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In safe hands

From my imagination folks!
“What? You say with a smile as I adjust the pillows and prop myself to look at you.

There’s a lot to be said without words don’t you know and if this works, if you can understand what I’m saying to you with these big adoring eyes, you might just realise that in me is a truth you won’t find anywhere else.

“I’m horny, I know it’s not unusual but for gods sake help me out here, what else is 5am for? Perhaps 5am is for story writing!

Did you ever turn someone on with just the look in your eye? Did you dare to gaze a little bit (a lot) longer than is socially correct? Might you have told each other the silent obscenities that were never allowed a voice before or shown a little bit of yourself, a part that no-one else was privileged enough to see.

The birds have begun their chatting, I know it’s an unrelated detail but you know me, you know I can’t resist the details. Personally I think it’s a little premature, it’s still dark after all but what do I know.

I wonder what they’re chatting about, I fantasies that they’re talking about us, that they’re totally in awe of what we have.

I wonder with a discreet smile whether their harmonies will turn to panic when I start howling in a few minutes!

“Come here!” you tell me and immediately I’m excited at the prospect of you.

It’s a bit clumsy now but real life is like that, don’t you know!

Your body is firm under me and the duvet shields us from the eyes of non-existent ghosts of the distant relatives I’ve sometimes wondered about when masturbating.

It seems like the only right thing to do as I slide myself onto you. The juices I’ve been harbouring glisten on you as I rise up and fall. The moan from your lips induced from the discovery of my wetness causes a smile and then from nowhere I get this urge to giggle.

I suppress it and begin to lose myself in the rhythm that is our bodies meeting in the most intimate of ways. The sound of sopping flesh meeting solid flesh eggs me on.

My full breasts bounce around sporadically seemingly amused by the whole thing.

What I’m really thinking now is that I need to be taken. I need to be savagely taken until I can’t keep up, until we lose momentum and I can’t do anything but accept you.

I manoeuvre myself off of you and onto all fours and just once I give you the question without words. You answer me of course and I cry out as you plunge into me.

My words are incoherent but the tone says much more than words ever could, it says,

“Please please, please, fuck me and don’t you dare stop until you’ve taken all of me!

At first I rock back and forth, giving you something back, giving you the enthusiasm you deserve. My spine shakes and threatens to bend under the pressure as we throw ourselves together, as we close any gaps between us time and time again.

I arch my back and howl as predicted, you grab a handful of my knotted hair and push my face into the pillow and I stop trying now.

I’ve reached the point where I’m useless except as a bag of willing orifices. I couldn’t be sexy now not deliberately, I’m something different now. I just am.

My throat is dry but my pussy is soaked as you wake up a feeling deep inside of me, a feeling that never wants to sleep again.

My inner muscles spasm, they squeeze you and then try to force you out but your needs are taking you over now and the last few thrusts are the deepest and hardest yet causing you to empty yourself, all of yourself, into my depths.

“Holy fuck” I manage to say quietly, my voice still raspy and then you collapse onto me and we adjust ourselves and sleep with contented smiles.

Upon waking I breathe in my favourite smell, that of warm, mixed and slightly stale juices that waft between us and almost instantly I start to imagine your fingers inside me, mingling with the pool of combined fluids that seep from me.

Of course I’m no fool and I know that the easiest way to get what I want is to slip under the covers and wake you up with my throat on your shaft.

Brushing the stray hair away from my face I start gently by only licking you, I’m amused as involuntarily your cock starts to respond, betraying your need for sleep.

I moan appreciatively at the taste of you, the taste of myself there too.

I run my tongue up and down whilst my hands caress innocent parts of you, needing to play their part in this.

My avid tongue finds your balls now and then I cant resist sucking them into my mouth, enjoying their texture, feeling them swell.

Finally I take pleasure in your vocal acknowledgment as I sink my mouth all the way onto you, until the tip touches my throat and I gag slightly before sucking my way back up.

‘My job here is done’ I think as I take my attention away and slide back up the bed to kiss you.

“Good morning sexy” I say as I plant it on you, snuggle in close and wait for what’s to come.

Your ‘groggy’ expression is my favourite and I wonder how you can look so great upon waking, I hope I never stop thinking that.

I drape my left leg over you and ever so obviously move my hand down to my sopping playground. I close my eyes and wonder if you’re watching me, I wonder what you might think.

You start to caress my busy arm and slowly make your way to my even busier hand.

I feel satisfaction already that my plan is working.

I’m gently teasing myself and the core of my need is swelling beneath my practiced fingers yet still I’d rather have yours. Luckily for me you’re obliging and actually very good so as your fingers first join and then replace mine, I know I’m in safe hands.

I close my eyes and picture what you’re doing to me and when you move down the bed between my legs, that act alone takes me to a different level. I feel aroused under your scrutiny and brazenness takes hold of me as I spread my pussy lips wide for you.

Your tongue meets the tip of my clitoris and I feel a surge of juices rush towards the exit as you circle it and cause my legs to shake.

“Fuck” I say un-articulately when the realisation of an imminent orgasm hits me.

I don’t need to concentrate, I don’t need to fantasise, your expert technique is enough for me and I wonder momentarily how I feel about that.

Ever so slowly you lick towards my ecstasy and as it engulfs me I claw at the sheet beneath me. The usual instincts that might make me want to grab your head and hold you in place are missing, perhaps because I know you won’t stop until I make you.

Your tongue draws out every last ounce of my orgasm and the noise that erupts from my throat tells you when my pleasure peaks and you simultaneously drive two fingers into me at a key moment.

When my orgasm subsides and I’m too sensitive for your tongue I begin to think about your pleasure. How can I reward such a wonderful thing?

I turn myself over and tell you to fuck my arse. I’m still horny in my head and the thought of you watching your cock disappear into the cool depths of my tight hole is enough to warrant the pain that might be involved in taking it.

I wince slightly as you ignore the futile resistance my arse shows and sink deep into me. I cry out and then the pleasure of it is all there is.

“Fuck it fuck it fuck it!” I scream and you do fuck it, ‘good and proper’ I think as you roar with each thrust.

“Fuck my tight arse” I scream now, encouraging you, asking you to lose control without actually saying it.

You wonder if you ever knew anyone that enjoyed an arse fucking quite so much as me.

“Harder” I add as if perhaps, maybe you could fuck me a little bit harder.

“Harder!” I say again as you step it up and I push my luck.

I’m losing the ability to speak now but I manage one last word before you fill me with frothy hot cum.

“Yes” is all I manage because I feel you tense up, feel you paralyzed behind me just at the moment you feel the cum leave you balls and begin it’s ecstatic journey into me.

It pleases me immensely to know that I have a pussy and arse full of your seed now and I wonder where I might want it next.

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