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Jenny’s Party

This story is slow, possibly too slow for most readers, there is a moderation of ‘60’s styled sex for that was my era.

Following my graduation with Fiona, I had become a different man, for now my confidence was sky high and I was no longer the bumbling idiot of days gone by.

My main interest at the time was photography; as a kid my father started me off with the ‘Brownie’ Box which was ok for snap-shots and bugger-all else, so as soon as I was earning I made it a point of putting some money aside to buy a proper camera.  Finally after 6 months of hard saving I lashed out on a Pentax SLR together with a 135mm telephoto lens.  After that there was no holding me for I was shooting at everything, the only hold back I had was the time it took to get the films developed, which thanks to dad was soon overcome with his suggestion that we turned part of the garage into a darkroom.  Also as a means-to-an-end I began studying photography our local college; ok, it was only evening classes but I was sick of working on cars and the muck associated with them, for no matter how hard you tried, you just couldn’t rid yourself of the smell of engine oil or spilt brake fluid.

It took me six months of devoted camera work and night school studies before I had the confidence to pack up my mechanics job and enter into the world of photography.  Luckily I found a post with some commercial photographers just around the corner from Baker Street station; ok I was starting life as a studio assistant but it was a start.  God, I wish I could remember their name for they taught me everything; from basic studio work through to film processing, another talent I learnt was how to dress and apply make-up.  Before you ask the question; Yes I did manage to work with some nude models but the emphasis is on work, for a, they were always highly chaperoned and b, time equals money.

With my knowledge base expanding so was my ambition so it wasn’t long before I advertised myself as a Professional Photographer, weddings, children’s photo’s and party scenes being my speciality and it was during one such party I met Jennie.

With the money rolling in, I traded in the motorcycle and lashed out on a 375 Consul, ok it had a few miles on the clock but I loved its bench seats and the possibilities that went with it.  However back to the story.

As I said my reputation was slowly spreading so it was no surprise when I received a call asking me to attend a 21st Birthday party, the address they gave was in the posh part of Pinner and I was to be there 7:30 sharp.  My first reaction was of a typical middle-class family with their plum voices and la-de-da ways but I was so very, very wrong.

The house or I should say mansion was set back in its own grounds, you could tell a party was going on for the noise was incredible; seeing a parking space away from the others I parked up, grabbed my gear and made my entrance.

“Thank god you’ve arrived,” said a rather elegantly dressed lady, “We thought you were never going to get here, now hurry along, we’re all in the lounge waiting for you,” she said pushing me towards a set of closed doors.

Pushing the doors open I was faced with a multitude of dancing bodies, there were a few ‘oldies’ spread about but most of them looked to be students judging by their apparel.  Taken aback by the deafening music I was in a quandary as to where to start then out of the melee came Jenny, her beauty was outstanding and left me gasping for breath.

“I take it you’ve met mother,” she said shouting above the racket and flicking her head backwards.

“Yes…she reckons I’m late!”

“No, once you’ve taken the pictures of me cutting the cake etc, they’re off to London for the weekend; it’s the noise - not their scene.  Why they couldn’t have done this after lunch I’ll never know!”

“No, me neither but I can understand why they want to leave,” nodding my head towards the band.

“Oh that, I’ve asked the boys to play as loud as they can, for once mummy and daddy have left I’m hoping the rest of the ‘oldies’ will follow.”

“That’s a bit mean?”

“It’s my party and now I’m old enough I can do what I want.” she said, with a subtle emphasis on the I’s.

Fair enough I thought, for still being in my late teens I knew exactly what she was talking about.  “Ok, I’m ready.  If you can call every one together I’ll do my bit around the cake then fade into the background for the rest of the evening, that’s of course if you want me to stay.

“Oh yes…I want you to stay,” she replied dragging the back of her hand across my crotch as she turned away.

In awe I watched as she sashayed her way towards the band then as if by magic the band cease playing; with ringing ears its singer began acting as an MC, calling upon Jenny’s mum and dad to come forward and celebrate this auspicious occasion.

