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House Maid

Son and housekeeper meet and will soon get it on
She always wanted to be viewed as pretty. She always wished she had a nice figure as well. However, Catherine, who was as timid and shy as they came, had no confidence in herself whatsoever. Although she was much, much prettier then she ever gave herself credit for, and though she did have a body fit for a princess she had no idea that many people, such as her employer, felt strongly towards her like they did.

“Good morning Catherine and how are you today?” Mrs. Dempsey, or as she liked being called Mrs. D. asked along with an overpowering generous smile.

Catherine tried smiling but regardless she said she was well. She’d walk inside in what she considered an appropriate maid’s outfit, which Mrs. D. approved of. Every so often, Catherine would venture out in one which alerted people to what a fantastic figure she actually had. Only Catherine never knew it until one day that is.

“Come on upstairs later this morning so we can talk over some things will you my dear?” asked Mrs. D. “It’s nothing too important. I just wanted to go over a few details.”

So a couple hours later, around eleven in the morning, Catherine headed on upstairs. “Yes mam, you wished to see me?”

“Ohhh yes dear, come on in and sit down will you please?”

This worried Catherine somewhat. Although she always found Mrs. D to be sweet and enjoyable, she felt something was amiss that morning. She didn’t know what to be sure.

“How’s life dear?” Mrs. D. asked. In a silent and demure tone she always spoke in, Catherine told her everything was going well. “You know, we never really talk. I just wanted to get to know you. You’ve worked for us for almost two years now” Mrs. Dempsey, who was well over 45 now, but she still remained a very attractive woman for her age.

“Yes mam” Catherine replied. “To be exact it has been 23 months now as of next month.”

It surprised Mrs. Dempsey. “Really, it’s been that long?” She was shocked so much time had passed already. “You have done such a wonderful job for us. Now, a few things have crossed my mind though. One, we talk all the time, don’t we?” which Catherine had to admit that they did and of course as retiring and shy as she was she replied in a manner which advocated that as well. Mrs. D. smiled directly at her. “I‘ve always meant to say dear I’ve always found you or seen you to be a very, very pretty young lady.”

Catherine blushed and smiled, modestly, but then she thanked her.

“May I ask, do you have a boyfriend?” Mrs. Dempsey said.

Now, to Catherine, that was an odd question, but they’d become closer as employee and employer were concerned and thought Catherine was well over 30 years old, she had never had a long term boyfriend other then a few dates here and there.

To be truthful, Catherine was about to turn 33 in a couple months. And in all honesty, she was truly embarrassed about herself seeing as she was the only one who really knew the secret of her personal life.

Catherine, at 32, was still a virgin, and of course she no longer wished to be.

“I noticed something significant about you the other day honey” Mrs. D. said. Catherine looked up and into her eyes. She asked what. “I have to admit. You have one of the loveliest figures a woman could have dear. I mean absolutely the loveliest too.”

While Mrs. Dempsey smiled, Catherine blushed almost right away. She wasn’t used to receiving compliments of any kind although she always wished for them. Hearing that from her employer and how it was said was the most unusual to from one woman to another. Still, she looked blankly at Mrs. D. as she spoke to her. Still, Mrs. D smiled at her as she threw a few others her way.

Catherine didn’t know what to make of this. One woman speaking to another in this way was to her quite unusual. To Catherine, it was not typical of two women, who may have been close, to a degree, although it was flattering.

All of a sudden, as Mrs. D spoke, one of her hands reached out. Catherine saw it but did not make much of it. That was of course until that hand of hers reached out and touched her arm. It didn’t throw her off but it surprised her nonetheless.

Catherine looked at the hand and then she looked, curiously, over at Mrs. D. Why is she doing that, she asked herself, as Mrs. D. began rubbing her arm.

“Do you like how this feels?” Mrs. D asked as she broke any silence that enveloped the two in the conversation that was being held. Catherine, not knowing what else to say, said yes. “I do too” added Mrs. D.

She rubbed the arm a little more. Silence ensued. “I’d love to feel more of your body to be honest Catherine” Mrs. Dempsey said.

