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Journey Through the Rabbit Hole - Part 2

Journey Through the Rabbit Hole - Part 2

Crystal learns who her mysterious lover really is.
Daniel slid off the bed and walked to the bathroom. I decided needed to stretch my legs, so I climbed off the bed and wandered to the dresser to look at the pictures. It was then I saw something that shocked me. I grabbed a picture of my ex-husband Robert and his younger brother Edward. It was the last picture taken of them before they had their falling out in college.

Daniel walked in and said, “Hey Malice, let’s get dressed and...”

“Why do you have a picture of my ex-husband and his brother?” I asked.

Daniel looked scared, and stammered, “What are you talking about?”

“This is a picture of my ex-husband and his younger brother,” I said, pointing at the picture in my hand.

“Crystal,” he said nervously, “let me explain.”

Suddenly, I knew why this man had felt so familiar to me. “Edward?”

He smiled nervously and said, “I haven’t used that name in over ten years.”

I was furious. I set the picture down and began to gather my clothes. I couldn’t believe I had just fucked my former brother-in-law. Daniel had darkened his auburn hair for his costume, which was why I didn’t recognize him when we first met. He ran over to me as I put my bra on and said, “Please Crystal, let me explain.”

“Explain? EXPLAIN! Yes please, Edward, or should I say Daniel? Explain how you were willing to fuck your brother’s ex-wife and let her think you were someone else.”

With my bra on, I grabbed my dress when he grabbed my arms, turned me toward him, and said, “If you’d stop and give me a chance, I will.”

I was furious, but I wasn’t sure with who more, him, or me for being so stupid and slutty. “Fine. Explain.”

“Sit down please,” he said, and motioned to the bed.

I threw my dress on over my head then sat on the bed. “I’m listening.”

Daniel grabbed the picture of Robert and himself, and sighed. “Crys, do you remember when we met?”

“Yeah, in college at the karaoke bar.”

“Right. Robert and I walked in one night, and there you were, singing ‘Cabaret’ and wowing the crowd. For me, it was love at first sight. You were so beautiful up there singing. Your blonde hair shining under the lights, your blue eyes sparkling, wearing that dark blue t-shirt with the school initials embroidered across your perfect breasts, jeans and white high tops with pink trim.”

I remembered that shirt and those shoes, but I was shocked that he remembered them so well.

He continued, “Robert and I ordered a pitcher of beer and invited you to join us. We had a few drinks, and I knew I had to get to know you better. You left with your friends, but not before you gave me your phone number, and that’s when I made a fatal mistake. I told Robert how attracted I was to you.”

“Why was that such a mistake?”

Daniel smiled. “Because, he stole your number from me and called you. He knew damn well how much I liked you, and he deliberately went behind my back and stole you from me. Before I knew it, you two were getting married, and he had the fucking nerve to ask me to be his best man. I lost it! I punched that bastard so hard I nearly broke my hand. That was the last time I saw Robert.”

I remembered Robert having a black eye just days before our wedding and how pissed I was that he’d gotten into a fight. “You know, he said he got that at his bachelor party.”

Daniel chuckled and put the picture back on the dresser. “He always was a good liar.”

“Yeah, he said you wouldn’t come to our wedding because you had ‘more important things to do,’ and I was dumb enough to believe him.”

He sat next to me and said, “I didn’t come because I couldn’t stand to watch the woman I loved marry my idiot brother.”

“Edward… uh… I mean Daniel, I had no idea.”

“I don’t blame you Crys. A few years later, I met Alice, and thought for sure she was my destiny.”

“What happened?” I asked.

Daniel stood up and walked back to the dresser. “She was a wonderfully freaky woman.” He grabbed a picture off the dresser and handed it to me. “She was a swinger and introduced me to the lifestyle. These Halloween parties were her idea. We’d lock our bedroom and join in the rooms with the open doors all the time.”

I looked at the picture of the woman with long, straight black hair and dark eyes. “Wow, she’s beautiful. What do you mean ‘she was a wonderfully freaky woman’?”

