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I've Waited 9 Years For This.

Since fifth grade I loved this boy named Aron. He was only 12 and I was 11. He had this amazing light, tan skin and dark brown eyes that held you. His spiky brown hair made him look just as more anglican. We went out a lot through elementary, middle, and high school. It was the night of graduation out of High School. Aron walked up to me and took my hand. "Would you like to go out to eat with me?" I was baffled but still answered. "Yes. I would love to." He took me out to a local restaurant. We talked and talked a lot about our interests and what we've been up to within the past 9 years of my life. After dinner he took me back to his apartment. I was surprised he had his own place already. Fresh out of high school and already had his own apartment. He held my hand and guided me to his room where we picked up the earlier conversations. "I always wondered why your pretty blue eyes always attracted my attention." He commented. I blushed with nervousness. "Aron... Why did you suddenly decide to eat with me of all people?" I asked. He took his finger and slid it up my thigh, tracing and arousing me. My breathing caught, my head started to spin, and I felt ready to just scream. He had touched me like this before but never had we done it. Aron smiled. "Because I know you still like me." "I don't like you... I love you." I corrected. Aron didn't hesitate to get past my black lingerie and into my sensitive, virgin pussy. "Ah!" I moaned over and over. His finger, now fingers, thrusted into me. I could only cringe up in pleasure. "I have always wanted to fuck you Sarah." Aron admitted. He stopped finger fucking my pussy. He got on top of me and started dry fucking me. My pussy was already wet and craving for Aron to be in me. I began to climax. He was hard and it felt so good on my erect clit. I couldn't breathe. The desire burned deep beneath my skin. I pulled Aron's sweet mouth to my lips. We made out for a while before I could barely stand it. "I need you inside of me." I moaned, breathless. We started tearing at each others clothes. We were naked in seconds. Aron got back on top and warned me that it would hurt. I reassured him I didn't care. Instantly he put his big dick in my wet pussy. I screamed in pain. I begged him to take it out. But he insisted that it would stop hurting and get better. He thrusted in me ten more times before it got better. I started scratching his back when I felt myself about to explode. Aron moaned and started thrusting harder. When my pussy got tighter as I came Aron began to whisper between gasps ",Whew baby. Your pussy is so tight. I'm about to come, it feels so good!" "Come in me. You can bust in me all your cum." I allowed. Aron and I both came at the same time. My mind went black and all I could do was breathe. Three minutes later... Aron and I were laying in his bed, still naked. He held me so tightly in his arms. "I love you Sarah." "I love you, too, Aron." Aron kissed the top of my head. Out of nowhere he jumped out of bed. I saw his big dick. I turned red. "I forgot something," he said. I became confused. Aron came back with a pair of boxers on and a small black box in his hand. He got down on one knee and asked ",Will you marry me?" I jumped into his arms and screamed "Yes! Yes! Oh, God! Yes!"
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