In the Shower

By principessa

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Two lovers shower and more
This is the third in a series of Robert and Juliana stories written by Alphamagus and me. We will continue writing them so long as there is fun to be had and a story to tell.

Juliana and Robert finished their Friday night dinner but not quite as planned. There had been a mishap with the Eton Mess that Robert had prepared and they ended up wearing as much of it as they ate. It was all over them and the dining room table. They had taken their clothes off and made love right there. Rather than wasting his favourite dessert, Robert ate the berries, cream and meringue off of Juliana’s body, and she off of his. He topped it off with some Prosecco, drunk from her. The mess had been cleaned up, the dishes loaded in the dishwasher, and they now were headed for the shower.

Juliana walked naked upstairs to the bathroom. How divine she looks, mused Robert as he climbed the stairs behind her, the curve of her buttocks, the straight back and the sensual way that her hips moved as she ascended. He found himself stirring as his gaze caught a few stray hairs between her legs as she walked. “Hmmmm,” he thought to himself. Her skin glistened in the glow of the landing light and he could still see the food remnants and the sticky trails of their lovemaking a few minutes ago.

Robert had a Norwegian shower installed in the bathroom. It was a very large self-contained room in which the entire ceiling was the shower head. It could easily have accommodated three or four people, if one were that way inclined. Robert was not, as Juliana was always enough for him. The opening side of the cubicle was non-steam glass and all the other surfaces were tiled.

Juliana walked to the sink to start removing her makeup as Robert switched on the shower and got in. “I am going to have a quick shave while you do that,” Robert said. Juliana watched closely as Robert walked in, that body that surrounded her with its warmth each night. She saw the torrent of hot water hit him as he rubbed his shaved head in an effort to make the skin more supple. She loved to watch him shower as there was an intense eroticism to it.

Robert had a routine for his shave. He never used soap as that always made the skin so slippery that cuts were inevitable. He ensured that his entire body was saturated under the spray of the water before proceeding. He always started with his head and then moved downward. He took the disposable razor and started shaving the slight stubble that had accumulated. It did not take long before the remains had all been removed and washed away.

He could see Juliana observing him as he shaved. She had moved from the sink and was now sitting on the seat of the toilet, having cleansed her face. Her hand was perched in her lap and Robert could see her finger slowly stroking herself gently. He immediately hardened. This was helpful because shaving his cock and balls was a lot safer to do when he was erect. He bought his hand to his cock and slowly started to rub it to full hardness while watching Juliana playing with herself. He felt his breath catch at the sight of her. He could swear that he heard a small gasp from her despite the sound of the water engulfing him.

Juliana was feeling very turned on seeing Robert slowly draw the blade along the length of his large cock. She loved touching him, kissing him, feeling him inside her. Viewing him now, stroking his penis harder and as the sharp razor in his hand glided over his length excited her inexorably. His cock held an endless fascination for her. Her fingers were getting wetter and wetter as she slowly inserted an additional one inside of her. She knew that he was equally turned on watching her, and she always liked to show him the effect that he had on her.

Juliana shuddered as she saw Robert’s eyes close for a second as the blade was drawn across the ball sac that he had stretched in his hand. Although she had witnessed his shaving ritual before, it was never quite this erotic. Perhaps this was because it seemed slightly dangerous and she had yet to come down from the sexual high they had experienced in the dining room a short while earlier. The razor glided over his hard cock and scrotum over and over again as his gaze moved directly to her, burning in its fire and sexuality. Her juices were in full flow now, warm and wet around the length of her fingers and her lips had become more sensitive.

Robert finished his regime and, laying down the razor on the shelf, extended his finger to Juliana and beckoned her to him. She removed her fingers slowly from her pussy and seductively walked to the door of the shower. Opening the door, she stepped inside. Her hand went to the length of his hardness as he kissed her deeply. He pushed her into the corner of the cubicle and reached for the sponge. He poured a liberal amount of lavender shower gel onto it and started slowly soaping her entire body. He carried on kissing her. She gasped as the sponge reached her already moist and aroused pussy. Robert lathered there more than usual and Juliana wondered what he had in mind.

Robert dropped the sponge and retrieved the razor from the shelf. Then, sinking to his knees, he elevated one of Juliana’s feet onto his lap and drew the razor across her pubis and the uppermost part of her inner thigh. Juliana had a tiny spasm due to the intense and intimate nature of what he was doing and the keenness of the razor. She watched spellbound as he carefully shaved her. She had always kept herself trim and only had a small landing strip, but it seemed that Robert was going to remove it. He finished one side and the top and bottom before lowering her leg and raising the other one the same way. She gasped as his hand touched her lips accidentally. No one had ever done this to her before, but she had no doubt that Robert would do this again in time.