Great curiosity grew from it all. Catherine had no idea what to make of it either. A woman, who had never been with another man much less, and now all of a sudden this woman, Mrs. Dempsey was touching her arm in what seemed to be an intimate manner?

“Uhhh Mrs. Dempsey?” she said. “Uhhh this feels a little odd to me. This all feels very strange in fact” as she pulled her arm away.

“So are you telling me you don’t like intimacy at all dear?” Mrs. Dempsey asked.

Not sure what to say but assuredly knowing she did however Catherine replied “Ohhh no mam, not at all. Who doesn’t appreciate and enjoy intimacy mam?”

“I do too, Catherine. I know I do” Mrs. D. came back and with that, she used the same hand and laid it on Catherine’s leg, just above her knee. Smiling, she asked “How’s this feel dear?”

It sent chills throughout Catherine’s body. No one ever had done that in her life that she knew of. It felt, in all honesty, a little exciting to her, but she wasn’t sure this was the right thing at all.

Still, Mrs. D. was still smiling, mildly that is, as she ever so lightly caressed Catherine’s upper leg. “A woman, women in general that is dear, we all need intimacy in our lives. I’m sure you do as well. Tell you what” Mrs. Dempsey told Catherine “isn’t your birthday coming up soon?”

Catherine admitted that it was. She didn’t care that people knew. She smiled and said yes again and with that Mrs. D. said “You and I, well we should forget all about work. We should go out, have lunch, and spend the afternoon somewhere on your birthday. It of course would be my treat and maybe, just maybe, if you’re into it all we can spend an evening at a nice hotel somewhere downtown.”

That threw Catherine off. What, she and I uhhh together, in a hotel room, and doing what she wondered? This sounds a little odd to me. This is beginning to sound like she wants to do something, uhhhhhh weird, and kinky. I’m not like that. I’ve never even been with a man before in my life, Catherine admitted to herself.

“Yes mam that does sound nice” she said anyway along with a general all-purpose smile so as not to offend her employer.

Then the hand came off the leg. Catherine looked down at over as it pulled away. She timidly looked at Mrs. D., who was still smiling appreciatively. “Did you say you don’t have a boyfriend? Is that right, Catherine?”

In her subdued tone of voice she was practically infamous for amongst her employer and all their friends and hers as well, she said yes as she nodded.

“So this means, I’m assuming, possibly you’ve never even had sex yet? Is that correct?”

Embarrassed as hell that she hadn’t, she couldn’t deny it at all. Even more quietly she accidently admitted to her employer that no, she hadn’t ever had sex. “Awwww, I’m sorry. I’m soooo sorry. Sex between two individuals, be it a man and a woman or two woman for that matter, well that has to be one of the most wonderful events in a person’s life, sweetheart.” And with that, she went ahead and said “On your birthday you and I can spend what will seem like an eternity together in a hotel room.”

She floored Catherine with what she was telling her as she went on and said “I will make love to you. I will make love to your wondrously fabulous body, dear. You will be overwhelmed and overjoyed when it is all said and done. Like this” she went on to say as she reached out finally and felt up Catherine’s breast. She smiled, looked deep into Catherine’s eyes, and said “See, now doesn’t that feel nice too?”

Catherine, the shy and retiring younger woman that she was, was shocked. She was stunned. She couldn’t believe what just happened as Mrs. Dempsey’s hand rubbed her boob. No man and no woman had ever rubbed her breasts before, other then when she was in the shower, or when a couple times she had masturbated although she never told her friends she had.

“Yes mam that did feel nice” Catherine lied.

That made Mrs. D. feel special that when she caressed Catherine’s boob, Catherine became a little aroused by what she’d done, supposedly. “Is that all, mam?” she went ahead and asked as she seemingly pulled away so that Mrs. D. couldn’t touch her any longer. Unknowingly, Mrs. Dempsey said yes along with giving her a smile and reaching out to touch her hand. “Thank you mam and mam, I can’t wait for my birthday.

“Oh and Catherine dear, remember my son, Chad will be home tomorrow.”

He arrived later in the day the next day. Everyone and their sister were there to greet him. He’d been gone for three years. No, she had never met the man prior to this point. He was 27 at this point in his life. From what she gathered, he was a rather intelligent, a very good looking, and a very personal man. Yes, okay, so what if he was younger, he still appeared to be very friendly nonetheless.