Following the cake cutting we had the obligatory family and friends’ session then as if previously planned as soon as I had taken my last official photo the band started playing some real heavy music and true to form the ‘oldies’ began to offer their thanks for a wonderful party and drift away; as for Jenny she was nowhere to be seen.

With the last of the ‘oldies’ for want of a better word driven out, her mother came over to me and uttered, ‘You can tell that selfish bitch of a daughter, we’re off.”

Now I like music and in them days I liked heavy music but what was coming from the band was giving me a headache so in order to protect my sanity I began to explore.  Now one of the problems with being a photographer at such a tender age is that picture taking and drink do not mix very well so once in the kitchen I set about making myself a cup of coffee.

"Alone at last," were her first words as she sidled up to me then "kiss me," she whispered.

Soon, we were into deep snogging, as our tongues fenced with each other I slid my hand under the t-shirt she now wore then after some surprise began gently caressing her naked breasts. The stiff eraser sized nubs of her nipples told me she was already aroused so as we kissed my other hand began to release the fastening to her jeans, surprisingly she took hold of my hand and uttered, “Later, you’ve got work to do.”

The earlier part of the evening was pretty much routine, young couples dancing to a now somewhat quieter band, the odd drunk making a pest of themselves and as usual young girls posing and pouting all wanting their photo taken from any angle.  As for me all I wanted was another crack at Jenny.

It must have been about 10 to 10:30 when I first noticed it, the pungent smell of pot, looking around I noticed several groups beginning to giggle and sway about, for the music was now a lot smoother and hypnotic in tempo, seeking Jenny out I asked if she still wanted me to continue taking photographs.

“Yeah…why not,” she replied with a slight slur to her voice.

Looking around the room it wasn’t long before items of clothing were being removed as couples swayed to the music, nobody seemed to object to my presence in fact on several occasions, I had to ward off several advances fearing more for my equipment than myself.  As time went on most couple were making their way either upstairs or some other part of the building so I wasn’t surprise when a rather weedy guy sidled up to me and uttered, “Are you,” in a slurring manner.

“Am I what?” I replied fearing the worst and hating people’s use of cryptic notations.

“Into porn; there’s some real heavy shit going on upstairs……You’ve got to get up there mate, you’ll regret it the rest of your life,” said the guy tugging at my camera strap.

“OK…OK, I’ll give it a go…just let go and show me the way.”

Hearing a commotion coming from one of the bedrooms I opened the door, immediately I was confronted by a couple of girls fighting on a bed in just their bra and knickers, stood alongside were a couple of guys shouting, “Get them off…Get them off,” then my new found friend explained that they were twins and one, he didn’t know which one, had began snogging the others boyfriend. Well it wasn’t long before both girls were naked.  I immediately started to get a hard on for they both had melon sized tits and were shaven around their pubic area. Instantly I began taking photographs, for in them days the only shaven pussy’s you saw were in magazines such as Health & Efficiency.  By now my cock, like every other in the room was tenting my trousers. Whether I was deliberately chosen I don’t know, but over they came, knelt before me then began stroking my thighs and feeling my cock. Shortly one of them pulled down my fly, felt around a bit then fished out my cock, as for the other she began playing with her sister’s tits.  Nudging the guy next to me I told him to take out his cock and redirect her hand for I just had to get a few shots of this.

Soon both the guys began to paw the girl’s body; Jesus this was great then the girl getting all the attention lay on the bed; her sister, now on all fours with her tits hanging down proceeded to lick her slit. This did not go un-noticed by one of the guys so it wasn’t long before he had dropped his trousers and was shagging her from the rear.  By now I was beginning to worry about my film stock for if this was going on here, what the hell was happening in the other rooms.

As discrete as possible I corrected my dress and slipped away quietly, after all, if nothing else was happening I could always come back to this room.

