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How Long Can You Wait?

Friends turned lovers, Johnny and Pen, take the tension to the limit their first time together.
NOTE - Follows on from How Quiet Can you Be?

“Pen? Pen wake up love, we’re here.” I gently shook her and her eyes flickered open. My heart swelled in my chest just looking at her. When we got on the coach in England we’d been best friends. Now we were getting off in the Italian Alps as lovers. I was so glad I hadn’t chosen to fly!

Penny looked up at me and smiled. “That was quick,” she said.

“It was twenty-six hours.”

“No I mean the last bit.”

“You slept.”

“You didn’t?” She sat forward and stretched, and I worked the crick out of my shoulder.

“Na, sleeping would have meant taking my eyes off you.”

She looked over her shoulder at me and gave me a seductive smile. “You know, Johnny, I had no idea I had you so whipped.”

I sat forward, put my arms round her and found her lips with mine. Kissing her set off a wonderful flutter in my stomach. I couldn’t wait to get her to the chalet.

“Don’t you tease me, talking about whips,” I whispered against her lips.

“Maybe I’m not teasing.”

She wriggled free and stood to get her bag from overhead.

“You planned this, didn’t you?”

She bit her lip. “Kind of. What happened on the ride was just because I got impatient.”

I followed her off the coach in something of a daze. I’d fully expected to come here to spend a week skiing and hanging out with my friend. Only in my deepest fantasies had I thought anything would happen. Hoped, sure, hoped until it hurt. But, expected, no.

We collected our bags and hailed a taxi to take us to the chalet. It was early spring and our breath formed little clouds in the crisp night air. We both quickly dug out some extra layers from our suitcases.

The roads were clear of snow but several feet slumped off the roofs of the buildings and every overhang was fringed with icicles. The taxi pulled up and we loaded our things in and set off. Penny sat with her nose pressed against the window, watching the small resort town go by. I watched her excited smile thinking I wanted to see one of those just for me tonight.

Despite the anticipation, I was feeling pretty drained. I ached from sitting on the coach for so long and I hadn’t managed to get much sleep. It sucked because I wanted my first night with Penny to be perfect. No, better than perfect; I wanted it to be memorable. I wanted to seal the deal. Make her lose control and beg to be mine forever.

The taxi pulled up outside the chalet; a four bedroom place owned by a friend of my parents. I unloaded the bags and found the keys, handing my wallet to Penny for her to pay the taxi fare. As the car drove off she slipped her arm through mine.

“This place is gorgeous,” she said, gaping.

“I know.” The chalet perched on the hillside overlooking a snow-filled valley. Thin strips of pine forest separated it from the neighbours on either side. A balcony jutted out to the front, decking with a hot tub extended to the side, and it was all ours for a whole week.

I backed up towards the door while she looked up at the snow covered eves. “Pen?”

She looked down.

“Don’t make me wait any longer, huh?”

She grinned and grabbed her bag; not that it made it far through the door before she dropped it and threw her arms around me. I kicked the door shut and kissed her. She clawed at my clothes, her breath coming in shallow excited gasps that turned me on like a switch.

“Pen,” I moaned. “Slow down love.”

“There’s time for slow later, right now I need you inside me.”

She made a convincing point. She pushed my coat off and dropped it to the floor. Hers followed then I let her lift my sweater and t-shirt over my head. Her jeans , my trousers, her socks, my pants; we left a trail of discarded clothing from the door to the open plan lounge with its thick shaggy rug and open fireplace. The scent of pine and faint wood smoke hung on the air. I shivered; it wasn’t much warmer inside than out. I untangled myself from Penny’s arms long enough to light the fire and crank up the heating, while she fetched wine from the kitchen.

I stretched out on the rug, propped up on one elbow, and watched her walk back to me, totally naked and relaxed, if a little chilly. She had such a beautiful body; curvy and sumptuous, with strong thighs, a toned stomach and hips that swayed like a dancer. Waves of her thick, soft blond hair tumbled down to just above her nipples which jutted up looking so very edible.

She flashed me a seductive smile, bit her lip, and dropped down on her knees on the rug beside me. She handed me a glass and brought her own up to tap it.

“To finally doing what we should have done a long time ago,” she said, staring into my eyes.

“Yeah. And to having the best of both worlds.”

We both took a sip and then set our glasses aside. Penny shifted closer and I sat up with her. I put my hand to her cheek, brushing her hair back, and stroked my thumb across her lips. She closed her eyes and gently kissed my thumb.

God I couldn’t take much teasing tonight. I put my arms around her and lowered her to the rug. She stared up at me, totally trusting, with just a hint of apprehension. I stretched out beside her, pressing my body to her side.

“You nervous?” I asked.

“I didn’t think I’d be,” she said. “I don’t want to be.”

I gently stroked her stomach and sides, and kissed her neck. “What are you worried about?”

“I don’t know. Guess it’s just a big moment. Guess I’m scared it won’t be what I imagined.”