“Alice was always so full of life, until one day she had a seizure. She was rushed to the hospital and after weeks of tests, the doctors said she had stage four brain cancer. Six months later, she was gone. That was five years ago.”

Daniel sat next to me and I handed him his picture back. “I didn’t even know you were married.”

“Yeah,” he sighed. “I sent you two a wedding invitation but Robert sent it back marked ‘Return to Sender,’ and I knew he wasn’t over our fight.”

“That bastard!” I hissed.

“Crys, I swear to you that I haven’t had a woman in this bed since Alice died, until tonight. When Rayanne asked me if she could bring you, and told me your name, I nearly died. I mean, what were the odds that the first woman I had ever loved, the woman who was seduced by my brother, would come to one of my parties? I’ve been so excited to see you again, and I didn’t know if you’d remember me or not.”

“I knew there was something familiar about you,” I said, “but it was the name and your hair color that threw me off.”

“Yeah, Daniel is my middle name, and I darkened my hair for the costume. After college, I decided to use my middle name because Alice liked it so much more. We became multi-millionaires in of all things, sex toys.”

“Seriously?” I asked.

“Yeah,” he said blushing. “Our first store is on Market St.”

“I love that store!” I said. “Rayanne and Farren took me there.”

“Yeah, I’m not surprised. Just like I wasn’t surprised when I heard you two were getting a divorce.”

“Do you know why?” I asked.

“Yes and no,” he said.

I took a deep breath and explained the whole story about Emily and the drink, catching Robert and Peter, how I made the video, and the night I confronted Robert. I shared about how he agreed to give me pretty much everything my lawyer demanded. He sat and listened to my entire sad story, including how I met Rayanne and why Farren knew how good I could kiss.

Then he asked, “Crys, why is your stomach so scarred? Did my brother do that?”

“No!” I said. “Robert might have been a cheating bisexual bastard, but he never hit me. It happened about twelve years ago, we had just found out I was pregnant. I was coming home from the ‘Back to School night’ after having dinner with some fellow teachers when a teenager drag racing t-boned me because he ran a red light. I don’t remember much after the impact. But as I’ve been told, my abdomen was cut up from the glass and I was a mess. I was in surgery for hours. They said I was unconscious for a week. I just remember waking up to Robert sitting by my side, holding my hand. It was some time before I was told the full extent of my injuries. I had suffered a miscarriage while waiting for the paramedics. What no one realized until I was in surgery was not only did I expel our baby, but my ovaries were crushed. It meant I could still have sex, but not have another child. This news was devastating to both of us.”

Daniel put his arms around me and held me. “Oh Crys, I had no idea.”

I sighed. “I just assumed Robert told you all.”

“No, he didn’t. But why were you afraid to let me see?”

“I thought that was obvious. I was sure once you saw how ugly my scars were, you’d unlock the door and send me on my way. But, you didn’t, you kissed me.” Tears welled up in my eyes.

“Crys, I thought maybe you had some stretch marks, not that. But on some level, I found them beautiful, sexy even. Now I know why you’re not on the pill.”

I started to cry. Daniel wrapped his arms around me and held me while I wept. I don’t know how long I cried, but I did make a hell of a mess out of Rayanne’s make-up job. Daniel took me into the bathroom, cleaned my face, and finally removed my wig. He smiled and said, “There’s my Crystal.”

“I’ve always been here.”

“Would you be willing to be Malice for a bit longer?” he asked and I saw that same wicked smile on his face. “With that wig on, you remind me so much of my dear Alice, and I feel like I’m getting a second chance with her. I guess you could say it’s the best of both worlds.”

“Sure,” I said as I put my wig back on.

I looked in the mirror and saw my face under a black wig, my dress loosely hanging on my body, still wearing my bra, stockings, garter belt, and heels. Daniel grabbed my shoulders, kissed me forcefully and said, “Oh Malice, I want you.”

