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Jane's Story

Once a voyeur peeking into a passionate tryst via her camera lens, Jane finally gets her own story.

Jane sat at her desk staring out the window while the rain poured down outside. It didn’t matter what the weather was like outside today because today was the day she would finally be free. In just a few short hours, her life would start over. At last!

She opened the top drawer of the desk and fished out an envelope. Carefully Jane removed the paperclip that held the contents in place and slid the photograph out of its hiding place; the picture that had changed her life.

Jane gazed at the picture fondly. The weather had been much warmer on that day and she could almost smell the summer air as she studied the couple that had unknowingly saved her life. It was their lover’s picnic in the woods behind her cabin that had prompted her to spy on them, to stare at them through her camera lens, and to snap just one sweet memento of their erotic joining. Their pure, animalistic lust and sizzling passion for one another had awakened something in Jane that she never even knew existed!

Jane let her fingers trace the woman’s inner thighs in the picture. At a closer glance, she could see the cum that had trickled out of her well-used pussy onto her thighs and the crack of her sexy ass. Although the woman’s hair was fiery red with golden highlights, not a speck of hair was to be found on her smooth, bare mound. It was, however, very red. The man had spanked his lover’s cunt hard before he fucked her. This act that had confused Jane at the time, but now she understood why the redhead had begged for more.

The man was lying next to his woman, his hand draped possessively across her voluptuous breasts. Jane giggled a little at that description, but it was true! She’d never seen such a lovely display of sensuality as those considerably sizeable “girls”. She glanced down at her own budding curves and smiled. Up until a few months ago, Jane had been grossly underweight and hadn’t even needed a bra. She’d become emaciated at the encouragement of her husband, soon to be ex-husband, Tom. But now, Jane was finding that a few extra pounds on her body actually helped her look like a woman again. There was a hint of the swell of her breasts in the v-neck sweater she had chosen to wear to court. She was starting to like what she saw in the mirror for the first time in a very long time. She’d been a fool to let Tom make her feel like she was nothing and an even bigger fool to cave in to his pressure to keep losing weight to look like the trophy wife he wanted. But it was never enough. She was never thin enough or pretty enough. No matter how much she starved herself, he treated her as if she was nothing. Their sex life was an occasional obligatory fuck where she was ordered to lay still while he rammed his cock into her cunt until he came. There was never any thought given to making sure Jane had an orgasm. She knew he only had sex with her when his secretary, Suzanna, wasn’t available. That left her feeling empty and alone. So much so that she had packed a small bag and headed out on her own for a few days without telling Tom. She knew she needed to be away from him to think straight. She knew the cabin would provide solace, but she had gotten so much more out of that trip than she had bargained for.

Jane allowed herself to think back, painfully, to the night that she had returned home from that retreat she had taken at the cabin in the woods. She was planning to contact her lawyer, Matt, to put in motion the filing for divorce from Tom. Before she had even put her suitcase down, however, Tom grabbed her by the arm and kissed her hard on the mouth, bruising her lips. He was clearly drunk and was acting wild and out of character. He acted so happy that she had returned and told her how he had missed her. He picked her up and carried her up to their bedroom and nearly threw her down on the bed. Jane remembered being frightened and confused. She wasn’t sure what Tom was planning to do and she had no idea at the moment if it was good or bad.

Ever the romantic, she let herself think he truly wanted her and she let down her guard. She even became slightly aroused when he suggested that all they needed was to change things up a bit to spice up their sex life. Jane couldn’t believe her ears. Was Tom really interested in having a sex life with her? She should have known that his intentions were cruel. But she found herself letting him tie her to their bed and hoped that maybe things would be good again.

Oh how wrong she had been! Once she was securely tied to the bed, Tom’s mistress Suzanna strolled seductively out of the adjoining room. She climbed onto the bed next to Jane and laughed. Jane’s confusion grew and then panic set in! Was Suzanna going to touch her? Have sex with her? While Jane could appreciate the beauty of another woman’s body, she had never had any feelings of wanting to be with another woman. She felt fear creeping up her spine.

What happened next was something Jane never expected. Suzanna turned around on the bed so that her pussy was just inches from Jane’s face. Tom, suddenly naked and sporting a raging hard on, moved behind Suzanna and thrust his cock into her hot, wet hole. Jane was forced to watch Tom fuck Suzanna like rutting bull until Tom pulled out and let his cock explode all over Suzanna’s creamy white ass. Suzanna came seconds later, spraying her own liquid on the bed next to Jane. Both Tom and Suzanna laughed as they crawled off the bed and left the room. Jane lay there crying for what seemed like hours as the cum from her husband and his lover dried on her favorite silk comforter next to her naked body. She felt dirty and disgusted as she listened to them fuck each other in the next room. They eventually returned to untie Jane and then she was told to “get the fuck out!” Even now, remembering that night caused Jane to cry. It was so humiliating.

Enough! Today, this would all be a distant memory. Today, Jane would be free of the verbal and emotional abuse. Today, Jane would start her life anew. She glanced at the picture again. She wondered about the redhead and her man. She silently thanked them for being a constant reminder to her that there was more out there for her. That she could find someone who would cherish her and make her feel special and needed and loved, maybe even sexy.

In fact, she had allowed herself to develop a little crush on her lawyer, Matt. He was actually a friend of Jane’s back in high school. Even back then he had always been a little quiet and shy. Although he had been handsome, Jane had allowed herself to be dazzled by Tom and his confident personality. What a mistake that had been!