“Only one way to find out.” I shifted up onto my knees and kissed down to her collar bone and then lower. Penny stroked her fingers through my hair, down my neck to my shoulders and then back again. She spread her legs and I knelt between them, lips still caressing her skin with small, damp kisses.

I stroked her side and cupped her breast, pinching her nipple between my fingers and giving it a gentle tug.

“Johnny, your fingers feel like fire on my skin.”

“What about my lips?” I flicked my tongue across her nipple, gently blew on her moist skin, and then suckled her. Penny moaned and arched her back. She gripped a handful of my hair in her fist and spread the fingers of the other hand out over my shoulder. I pinched her nipple between my teeth and tickled it with my tongue. At the same time I moved my hand between her legs and drew my teasing fingers around the edges of her pussy, slowly moving towards the touches she craved.

“Kiss me,” she gasped.

I released her nipple and pressed my body against hers. She put her hands to either side of my face and lifted her shoulders to reach my lips. I kissed her, slow and sensuous, teasing her lips with my tongue before plunging it into her eager mouth. She tasted so good and I started thinking about how other parts of her would taste.

Her hands moved down my sides and I lifted my hips so she could move her hand between us and stroke me. I moaned against her lips and then drew back so I could look at her. Her eyes sparkled, dancing in the light from the fire, and I felt like I could just fall into them. Sex had always been a pretty big deal for me; I liked intimacy. With Penny it felt bigger still. I wanted to hold her gaze and watch her eyes roll back as I slowly eased my cock into her.

“Johnny,” she gasped. She arched her back and pressed her soft, sensual body up against mine. Her hand, still encircling my shaft, tugged me towards her. I quickly slipped a hand between her thighs and found her dripping with wetness. I stroked her a few times and parted her lips as she guided me down towards her.

Her warm opening kissed my tip and I pressed forward just a fraction. Her lips parted and she threw her head back. As much as I wanted to just plunge into her I wanted to make her wait, tease her.

I stroked her hair and pressed her head back down so I could watch her expression. Her eyes flicked open and between gasps she smiled at me.

“Making me wait again, Johnny?” she whispered.

I moved a fraction deeper and she moaned. “You bet I am. I love that look,” I said.

“What look?”

“That wild, desperate look in your eyes.”

Another fraction, another moan. It was the most sensual tease, holding myself back was agonising.

“Johnny, please,” she begged.

“Please what?”

I pulled out a fraction and then took it back, and a little more. She gasped, eyes wide and wild.

“Please don’t make me wait.”

Another tiny, teasing, torturous thrust. This time she cried out my name. I could feel her muscles clenching, rhythmically, and she rocked her hips, straining for me. The tension was killing me. I was barely moving and yet it felt more intense than anything I’d ever felt before. I knew if we just kept going like this it would drive us both over the edge.

“Don’t make you wait for what Pen?”

“I need you.”

I leaned down and kissed her softly, teasing her lips with my tongue, and then kissed down to her neck.

“Tell me what you need,” I whispered by her ear. She shuddered.

“I need you in me, right in me, deeper, Johnny, please.”

I thrust forward another inch and she groaned, eyes screwed tight. I pulled back again and she whimpered.

“No,” she cried.

“Tell me what you want,” I whispered by her ear as I licked her skin.

“More, please, please.”

I gave her back the fraction I’d taken, and a little more. I was maybe half my length inside her now.

She thumped my back with her fist and growled, deep in her throat. The sound made my hairs stand up. My legs trembled as I struggled to hold back.

“Johnny!” she growled. “Damn you, fuck me already.”

Giving in would be such sweet release but not giving in was delicious, torturous ecstasy. I could feel her getting wetter, clenching and pulsating around me as we drove each other wild with anticipation.

“No,” I whispered.

She let out a cry of frustration, almost a sob of torment. Ohh, sweet Lord, I was going to lose it soon.

“No, I think I want to make you come like this first,” I said, giving her another exquisite teasing thrust.

She glared at me and I kissed her, giving in to another fraction of what we both needed and craved.

“You arse, Johnny, you, oh God, oh, oh ‒ ”

She tensed up and her breath caught in her throat. I held perfectly still as her pussy clenched tighter, her back arched off the ground and a low moan started deep in her throat and built slowly into a growl.

“Oh God,” she cried, “I can’t. Johnny, please.”

I kissed her and drove in deep. She broke the kiss and screamed as she came. Her contractions rippled through her, caressing my whole shaft and I lost it. I strained in her, thrusting deep just a couple of times before I emptied myself in her. She shuddered from aftershocks, legs trembling, heart pounding so hard I could feel it in her chest as I collapsed against her.

She wrapped arms and legs round me and kissed me fiercely. I could barely move after that and she held me tight, stroking my hair and my back. My skin tingled under her fingers.

I pulled back from the kiss and stared into her languid, sated eyes, tinted with just a little shock.

I stroked her hair and her cheek. “Was it like you imagined?” I asked.

She grinned at me. “Better.”

“Yeah, well, that was just the warm up baby, we’ve got a whole night and whole week ahead of us.”

“You’d better damn well fuck me properly next time, Johnny.”

“We’ll see.”

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