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Ian Chloe Reunited

Chloe and Ian reunited after a wild UK Holiday

Chloe had met Ian on a visit to the UK. They had shared a few passionate nights and a few wild days (stories about this to come later). They had continued communicating through email and had shared a few steamy fantasies. Their relationship was strictly sexual and both were fine with that.

Chloe was muscular with curves in all the right places at 5'7" with wavy auburn hair slightly past her shoulders. She had piercing green eyes and a prominent jawline. Her lips full and luscious and when she smiled her whole face light up. She smelled of fresh baked cookies and sweet vanilla.

Ian was what most women would call "ripped," he spent hours in the gym on a daily basis and played rugby for a team in the UK. He was a towering 6'1" with a shaved head, crystal blue eyes, and a smile that could charm the pants off a blind woman.

Chloe hadn't expected more than a few good memories from her overseas trip so when she got the email that Ian was coming to the states for a few exhibition games she started dancing around the house. The thought of his body, his hands, and his cock gave Chloe butterflies.

Ian had given Chloe the best orgasms she had ever had. They snuck up on her and took over her entire body taking her to a place of ecstasy. After they had both cum they would just lay in each others arms still in a daze before she would quietly get up, find her clothes, and leave.

But having Ian in the states was unimaginable, having him in the same city where Chloe lived blew her mind. Ian was planning on staying at Chloe's house a few nights during his stay when he didn't have to be up early for practice or interviews. The idea of Ian laying in the same bed as her again made Chloe instantly wet as her thoughts trailed off.

The week had finally come. Ian had been in town for four days but was so busy with practice and press interviews he barely had time to think let alone send Chloe an e-mail. But they had discussed the plans before he left the UK and he knew he was to be at her house when she got home from work that Thursday night.

He pulled up the driveway a little unsure if he was at the right address. How did a twenty-three year old have such an beautiful house. Ian climbed out of the rental car and walked over to the garage. He typed in a code and the door opened. He walked into the house and paused taking it all in. This was where the girl who had given him the best orgasm of his life lived.

He walked around familiarizing himself with the house and found the things Chloe has instructed him to find. Her email read:

Explore the house and make yourself at home. I will be home around 7pm and I'll bring dessert ;) If you see something in the fridge you would like have it, there are fresh linens in the bathroom for you, the towels for the pool are in the basement closet, and the bedroom is up the stairs first door on the left. Enjoy and I will see you when I get home.

Hugs, Chloe

Ian had decided to enjoy the pool until he needed to get ready for Chloe's arrival home.

Chloe Comes home

It was late July and the temperatures had been in the 90's with 70-80% humidity. As Chloe walked to her car she could hardly catch her breath. After spending 12 hrs in the air conditioning the heat was almost unbearable. She slid into her hot car and turned the air up. She zoned out as she was driving home but the idea of Ian being at her house excited her in more ways than one. She could feel her black thong getting damp as she drove.

As she pulled into the driveway she saw the rental car and knew he was inside waiting for her. The butterflies in her stomach began to flutter as she stepped out of her car. She walked inside and set her things down, kicking her shoes off and leaving them wherever they landed to excited to bother picking them up.

She walked into the kitchen… empty, she walked upstairs - empty…, she then heard a splash and peeked outside.

There he was. Tall, tan, and toned toweling off by the edge of the pool. Chloe bit her lip as she watched his hands glide over his massive chest down his abs...

Chloe quickly undressed and wrapped her black coverup around her aching body. She walked downstairs and stopped in the kitchen to pour two glasses of lemon water before heading out to the pool.

Ian had just finished drying his legs when he heard the sliding door open. He looked up to see Chloe. She looked more beautiful than ever her tan body glowing in the sun as her auburn hair danced in the light breeze. She walked over to him a smile spreading across her face.

'Thirsty?' She asked with a smile

'I sure am but water isn't going to work.' Ian replied with a smirk

His arms were now wrapped around her waist as he pulled her body into his. Her head resting on his chest. She had forgotten how good his arms felt around her and she realized she never wanted him to let go.

Ian kissed her forehead as he whispered 'You look beautiful, but I think you have a surprise for me.' as he lightly pulled at her black cover-up

Chloe lifted her arms letting it fall to the ground revealing her naked body.

Chloe's breast were a firm 34 C and her ass was tight and toned due to the countless hours she spent in the gym. Ian enjoyed her curves and her breast but it was Chloe's ass he couldn't get enough of.

Ian stood there for a few seconds taking in the site of her perfect body with curves in all the right places. He slowly pulled her close kissing her full lips with a softness that made her melt. His large rough hands running through her hair as his lips slowly kissed down her neck and collar bone and back up to her lips. His hands traced circles lightly up and down her back as Chloe's hand wrapped around the back of his neck.

The sensation of Chloe biting his lower lip drove him insane and she new it. After a few minutes he guided her over to the outdoor bar and lifted her up onto it. He then slowly kissed down her body taking each nipple into his mouth and swirling his tongue around before lightly nibbling on it making Chloe let out a light moan as her hands rested on his shaved head.

Ian continued to kiss down her flat stomach, down her left thigh, and back up her right one coming to rest at her sweet pussy. Chloe could feel his warm breath blowing on her wet pussy. He kissed around her pussy teasing her a bit before kissing down her smooth lips and slipping his tongue in ever so slightly just to get a taste.

