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Island Girl, Chapter 2

Island Girl, Chapter 2

They laid out the plans for exploring the islands...and each other!
The next morning, Mark got up early and showered, getting ready for his day with his beautiful tour guide. Not sure exactly what they would be doing just yet, he dressed casual in his blue jeans, a lightweight polo shirt, socks and sneakers. Making sure he had plenty of money in his wallet and his credit cards just in case, he locked the room and went downstairs to meet Jennifer.

As they had previously arranged, he waited in the hotel lobby for her to arrive. He was sitting in one of the lobby easy chairs reading the local paper when she came in.

"Hi Mark are you ready for breakfast?" she said.

Hearing his name, Mark looked up and his mouth dropped open. Jennifer stood in front of him, dressed in a semi-sheer white long-sleeved blouse that tied in front so that it bared her midriff all the way up to the bottom of her ample breasts. She also wore a blue jean mini-skirt with the bottom hem frayed for accent, and a pair of casual cork wedge-style shoes.

Seeing his reaction, Jennifer smiled. "I wasn't sure what we were going to do today, so I decided to wear something casual," she said.

Mark finally found his voice "Y-you look amazing!" he said faltering.

Jennifer blushed and smiled even wider. "Thank you, you're sweet," she said, kissing him on the cheek. He felt her incredibly soft lips brush his cheek and his cock instantly stirred.

"Shall we go get some breakfast?" he asked, trying to regain his focus. He took her hand and they started walking down the hall to the restaurant for breakfast.

"So what shall we do today, Mark?" Jennifer asked as they were seated in the restaurant.

"Well, do you have to go to work tonight?" he asked.

"I'm afraid so," she said with a heavy sigh, "But not until 8:00 tonight. 8:00 till 1:00am. This is my short night. Then I have the next two nights off before my work week starts again. I normally work from 5:00pm. to 1:00am."

"Oh, I see. Well then, we'll save the bigger excursions for tomorrow and the next day when you are off all day then. Today we can just look around the island if you'd like," he said, "I don't want to wear you out before work."

"Thank you. Yes we can look around the island a bit and I can show you some of the sights." she said. So they finished their breakfast and then after he paid the bill, they left in her car to see what they could find on Paradise Island and neighboring New Providence Island where Jennifer lived. Mark was amazed at how many people lived in Nassau and the neighboring communities. He was surprised at the crowds and congestion in the streets as the day wore on.

"I never realized how many people lived on this tiny island!" Mark said as he looked around in wonder.

"Yes, it has grown a lot these last few years. I've only been here for about six years, but I noticed a difference. There are a lot of American expatriates here... retirees and people who got tired of the cold weather where they lived," she explained. "They come here because the cost of living is cheaper." Then she sighed a little, adding "But it is still hard to make ends meet on a waitress's salary. The lounge is a good job and I'm thankful for it, but the pay doesn't go very far around here. This is a resort town so everything is geared with a mind to separate your tourists from your hard-earned money. So it doesn't make it easy for us islanders who have to pay the same prices. But all resort towns are like that, I suppose."

"Well I moved to Los Angeles for much the same reason. I was tired of the cold weather in Minnesota. Of course the way things worked out for me, it looks like I should have probably picked the Bahamas!" he joked. Jennifer smiled at the compliment.

They drove around Paradise Island, looking at the brightly painted rowhouses and the different hotels and attractions. They both decided that they would take in some of them tomorrow. Then they went across the bridge to Nassau on New Providence Island.

"But before we can do any of those things," she said as they drove and talked about their plans, "we have to go shopping for you - you don't have a swimsuit and I don't think you want to sit in soaking wet jeans all day!" she said.

"No, I definitely don't want to do that," he said. So they stopped by a clothing store that she knew that had a good selection of mens swimwear.

"Do you trust me?" she asked.

"Of course. Why?"

"Well, I'm going to pick you out something sexy to wear on the beach. I want to show you off to all the other girls," she said with a giggle, "On these islands the girls actually outnumber the guys, so the girls here that have a guy like to show off. I want to show you off to everyone!"

"Oh so I'm a trophy boyfriend then?" he said jokingly.

"Yup. And as my trophy boyfriend you have to look hot," she said grinning broadly.

"Ok then, find me something hot to wear," he agreed. Jennifer clapped her hands gleefully and went to find the perfect swimwear. She came back in a few minutes with three or four things for him to try on.

"I got you a few things. I hope you like them," she said. He looked through her selection. One was a pair of boxer-style swim trunks. The next was a briefs type swimsuit. And lastly was a very small "speedo"-type swimsuit. He eyed each carefully.

