body and she orgasmed once and then once again.

This went on for god knows, twenty some minutes, and then he did it. He came inside her. She did not care. It all felt way, way too good to be true. She was in love with him. Nothing happened. She didn’t conceive but it was a chance she took that night as the two of them made wonderfully exciting love to each other.

They laid there, snuggling, and holding the others body intimately. Both breathed hard. Both kept silent too. Life was good, she thought as she held his beautiful firm body against hers.

“You do know I love you right?” she said.

“Yes” he told her “and I love you too. I hope you know that” which she said yes and then turned to kiss his cheek.

He held her more firmly and then decided before he was going to tell her anything, if at all, he was going to kiss those big, beautiful bosoms of hers. He leaned in and kissed them and he told her that her tits had to be the most stimulating breasts he’d ever known in his life.

She turned to look at him with a smile. “Really, mine?” she said. “You really mean that?”

“I do” he said as he looked back down at them. “God Catherine” he went on to say as he looked between them and her “how can I not love your breasts? I mean I have to be the luckiest guy in the whole wide world.”

“Ohhhhhhh not these” she said in all honesty.

He nodded and told her yes. He leaned in and he kissed her, on her lips, and once he did he leaned in and kissed each boob right on the nipple. She smiled and then she giggled. He had never heard her giggle like that before and pulled her as closely as possible against him.

“Let’s go and snuggle in your bed” he said as he stood up and pulled her up.

They went in and snuggled. Before too much longer, he was hard, and he was horny again. Before too long, these two were at one another again, and that surprised her too.

“You’re really able to do this?” she said. “I mean you’re able to make love too?”

“With you, anything is possible Catherine” he told her “but I came over, not to make love to you, although that is an added plus, but I wanted to speak with you on a subject.” She asked what it was. He remained silent for a while and then as he looked into her eyes he said Will you marry me, be my wife, love me all my life, and I will make love to you, I don’t know, three to four days a week if we get married?”

She was shocked. She didn’t know what to think. A marriage proposal from him and just like that, she told herself. This is crazy yet amazing too even if is a great guy. She loved hearing that even if they hadn’t been going out all that long. And he had to be one of the best lovers in the world she added.

Then she said, after thinking it out, quickly “But you don’t even have a job yet. You uh don’t even have any money either do you” she told him. “I mean, I’d love to. I really, really would honey but what uhhh about a job and income?”

He looked at her. No, he didn’t have a job yet, but he would have the money. He didn’t tell her yet about that of course. “It doesn’t matter. It will all be alright.”

“Will it?” she said. “And how?” she asked.

“Our life will uh be secure. Don’t worry” he told her as he looked her straight in the eye.

She did. She was worried. Yes, she did love him and yes, she did love sex with him too, but he didn’t have a job. He needed a job. He needed to have some money too. She knew his parents were very well off but that didn’t mean he was. She tried smiling as she looked at him. She tenderly and intimately held him close. She kissed his lips again and as she did she tried keeping a smile on her face. However, she had her concerns.

“We’ll see” she said. “Despite that we love one another, you need a job. You need to have money coming in on your end. That’s all I ask.”

He laid there as he looked at her “dreamy” eyes and face. He cuddled her as he did and she loved how he cuddled her naked body. She put a hand on his chest and cradled it. She closed her eyes and soon she fell asleep on him. He eventually kissed her on her cheek and he got out of bed. He wrote her a note.

“Dear Catherine. Everything is going to be fine. All I need is a commitment from you. A yes, to be exact” the note went on to say. “Other then that our life together will be great. You and me and being together forever well I can see it now. Cuddling and kissing and intimacy every night of the week together. Your body against mine and you never know. We’d make love almost every night of each week for the next 40 plus years?”

He signed his name and told her he loved her. She didn’t come into work the next day. She stayed home and cried simply because she knew she loved him and she knew she did want him all the days of her remaining life.

