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I think I've waited long enough

Sophie finally gets what she's wanted for a very long time.

So there I was. It was a typical Saturday night out. Beautiful girls -much more beautiful than me- and hunky guys lined the streets and bars. I was in the of the biggest and busiest clubs, hanging out with my brother and his, let's say, hardly unattractive friends.

 I'd always liked one of them. Matt. He was a few inches taller than me, standing at around 6'3", and his eyes were a beautiful, piercing blue. He was just my type. He was into rock music, like me, but he didn't have long greasy hair and he didn't wear baggy black clothes. He was totally different. He was sporting a Ramones t-shirt and a pair of jeans. His hair was light blonde and cut into a mohawk, but tonight he didn't have it spiked up.

 I thought we were perfect. I was 5'11" and my hair is rich ginger, wavy, and very long. I was wearing my favourite Lynyrd Skynyrd t-shirt and a pair of quite small denim shorts. Matt and me, we just clicked. We'd kissed once before but nothing more happened because my brother didn't approve. Can't really blame him for wanting to protect his baby sister.

Anyway, so here we were, stood in a jam-packed club and having to fight to get to the bar. Matt asked me if I wanted a drink and I replied just before getting knocked clean out of the way. I finally fought my way back to him, grabbing one arm and holding his back. He seemed startled.

 ''Something wrong?'' I asked eagerly.

''No, I, uh, I just didn't expect the contact.'' He leaned in so I could hear him.

 I loved him. I knew it then, just like I'd known it for the past three years. He'd caught my attention seven years ago when we were sixteen and he's still catching it now.

 I wait until the noise is a little quiet. ''Aw. Can't you handle me!?''
 This is the part where I thought my heart had stopped. He put him arm around me and leaned in closer than he ever has before. He pulled me in and my body pressed against him.

Gently and ever so softly he whispered in my ear, ''Hey, trust me. I would love to handle you.''

His soft breath tickled my neck, sending shivers down my spine. He told me to keep his place at the bar and wait for the drinks. With that, he was gone. I stood there thinking about what he just said. I thought he'd moved on from me to keep his friendship with my brother, but obviously not.

I had to have him.

Matt was a nice guy. You know, the kind of nice guy that girls fuck around with. The kind of nice guy that girls used for a rebound, or to make themselves feel good. I didn't see him like that. I wanted him for myself, and for genuine reasons. He was perfect for me.

By the time he got back from the mens, our drinks were ordered and waiting on the bar. He came and stood by my right side, picking up his drink. He stepped away and walked behind me to my left side, dragging his arm against the small of my back. He leaned in to my ear.
 ''Hey. Remember what I said. I don't say things like that if I don't mean it.''

For a second though he was going to kiss me, but instead he just went to find the others. I stood at the bar and watched him. I couldn't hold it any longer, and what he'd just said made it ten times worse.

I walked over to where they were standing. Before I did anything else, I approached my brother and told him how I felt. He wasn't happy but he understood, and I could see the smallest glint in his eye. I put my drink down and turned to Matt. I took in a deep breath and cautiously walked over.

I got close and pulled him into me as his head fell down to meet mine. I kissed him softly and slowly, making it last. We kissed for a minute or so before I picked up my drink and walked away. He certainly wasn't expecting that, but he wanted it. Matt quickly looked to my brother for approval -which he got- and he was quickly after me. Before I knew it, I'd been pushed up against a wall and greeted by those all too familiar blue eyes.

Our bodies moved and our tongues fought, his hand resting between my neck and face. When he broke off, he stared into my deep brown eyes and he cracked a soft smile. ''What took you so long?'' he ran his gentle fingers through my hair. I smiled and leaned up again, planting another kiss on him. He suggested we go back to the others, and I obliged.

We got back and the conversation was flowing so we eased in as best we could. Someone asked Matt if there was anything new to which he replied.

''Yep. Finally got a girlfriend that won't mess me about.''

 I was shocked and asked to speak to him outside. I started shouting, asking who she was and why he didn't tell me. He looked at me sheepishly for a minute. ''You're my girlfriend. That's- That's if you want to be?''

 I felt like a complete idiot. I apologized frantically before getting a little excited and very highly-pitched agreeing to be his girlfriend. We leaned in and he gave me the most passionate kiss I've ever had in my life. Before I had chance to return it, he had my hand and we were back inside. He stood with his arms protectively around me. I could have just melted right into him, there and then.

Every couple of minutes he was gracing me with those wonderful soft lips that I was coming to need against mine. A couple of hours later last orders were called and we were forceably told that the bar was closed and we needed to leave. We walked up the steps to the street and I turned to him. ''Your place or mine?'' I moved one hand to his waistband and tugged slightly, but he didn't need to be tugged.

We gt to my place and I went into the kitchen, shouting to ask if he wanted a drink. When I got no reply, I turned to find him leaned in my doorway. He strolled towards me and he wraps his arms around me, lifting me up. My breathing quickened as he thrust his tongue into my mouth and I returned the action as I pulled my t-shirt up and over my head, trying to pull off his as I threw mine aside. After a wedge of him laughing at my failing he assisted me, and threw his shirt beside mine. He carried me to the front room and laid me down, but within minutes we were running upstairs and dropping clothes as we went.

When we burst through my bedroom door, all that remained were his boxers. He fell on the bed and I tugged at his remaining garment, throwing it away from me. I stood us up and dropped to my knees. I could tell with the cheeky grin on his face he knew what was about to happen!

 I kissed the whole length of his nine inch shaft and my touch made him twitch. I smiled up as I took as much of him as I could deep into my mouth. He made me gag, but I loved it. His hands met the back of my head and tangled in my hair as my hands started to work and my pace quickened. Within minutes his legs buckled and he shot his dribbling load down the back of my neck. I stood up and wrapped my arms around his neck, pressing my bare tits against his toned chest, letting him taste himself on my lips.

 He twisted us around and lay me on the bed, kissing me square on the lips. He kissed all the way down my body, stopping to pay particular attention to my breasts, before stopping and nuzzling my inner thighs. A gasp drew from my mouth as he took a long, slow lick up my dripping pussy. I wriggled beneath him and my hips jolted upward. He got faster and faster, more and more pressure. My hips were raising and falling to meet him. I let out a very long sigh of relief as I felt the hot juices run out of me. I opened my eyes to meet his.

''Are you ready?'' he looked down, concern in his eyes. I smiled, and nodded. He slowly entered me and began to pump at a low pace, not to hurt me. I could feel myself tightening around him as he went deeper, simultaneous moans escaping our mouths. Gradually, his pace quickened and the whole bed was rattling furiously. I lost my mind, shouting at him, telling me how good he felt, how he was going to make me cum, but it turned him on even more. With an almighty thrust, an orgasm swept though us but he just kept going, sending me to a state of pure ecstasy. We both came and our juices mixed together. I heard him flop, exhausted, onto the bed beside me. I turned my head to look at him, as he did to me. We crawled under the covers and his arms formed what seemed like an unbreakable barrier around my fragile body, we kissed one last time before falling asleep.

The next morning as I woke up and went downstairs, seeing our clothes, I laughed to myself. I found his t-shirt in the kitchen and threw it on. I turned to see him stood in the doorway. ''Drink?'' I asked, and from the smile on his face be both knew what was about to happen.

Hey guys! This is my first story so I would love feedback and comments. Please tell me what you thought of it, and how I could improve it!


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