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I found heaven online Part 2

I found love on the internet
When I got up in the morning I thought about my encounter the day before. How could such a simple phrase cause such a commotion? All he said at the beginning was, ‘Kisses the lady’s hand.’ It doesn't look like much but the effect on me was profound. I went through my normal daily routine of making sure hubby was awake, then preparing breakfast and getting dressed. The whole time I kept stealing glances at my phone where I had placed it to recharge overnight. Every time I walked past I was tempted to stop but I forced myself not to.

I logged into some other games that I played and went through the motions of farming for food and queuing troops. When I was finally finished my routine I noticed that there was a message in Touch from him. My heart skipped a beat and my hands almost shook when I made sure my husband couldn't see the screen of my phone while I unlocked my phone and opened the application.

‘Mmmmmm smothered in kisses. I would like to smother you in kisses and more.’ Then a few hours later, ‘Miss you’.

‘Lol’ I replied a little tentatively. “Just in the middle of a war right now Hun.’

'You okay?’ he asked.

‘Yes. Just trying to herd cats in a game. Getting people organized to hit a target is hard work. Are you still at home?’

‘I will be in five minutes Hun.’ A few minutes later he also said, ‘I’m home, now to slip into a nice pair of shorts.’

It being a Saturday afternoon I was in jeans and I told him, ‘I’m in jeans. My daughter likes to have the central air cranked up and I’m freezing.’ He sent me a picture of him in shorts. I looked around and checked to see where my husband was. Ahhh, I thought. He’s reading the paper again. I double clicked on the image so it would open full screen and a cute little hairy tummy and khaki shorts were all I could really see.

‘That’s better. I would keep you warm. X’, he wrote.

‘There must be something wrong with my Touch. I just received your messages now’ I typed. I included a frowning emoticon at the end of the text I sent a couple of hours later.

‘Awwwwww babes mine was like that earlier.’

‘Gtg. My kids are here,’ I typed.

‘Ok,’ he replied moments later. ‘Hi babes. It’s time for me to go to bed. I hope you are having a good evening. Speak to you soon. Mwah.’ Followed by some adorable chat symbols.

I had a family dinner and game night planned so I didn't check my phone again until later that evening. I responded, ‘Mmmmmmm. Too bad I missed it. Won at Settlers of Cattan, twice against my kids. Talk to you tomorrow.’ I added some kisses symbols to the chat and signed off. I was sad that I had missed him but also glad for the time that we had been able to speak.

He responded later on, ‘Can’t sleep’ and included some kissing symbols in his chat.

I signed back on and wrote, ‘Mmmmm. Need someone to snuggle under the blankets with you?’ then logged off again. I looked for more messages later that night before going to bed but nothing came through.

The next day I logged in and wrote ’Morning’.

Late that Sunday afternoon he wrote back, ‘Hi Hun. Sorry I’ve not been in touch much today. I’ve been mad busy working in the garden. Hope you’re okay. Missing you loads Hun. Off for shower it’s so hot.’

My only response was a, ‘Lmao.’

Thirty minutes later he asked, ‘What’s so funny?’ with little smiley faces.

‘It’s hot and rainy here. I was just thinking of getting dressed’, I replied.

He must have been in unbearable conditions because the next thing he said was, ‘It is roasting here. 35 degrees and I've been laying paving flags in the garden. I must be mad. Lol. I got a nice sun tan though. Lols. Be a bit sore tomorrow, anyway here’s a kiss and a cuddle for you.’ The emoticons he added were a little couple kissing and some hearts.

I replied, 'Thanks. I needed that.’

‘You’re welcome Hun XX’, he said. ‘Now I need to go cook some food. I have got a hungry belly.’

‘I will still be here’, I replied. Wondering where this was going to go.

Unexpectedly he sent me a message only a few minutes later. ‘So what are you doing today?’

‘Laundry. Most of it is done.’

‘I feel human again’ he wrote. ‘So nice’, and he sent me a picture of him dressed only in a towel.

‘That was quick’, I said.

‘Me still wet. My towel fell down just after that was taken. Lol’

‘Mmmmmmm. Yummy! Did you get something to eat?’ I asked scrolling back up to take another peek of the picture of him clad only in a towel.

‘Not yet. I am still drying off. I collapsed on the bed for a bit. Lol’

I wrote back ‘Ohhhh. Don’t let me distract you.’

‘It was a lovely distraction.’

I didn't hear from him for a couple of hours and then he wrote. ‘Hi babes. Hope to be back on a bit later. My brother decided to pop round. He should not be here long. I will kick him out. X’

‘Aww’, I wrote. ‘Don’t kick him out because of some strange broad you met in a game. Lol. I’ll be here later.’

‘He only ever turns up when he wants something. Lol’ was the reply he made. ‘You’re not a broad Hun. If you are what does that make me. (Happy face emoticon) He is still here and wants feeding. Lol. Will be able to catch ya later gorgeous. XXX’

‘Later sweetheart.’ I wrote and added a few kisses emoticons.

A few hours later he was back. ‘Hi Hun. Hope you’re okay. Sorry I've not been on. I promise you we will catch up properly real soon. Was looking forward to a chill out evening but plans never worked out that way. Grrrr. Anyway, you take care sexy and hope to see more of you soon. Mwah.’

‘You’re so sweet’, I responded. ‘Don’t worry about me. I've found something to while away the hours.’

‘And what have you been doing? Lol’, he asked.

‘I was trying to play games but having issues with my cell phone reception.’

‘Oh’ he said. ‘I see. Right! I’m off to bed. It’s been a long hot and hard day.’

‘Damn!’ I exclaimed. ‘I’m at work tomorrow but hope to talk to you at some point,’

‘We both knew it wouldn't be easy’, he wrote back. ‘But I know that when we do it will make us both smile and feel good. Speak soon sexy babes.’

I knew that trying to carry on online conversation with someone 5 hours ahead of me in real-time would be difficult but I felt that maybe I had underestimated the issues we were facing. It felt good speaking to him but I was so frustrated that we couldn't manage to be both online at the same time for a nice long conversation that I just logged off the app and went to bed.

End of part 2

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