Her life was about to change soon.

“Who is that mom?” Chad asked.

“Ohhh, that’s our housekeeper honey, our fulltime maid.”

“Ohhhhhhh” he murmured as his eyes floated and continued to look her way. I like her, he told himself as she stayed back out of the way, but tried paying attention to her as much as he could. “How long’s she been working here?”

His mom told him. He watched her some more although his mom saw him studying her.
“Don’t even think about her dear. From what I gather, all I know is she’s a lesbian” his mom said, lying.

“Her, really?” he said, turning to face his mom. “She doesn’t look like one but that does not mean she isn’t I guess.”

“Yep, she is dear. Anyway, she is our hired help anyway. I don’t want you or anyone we know getting to know her too well. Employers and employees don’t socialize honey.”

Still, she was as pretty to him as they came. He already liked her and he didn’t even know her at all. He tried forcing himself not to look at her but he was totally unsuccessful at it. His eyes and his attention were all over her. He already liked her although he didn’t even know her at all. And he wanted to get to know her a lot.

“What’s her name again?” he asked.

She told him and she noticed he was watching her a lot more then she liked. She couldn’t tell him to stay away from her. His life was his own business. However, she did tell him to go out and socialize with family and friends and whoever else came by to welcome him home.

He did as he was requested. He spent a good amount of time speaking to his family and the friends who came over but he also made a point of keeping tabs of her. He hadn’t spoken to her and he wanted to as soon as possible.

“She’s a really sweet young lady” he overheard his mother say to one of the guests later on. “I just wish I could get her to be, hmmm how should I put this, interested in me.”

What the fuck, he told himself. My mother, a bi-sexual, really he told himself. Holy fucking shit, he thought. What a slut, he thought. My mom wants to do it with her? Damn, my mom’s the slut here. Wow, what a day.

The next morning and nobody was there at the house. They were all gone. Except for Chad of course, who was sleeping in and Catherine too. Finally, about 10:30 in the morning he woke up and crawled out of bed. Not realizing she was there, he walked to the bathroom, in his boxers only, and he started the shower. But then he shut it off, not thinking, and he went downstairs to get something to eat.

Catherine was in the kitchen, alone, and cleaning it all up from the day before. She heard him walk in. “Oh uh good morning uh sir” she said as she quickly noticed he was in his boxers only. Her eyes then scanned his body. She immediately looked away. She felt very uncomfortable being around him. She already knew how she felt. He is a studly looking, slightly younger, and seemingly nice personable fellow she admitted to herself. But as timid and as shy as she was it was hard for her to control her feelings around him and she felt embarrassed seeing as he wasn’t wearing any clothes. “How are you sir?” she forced herself to say but without looking at him.

“Well, good morning to you, uhhh Catherine. I’m well and how are you?” he replied. He noticed she was trying and forcing herself to look away from him once he replied. “Is something wrong?” he asked.

She said no but she still hadn’t looked at him. He kind of figured it out and seeing as he still hadn’t fixed his breakfast, he ran upstairs, put on some shorts and a shirt, and came back down. They talked a while and got to know one another a little more.

“May I ask you a question which may seem a little more umm personal?” he said.

In her quiet toned voice she said yes.

“My mother, who I’m not sure I can fully trust, mentioned to me that you are, how should I put this? Well she told me and someone else too that you are a lesbian.” It floored Catherine to hear him say that. In no way was she a lesbian or so she didn’t think she was. “Are you and if you are umm what is it like? No disrespect mind you.”

She was as embarrassed as anyone and didn’t know how to defend herself. She didn’t know what to say or how to say it. She turned pink and red as her cheeks flushed all over. She was looking down and a little away from him as he waited for an answer.

“No, never mind” he told her. “I’m sorry I said any of that.”

In her timid and quiet toned voice she finally spoke up a little. “Uhhh sir, no I am not. I have never been a lesbian, sir. I guess some people do get that impression sir seeing as I am not as forceful and outgoing as others. I don’t know.”