Quietly I slipped into the next bedroom, it was bigger than the first and again there was a crowd of people gather around the bed but this time it was a mixed crowd, bumping into someone I was immediately offered a joint but refused it, for my head was already spinning from just the atmospheric smoke.  Looking over to the bed I noticed a rather buxom girl taking on three blokes, obviously I had got there too late for she was well stuffed in all her orifices, looking around I noticed that some of the girls just couldn’t believe their eyes whilst the blokes just stood there with their mouths open and their eyes agog.  No, now was not the time to take any photos, for it would only distract attention from the scene, so being a good citizen I just stood and watched, not only at the activity going on the bed but amongst the gathered crowd for most of these were naked and in many ways doing their own thing. In hindsight how I wished that I had invested in a cine camera in them days for still photos’ were so bland.

As yet I still had not seen anything of Jenny so with that in mind I left the room and strolled further down the passageway.  Ok so that’s the toilet and that’s the bathroom I said to myself looking into every room, soon I came to another door and pinned on it was ‘Darkroom’, interested I opened it to take a peek but was immediately confronted with darkness then a lot of giggling followed closely by a “Either come in or close the fucking door,” again the room smelt of ‘pot’ but underneath lay the undeniable scent of sweaty bodies and sex, I quickly closed the door.  Walking towards the last remaining room I heard a clock strike three, surely not, it can’t be three o’clock in the morning already.  Deep in thought I made my way towards the last remaining bedroom.

"C'mon," was all she said taking my hand and leading me towards the bedroom; she closed the bedroom door and locked it behind us, I stood there while she rummaged through a drawer, and finally with a sigh she pulled out a tube of K-Y and placed it beside a box of tissues. Turning towards me she slowly began peeling off her t-shirt. I never took my eyes off her as she slowly and gradually revealed her body to me in the dim light of her bedroom.

Wearing only her bikini panties, she looked amazing.  For her build was that typical of a model in them days tall, lean, and athletic with decent-sized breasts.

She climbed into bed, there once under the sheets she discarded her panties then lay on her back.

"Well…are you joining me or not!"

Not caring about my clothing I undressed as quick as I could, for my erection was already full and aching, oh how it was aching.  Remembering what Fiona had taught me, my kisses first started at her neck then slowly, inch by inch made their way down her chest then onto her breasts. Taking each nipple in turn I sucked and teased each one with my mouth as she gently sighed with each tug. For several minutes, I alternated my actions with her nipples while she just lay there and relished at the gentleness of my touch.

Leaving those wonderful nipples and with only my fingertips I traced a light trail over her rib cage, down onto her belly, swirled a few tight circles around her navel before descending onto a mat of gossamer hair that signalled the start of her womanhood. As my finger brushed deeper into the cleft, I felt her legs give a little twitch before widening to give me better access.

I now had a choice do I go for the clit or for that magic place that Fiona had told me about, then I remembered that to finger the clit properly it needed moisture so I gently curled my finger between her swollen outer lips, gathered up some dewy moisture then slowly dragged my fingertip onto her engorged clit. She shuddered as I grazed it. Before repeating the action again I sucked a breast into my mouth then slowly and lightly nibbled at the nipple as my finger toyed with her clit.  This I repeated several times until Jenny’s sighs became heavy groans.

Following the same path as my fingers it wasn’t long before my tongue reached its tiny target, again sensing my needs Jenny open her legs further where I still concentrating on giving her pleasure carefully positioned my body in the ready made space.  Scooping my arms under each leg and lifting her thighs over my shoulders I kissed my way up her inner thighs, first one leg then the other until my face was but inches from her musky-smelling pussy.

Using just my tongue I lightly lapped and licked at her clit and upper lips, the more I teased her the more her body arched off the bed, soon it became a guessing game for in anticipation she began to raise her hips in order to meet my onslaught.

My light licks and laps soon became deep penetrating ones until I finally sucked this little nub of pleasure into my mouth, her head began thrashing from side to side as I licked and licked soon her womanly scent was overpowering but as yet no wet juices emanated from inside her so I slid a finger up into her pussy and sought out her g-spot, her body must have arched several inches off the bed when I found the spot.

“No more…No more, please no more,” uttered Jenny as her pussy mashed into my face. Soon I heard a deep moan then she arched her back again before finally collapsed for good, groaning in a way that indicated she could take no more. With her chest heaving, a moaning and a groaning she just lay there.

“Fucking hell Bill, you certainly know how to turn a woman on.” She uttered as I began my second assault on her clit.

