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A soul connection

Author’s note: This was a co-written story, written by two Lush lovers... We hope you love reading it as much as we did writing it... Ariane & Yazzam :)

Part 1 - Warming up

Beccy stood, poised with one foot firmly fixed on the soft bathmat. The other hovered over the water, testing the temperature with the tip of her toe. It had been a long day at work, and she had to admit, the quality of systems in her workplace was not something she found deeply inspiring. The bath however, now that was something she could go to for inspiration.

She drew back and began to run a little more hot water. While the water ran, Beccy stood back and surveyed the bathroom. She’d set it up just right for a little self pampering; lights off, a couple of tea-light candles, some bath oils, and a scented candle that filled the room with an arousing exotic musk. Just the warm flickering candle light flickering on her skin and the soft sounds of running water. Hmmm. She allowed herself a deep breath, her naked breasts rising slowly as the air rushed deep into her lungs.

Reaching down, Beccy turned off the tap and stepped into the bath, the warm water encompassing her slender calves as she turned and positioned herself for immersion. Slowly she lowered herself down into the warm silkiness of the water. Absorbing every sensation as the water rose around her body, covering her in its warmth, and relaxing her tightened muscles.
She lay for a moment, the water lapping around her face, her dark hair suspended as she closed her beautiful green eyes and let her body become fully immersed. Breathing slowly. Relaxing. As she breathed in, the air filled her lungs, lifting her body effortlessly in the buoyant liquid and exposing her nipples to the not-unpleasant coolness of the night air. She became conscious of each breath, each exposure, and it slowly became more deliberate, her body enjoying and responding to the contrasts. Her nipples hardened as arousal began to take hold.

Slowly, deliberately, Beccy allowed one hand to effortlessly glide through the water. Across her slender thighs, over her hips, and lightly scraping her nails over her stomach until it reached the curve it desired. A barely audible moan escaped her lips as her fingertips circled the perimeter of her breast in an ever-tightening spiral.

Her thumb and forefinger drew together over her nipple, kneading it gently. Unconsciously, her other hand moved to balance the experience. With the knowledge that only self can bring, she squeezed and caressed her breasts, engorging them with the rush of arousal and raising herself out of the water as her back arched to bring pressure to her touch. Another, deeper, moan escaped her lips as her body shifted and yearned for more.

Responding to her wants, one hand gave a last squeeze of her breast and began its journey down her body, fingertips following contours and exciting the skin. Her body lifted easily in the warm water, unconsciously in unison with the downward journey of her searching hand, Her fingers splayed, smoothly transitioning over her mound, and then cupped and pulled in, applying pressure across the area and increasing her anticipation of what was to come.

Slowly she allowed her middle finger to extend, pressing into her velvety softness, her body tilting to bring her clit in contact with the top of the finger as it rolled down and in. A ripple went through her body as her finger moved deeper, exploring hungrily. “Yesss” she breathed out as the tip of her finger found its spot and began to gently swirl and press.

Beccy’s body took over, knowing what it wanted, unconscious thought guiding her hand. Her finger was joined by a second and the entry jolted her body, causing a shiver to pass through her despite the warmth of the water. She took a deep breath and relaxed into it, playing for a while, her fingers sliding in and out while rotating her wrist to heighten the pleasure.

Sliding out of their warm ecstasy, her fingers slid up between her lips until they found her clit, circling, stroking, swirling, pressing. When the stimulation rose too high, too quickly, her fingers would slide easily back into her, balancing the stimulation towards orgasm and extending her pleasure.

Her breath became faster, forced into short gasps as her muscles began to involuntarily contract. While one hand concentrated on direct stimulus, the other moved firmly across her breasts, unconsciously adding to her building senses through firm squeezing and the occasional gentle flicking and tugging of her hardened nipples.

“Ooooohhh”, her moan echoed through the room as she felt her first orgasm beginning its ascent. Her fingers were now concentrating on taking her to the tipping point, swirling, rubbing, pressing harder on her clit as her body craved more. Her hips tilting and pressing relentlessly back, insatiable in their desire for more.

Until, timing the moment of entry perfectly, Beccy plunged both of her fingers deep into her aching wetness, quenching its thirst to be filled and shuddering her body uncontrollably as her first orgasm swept over her. Her head tilted back, her eyes hidden behind tightly closed lids as her face reflected agonised ecstasy.