Matt was very serious and business-like at the beginning, when Jane had called him about handling her divorce. But over time, he softened and even flirted with her a little. She didn’t know if he was just being kind, but even if he was, she appreciated the gesture. She’d been utterly embarrassed, however, when Matt had accidentally seen her fondling the treasured photograph one day when she hadn’t been aware he was in the room. Any chance she had with Matt was probably doomed now.

After Jane arrived at the courthouse, it seemed like time started moving very fast. She was barely conscious of the proceedings and just wanted things to be over. She was startled into awareness when the judge’s gavel struck the bench and her marriage was officially over. Tom never even said a word to her. He just turned away and left. It was all a bit surreal for Jane. It was done, over, ended.

But it turned out that it was not an ending, but rather a new beginning. For as they left the courthouse, Matt took Jane’s hand. Puzzled, Jane turned to look at Matt. The look on his face said it all. He hadn’t just been being kind. Matt wanted her and he proved it by kissing her right there on the steps of the court house as the rain poured down on them. Jane blushed as Matt whispered something in her ear…something about making their own “photograph”…

As Matt drove them both back to his house, Jane felt nervous excitement running up and down her spine. What would it be like with him? Would he be rote and methodical like Tom? Would he be rough and passionate like the redhead’s lover in the woods? Or would be utterly too nice and kind, as was his nature, and would she feel disappointed? To be honest, Jane didn’t really know what she wanted. But as they pulled up the drive to Matt’s house, she knew that anything would be better than feeling like she was a pathetic failure in bed!

Matt wasted no time once they were in the house. He poured them each a glass of champagne to celebrate her freedom. Then he took her hand and led her to the bedroom. He poured her another glass and encouraged her to drink it down fast to calm her nerves. She did so and felt the alcohol going right to her head. It made her feel a little dizzy, but Jane couldn’t deny that she actually liked feeling a little buzzed. It DID help her not feel so nervous and she was thankful for that. Matt smiled at Jane and that was all it took! Suddenly, Jane found herself seductively peeling off her sweater and sliding the slacks down her lean hips. She stood there for a moment in her lacy bra and thong panties waiting for Matt to say something. But Matt said nothing. He just smiled at Jane with a lustful look that told Jane he would not be a too nice and gentle lover.

In a matter of moments, Matt had stripped off his clothes as well and laid her down on the bed. His hands were all over her and she felt her hips start to move a little in anticipation of what was to come. Matt kissed her passionately on the lips and then slowly moved to her neck and down her shoulders. Every kiss brought a moan from Jane that sounded like pure pleasure. When his lips moved to her breasts, alternating kisses on both “girls”, Jane felt any last hesitation or inhibition slide away. Her pussy began to tingle with wetness and need. She wanted him to fuck her NOW!

But Matt wasn’t going to be rushed. He had waited years to finally taste Jane, the woman who had once been the girl of his dreams. He had been foolish to not tell her so in high school. He missed his chance when that idiot Tom had swept her off her feet. But fate had been kind to him and had given him another chance. He was not about to squander it, but nor did he want to rush this too much for Jane.

So Matt continued slowly moving his erotic kisses down her body, stopping to tease her with his hot breath when he reached her beautiful bare mound. It was so soft and smooth, just like the rest of Jane’s body. He inhaled her scent and felt his erection grow harder. He wanted, very much, to just plow into that gorgeous pussy and take her hard. But he’d waited this long; why spoil it by moving too fast?

So to slow things down a little he spent what seemed like forever to Jane kissing her inner thighs and swirling his tongue over her bare pussy, but not yet touching her clit. Jane’s hips were moving rhythmically in invitation to Matt. God he was driving her mad! Then suddenly his tongue gave a single flick of her clit and she felt desire take over. Her hands found Matt’s head and she pushed it down so his mouth joined with her needy pussy. He didn’t disappoint her one bit as he licked and sucked her clit and poked his tongue inside her hot, wet hole. Jane involuntarily arched her back and felt her orgasm rip through her as she sprayed hot liquid into his greedy mouth.

Jane had never “squirted” before and was about to apologize. But before she could, Matt moved up her body and kissed her on the mouth, sharing her own cum with her. She was so turned on by this, that Jane wanted more than ever for Matt to fuck her hard. As if reading her mind, Matt took his hard cock and plunged it into Jane’s dripping wet pussy. Then he rammed her hard and fast and deep as Jane begged him not to stop.

Jane screamed out as the convulsions of multiple orgasms took her over the edge again and again, “Oh my God, yes! Please don’t stop! Fuck my pussy hard! Yes! Please fuck my little hot wet cunt! Take it hard! Make me your slut! I need you to cum in me and make me cum hard with you!”

As Matt was about to cum, he grabbed Jane’s hands and held them above her head. He looked into her eyes with lust and love and he gave one final thrust into her hot little pussy and emptied himself inside her while she came yet again.

Hours later, Jane lay silently listening to the sound of Matt’s heart beating in his chest. Had they really just made love again? How many times had he made her cum tonight? She’d truly lost count. She’d been embarrassed to admit that before tonight, she had never experienced an orgasm that hadn’t been self-induced. Now she discovered that she came easily and often and was a "squirter" as well!

Jane closed her eyes and wondered what it would be like to take Matt to the cabin in the woods, the cabin that he had made sure she got in the divorce settlement, and have their own picnic amongst the trees and grass of the woods. She imagined being the subject of a picture while her lover pleasured her on a blanket, like the fiery redhead and her man. Yes, Matt was right, they would make their own photograph…and it would be amazing, just like Jane’s new life!

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