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How about a massage baby?

How about a massage baby?

Let me massage you
This is a story when my husband gave me a little treat one morning. It’s always nice to be delighted in lots of little ways. The hum drum of life can get rather boring. It’s always nice to feel loved. This is what happened.

It was early morning and I had just woke up and went to brush my teeth and wash my face. I was still tired and went back to the bed, but was just resting and not sleeping. My husband was downstairs and then came into our room.

“How about a massage?”

“Sure, that sounds lovely.”

At first, he just moved my pajamas out of the way and just rubbed my back and my lower back.

“Get undressed honey.”

I did as he said to do. I laid on my back and he went to the bathroom to get the baby oil.

He poured oil on his hands and worked out the knots that were there on my neck. His fingers were rubbing them out and it felt so good. He poured more oil onto my back. His hands rubbing up and down my back.

“Oh yes that feels so good.”

He worked my lower back and then poured more oil down my legs. His hands were kneading out all the stress that was in my body. He rubbed and massaged my feet and my toes. Then spent extra time working and kneading his hands on my buttocks. I could just feel the stress leaving my body.

“Keep rubbing! It feels so good. Oh God!”

“Turn over babe. I want to do your front.”

I did as he said to do. He poured the oil all over my firm breasts. He kneaded each one. He played with my nipple of the one breast and then went to the next breast and did the same thing.

He squeezed the oil onto my stomach. His hands worked gently in my stomach region. He was rubbing and it felt so good. Then he squirted the oil on my thighs and calves. His strong hands working them.

He then poured the oil onto my bald pussy. He worked his fingers all along my folds of my pussy. Gently his fingers danced up and down my pussy lips. Taking his time and rubbing them. I now spread my legs and his hands were just rubbing and massaging my pussy lips. He poured more oil into his hands and then placed his finger in my pussy and began to finger fuck me. But it was very gentle.

“Oh God, that feels so good. Don’t Stop.”

He moved my body to hang off the bed. He put my legs around his neck and began to eat my pussy. His tongue licked up and down my pussy. I was moving my pussy onto his face, while he was licking and adoring my bald cunt. His tongue brushed along my hidden pink clit. Spending lots of time on my clit. I was gripping the headboard, while he was devouring my beautiful pussy.

“Oh God! Oh fuck! Oh shit!”

His tongue was going between my pussy lips as he was fucking my pussy fast with his tongue. My juices were dripping out of my pussy. His tongue was rimming my ass. His tongue licking so fast on my anus. His tongue entered my rosebud. He was finger fucking my pussy and eating my ass. I was so relaxed and moaning.

“Oh God! It feels so good. Don’t stop! Oh fuck.”

His tongue was fucking my anus now and his fingers were deep inside my pussy. I was moaning uncontrollably. He put my legs over his shoulders and slid his cock into my pussy. He was pushing, thrusting, and pounding my bald cunt.

“Keep fucking me. Oh yes. Fuck my pussy!”

He pulled out and went back to work on my pussy. Fucking me really good and hard with his tongue. He just loved, when I came on his tongue. My pussy started to explode and my hot cunt juices poured into his mouth. He lapped my cunt like a crazed animal.

He pushed his cock back into my pussy and fucked me harder and faster.

“I want you to ride me.”

He then got on his back and I got on top of him. I put his cock into my pussy and worked my body up and down over his shaft. His cock felt so good in my pussy. He sat up and made love to my breasts. Pushing them together and licking the nipples.

My hair was swaying as I rode up and down over his hard cock. His fingers were twisting and pulling on my nipples.

“Oh God! Your pussy is so wet and creamy. Keep riding me.”

I moved my pussy up and down over his shaft. His hands now were on my hips and he was bucking into my pussy now. It felt so good. We were in good rhythm with each other.

“Get on your hands and knees!”

I did as he said and he poured oil onto my ass and slid his cock into my anus. It felt tight, when his cock entered my ass. His hands were on my hips pulling me closer onto his cock. He was thrusting and pounding my tight ass.

“Oh my God. That feels so good.”

“Your ass is so tight. Fuck it feels so good on my cock. I’m coming baby. Oh God!”

My husband came in my ass. My ass was filled with all his cream. We then kissed and held each other and then it was time for him to shower and go to work.

“Thanks so much for that. It’s exactly what I needed today.”

He then got ready for work. I went downstairs and packed his lunch and he kissed me and left for work. I thought to myself what a wonderful day this should be.

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