"Which one do you like?" he asked her.

"Well, actually I like these," she said, pointing to the briefs-style swimsuit.

"Good, I was worried you were going to pick the speedo!" he said chuckling, "that is a bit too... um, revealing for me!" he said, mockingly wiping his forehead.

"Well I didn't know how bashful you were," she teased, smiling at him.

"Not bashful Jen, it's just that I like to show off more privately," he said with a wink. Jennifer blushed at the flirting.

"Ok now that we have something you can get wet in, we can go," Jennifer said. He paid for the purchase and they left the store. The pair continued touring the island and then as it was getting close to when she was to go to work, Jennifer needed to stop by her apartment.

"Well it's getting late, I need to run by my place and get changed for work, do you mind?" she asked.

"No, not at all. I'd like to see your place," he said. So she drove to her apartment.

As they entered her apartment Mark took a look around. It was a nice place, although a bit small, but it was tastefully decorated and seemed warm and welcoming, just like her.

"You have a nice place here. I like it," Mark said.

"Thanks. Make yourself at home, I will only be a couple of minutes," she said shutting her apartment door behind them. Jennifer went in the bedroom to change while Mark waited in the living room. A few minutes later she came back out wearing her waitress uniform. It was a white tuxedo-looking collared halter top with a deep V front with two fake buttons. The halter top left her belly bare. She also wore a pair of stretchy black shorts. Around her neck was a rhinestone encrusted bow tie. Finally, a pair of strappy stiletto heels finished her outfit.

"Damn, Jenny, you look awesome!" he said.

"Thank you, but it's just a uniform. Got to look good to hustle drinks," she said blushing a bit.

"Well you sure make the uniform work! You can hustle a drink for me anytime," he said.

"Does that mean you will come by and keep me company tonight?"

"Just try to keep me away," he said, pulling her in close to him. He wrapped his arms around her small waist and looked into her eyes. they stared at each other for a couple of moments each afraid to take the next step. Finally he made his move and leaned in to kiss her. Jennifer accepted the kiss gratefully, opening her mouth and allowing his tongue to enter meeting it with her own. As they kissed their tongues danced and frolicked together in their mouths. She put her arms around his neck and his hands slipped down the small of her back pulling her closer. He basked in her warmth and inhaled her soft scent. "Damn she felt good and smelled even better!" he thought to himself. It had been a very long time since he felt this good with a woman. But he didn't know how she felt and if he wanted to get any more involved with her. After all, he reminded himself, he was leaving in a few days. Still she felt so good...

"We'd better be headed back, I have to drop you off at the hotel before I go to work," Jennifer finally gasped as she broke the kiss. "Damn, I wish I didn't have to work tonight. But if I don't, they will give my shift to one of the other girls and I need the money," she said, panting.

"Well, I will stop by and keep you company tonight," Mark said.

"You'd better, Mark!" she said, pouting like a little girl. He smiled at her cute pout.

They headed back to the hotel and she dropped him off at the hotel entrance before going to work herself. Mark gave her another kiss before he went up to his room. He sat in his lonely hotel room thinking about the days events and the kiss they shared in her apartment. What was it about this island girl that made him so crazy? He had only known her a couple of days and yet he could not get her out of his mind! He could still taste her on his lips and smell her sweet perfume on his clothes.

Jennifer was lost in her thoughts of Mark as well. She worked that night in a dreamlike state, her thoughts going back to him and that fateful kiss. What was she going to do? She knew he was only visiting for a short time, yet she was so very attracted to him. And what about his ex-wife? She didn't want to be "rebound sex" for anyone - she already knew how futile that scenario was. She had been rebound sex for a guy once before and got crushed when he decided to go back to his ex-girlfriend. She didn't want to go through that hurt ever again.

Independently, each decided that they would just let things go ahead but not get too involved. They both wisely realized that their time together would end, and neither of them wanted to get hurt when it did. Neither of them harbored any fantasies of being together somehow and the whole "living happily ever after" ending. They would just enjoy the time they did have together and be thankful for it. Yes that was the smart thing to do. These vacation romances never worked out. They would just enjoy the time they had and then say goodbye.

Mark kept his word that night and came by around 10:00 that evening. As he walked into the lounge, Jennifer was just delivering some drinks to one of the tables. He walked in and she saw him and met him at the door.

"I'm glad you came by, Mark. It's kinda slow tonight and I was hoping you'd come keep me company," she said with a smile that lit up the whole room.

"Well I had some dinner and was just sitting in my room at the hotel waiting to come by. I didn't want to come by too early and then leave again. So I waited a bit so I can stay until you get off," he said.