Both Juliana and Robert had had previous relationships, but each would tell you that there was no one for them like the other. Juliana had never allowed herself to feel as liberated sexually with any other man. There was something about Robert; his love and care made her feel safe, and that freed her of any inhibitions. He was very passionate and inventive, making her more adventurous than she had ever been before. Robert was enchanted by her, her intensity and willingness to follow his lead. She often surprised him with her transition from elegant woman to utter wanton. This delighted him as she was this way for him alone.

He gently drew his tongue all over her to test for any errant hairs that he might have missed. He gazed up into her face to see it looking upwards, eyes closed, as if she was just surrendering to the touch of his tongue. Satisfied that he had all of the tiny hairs removed, he gently drew her leg even higher so that her lips were at the correct level for his tongue. He gently traced a path all around them, marvelling in the mixed scents of her moistness and the soap that he had previously applied.

He leaned in and began licking and kissing her pussy. She grasped his head and pulled him into her more, holding him there, revelling in the sensation of his tongue moving between her lips, all the way front to back, teasing her clitoris with each forward pass. As much as she loved this, she desperately wanted to kiss his mouth and feel his arms around her. She now was pulling him up, telling him, “Sweetheart, I want you so much.”

He stood to his feet and started kissing her breasts hungrily. The nipples instantly hardened and he ran his tongue over them again and again, teasing her nipples erect. Then, kissing his way past her shoulder and neck, his lips met hers. They kissed as if they had only just met. Hot, fast and furious. Their tongues were engaged like two tango dancers.

The water was cascading over both of them as the kiss continued. He held her close and felt her hand caressing his cock and balls. He then raised her arms and held her hands against the wall above her head as he lifted her hips slightly. His penis entered her slowly and steadily, inch by inch, prolonging that first foray into her, and their anticipation and excitement. He finally settled all of the way inside and started to slowly thrust. Her muscles contracted around his cock and he felt a low grunt release itself from his mouth. The thrust was followed by another and another, deep to her core, each of them making her cry out a little. He knew that he did not want to climax just yet, but he was relishing the feel of her grasping him too much. So, he reluctantly withdrew.

He turned her around and pressed her breasts flat against the tiling. Then, falling to his knees once more, he parted her legs and tongued her pussy again. This time however, after a few minutes he bought his fingers to her sopping mound and let them start to work as his tongue rose higher. He used the other hand to slightly open her buttocks allowing him to bring his tongue to her anus.

He gently kissed her there before slowly inserting his tongue inside. Gently probing in time to the thrust of his fingers, he heard Juliana gasp audibly, lost in the touch of both entrances being frigged at the same time. He continued this for a couple of minutes before realising that she would not be able to take much more. He could feel her trembling. So he slowly withdrew and stood up, then, taking his cock in his hand, he traced a path over her anus, around her lips, and onto her clitoris. He rubbed himself there for a minute before going back to her entrance and once again inserting himself inside her. This time, however, he had entered from behind. His cock slid in easily enough and he started to find the quickness of rhythm again that he knew that she loved.

As he thrust, he brought one hand around to her mound and rubbed her bud in time to the drive of his cock. He heard the gasps that he knew were a signal for her imminent orgasm. “Come for me, darling,” he whispered as he increased the depth and intensity of his thrusting. No sooner had the words been said then he felt her contracting around the hardness of his cock and heard the little moan that she made as she came. This moan triggered his own release and he exploded inside of her. He drove his cock in as hard and fast as he could as his sperm gushed out, filling her.

Juliana felt stunned with the intensity of her orgasm. She knew that she would not last long on her feet, feeling a little dizzy, so she reached behind and took Robert’s cock out of her swollen pussy. Then, turning around, she fell to her knees and took it deep inside of her mouth. Her tongue was licking all of the excess come from it as she sucked slowly but firmly. She heard him whisper “Sweet Jesus” as she took as much of his shaft down her throat as she could without gagging.

She carried on licking and kissing him as she reached for his balls and gently squeezed them. Robert felt himself hardening again, incredibly quickly, just moments after his climax. His penis was rigid, ready to spew again as she sucked him deeply. He held his hands on her head, pumped more rapidly and lost himself in sensation. And then, another explosive release. Juliana swallowed it all and looked up at him, her eyes dancing. “Not bad for such a good girl,“ she said.

Robert was thinking that this woman excited him as much as the first time he made love to her, and that he would never tire of her. “But you are my bad girl, aren’t you, darling?” he responded.

“Always and forever,” she said, smiling that quiet, knowing smile that always touched his heart as much as her carnality stirred his libido.

Robert pulled her up and kissed her gently this time. Then, reaching for the discarded sponge, he lathered it up again and they took turns to soap and rinse. Once clean, they wrapped themselves in bath sheets, warm from their rack, and dried off. They both were tired from the week’s work and spent from sex. Robert took Juliana’s hand and led her to their bed. He would sleep holding her close to him all through the night, he thought, and there was the whole weekend ahead of them.