“But mom” she said. “How does a woman know about these things? How does a woman know she’s in love?” Her mother told her and so with that she came to work, talked with Mrs. D., and then once Mrs. D. left to run some errands Catherine headed upstairs.

“Good morning sexy” she said once she entered Chad’s bedroom. Catherine, without giving it a second thought, unbuttoned her uniform. She climbed into bed. She pulled back his covers and snuggled with Chad. She whispered again. “Good morning Chad honey, let’s make love right here and now.”

She took off her dress so that when he opened his eyes he’d see her, naked as ever. She jerked his shoulder. She took off her bra. She jerked his shoulder again. And then she took off her underwear.

Totally naked, she kissed his cheek and patted his ass. “Open your eyes honey. See what’s beside you” she told him in a playful like tone of voice. “Come and take me to the shower.”

“Huh, what was that?” he said. She repeated herself as she smiled. “Huh, what?” he said.

She snuggled against him so that her breasts were so close he could almost smell them if he wanted. “Let’s go shower” she said, smiling.

He opened his eyes finally. She got him to sit up and that’s when he saw her sparkling white round bosoms. She played with her nipples as she smiled. “I want you to have these for the rest of your life. Will you take these and please me for the rest of our lives?” she asked. He looked at them and smiled. Ohhh yeah, her boobs, they did look majestic he thought. Hers were as firm as they came. And they were as beautiful as ever too. “Will you hold these in your heart and for as long as we’re together honey?”

“Yes” he told her as he looked at her solid tits. “I will so does this mean you’ll marry me?” he said again.

She smiled and as they looked at each other and she finally nodded her head. Now all they had to do was to “introduce” her to his parents. Yeah, they already knew her but of course, this was different. He didn’t think it was a problem. She did however but they’d work on the details later on.

“I do love you” he said again. “I know that. I’m very sure of it too” he told her as his index finger ran from the top of her nose and it trickled down to the tip of it and then it trailed down over her lips, and all the way to the top edge of her chest just before it stopped at her boobs.

“Mmmmmm god Catherine, have I ever told you just how sexy I really think you are? I mean you are beautiful and so fantastic too. That’s why I’ve always wanted to be with you” and with that he pulled her body against his and kissed her hard again.

They kissed again. They melted in one another’s arms. Before long, they fell back into her bed, and before too much longer she had reached down, in between her and him and her hand was searching for his cock.

He knew it and eased up some so that it could find its way inside their bodies. Oh holy fucking shit he told himself. She tried stroking it as they kissed and he jacked him off. The space between them widened as she stroked him some more and she stroked him more frantically too.

He loved it. And seeing that he did, he went down on her. He went down and he licked her out. “Ohhh eeeeehh oh oooooohh yes oh yes Chad ohhhhhh” she uttered as if snarling actually. “Oh my lord, do that some more. Keep doing that” she went on to say. But she had so much damn hair down there, which she had never shaved, that it made it virtually impossible for him to eat her out actually. Hair found its way to his tongue. No, he hated that for sure, but he kept on eating her out. Her pussy was soooo damn juicy, he thought, that she had to be eaten out, and she had to know that too.

Yes, she came alright, and she came as if a pro. She oozed and dripped as if knowing what to expect and once it was all said and done, he knelt upright, and he projected his cock over her. That was when he mounted “his attack” on her. Smiling, he came on her wonderful boobs he had complimented her on. She loved it too.

Snuggling later on and lying side by side, he told her how they should do it all. Yes, his parents would be stunned by it all but they’d get over it. He knew that for sure and he told her he’d go to his daddy first off.

That was when she thought about his mother. She finally told him about her and her lesbian advances. He was shocked. He couldn’t believe it. Regardless, they were one now, and none of that would ever matter in life.

“Are you happy?” he asked. She said yes. “Then if you are I am too.”

With that, they laid down together, for the night, and snuggled as they held one another closely until morning. That was when he’d first tell his father and then work on his mom
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