“So you’re telling me you are a normal, full blooded woman with full blooded female needs so to speak?” he asked with what he considered was a friendly smile.

She blushed, and even smiled, at his comment, and for the first time she looked into his eyes and told him yes she was. It had been one of the very first times in her life she felt confident as ever as she said it too. That’s when she thought of Mrs. D. and her attempt at having some kind of bi-sexual relationship with her. Still she told him that as far as she knew she was normal, every day woman with needs like every other girl in life.

“Good, good” he went on to say “because I was considering an idea. Even though you and I don’t really know each other I was wondering about something” this older then he was and seemingly nice guy went on to say. She asked what it was. “May I invite you out to dinner? It wouldn’t be anything but that. I wouldn’t expect anything else but that too.”

She felt shocked. Nobody had asked her out to dinner in at least a year, she thought. To have dinner with him, her employer’s son, didn’t seem appropriate either, she thought, and she felt she had to think about that.

“I don’t know sir. I don’t even know you. We don’t even know one another either.”

“Well if we go out to eat, a few times, we can change all that can’t we?” he said.

She had him there. Timidly she replied “I guess so sir.”

He smiled. “What about tonight. We can meet somewhere or I can pick you up.”

She immediately suggested they meet. So it was written in stone. They met, for dinner, and only dinner. They met early but he made a long night of it. They talked and they talked and as they did, he got her to loosen up, and feel a lot better about being around him. By nights end, she felt the dinner was superb. By nights end, they walked, around town even though there wasn’t holding of hands or any other romantic gesture, but he immediately invited her out to dinner the following night.

“Tomorrow night, really Chad?” she said and he smiled although she wasn’t and said yes.

So they met again, at the very same restaurant. She loved it. However being the type of person she was she didn’t let on that she did. They conversed all night long. He led it of course but she never minded it. This went on for three to four weeks. They were going out together and he absolutely felt crazy about her. She felt the same way.

A good, clean, but slightly romantic night out, she thought, with a fellow who was more then entertaining then she could ever imagine. Seeing as they’d gone out for four weeks and every other night for that matter, things slowly heated up. By the fourth week, he was progressing to kisses on her cheek.

She loved them. They turned her on in ways no man ever turned her on in her life. By this point, she was now masturbating, and he was the object of all those dreams in her nights and sometimes those days when she masturbated.

Yes, she came, and yes she orgasmed fantastically she thought. She enjoyed it all but she now new she needed a lot more in life. Catherine convinced herself that somehow she needed him. She needed and wanted Chad in her life and in her apartment too.

Mrs. Dempsey had to leave the house for the day, a couple months later. Ohhhhhh lord, now Chad and I can possibly be together? She said goodbye to Mrs. D. She collected her cleaning supplies and headed upstairs. He was still under the covers but the door was only slightly closed. She opened it up and saw him rustling around beneath the sheets of the bed.

Catherine smiled, nervously, and ever so slightly. She quickly grew anxious. Should I, she asked herself. She looked around knowing that nobody was even there. She looked into Chad’s room and saw him sleeping, kind of.

She walked in, nervously. She knew what she wanted and headed towards his bed. She could not believe she was about to do this. Slowly and surely, she undid the top button of her uniform. She looked around again as if unsure of herself but she kept on undoing the buttons to her uniform as she looked down at his sheet covered body. She undid her uniform completely, allowing it to hang off her body, and also allowing him to see it if he turned right side up.

Would he like this, she asked herself. I hope so she said as she still felt nervous as hell about it. She wanted to pull back the sheets so he’d wake up but didn’t. The uniform, now fully open, and knowing he’d be able to see her naked body, other then her bra and underwear beneath it all, looked ravishing to one who would appreciate it.

She personally didn’t think so but she never felt that way about herself. She hoped and she prayed that he would as she walked up to his bed, with the open uniform dangling so that he could see her beautiful flesh below it, and she stood staring down at him.

“Hi Chad” she said, quietly as was her nature. “Turn over and look at me.”

She wanted that badly. She wanted him to turn and look over at her. She wanted him to take her in his arms, pull her down on top of him, and smother her endlessly with all the loving kisses possibly in the world.

