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I'm In Love With My Best Friend Part 5

I pulled back from him. God, I love you! He smiled crookedly but said nothing.
I stroked his cock lightly, Tyler's hands ran up my back the pushed me against him, kissing me hard. I ran my tongue over his lips as he opened his mouth letting me enter. I pulled back from him. "What do you want?" I asked him biting the corner of my lip lightly and smiling. His eyes were filled with lust and desire as he pulled me close to his face.

His lips grazed mine as he spoke. "You," he said, kissing me again.

I pulled away from him and leaned back resting on my arms. I just stared at him, studying his facial structure, his strong features. I admired him for a second as he stared at me. "How much do you want me?" I asked trying to be seductive.

He laughed lightly. "Right now? A whole damn lot."

I bit the corner of my bottom lip. I studied him further trying to find words to explain him. I gave up, no words could ever be able to describe him. I leaned back up, kissing him hard. He gripped my back again mashing me against his body of stone. I pulled back from him. "God I love you."
He smiled crookedly but said nothing. I was slightly thrown off by this. He usually responded in some way but just a smile? I stared at him for a second "I love you..." I whispered.

Again he smiled. "I love you too." He mouthed the words then kissed me hard.

I pulled away from him and looked down at his cock sticking out the hole of his jeans. My eyes met his and I smiled before moving one bleacher down. Tyler knew what was about to happen. He placed one leg on either side of me as I took his dick in my hand. I stared up at him and bit my lower lip jacking him lightly. I could see the anticipation in his eyes. For some strange reason I wanted to be really kinky with him. I wanted to go all out. Hell we were already having sex at school. Why not?

I slowly wrapped my mouth around his head swirling my tongue at the tip. I felt his legs tighten up. I stopped for a moment to look up at him. He already had his head tilted back, he looked up as soon as I stopped.

"Don't stop," he said with pleading eyes.

I smiled. "I decided I don't want to anymore," I teased.

His face fell. "Seriously?"

I laughed lightly then placed his dick back in my mouth. His hands rested on my shoulders gripping them, twisting the fabric of my shirt. I continued to move up and down on his cock, sliding my tongue over his shaft. Small groans rumbled in his throat traveling into his mouth and escaping past his lips.

His groans turned me on so much, I could feel myself getting wetter by every sound he made. He grabbed the back of my shirt tight and tightened his legs, slightly raising his hips. I knew it was about time. I slowly licked the tip of his head sliding my tongue down over his shaft. That was it. He shot his load in my mouth. The salty liquid filled my mouth as I looked up at him. I swallowed all of his cum and smiled. "You're yummy," I teased.

He smiled. "The bells about to ring," he said looking at his cell phone. We got up and walked to the doors leading to the hallway.

"Tyler," I said, reaching for his hand. He turned towards me. I bit the corner of my lip and looked up at him "I love you..." I said sincerely.

A smile slowly spread across his lips. "I love you too," he replied hugging me.

(thinking about doing parts 1, 2, and 3 in Tylers point of view. What do you guys think?)
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