How we could have met

By JazHaz

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Imagining how we might have met when we were teenagers
This is a fictional tale, imagining what may have happened if my partner and I had met when we were teenagers instead of in our middle age.

It was the summer of 1989. Teresa, a 17 year old girl, was working behind the bar of the local pub and the temperature was 89 degrees Fahrenheit. It was so hot that all she was wearing were skinny jeans and a bustier top. She had large breasts and it was so hot the sweat was running down her cleavage. It was a day like any other until a young man called James entered her life.

He came into the pub to get a pint of beer out of the hot sun. He was 6'4” tall, no hair on top of his head but around the sides and back. As he walked in, Teresa couldn't help but give him a second look. He ordered his drink, and he had a soft talking voice. “A pint of bitter please,” he asked. As Teresa pulled on the pump, James couldn't help but notice her heaving bosom. He thought to himself, “I wouldn't mind having a feel of those”.

The bar soon got busy but Teresa couldn't help but keep glancing at this man. He ordered another pint and said, “And one for yourself”.

“Thankyou,” she replied.

Soon it came time for Teresa's break. She took her Coke and cigarettes into the pub's garden as it was far too nice to stay inside. James noticed when she had gone, and decided to go out there himself. They sat on tables opposite each other. They soon began to notice that they both kept glancing at each other.

“Lovely weather we are having, isn't it?” said Teresa.

“Yes,” said James. “Been working here long?”

“About six months,” replied Teresa.

James moved over to her table. They began talking and Teresa was flirting quite a bit because she found James really attractive.

“My name's James,” he said.

“Teresa,” she replied.

Teresa had to get back to work, so she excused herself. James thought she was gorgeous, not knowing that she felt the same way about him. He went back into the bar and ordered another pint. Then he plucked up the courage and asked her if she'd like to go out sometime.

“I'd love to,” said Teresa.

They exchanged phone numbers and agreed to meet outside the pub at 8pm that evening. Teresa was really excited not realising that James was too.

Teresa finished her shift at the bar and went home to get ready. She got into the shower and the hot soapy water running over her body felt good. She kept thinking about James and started to caress her breasts, her nipples became hard and she began to rub the soap into her body. Her hand ran down her legs then she began to wash her vagina. She couldn't help but insert her finger and bring herself to climax.

She got out of the shower and put on a short skirt and a “tie around the belly button” top.

She got to the meeting point and James was already there waiting, wearing jeans and a white shirt with blue stripes. She walked up to him and he asked her where she would like to go.

“How about a Chinese restaurant?” she suggested.

They called a cab, and went a great restaurant in the nearby town centre.

They got talking and discovered that Teresa was 17 and James was 19. They had so much in common and got on so well. After they had eaten, James asked Teresa back to his place for a coffee.

“Sure,” she replied.

They got back to his parent's house and his mum, dad, and younger brother were already in bed. James made coffees and put on the TV. Halloween the movie was on, and they decided to watch it. After a while, Teresa got a bit scared, so she put her hand on James' knee for comfort. As she looked up, she caught his eye.

They looked at each other for a few seconds and then James leaned in. Their lips touched and slowly their tongues met. The kiss started off gently, but then became more passionate.

Teresa thought to herself, “This feels good”.

James put his hand on Teresa's bare leg and it was so smooth and soft. He slowly moved his hand up to her thigh and Teresa could feel herself getting turned on.

She caressed his leg and moved her own hand up. She could tell by his bulge that he was bigger than average.

James' hand was now at Teresa's panties, and slid his hand inside, and inserted a finger.

To Teresa, this felt good and she started to undo his trousers, his bulging penis was huge. Teresa started to rub his penis and his finger went deeper inside her. Teresa could feel herself getting really turned on and started to cum and covered James' hand. He slid it out and slowly licked his hand clean.

He then laid her back on the sofa. Teresa pulled down his jeans and boxer shorts. James laid on top of her and as his huge throbbing penis entered her, she took a sharp intake of breath. As his whole length went in, Teresa cried out in ecstasy.

Her vagina felt warm and moist, and when she came again he felt her tighten up around his penis.

The sex got hot and heavy. With every thrust, Teresa gasped with delight.

James could feel himself starting to climax. He cried out, “I'm cumming!” and Teresa felt his penis throb inside her. His cum filled up her womb and as he began to withdraw she felt herself have one last orgasm.

They lay together on the sofa and looked each other in the eyes. Teresa couldn't believe what she was feeling. She was sure she was falling in love with James. Teresa rubbed her hand on James' hairy chest. It was perfect bliss for them both.

They continued kissing and James caressed Teresa's breasts, while she rubbed his chest.

They suddenly heard movement upstairs, and jumped up and got dressed.

“I'd better get going,” said Teresa.

“When can I see you again?” James asked.

“How about tomorrow?” replied Teresa.

James couldn't believe that he had found this beautiful woman and she was all his.

Teresa got a cab home and she couldn't stop grinning. She still felt as if they were making love.