Ohhhhhh my lord Chad, turn over. Turn over and look at me. I can’t believe I’m doing this. Not even for you, Chad. Turn over. Come on, look at me Chad. Look at me and see how I look right now, she thought as she felt like mouthing the words as if that would do something more extraordinary then usual.

Oh god Chad, she started to think, look at me. Look at my body Chad. I’m almost naked. Can you believe it? I’m almost completely naked right now. Here I am, my dress is unbuttoned, you can see my bra and underwear, and I want you to see me like this. I do, Chad. I really, really do. Tell me how beautiful I am. I ma beautiful aren’t I Chad?

She gave up. She started buttoning it all back up. She became a little downtrodden about it all and after the third button, she saw him shuffle more then she expected. She stopped buttoning up. She waited, beside his bed, in her almost fully open dress, and hoped and prayed he’d open his eyes and turn over.

Finally, she did something about her feelings, and about him being right there in front of her. She leaned over and touched his shoulder, noticeably. He shuffled about. Catherine did it again and as she did it, something new occurred. She felt a strong set of emotions and she had never felt before. Those feelings seemed powerful too.

Out of nowhere, she sat down on his bed. “I love you Chad” she said quietly “or I think I do” she said quietly, but still he hadn’t moved. She was growing frustrated. “Chad, wake up. Come on will you wake up!” But even then what she said was quiet.

She jerked his body, ever so slightly again, and when she did she saw his body shift and move a little too. She grew hopeful that morning as her work dress hung open for him to see her body and boobs. She stood up and tried to jerk his shoulder again. He moved alright and she felt hopeful as well as a smile formed on her lips. Catherine did it again. She jerked his shoulder and said something as well.

“I want you to know something Chad. I think I love you.” It never seemed to register with him and she grew more frustrated at this point. “Me” she replied. “I think I love you.”

He finally seemed to notice and turned over. There she was, in her work uniform, it was on her of course, but it was now fully open. It was entirely unbuttoned all the way down again. She pulled all the way open so that if he opened his eyes he’d see her in all her glorious beauty.

He did. He finally opened his eyes. It appeared, to her, that he’d seen her. It seemed as if he saw something in fact. But did he, she asked herself. Did he actually see her like she was? Did he see her in her work dress all opened up in fact? All of this was just starting to register with him. He blinked his eyes and shook his head. He finally started to focus.

He garbled a little and then murmured a something too. “Uhhhhhh Catherine?”

He looked into her face. Still half asleep, he looked down at her fleshy and also sexy body. He wasn’t sure of anything as of yet. After having looked at her body, her bare somewhat naked body, he didn’t look up at her face for a while. His eyes were focusing. His brain was adjusting to it all.

It then dawned on him. He now realized what he was looking at. That’s when his mouth opened up wide. He was shocked but Catherine was now happier then ever. Oh he wasn’t shocked all that much but he was surprised nonetheless.

Still he asked “What are you uh doing Catherine?”

Unsure of herself she replied by saying “Uhhhhhh, I don’t know. I’m not sure.” But in truth she did know what she was trying to do. “Uh yes I do. I know what I’m doing Chad. I came up here and I came up here to be with you.” She stumbled but then said “I think I love you Chad and I’m pretty sure I want to be with you in a romantic way. I want us to uhhh be together. I want you and me to lie down with one another and get naked. I want you to hold me and hold my body as if it is naked, Chad.” With that and without being asked, she laid down beside him, open dress and all, and she kissed his lips. “Hold me will you please? Just hold my body. I want to feel you holding me. Will you please?”

He smile and pulled her body along with her open dress and all into his arms, and against his naked chest. He immediately kissed her on the back of her neck. She loved it all felt. He went on to say “I think I love you too Catherine” and he told her more which fed into what she wanted to hear. “And I do want to make love with you” and he told himself he wanted to make love to her fabulous and remarkable body as well.

She smiled and turned over, open uniform and all. She leaned into him, happily and kissed his lips. Then she said “Right now is as good as any. I’m willing if you are or we can wait and do it all tonight at my place. I’d love that. I’d really love that. I want you to show me how it all works, how it all really goes, okay?”

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