I am so in Love

By saucymistress78

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Female orgasm from oral sex
I am so in Love.

His lips against the soles of my feet are slow and delicious. The soft wet contrast of his tongue teasing and dancing over the sensitive skin is contrasted by the roughness of his stubble. He lets his tongue trail over the soles and tops of my feet in languorous strokes and sucks softly on my toes one by one as I lay back and smile into his eyes.

I moan as he begins to trace my calf with his lips progressing inevitably downwards to my core. I can feel myself opening and getting wet at the combined excitement of his touch and the promise of his coming attentions. His lips suck and dance and glide down over my thighs and the backs of my knees and my breath comes in short little pants as I struggle to breathe through the building excitement.

He pauses and looks into my eyes with his evil smile “Do you want me to continue?”. “Yes” I breathe. “You haven’t had enough?” he asks. “Kiss me deeply” I answer as I let my knees fall slowly to the sides revealing my waiting pussy.

Just his breath now of my outer lips as they begin to swell and part even more than they already have to invite his touch. But he withholds his touch and teases me with his hot breath until I whimper "please".

Slowly, and so softly, his tongue now probes my swollen lips and with slow languorous strokes he moves down towards my anus then up into my wet vagina. Moaning I arch against his tongue needing that wet touch against my clit.

But he draws back and smiles up at me briefly from between my knees with his intense blue eyes. His fingers teases against me gathering my slick moisture before pushing slowly into me. He pushes them into me slowly and shallowly at first and I feel my breath quickening. Then surely he slides them deep into me untilI feel his palm crush up against my clit and lips mashing them with a wonderful pressure. I feel the pressure as his finger curl inside me beckoning inside me for the climax that is already on its way.

Again, "Please" I whisper and his tongue makes contact like electricity with my engorged clit. His tongue draws back and begins its slow dance around my clit never touching but always promising heaven at any second. Beckoning his finger keeps time with the circling licks of his wet tongue as his blue eyes continue to gaze up at my face across my quivering body.

I am so hot I cannot breath. I pant for air struggling for breath to voice my urgent whispers for more as my excitement builds. Such agonizing pleasure rolls through my body and I feel the impending thunder storm and clench against its fury. He sucks my clit between his lips and sucks as his tongue caresses.

I lose myself.

I hear myself screaming, crying and I am in an agony of pleasure that strips away the world and leaves me naked before the heaven of his loving touch. Throughout the storm of my climax he holds me in place and subjects me to his wonderful tongue and fingers.

It is over now and he holds my head in his lap and strokes my hair, my cheek and my neck as I suck gently on his hard cock and listen to him sigh.

I am so in love.