Chloe always tasted so sweet and Ian couldn't hold back any longer he spread her legs and started licking up and down her pussy, stopping to suck on her clit before slowly slipping his tongue in and out of her wet tight pussy. Enjoying the slightly musky sent mixed with a sweetness that resembled that of honey.

This made Chloe moan with pleasure as her hands gripped the edge of the bar.

Ian continued to work his tongue in and out of her pussy sliding it up to lightly graze over her clit every so often. After a few minutes he started working his tongue in deeper finding the perfect spot to push Chloe over the edge.

Chloe's hips were moving with the movement of his tongue as a wave of pleasure was taking her to the next level. The feel of Ian's tongue in her pussy was more than Chloe could handle. As the warm air from his nostrils tickled she got lost in the moment. As Chloe's breathing changed Ian knew what was coming he kept working his tongue in and out until Chloe breathlessly moaned 'I'm gonna cum baby, I'm gonna cum!'

Ian continued working his tongue in and out of her wet pussy knowing soon Chloe would squirt all over and he would get showered in her sweet juices. A few seconds later Chloe let out a soft moan, her body shuddering with pleasure as she grabbed Ian's head. He licked up her sweet juice and stood up with a smile.

Chloe stood up and sweetly whispered 'Your turn'

With a smile she slowly traced her hands down his chest an abs as she looked into Ian's eyes. Ian leaned back against the bar and slowly pulled Chloe in. He began kissing her luscious lips as she softly sucked on his lower lip. After a few minutes Chloe kissed down Ian's chest, his abs, and stopped right above his dick. She ran her hands up and down his body as she looked into his eyes.

She slowly untied his swimming trunks and pulled them off. Not yet touching his dick she slowly blew a few hot breaths over it. She then slowly took just the tip of Ian's hard cock into her mouth flicking her tongue around it while massaging his balls. She sucked the tip in and out of her mouth before she slowly licked his balls and then licked up his entire shaft back to the tip of his dick.

She started again to slowly flick her tongue around the tip while gently running her finger nails up and down the shaft. Ian's breathing changed as he let out a deep moan almost sounding like a growl from the depth of his being. Chloe then started to slowly take his dick deeper into her mouth. She steadily sucked his dick making a corkscrew motion each time she came up varying the speed and pressure at which she sucked.

Ian's hands were now holding her hair back as his hips slightly thrust with every move she made. She could hear him let out a deep moans and knew he was enjoying what she was doing. One hand on his hard dick, the other massaging his balls she glanced up to see his head roll back eyes closed as he enjoyed her full lips around his dick. She continued to vary the speed and pressure at which she sucked his dick and before long she heard Ian take in a deep breath as she felt him pulling away and pulling her up.

Chloe knew if he didn't stop her know he'd have blown his load in her mouth. He pulled her up kissing her aggressively yet passionately as his hands massaged her lovely breasts with a fierce need. Ian could hardly contain himself and needed to feel her velvet smooth walls against his now hard dick. He turned her to face the bar and before bending her over to fuck her tight little pussy he brushed the hair from her neck and kissed her softly whispering 'I've been waiting all week for this.'

Chloe let out a soft sigh as Ian slowly slide his dick inside her. He wanted to fuck her hard and dirty but restrained himself knowing that for Chloe's pleasure he needed to make it slow and sensual.

That was the thing about Chloe everything she did was delicate and sweet, from her kisses, to her touch, to her moans and it drove Ian wild. He had never been with a girl quite like Chloe and when they were together it was as though everything else disappeared. There wasn't a care in the world when they were together.

When he was fully inside her tight pussy he just let his dick stay there while she adjusted to his size. Ian's dick was about eight and a half inches long and about 2 inches thick. After a few seconds he placed his hands on her hips and started moving slowly in and out of her. He could feel her juices coating his dick and he couldn't hold back he sped up his thrusts as Chloe let out another soft moan.

He started moving his hips with each thrust her ass smacking his bare skin and his balls hitting her clit with every thrust. He grabbed her ass and continued to fuck her tight pussy as she moaned. He leaned over and grabbed her breasts as he kissed her back. Chloe liked things to be sensual and erotic. She wasn't a fuck me and be done kind of girl and that turned Ian on so much more. Challenging him to please her before he himself got off.

Ian continued to fuck her pussy as Chloe's moans became louder. She slid her hand down to play with her clit as Ian's dick filled her wet pussy. her moans became more frequent as her pleasure was building. Ian slowed down and started to move in and out of her very slowly but would thrust forcefully at the very end of every inward movement.

As he slowly pulled out she hopped up on the bar and spread her legs opening her pussy lips reveling her tight pink pussy all the while biting her bottom lip. The bar was at the perfect hight for Ian to slide right back into her tight pussy. There bodies found a rhythm again and soon Chloe's hips were rising to meet each of Ian's thrusts as she leaned her head back and let out a gasp mixed with a moan. Her hands grabbed her breasts as Ian quickened his pace and was fucking her hard and fast. He knew it wouldn't be long and his hot cum would mix with her sweet juices. After a few more hard thrusts he felt her smooth walls tighten against his cock and he too was taken by the throes of an orgasm.

Ian let out a gasp as he groaned 'Oh fuck baby, yeah.'

As he shot his hot load into her wet pussy Chloe looked up and smiled. She wrapped her legs around his hips, her arms around his neck, and they shared another long, passionate kiss before Ian carried her inside where they showered and then melted into each others arms before drifting off to sleep.

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