Jenny pulled my head into her pussy, indicating she wanted me to lick and suck it harder and rougher; within a minute she was writhing and flailing her head from side to side. Still not given out the nectar I was seeking I continued to bring her to another intense culmination, which was as strong and violent as the previous one.

This time with just a dribble of nectar she collapsed onto the mattress and pulled my slightly sticky face up to hers.

"Kiss me," she whispered.

For several more minutes we just kissed. It was such an erotic experience, my cock was still standing rock hard and proud, then with that little jerk of surprise she soon had my swollen member in her fist then gently she began to slide her hand along its length.

Rolling onto my back, she began to mimic my slow gentle seduction of her body. As she kissed her way gradually down, she gave me the sweetest of hand-jobs. When she reached my pubic area, I half expected her to slide past it, and to tease me as I had teased her but to my surprise she swallowed the head of my cock and clamped down tightly with her lips. The feeling was indescribable as her tongue flicked its head and swept repeatedly over the tip. Soon her head was bobbing up and down; this coupled with the flicking of the tongue has got to be one of the most powerful pleasures a man could experience.  It was good, in fact in my high state of arousal too good so I regrettably didn't last long.

From my moans, groans, and deep breaths, she sensed my coming and like Fiona instead of moving her face aside, she clamped her lips under its head and kept slowly wanking me. Soon she got her wish for I exploded. My body shook and convulsed with each blast of cum. It went on and on and then slowly eroded. But she kept wanking, sucking and swallowing as fast as I could deposit my sperm, until I was spent. My head fell back on the pillow, and she came up for a breath of air.

She moved up and laid her head on my heaving chest as we waited for the last ripples of my orgasm to fade away. She idly played with my softening member with her hand as I reached around her back and pulled her body tight against me. To me this was heaven and for only the second time in my life sensed satisfaction.

"What do you think of my party," Jenny whispered

I looked down at her and uttered, "Different.... absolutely amazing... Incredible."

"Thank you. In fact, thank you again. You're a very gentle lover. It was amazing for me, too."

I held her a long time, as she cooed and played with my wet, soft cock, gently rocking it and massaging my balls. It took awhile but my manhood began to respond to her persistent and playful handling and became semi-erect. To my delight, she repositioned herself then began feeding my cock into her mouth and pulling on it insistently. It only took a few more moments of sucking and hand stroking to bring me to full arousal.

Next she began kissing me with deep, hard, penetrating kisses ensuring that our tongues fenced with one another then with a surprising show of strength she took hold of my shoulders and rolled me so I was now on top then looking deep into my eyes she uttered, "Lets fuck."

I didn't need to be asked twice. Blindly I started to jiggle my hips around to get my cock into position then Jenny took charge and guided me home.  Slowly I pushed in, I was surprised how tight and small she was in comparison to Fiona but never the less she was wet and well lubricated. I began stroking gently but each time my cock seemed to bottom-out causing her to groan loudly and dug her fingernails into my back. Slipping my hands under her buttocks I lifted her hips a bit and pushed into her a bit harder than before.

"Yeah, that's it." She mumbled. So, I pulled back and pushed in a bit harder.

"Uhh yeah"

I did it again - slightly harder. Her whole body shook with each forceful thrust.

"Yes, .oh yeah..." She obviously wanted it rough so I slammed harder, almost too hard, but she didn't seem to mind a bit, and indicated she wanted more.

"Fuck on Bill…fuck me," she uttered clamping her heels hard against my arse.

I admit I was a bit surprised by her aggressiveness. Not that I minded. It was just that she had seemed so meek before. Now she was wanton and eager to be taken. I was happy to provide the service. With each stroke, I slammed into her faster and harder. It sure felt good to me, and based on the groans and encouraging words she was mumbling, it seemed like it felt good to her, too.

One by one I placed her legs on my shoulders so I could get an even better angle to thrust into her. Every time I thought I was thrusting too harshly, she seemed to want even more, so I really gave it to her. Her body shook violently with each slam and my balls slapped painfully against the cheeks of her arse. Pretty soon, I was sweating and banging away at her so brutally, any passerby might have thought I was raping her. But her grunts and thrashing head movements made it clear she wanted every bit of my sexual energy.

