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Jelly Legs

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we found a good excuse to get away
I was sitting the other day, remembering us, in the early days. I had known you a year already, through some mutual friends. We both had partners and we were unhappy with our lots in life. You were a good friend , we laughed , listened to each other when we were sad or worried. I had only saw you as a friend till someone pointed out the way you watched me. From then on I was curious, I was young and wanted out of the rut I was stuck in.

I was drinking, not heavily but more than I should and invited you and our friends over on a daily basis to help me party the days away. Music would be pumped out loudly and we would talk, play fight and dance. I loved every minute of it, I was the only girl, and I found that it was easier to be in male company. They were all single and carefree apart from you, but I always was careful not to go to far as my then partner wasn't too far away.

I watched the way you danced. Very well for a young bloke and you could even booty shake better than any girl, you had a trademark quirky grin that you would give me when you caught me staring at you. Purposely jiggling yourself my direction when no one was looking. I always felt my face turning pink and heated when you did that, almost needed a fan to cool off!

I'd give you a playful dig in the ribs like I did to the others but after a few rounds I knew where to dig you so you would chase me to another room, a case of the giggles would quickly reduce me to a heap on the floor, while trying to tickle each other. We clung to each other longer each time, to see how long we could get away with. Forever testing boundaries.

One day I was particularly sad, I had scrapped my first car. My Dad had given me the car to learn in and I had passed but a year later someone had bumped the back and then a week later I crashed it too. I loved my car it had been a major achievement for me I was.... independent.

I had cried off and on all day and had collared my friend for the day. I bought more alcohol and after returning from the scrap yard, started to drown my sorrows again. You sat with me and tried cheering me up but the drink just made me worse so you suggested we go throw the keys to the bottom of the river.

The river was a half hours walk away from the house and it was early autumn. The look in your eyes said it all and no more persuasion was needed. My partner wasn't bothered and our friends thought nothing of it considering the day I 'd had. We left swiftly with the car keys.

We walked the few streets down to the black path and along to the quayside , the further away from the houses we got, the closer we walked till his arm slid round my shoulders. I leaned my head to his chest and sighed as I thought about my latest troubles, feeling sorry for myself . The path took us down an old disused pit waggon way lined with overgrown bushes and trees on both sides. We walked down onto the riverbank and sat down, huddled together. you kept your arm around me as you handed me the keys. Your hand had slid to round my ribcage and your fingers brushed the side of my boob, your nearness bringing back the familiar tingles you seemed to give me.

My chest was tight, I felt lost. I wanted you, my body ached for you. I had tasted you a few days previously and I was desperate for more. We had spent so much time together but we hadn't been alone. I dangled the keys staring past them to the shipyards on the opposite bank and hurled them pathetically towards the water, waiting for the ' ploop '.

A tear trickled down my cheek. You kissed it away and pushed me back on the grass.

Your face ,inches from mine, lust in your eyes. I knew I wanted you and had to have you. My gaze drifted from your eyes to your lips and back. You hooked your leg over mine and I felt your stiff cock rub against my thigh.

You said nothing as you leaned those few inches and brushed your lips against mine, flicked your tongue subtly to coax me to kiss you back. Not that I really needed persuading...i was just letting you make the first move.

I pulled your glasses off and flung them away as I kissed you back . Your kisses were hungry and a little on the urgent side but ' hey! Just go with it ' was always floating round in my head.

I yanked at your Nike cap and pulled it of to be attacked by your wild dark brown hair. I ran my fingers through it and pulled your head closer so I could nibble at your lips.

Your arms slid round me as you climbed on top and pulled my top up so you had access to my large breasts. You leaned back and smiled at me.

I remember the next bit quite well.

You said ' That's some rack woman! '

Charming as ever.

My reply was ' Ugg! ' in my head.

Next thing, your head was buried in my boobs, your teeth grazed my skin and I felt warm breath on my nipples. Your tongue twirled around my areola, roughly, sucking and nipping. I felt the wetness between my thighs, my pussy was throbbing, wanting you to fill it.

I slid my hand down your tracksuit bottoms, firmly taking your cock in hand , grinning as I watched your self control dissapaite.

You sighed as you shook your head between my tits and dislodged my hand from down your pants with your hand.

You were fixated, feasting on my boobs and I was in need of relief.

I slid my hands down my pants till my fingers found the wet patch on my knickers. I hooked my finger under the crotch and stroked my wet shaven pussy.

Your fingers were tweaking at my nipple while your lips were teasing at the other, it almost felt like they were connected to my pussy.

I spread my wetness with my fingertip, over my clit and flexed my hips against your hard cock. I wanted to cum so much.

I slid my hand back down your pants and let you know how wet I was by rubbing it on the end of your helmet. You grunted and thrust your cock in my hand.

You put your hand down my pants and slid a finger straight in.

I gasped, it felt like my heart was in my mouth. I ached all over. I wanted you all over me, like being consumed by an entity. My whole body buzzed for you.

You kissed me again as you slid another finger in, your fingers long enough to hit all the right places. I wrapped my legs around you trying to find leverage to ride your fingers harder, my body on the edge of orgasming.

Then I felt your third finger stretch me, my pussy tingled and clenched on your fingers and a massive orgasm shook through my body, drenching your hand as I came.

I stroked your cock and nibbled at your jaw as the wave of pleasure subsided, but then you moved your fingers in me and made me gasp all over again. I was panting as you pulled away from me and rived my pants down and replaced your fingers with your cock, filling me completely.

I dug my nails into your back as you drove your cock in and out of my pussy with the booty wiggle that I loved so much. You leaned your head down and captured a nipple, biting down so it nipped. I came and muffled my squeals in your chest, gripping you close to me. I felt you shudder as you came too.

We were breathless, panting and hot.

I could not feel my legs, I felt numb, it was a good feeling. I called it Jelly legs and I still refer to it as such. Best feeling you can have and guaranteed to put a smile on my face.

We pulled our clothes right and headed home. We walked back to my house and it was like we never left. My partner was playing the computer and our friends were watching him run around. Antony and me dished out the bottles of drink we bought on the way back and sat down. Every time I caught his gaze it would send tingles down my spine.

I was already scheming to be with him again.

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