He scooped me up and carried me to his bed. He stood me up and removed my dress and bra so all I had on was what I had on before, the stockings, garter belt, and heels. I smiled nervously and said, “My dear Count, what evil plans do you have for me?”

He leaned in and growled sexily, “I want to fuck you hard and hear you scream.”

I was instantly wet, and he hadn’t even touched me. I reached out, grabbed his cock, and said, “You must let me return the favor.”

“Oh but my sweet, sweet Malice,” he growled, “I’m thirsty.”

He pushed me down onto his bed, then crawled up my body and smiled. “Come on baby,” I said, “Let me return the favor.”

He smiled wickedly and asked, “Are you willing to trust me Malice?”

“Yes,” I said without hesitation.

He reached above my head and I heard a metallic sound, like something hitting the ironwork on the bed. He took my right hand and stretched it over my head. I looked over, saw him take a leather cuff with a metal buckle and wrap it around my wrist. I knew what he was going to do to my left so I said, “If you want me to suck your cock, leave me one hand free please. You can restrain it after. I promise.”

I could see him thinking it through, then he said, “Fine, but your ankles are being bound now.”

“Fair enough,” I said, smiling.

I laid my left hand by my body as he restrained my legs at my ankles, spreading them wide, with the same type of cuffs he used on my wrist. I was sure the leather would cut into my skin, but it didn’t. I realized it was lined with some soft material, like fur, which added to my arousal. I tugged playfully at my bonds and we smiled at each other.

“Pull all you want Malice, you’ll be going nowhere until I free you.”

He lay next to me, putting his hips by my head. His cock was so hard and I was finally able to really see the huge monster that was in me just a short while before. I wrapped my hand around it and smiled. The tip shined with that wonderful fluid men leak out. I pulled him close with my left hand and licked the tip. The sweet and salty taste along with the scent of sex and his arousal was intense. Daniel moaned and I smiled. He swung his hips over my head and I slipped his cock into my mouth as I felt his mouth kiss my pubic hair. His cock was so big it was all I could do to take it in my mouth. I wrapped my hand around the base and took him until my gag reflex kicked in. Then I set my hand to where my limit was on his cock and began to lick and suck.

Daniel began licking my sex and I felt his finger slide inside. I sucked his cock, licking and occasionally dragging my teeth along the sides. He jumped a bit the first time I did that, but then he moaned, and I knew he liked what I was doing. He put a second, then a third my finger into my sex as his tongue teased my clit. My right hand and both legs pulled on my bonds, and soon, I felt another orgasm rage through my body, and I shook violently as he licked my clit and finger-fucked me. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and pulled off my sex.

He restrained my left hand and smiled wickedly. “You’ve been a naughty girl my dear Malice. I think you need to be punished.”

Then I got nervous. I knew he promised not to hurt me, but there I was, bound to his bed, completely at his mercy, and he’s talking about punishment. I watched as he reached into the drawer of the bedside table and pulled out a feather, and two vibrators, one about the size of Robert’s cock, and the other about the size of a finger. I began to tremble and tug at my bonds, but that seemed to arouse him even more. He looked deep into my eyes, and I could see them reassure me, I wouldn’t be hurt. He showed me the feather, then dragged it across my stomach, and it made me giggle. The feather was dragged over my bare breasts, over my rock hard nipples, then down to my sex. He traced the lines of my garter belt and it was a mixture of being erotic and ticklish, thus making me moan and giggle. He touched my sex with the feather and I gasped. It was a sensation like I’d never experienced before. I moaned as he tickled my clit with the feather.

Then he grabbed the larger vibrator, turned it on to show me the different speeds, and turned it off. He put the vibrator into my sex slowly, then turned it on low. I arched my back and pulled my restraints as I felt the vibrator shake. He smiled wickedly and increased the speed as he tickled my clit with the feather more. My mind began to race with all the sensations that were ravishing my body. The vibrator began to go faster and faster until I was sure it was at full speed, and that’s when my orgasm hit.