I knew I couldn't keep it up much longer and felt my orgasm starting to well up. She arched up sharply after a particularly hard slam of my cock and her entire body shook from the slam. Then I felt her pussy muscles convulsing and squeezing my cock. She came in a long glorious spasm of ecstasy. Then she loudly exhaled the deep breath she had been holding and collapsed back on the bed. Her hands slid about my arse cheeks and yanked my hips forward, impaling herself with my penis. Her fingernails dug deep into the soft flesh of my arse as she pulled me as deep as my cock would reach.

As before with Fiona, Jenny’s cunt began doing all the work for me as it sucked and rippled at my cock; within seconds I felt surge after surge of my cum shoot deep into Jenny’s cunt.  I tried pumping a few extra strokes but all the while I was cumming she just held me deep within her as the last few drops squirted out I gently eased my trapped body down on top of hers.

“Thank you," I uttered breathing hard and now utterly exhausted.

"No, thank you," she said softly.

Feeling my cock shrinking, I gently extracted myself then reached over and grabbed some tissues.  “Can’t have you lying in a damp spot,” I whispered before gently placing them against her pussy.  “That was thoughtful,” she replied as I carefully eased myself alongside her.

Lay as I was on the bed with Jenny’s head resting in the croak of my neck and my arm across her shoulder it wasn’t long before she fell asleep in my arms.

With a head buzzing like a chainsaw and a mouth as dry as sandpaper, I awoke with a sliver of sunlight streaming into the bedroom. Jenny love her, hadn’t moved during the night for her right arm still lay upon my chest whilst her right leg snaked about mine. With her breathing soft and rhythmic and me now dying for a piss I lifted her off me as gently as I could then headed for the bathroom.  Outside of Jenny’s room the air still weighed heavy with the smell of pot, when I came back to the bedroom, the first thing that caught my eye was just how serene she looked, immediately I grabbed my camera and was about to began snapping away when she suddenly pushed back the bedding and presented her entire luscious body to me, her positioning wasn’t full – frontal, more foetal, for she lay on her side slightly curled up with one arm stretched out whilst the other was crooked giving one the impression she was sucking her thumb.

Having adjusted the curtains very carefully for fear of waking her up I began to take some shots, looking through the viewfinder there was something about her, for even as she lay there under the harsh morning sun she was one of the most photogenic creatures I had every seen, her beauty was just captivating.

Lost in the moment I cussed when the camera finally ran out of film, stopping only to put on some pants I rushed downstairs to where I had left the rest of my gear, as I made my way into the lounge there were bodies everywhere, some clothed, some naked.  As quickly as I could I reloaded the camera and began taking shots, slowly I worked my way back to Jenny.

"I thought you had rushed off and left me," she murmured as I re-entered the room.

"No, I had to get some more film."

Smiling broadly she began getting out of bed she uttered "I'll be right back," as she made her way out of the bedroom.  As I waited patiently I began to compose a scene for upon re-entering the room Jenny had to past through the shaft of light, I didn’t have to wait long for in she came, nervously I waited then at the right moment told her to stop.  At that point she questioned my reason then once explained she became a natural, no pose was too difficult or raunchy and in next to no time I had used up another roll of film.

Standing as she was stark naked, she looked directly at me and uttered, "Let me see…I want to see it."

"See what?" I replied with some annoyance.

"Your cock of course…You’ve seen me in all my glory, now I want to see yours."

Thankfully I didn’t have a raging hard-on, it began to grow however as I lowered my pants but I knew it would never reach the same proportions it had last night.  Lovingly she took it in her hand and toyed with its soft almost sponge like flesh.

"I find men's cocks amazing. They start off so small and squidgy then grow into the monsters we woman can’t do without. I can hardly believe this is the same thing that gave me so much pleasure last night."

"Keep doing that and it'll soon be the same monster that gave you pleasure last night."

"Mmmm," she uttered as she slowly began to kiss and wank me.

