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I found heaven online Part 3

I found love on the internet
I woke up the next day confused and sad. One day Paul seemed to be interested but the next I didn’t hear from him for hours or days. I already had one man in my life that wasn’t sensitive to my needs, did I really want another? I went through my normal work day routine, but things were not going well so I gave up and logged onto my phone. 

‘Good morning. Are you awake?’ he asked.

‘Got up to get ready for work, but too exhausted to drive myself. I don’t have any meetings and I have my laptop so it’s all good,’ I wrote.

‘Hey, I like it when it’s all good. So you had a late night then Hun?’ he asked. ‘I’m going to work but I get to check my phone all the time so I can message you and pester you all day long. Would you like that?’

A minute or two passed before I responded. ‘Still suffering from the head cold that ruined my staycation last week. I don’t mind if you pester me.’

He responded almost immediately, ‘Oh good. Just got to think of a real nice way to pester you Hun. Lol. Well, first off I would love to look after you and get rid of your cold Hun. Will do anything you wish me to. Mwah. Just a quick question. What made you want to talk to me Hun? I’m not complaining, just glad that you did. XXX’

‘Tbh,’ I wrote back, ‘I don’t remember which game we met in but it was your whispers that I am responding to. I’m going through a bad patch right now and I am missing romance and intimacy. My soon to be ex and I are living in the same house and he hates me, but I can’t help needing to feel like a desirable woman.’

‘Oh babes. Well it’s his loss. We were in Hobbit and if I can make you smile and feel good then that will make me happy. Just wish I was there to hold you close and see you smile. Do you chat to any others Hun?’

I thought about my answer and decided not to lie to him. ‘I chat to a couple of married guys but no other single gentlemen like you. I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up while I’m not free.’

‘Be careful with married guys Hun,’ he admonished me, ‘Don’t want you to get hurt. I know that I will probably never meet you but I want to get to know you better. I’m on here to find out what makes you laugh and what makes you feel good. Hopefully we can share some good fun and very sexy times together and make each other feel special. I only speak to a few guys from my alliance and a girl that I have not spoken to for days. I think she is busy with others. Just had a bit of flirting and nothing sexual.’

‘Don’t worry about me Hun,’ I answered. ‘I know the married guys aren’t going to drop everything for me. I’m just looking for romance without entanglement. You don’t have to worry about me showing up on your doorstep. I’m just looking for someone who appreciates my mind and body.’

He wrote back right away. ‘From what I know of you I would welcome you with open arms if you turned up on my doorstep Hun. With one massive hug and lots of kisses.’

‘You’re such a sweetheart to me,’ I responded with tears in my eyes.

‘You’re the sweetheart Hun,’ he replied, ‘I just want to be caring but also show my animalistic side to you soon. Lol. Mwah. X’

‘Lol. So far so good’, was my answer. ‘I’m totally caught up on my e-mails at work and about to brew a cup of tea. How’s your day going so far?’

‘Ok. Another hot day,’ he said, ‘Very quiet at work but my day is getting better talking to you. Just wish I was at home sharing a shower and chilling on a bed.’

I responded right away. ‘Lmao. In those animal boxers? Or are they in the laundry basket?’

‘Haha. I like it. Did you like them? Lol. Well would you let me put them back on or just lay there wrapped in a towel? And yes. They are in the wash.’

Ohhhh I thought to myself. ‘A towel would be fine. Lol,’ I said, ‘I thought they were cute. Much less pretentious than silk boxers.’

‘Ive got a few like that. Lol. Jockey boxers. But they get a bit tight when I talk to you. I’ve got a confession to make Hun.’

Oh crap! I thought. I bet he’s married. ‘Uh oh’, I said, ‘You’re trying to work. You’re really a woman?’

‘A chick with a dick? Lol. Nooooooo,’ was his response, ‘No. I had a lovely play thinking about you on Saturday night. It was very very enjoyable.’