"Awww, that's sweet of you," she said. "Can I get you a drink?"

"Sure, but let's start with a beer. I don't want to get too wasted tonight," he said.

"Ok, I'll be right back with your beer," Jennifer said.

"Sounds good. So where's a good place to sit so you can come sit with me a little?"

"Well if you want to sit at a table, there is a quiet little corner over there we could sit together for a bit."

"That works fine for me. I'll wait for you there then."

"Ok sweetie, I'll be over with your beer in a flash." she said, smiling and then turned to get his beer. Mark went to the table she pointed to and took a seat so he could watch her. She looked up as she poured his beer and smiled knowing he was watching her. She came back shortly with his beer and set it on a coaster for him. "I'll be back in just a minute. I have one more order to get out," she said. She left him to his beer and as she walked away, she turned back to see him watching her again. She smiled and went to deliver the drink order.

Mark watched her as she walked away, fascinated with her tight ass in the skin-tight stretch shorts and the smoothness of her rear as it swayed when she walked. When she delivered the drinks to the table she bent forward and shifted her weight, wiggling her firm ass seductively and hoping he was still watching. He was indeed watching her and as he saw her little show, his cock twitched excitedly.

He sat there nursing his beer as he watched Jennifer go about her work. He watched as she interacted with her customers and how they reacted to her as well. She was well-liked in the lounge and he noticed a few customers wanted her to wait on them exclusively. She was very good at her job and a real asset to the lounge.

About an hour after Mark had come to the lounge, Jennifer was able to take her break. She poured herself a cup of coffee and came over to sit with him.

"So how is work going tonight?" Mark asked her.

"Oh god, it's so slow tonight! I'm really glad you came by, I was bored to death!" she said, taking his hand in hers.

"Well, I'll stay here and keep you company for a while. Not much going on in my hotel room tonight either," he said jokingly. They sat and talked as they drank their drinks. They talked about what they had seen and done that day and the plans they had for tomorrow.

As they talked and laughed together, Mark felt more and more comfortable being with her. He was already quite comfortable around her and the two of them seemed to get along wonderfully. But something else was happening slowly, imperceptibly... Mark didn't even see it coming.

"I guess I should probably be getting back to work, my break is about over," Jennifer sighed, "I sure hope the rest of the night goes by quickly."

"Don't worry, Jen, I'll stick around and keep you company till you get off work," Mark said.

"Aww, that's sweet of you hon, but you really don't have to."

"That's all right, it's only a couple more hours... besides, all I would be doing in my room is watching television. And there isn't much on the tube tonight anyway," he said.

"Still, you don't need to hang out in a bar. You could look around the hotel, maybe check out the casino."

"We'll see. But I'm a big boy and can stay up late, after all, it's not a school night!" he said grinning.

"It's still very sweet of you to keep me company Mark," she said kissing him on the cheek before she went off to finish her shift. She stopped by with another beer a few minutes afterwards. "This one is on me, hon."

He sat there drinking his beer and ordered one more as he waited for her to finish work. When 1:00am finally came she went behind the bar to get her purse and Mark walked her out to her car.

"Thank you so much Mark for waiting for me. It made the night so much nicer knowing you were here," she said, holding his hands in hers as she stood facing him, her back to her car door.

"It was my pleasure Jen," he said, "But you'd better be heading home and get some rest. We have some more fun in store for tomorrow."

"I'm looking forward to it," she said. She put her arms around his neck and looked deeply into his eyes. Taking her cue, he leaned forward and pressed his lips to hers, kissing her deeply and passionately. Jennifer pulled him closer and he wrapped his arms around her small waist, pressing himself to her. Jennifer moaned softly into his mouth as she felt his body against hers and he pinned her against the car. As he stepped forward a bit, his leg went between hers and she felt him pressing his leg against her crotch. She liked the feeling of having him there and didn't resist, instead parting her legs a bit more for him. Mark wasn't even aware of what he was doing, he was so wrapped up in her kiss. However, Jennifer knew and she was enjoying it very much.

But Jennifer did have to get home, and all too soon their kiss ended and he opened the door for her. She smiled at his gallantry and took her seat behind the wheel. He shut her door and then watched as she pulled away and headed home. Then he turned and went back into the hotel and up to his room.

As he sat in his room watching a bit of TV before going to bed, his thoughts were on his beautiful Jennifer. Although he didn't realize it just yet, he was smitten with her in a big way. After an hour or so he decided to get some sleep. Tomorrow was another day of sightseeing and he didn't want to be tired. So he went to bed and dreamt of her.

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