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In the barn

A novel fuck in a neighbour's barn!
I had been stuck at my uncle's farmhouse for more than a month now, and it wasn't suiting me well being a city girl and all. I hated the food. It was too fresh and smelled of animals. We didn't have a shower, and instead used a tub and had bucket baths. There was no one to provide any sort of company and the lack of AC meant that the house got blisteringly hot. Unable to take it anymore, I asked Uncle to drive me back, but he said he couldn't because the cows were going down with something or the other and he simply didn't have the time.

He suggested I ask for a ride at the neighboring farm, for they were almost always transporting produce into the city. The next morning I packed, said my goodbyes and walked to the farm. Once there I found it fairly deserted, and decided to head off to the main building. A gorgeous oblong wooden structure that was surrounded by flower bushes and cobbled stone paths. I knocked on the door and answered it a man of about 50. This was Mr. Obelo, the hyper rich but down to earth farm owner that everyone talked about. I told him I needed a ride into town and was wondering if he could help me out. He nodded and told me to head to the barn where his son was loading the truck with produce to take into the city. I thanked him and made my way to the barn which was about half a kilometer behind the house.

Approaching it, I saw a figure dressed in khaki pants and a checked cotton shirt carrying out crates to the truck outside. As I got closer, I felt a flash of desire rip through me. He was about 6'2 tall, tanned with longish dark hair that looked damp from sweat, and even fully clothed I could tell he was lean and muscular. For someone like me who hadn't seen a decent looking male for a month, he was like a balm. A balm I just had to have. He saw me walking the path towards him, and stopped what he was doing. I could tell that he was giving me a once over, and was glad I had worn my yellow halter neck sundress, which showed off my shoulders and legs.

"Hi. I'm Kelly"

"Andrew", he replied.

"Um, I spoke with your dad and he said that I could hitch a ride with you into the city?" I said.

He glowered at me for some reason for a second then said "Fine. Just help me with these crates. There's only a few left"

"Sure" I murmured.

I followed him into the barn, all the while looking at that firm butt of his. He bent over, picked up a crate and turned around so fast that I didn't have tome to move out of his way. This resulted in the crate of vegetables crashing into my midsection. I groaned at the pain and fell to the floor. He was beside me in an instant, squatting and looking over me and asking if I was alright. Once o caught my breath I replied and said I was and made to get up.

Instead, Andrew grabbed my arm and kept me on the floor. I looked at my his hand on my arm then into his eyes. There was pure desire there, and lust. I made a decision there and then. I had to have this man. I had to have him so bad!

The next thing I knew, I was kissing him and couldn't get enough of that hot tongue of his. I shifted so that I was on my knees and better able to kiss him. I my hands through his hair, down his back and caressed his chest, while he untied my halter neck dress, pushing it down to my midriff to expose my breasts which he fondled and played with, all the while kissing me.

Then he stopped, got up and pulled me to my feet, and then swung me into his arms and carried me to a stack of hay. He put me down on it and climbed on top of me, spreading my legs, and pushing himself onto me, so i could feel his dick. It was already hard, and this made me moan. He moved down to my breasts and gently sucked and payed with them with his mouth. By this time my dress was off entirely and Andrew was working on my pants. He took them off and left a trail of kisses starting up on my neck and shoulders, moving down to my breasts, my stomach and then lower to my clit which he flicked with his tongue and then kissed it and sucked it. The pleasure under his knowing hands and mouth was intense. As he moved back up, his hands racaging my firm body, I began to undo his shirt and then his pants, to reveal the most gorgeous cock I have ever seen. It wasn't small and it wasn't too big so as to be painful. Just the right size for me. He caught me looking at it and smiled with genuine amustment and said "You like it?" "Hell yeah," I gushed. I sat up as he kneeled and took some of it in my mouth. Hmmm... I'm not a fa of oral sex but I just had to taste him! He groaned and ran his hands over his sparseley haired chest and on my shoulders and moaned with pleasure as I squeezed that beautiful ass of his. He soon pulled out of my mouth and pushed me back onto the hay, reached out for his pants and took out a condon, which he rolled on and then got back on top of me. "Are you sure about this?" he asked. If I had any doubts, they vanished when I realised that he actually cared! "Yes" I said.

Slowly, all the while looking me in the eyes, he lowered himslef on me until i could feel his tip resting at my entrance. "Give it to me" I said, and with a slow, but firm motin, he pushed himself all the way inside of me and leaned down to kiss me. Then he started to pull in and out of me in rhythimic thrusts, filling me again and again. He Held me closer and the pace quickend and I wrapped my legs around to draw him further and futher in. Soon we wereboth moaning and groaning and he somehow managed to play with my clit and I with his back and butt. We were approaching a cresendo and I felt him twitch within me. A look in his eyes and I knew he was going to come soon. That made me trust my hips harder, and he banged me for all he was worth. Bathed in sweat now, I felt my climax arrive. Wave after wave of pure ecstasy ripped through my body. My tightening hole pushed Andrew over the edge and he moaned and groaned and he came.

Spent, we lay down, side by side, panting and sweating, and utterly content.

I decided to stay at the farm for a few more weeks after that and enjoyed the best sex I've ever had. Uncle was surprised by my return, but I think he eventually figured out why I stayed.

Andrew and I have been dating since, and only last night asked me to marry him!!
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