‘A lovely “play.” That’s a nice way to say it. Glad I could be of inspiration. I must say, talking to you would normally be inspiring for me too but I’m still a little under the weather. Ooops. It’s still inspiring but I’m not feeling well enough to act on it. My brain isn’t functioning very well either apparently. Lol.

‘Well,’ he said, ‘Playing is something you do to enjoy and yes, it was enjoyable with lovely thoughts running through my head. Can’t wait for you to feel better and hopefully we can have mutual playing. That would be so great. Inspire each other to the max.’

‘Mmmmm,’ I replied, ‘I usually play every day but not lately. I have toys too but it’s not the same without inspiration. Just thinking about strong arms and warm hands makes a shiver run down my spine.’

‘I love a girl who uses toys,’ he wrote. ‘Would love to smell your gorgeous scent while using your toys on you and kissing you intimately all over. XXX. Am I getting you warm?’

‘Oh my yes.’

‘Toys are a great form of foreplay to be enjoyed by both,’ he replied.

‘You’re the first guy I’ve met to say that,’ I wrote truthfully.

‘I think it’s true. Now I’ve got this image in my head and I love it.’

‘To be frank,’ I wrote, ‘I don’t use the toys for foreplay in the sense that you mean. I’m already incredibly aroused so I don’t need much foreplay.’

‘Well a tongue and a toy can make a great double act,’ he replied.

‘I need their assistance consummating the act as it were. Oh god!’

He went on with his train of thought. ‘I’m aroused right now. I know that.’

‘Just lost my train of thought when I read what you said. Ohhhhhhhhhh,’ I replied.

‘I can’t help it,’ was his reply.

‘You are so naughty,’ I wrote back with a big grin on my face.

‘I’m sorry,’ he wrote.

‘Omfg. Don’t be sorry sweetheart.’ He replied by sending back a line of emoticons that were little happy faces with sunglasses. ‘Hahahah. Cooler than cool,’ I wrote.

‘My animal boxers are tight again. Lol’

‘Lol,’ I wrote back, ‘My turn to apologize’

‘No. Please carry on. Babe I want to taste you so much.’

‘Not sure I can carry on,’ I wrote. ‘Knees are like jelly.’

‘Let me catch you,’ he wrote back.

‘Isn’t that how we started?’ I asked.

‘Yeah. Lol.’

I remembered the whispers and how it felt. The memory sent a shiver down my spine and my nipples perked right up. With a glowing warmth in my stomach and a soft sigh I wrote back, ‘You kissed the back of my neck. And whispered in my ear. ‘

‘Saying “I want you,” he wrote.

‘I almost did that once for real. Old friend from high school.’

He wrote back, ‘Ohhhhhhh.’

I continued with my story, ‘Snuck up on me in the grocery store he owns. Whispered in my ear. And I almost lost it. Had to grab hold of the shopping cart to keep from falling.’

‘And did you oblige him?’ he asked.

‘He’s married. He just said hi,’ I replied.

‘Oh. Lol.’

‘Then he grabbed my arm and asked me if I was okay,’ I continued.

‘I thought he whispered what I whispered. Lol,’ he wrote.

I kept going with the story. ‘I mumbled something about low blood sugar and got out of there quick.’

‘So he was a high school crush then?’ he asked.

‘You would have to be prepared if you did that in RL.’ I went on to answer his question. ‘Kind of, yes. He never knew.’

‘Oh, I see,’ he said, ‘If only he knew.’

‘It’s very embarrassing to have an instant on switch,’ I explained, ‘Can’t go telling just anyone.’

‘And is your switch on now?’ he included a kissing emoticon with his question.

‘Haahahahah. Yes,’ I responded.

‘((((Hugs)))) My switch is on too,’ he wrote.

‘((((Hugs)))) ((((Cops a feel of your ass)))) Mmmmmmmm,’ I wrote in reply.

‘Mmmmmmmm pushed close in to you kissing you passionately and deeply. Hope you can feel me,’ he wrote.

‘Oh god yes!!!!!’ was all I could think of to write.

‘I can’t wait to the time we can really let go together. No restrictions. Just me and you and nothing in between. I want you to touch me; lick me; feel me; taste me,’ he said.