My body shook so violently that had I not been restrained, I would have hit Daniel, and he didn’t stop. I climaxed harder than I had ever before and I couldn’t hear anything aside from my screams and the humming of the vibrator in my body. The room began to spin and I’m not sure, but I think I blacked out as when I was able to think clearly again, the vibrator had been removed and Daniel’s face was above mine and looking a bit concerned.

“Are you all right?” he asked.

I was still breathing hard, panting, as I asked, “What happened?”

“I think you passed out. One moment you’re screaming, the next your body went limp and you were quiet.”

I knew I was still aroused. “How long—”

“A moment, maybe thirty seconds.”

“Damn!” I said. I moved my arms and realized I was still restrained. “That’s my idea of a punishment.”

Seeing me tug at my restraints and my last statement must have be the trigger because he growled, “I want you now.”

He mounted me quickly and drove his unprotected cock deep into me. It felt so much better without the condom, filling me more than the vibrator had, and soon he was fucking me hard as he had before. His cock buried deep in me thrusting harder and faster. He rolled over, and now I was on top. My arms were crossed behind his head and my ankles had to cross, but I was able to sit up. I knew he must have some control over these restraints, and then I saw them in his hands. He tugged them and I felt them pull at my wrists and ankles. He sat up and I rode him hard, moaning and screaming with each climax. He nipped and sucked my breasts as his hands held my ass and my restraints. At one point, I felt his finger tease my anus, and it set off another orgasm.

“Oh Malice,” he said. “My cock feels so good buried in your pussy.”

“Oh yes!”

“Tell me Malice, do you like my cock in your pussy?” he asked as he grabbed the smaller vibrator and thrusting his cock hard in me.

“I do.”

“Tell me Malice!” he ordered and began teasing my anus with the vibrator as he thrust.

“I like your cock in my pussy!”

“Do you like fucking me Malice?” Again, he thrust hard as the small vibrator rubbed against my anus.

“Yes! I like fucking you!”

With each response, I noticed he’d raise his hips driving his cock deeper in me, and I realized this was something he enjoyed. “Your pussy is so tight Malice.”

“Your cock is so big,” I replied and gasped. I was amazed I could actually form words at this point, let alone a sentence.

He pushed the vibrator into my anus and I screamed from shock. He turned it on low and I felt it shake in my ass. “OH MY GOD!” I cried.

“Tell me Malice,” he growled, “do you like what I’m doing to you?”

“Yes!” I yelled. “I like what you are doing to me!”

“Do you like my toy in your ass?” he asked.

“Yes! I like your toy in my ass and your cock in my pussy!”

He slid the vibrator a bit further in and soon I could feel it was at full speed as we fucked. I couldn’t believe that not only was I riding his cock like my life depended on it, but he was also fucking my virgin ass with this toy. I kissed him forcefully as I orgasmed again. He rolled me over and pulled my legs up driving his cock deeper into me, his toy still in my ass. He wrapped his arms and my restraints under my knees, and fucked me like his life depended on it. How he kept the straps of my restraints straight I never knew. My arms were held tight above my head, but not in a painful manner. My legs were now spread wide and folded near my abdomen.

With each thrust, I could feel his cock fill every inch of me, the vibrator filled my ass, and again, he was hitting my cervix like before when he fucked me the first time. I don’t know how long he fucked me or how many orgasms I had before he climaxed, I just know when it happened he collapsed on top of me again, panting. I felt him fall out and my ass was soaked as he reached down, turned off the toy and slowly removed it from my anus. Daniel lay next to me for a while and we kissed passionately, the way old lovers would. Finally, I needed to pee so he freed me from my bonds. I crawled off the bed and staggered to the bathroom.

As I finished up and washed my hands, I heard Daniel call out, “You know, watching you squirt was so fucking hot Malice!”

I dried my hands and staggered in with my shoes in my hands as I could barely walk. “What?”

“I said watching you squirt just before you blacked out was so hot,” he said, smiling. “I didn’t know you were a squirter.”

“I’m sorry Daniel, a what?” I had heard Robert say that to me once years ago but I didn’t understand it then either.

“Look at my bed,” he said pointing.

