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I Need You

Our little private holiday
I love visiting our special place, our private holiday. Just me and you. Where we can be together.

The sun is beaming down on us as we lay on the beach, drinking and giggling. You rub suntan cream into my body and I feel little electric shocks tingling through my body whenever you touch me. I can't get enough of you, I love feeling your breath on the back of my neck as you rub my shoulders, I know you can feel the heat between us too.

You push up close to my back, and I feel that you're hard. It takes all of my will power not to turn around and straddle your cock.

You continue to rub my shoulders, you gently kiss my neck and I moan. There is no one else on the beach outside our villa, so I know we can do what we want without being interrupted.

You are kissing me, running your tongue over my neck, making my breathing heavier and heavier. I can feel myself getting very wet, and my pussy is aching for you.

You bring your hands up and pull my breasts free from my top and lightly pinch my nipples. I need you so badly, and I know you are going to tease me, I love it when you bring me to climax very slowly. Your hands find there way into my bikini bottoms and you feel my pussy is dripping wet for you. Pushing a finger slowly into me, then taking it out and pushing the finger into my mouth, making me taste myself.

Your hand goes back and you rub my clit, expertly, making me shake with pleasure. You stand up and move in front of me, pushing me back on to the sun lounger, you pull my bikini bottoms off me and spread my legs far apart. I can feel your eyes on my pussy and then you start to kiss and lick my thighs, teasing me, making me beg for you. You start to get closer and closer to my pussy and I feel myself winding my hips, trying desperately to get you to touch me.

I then feel it, your hot tongue on my clit, I moan loudly as you circle it with your tongue. Sucking it into your mouth makes me scream out, you push two fingers into me and find my g-spot. You work me with your tongue and fingers and its not long before I'm cumming.

You feel me pulse around your fingers and you feel my cum pouring out of me. You lick it all up, then standing, pulling your huge hard cock from your shorts you push it straight into me. I cry out again, feeling wonderfully full with you inside of me. You lift my legs and place them on your shoulders, you pull out of me so just the tip is inside, and then slam into me hard.

Making me scream out, panting and moaning you push harder and harder into me until I'm cumming all over again. You then flip me over and make me get on all fours, you spank me a couple of times, you know how much I love it when you take control of me. I feel the tip of your cock pressing against my pussy and I push back into you, forcing your cock deep into me. You grab hold of my hair and pull on it whilst slamming your cock in and out. Your sexual aggressiveness makes my legs go weak, I can feel how much you need this, how much you need me.

I push back into you, meeting your thrusts, pulling you deeper inside me. I know your close, your growling with pleasure. Your cock pulls out of me and I quickly turn around, taking you into my mouth, sucking on you, tasting myself all over you. Sucking harder and harder, you let out a loud moan as you shoot your hot cum into my mouth, I feel it sliding down my throat. I continue to suck, swallowing all of your cum and cleaning your cock with my tongue.

You kiss me, and we lay together in the sun, naked and sweaty. I can already feel myself wanting you again, but I let you rest, for now.

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