‘I want to too. Mmmmmmmm. Bet you smell good too,’ I wrote back, ‘Pervs at my work tell me I smell good all the time.’

‘I bet you taste so sweet. Savouring every drop. I bet you do babes. Can’t wait to show you what you do to me. Hope you like the pics I send you.’

‘Very much,’ I replied.

‘I loved yours,’ he wrote.

I sent him a picture of me in a negligee lying on my bed. ‘This is how I’m usually playing Hobbit.’

‘Omg. I want you,’ he wrote, ‘I would love to be resting my head between those gorgeous legs.’

‘Lol. You wouldn’t be resting long,’ I wrote back.

‘I can’t type now. Lol,’ was his response.

I wrote, ‘Hahahahah. Now you’re suffering from my aroused and frustrated brain freeze affliction. Sorry sweetheart.’

‘I would be a very busy, but happy man,’

‘Happy and then tired. I’m thinking I might wear you out. But then again, I’m so easily pleased you might wear me out.’

‘Haha,’ he wrote, ‘We will wear each other out then fall asleep tight in each other’s arms.’

‘Mmmmmmmm. That sounds delightful.’

‘Sounds bliss Hun,’ He wrote, ‘Pure bliss.’

‘Just get out of bed to get food and drink.’

‘But the best bit is how I wake you up. XXX,’ he wrote.

‘Oh god,’ was my response. I couldn’t think straight anymore. My imagination had run wild and I was feeling his arms around me.

‘All day, 24 hours in bed. Yippee,’ he wrote.

‘My fav,’ I wrote. In truth it was my favourite way to spend a day.

‘Same here. Just pure enjoyment and pleasure,’ he responded.

‘I like to sleep naked from the waist down so you don’t have to fumble with panties in the night. Going for a nap now. Maybe some “play” time. Not sure how much energy I have left.’

His response was slightly longer than usual, ‘I sleep totally naked so there nothing in the way. Enjoy your play and nap. Love to hear about it later. Just imagine what we been talking about. XXXX’

I tried lying down in my bed to have a nap but sleep would not come. About thirty minutes I moved to the couch and tried watching TV. That didn’t work either so I succumbed to the need and played with myself. Rubbing my clit with one hand and alternating between nipples with the other. Finally I was able to reach orgasm and took a picture using my cell phone. I replied to his last text, ‘Nap time didn’t work out. Ended up on the couch.’ And I sent him a picture of my exposed breasts and one with my hand down the front of my unzipped jeans.

‘Oh babes,’ he wrote. ‘That’s so divine. You are so so sexy.’ With that he sent me a picture showing him lying on his back with an erection under his hand.

Omg I thought about how much I wanted to wrap my hands around that. ‘Mmmmmmm,’ I wrote. ‘Yummy.’ More than yummy I thought while my mouth watered and I could feel the heat travelling down past my stomach.

‘Would love to be licking round your hard nipples. XXX,' he wrote.

‘I would love to have you do that,’ I responded immediately.

‘So, did you have a “play?"' he asked.

‘And whatever else you were inclined to do. Just with my hands. No toys were needed today. I didn’t even need penetration.’

‘Mmmmmmm,’ he wrote, ‘You were that aroused babes that gentle playing made you go over the edge?’ he asked.

‘Yes,’ I wrote, ‘Blushes.’

‘No need to blush. Wish I was there giving you sweet tasting pussy little feather like kisses. Using my tongue to taste you,’ he wrote.

‘Mmmmmm,’ I responded after licking my fingers, ‘Warm and salty. I need to eat some pineapple and make it sweeter.’

‘Just want to hold your head in my hands and kiss you while our naked bodies are touching and wrapped around each other. No one able to break us apart.’

‘Sigh,’ I wrote in response. Knowing full well that no matter how romantic this sounded it was never going to become real. He didn’t respond right away so I got busy with normal chores around the house. Later that afternoon the memory came back to me of what we had been speaking about and I went to my bedroom and videotaped myself using a vibrator to help me orgasm again. 

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