Now, with all the confidence in the world, I asked if she had ever heard of the expression ‘69’.  It took her a few seconds then she smiled wickedly and immediately pushed me onto the bed.  With my feet still hanging over its edge, she swung her body cat like over mine until her face was touching my cock and her pussy was lined up with my chin.

“Have I got it right?" she asked.

"Almost spot on," I replied just before her pussy made contact with my lips. I reached up and gently placed my hands on her hips then pushed her hips up slightly so my tongue could get to work on her clit.

Jenny took my cock in her hand, played around with it a few times then in one swoop engulfed its bulbous head. Just like the night before, it was unbelievable; it was so great I almost forgot to lick her pussy until I felt it sweep my face.  Taking the hint I kissed the top of her slit then set about giving her a good workout, as my technique change so did hers, my deep penetration of her pussy was matched only by her attempts to deep-throat me.  The more I licked and sucked savagely the more she loved it. Hesitantly I began to tease her rosebud with a finger, sensing no resistance I gently eased it into her anal passage, she arched and thrashed as if she had been electrocuted before sucking in a deep breath then letting out long soft "aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," then within seconds she came, drenching me in a gush of nectar, this sudden release of fluid caused me to finally release my seed.  We must have laid in our dreamy state for several minutes as we enjoyed each others orgasm for it was glorious

You're a wonderful lover, Bill. You really are."

"I'm sorry if I was ... too aggressive?"

"Hell no I loved it," then in a second breath she uttered "Want some breakfast? If you do we have better get down to the kitchen before the others get there."

After a quick wash we both made our way downstairs.  “Be a darling and put the kettle on whilst I open a few windows, this place stinks,” Jenny uttered carefully stepping her way through her still comatose guests.  By the time Jenny had joined me I was tucking into toast and coffee.

“When will the photos be ready,” she asked.  Looking at the clock I replied that if I left now I could probably have them ready that night.  Her face suddenly changed, “NO…NO please don’t leave now…stay for the weekend.

Now as a way of saving time after an all-night photo session around London I always carried a change of clothing in the back of the car, it was only a pair of jeans and a shirt, but these had saved me many a bollocking from my employers.  Sat as we were it wasn’t long before we begun planning our weekend together.  I for one wanted to take more pictures of her, at first she seemed reluctant but once I told her that she was a natural.

With Jenny rushing about upstairs, collecting a few items of clothing together, I played the part of host as her guests began bumbling into the kitchen demanding either coffee or toast, as for their conversation this was restricted to comments such as, “great party…never again…fucking hell did you see so and so.”  When the cackle got too much I made my way upstairs collected my camera and films then doing the same with the rest of my gear slowly made my way out to the car.  Walking back into the house I bumped into Jenny, her time upstairs had been put to good use for she had transformed herself into a raging beauty.

Once we had cleared the house of guests, Jenny and I jumped into my car and started what was to become her journey of a lifetime.  As the day went by I took plenty of shots of her both dress and undressed; for evenings we either talked or shagged then hearing her parents return that Sunday night I bid my farewells and returned home.  Too tired to start processing the films at home I decided to take then into work, after all who’s going to notice a few extra films hanging up to dry.

Well like an idiot I completely forgot about them, that was until one of the directors began flashing the prints around and demanding who was the fucking idiot who took these shots.  Fearing the worst I owned up.  “Never…You’re covering up for someone,” he cried; now this director could be an absolute bastard and by now quiet a few of the other staff were beginning to look at my work, “Oh give him a break…they’re good,” uttered one of the staff photographers.  Eventually everything calmed down, the director still demanded who the model was for in his words, “she was a natural and the studio needed her.”

To cut a long story short, Jenny after a lot of persuasion signed up with a very well known agency at the time and became one of their top models, that was until she married some rich git; as for the band, following an legendary incident at The Railway Tavern, Harrow and Wealdstone, they became world famous with a panache for breaking up instruments.  For my sorrows the agency managed to hang on to me for another couple of months that was until a well known Men’s magazine poached me for my ‘talents’.  I think I stayed with them for about a year before I had to make the choice; die of boredom, yes boredom or a seriously damaged liver, for these were the wild days.
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