Her mouth opened, swollen lips wordless as breath was stolen from her. “Aaaahhhhhh.” The cry broke through the still air as the orgasm shattered her senses. Broken expressions of her heightened state racked the night air, bouncing off the walls as the waves of intensity broke over her. Her hips convulsed, forcing her fingers deeper. Pulsating, orgasmic contractions squeezed against her fingers as they plunged her depths, her nerve endings heightened to the touch.

She held her fingers deep inside, gently rocking them from side to side as their shape moved against her velvety walls. Her head slowly returned to its upright position and her eyes slowly opened, satisfaction reflecting in the green pools of beauty. The contracting pulses around her fingers became fainter as a small moan of satisfaction broke free.

As the water gently splashed around her, tickling her skin and bringing relaxation back to her still quivering body, Beccy slowly withdrew her fingers. They returned to sliding up and down between her soft, moistened lips, briefly touching her swollen clit in slowly increasing frequency. Her breathing returned to deep intakes as she prepared for more.

Part 2 - Pampering her
The light in the room became slightly brighter as the door eased open slowly and dimmed light flooded through from the bedroom.

“Hope I’m not disturbing you hun”, a near whispered voice came to her.

“Hmmm, not at all” she murmured. The light faded and returned to flickering candles. She closed her eyes as she heard the soft padding of bare feet come across the timber floors. She felt the warmth of Daniel ’s breath against her neck as he knelt behind the bath. Brushing aside her hair he placed his slightly open mouth on her neck, his tongue pressing lightly to her bare skin.

He looked down her body. His eyes drinking in her pert breasts, wondering at their incredible beauty. He admires the outer curve, shaping so elegantly towards her nipple. He cant resist touching every part as his eyes come to rest on them. The smooth skin over her ribcage begging to be kissed. His hand slowly trails down to her tummy, the muscles on her tummy jerking, making her giggle. He smiles up at her naughtily, and begins to nibble, sucking lightly on her neck and lightly pressing his tongue to her burning skin. He can feel the arousal through the touch, her skin tight and responsive.

Shifting his position, Daniel brings his mouth down around her neck, pausing for a moment to trail the tip of his tongue along her collarbone, his eyes never leaving her lips. Distracted by their fullness, he hungrily places his mouth on hers, drinking in the moment, savouring her tenderness. Her breasts rise out of the water, cascading rivulets of water etching their way across her silken skin. Breath stolen in a moment lost in love, Beccys body responds as her face flushes and her senses become electric.

With a soft moan against his lips, Beccy returns his kiss hungrily, sucking gently on his tongue, loving being kissed by Daniel. She looks deeply into his eyes, seeing the hunger that only she can still there. He returns her gaze, peering into her green pools of passion, his mouth ablaze as the kiss lingers. Lightly pulling back, softly brushing lips as she reaches for more. His eyes continue to meet hers, lit with a mischievous sparkle as his mouth returns to its journey. Down her chin, she tilts her head back as he bites her softly in the neck, making her gasp with pleasure. She can feel the soft nibbles shifting, changing, an obvious journey made all the more pleasurable by the intimacy of the moment.

Daniel brings his mouth down between her breasts, tantalising both of them for the pleasure of foreplay. With a sudden giggle, Beccy pours water over his face, breaking the spell for a moment. She laughs at his expression, then with a swift move, she pulls him splashing into the bath with her. He grins playfully at her, then ruefully pulls out his cellphone out of his pocket. Dropping it next to the bath on the floor, he shrugs, then pulls her closer. She smiles broadly at him and reaches out to him. Slowly she pulls his t-shirt over his head, making the water drip all over his face, leaving him spluttering and laughing. She loves how he responds to her playfullness. Reaching beneath the water, she pulls off his pants and boxers, his body lifting to help her. Looking down into the water, she spies his lovely shaft jutting out of the apex of his legs. Softly wrapping her fingers around him, she looks up at him and smiles. “This is mine right?’ she asks in her husky voice. “Yours to bring pleasure, however you please” he purrs back. ‘Oh, that was just the right answer” she answers with a smile. She moves her hand along his length, stroking him slowly.

When she hears Daniel groan with pleasure, she moves his body on top of hers, wrapping her arms around his neck. “I think we need to take this to a place where we wont drown” she laughingly whispers to him.

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