There were two huge wet spots from where we had fucked. The bigger one was where I had be lying just moments before. “Did I do that?”

“Mostly yes,” he said. “I’m sure some of me is mixed in that, but in all my years of swinging with Alice I never had a squirter.”

I tossed my shoes off to the side and asked, “What does that mean?”

Daniel looked at me surprised and said, “When a woman orgasms and shoots like a man, it’s called being a squirter. I watched you squirt it when I had the toy in your pussy and the feather on your clit. I was soaked from your juices and I was so ready to fuck you hard, when I realized you’d blacked out. Hell Malice, it might be why you fainted when you did. I’ve never had a woman faint from over stimulation before.”

“Never fainted before,” I said.

“Knowing you squirted on me made me want to fuck you harder than ever. That’s why I didn’t release you. I was hoping that you’d come around quickly, and still be willing to let me have my way with you. I guess now I know why Robert teased me so much about you.”

I sat on the edge of his bed, removed my wig, and shook out my blonde hair. “You know, I’ve never done that before.”

“What? Squirt?” he asked.

“Well apparently not that,” I said blushing, “I mean, what we just did.”

“The restraints?”

“That, and… the other thing.” I felt my cheeks start to burn as I was too embarrassed to admit it.

“You mean, have a man fuck your pussy with a vibrator?”

“Um… yeah… that too,” I stammered.

I watched his face as he began to realize what it was I was trying to say. “Crys, am I to understand that your ass was virgin territory until tonight?”

I could feel my cheeks burning from the inside out. I hung my head; my blonde hair covered my face, and whispered, “Yeah.”

Daniel reached under and lifted my chin until our eyes met. “Crys, I had no idea. I just thought for sure Robert would have...”

“Nope,” I interrupted. “He never even asked. Kinda ironic don’t ya think?”

Daniel laughed. “Considering why you two split up, yeah it is.”

I took a deep breath, and asked, “So what now? Do I go home tomorrow morning and act like this never happened?”

“Do you want to?”


The smile on his face was not the wicked one I had seen all night, but one that was happy. “I really want to see you again, Crys.”

“What about Robert?” I asked.

“Fuck him,” he said.

“No thanks,” I said. “I already did.”

We laughed and decided we needed some rest. I removed my garter belt and stockings, and Daniel pulled the comforter back. We climbed into bed, and he spooned me from behind. I felt him slide his cock into me, but I knew it was not to fuck me again. He kissed my neck and shoulder a few times, and I snuggled into him. Occasionally, I’d squeeze his cock and felt him throb inside me. He wrapped his arms around me, his hand on my breast, and just held me until I drifted off to sleep with his cock in my sex and his hand on my breast.

I woke to him licking my sex, teasing my clit, rubbing the outer lips. My body began to warm, my nipples hardened, and I began to pant. I could see the top of his head when his eyes locked with mine, taking on that wicked quality that turned me on so much, and made me climax again, soaking his face. This time, we made love. His cock entered me slowly, and I could feel every throbbing vein as he filled me again. My pussy parted, fully welcomed, and engulfed his member as if they were long lost friends, or long time lovers. He was so gentle and loving with me. I felt his cock twitch and throb with each thrust, and I could feel the hair on his scrotum tickling my labia.

He kissed me during each one of my orgasms, which made them more intense to where I never wanted him to end. At that moment, I wanted him to make love to me forever, a feeling I never had with Robert. Daniel did climax more quickly than he had when I was ‘Malice’, but I was sure it was a bigger climax than he had experienced before. We kissed for several minutes as his cock resumed its normal, non-erect size, and slipped out of me. Considering how wet I was, it didn’t take much for it to fall out of me. I joked with Daniel that I was so full of his sperm; I could take DNA test and come back as him instead of me. At least he laughed at my lame ass joke.

After I cleaned myself up, I put on my thong, bra, dress and petticoat, but my garter belt, stockings, and shoes stayed off, as did my wig, even though I had some serious sex-hair going on that the wig might have covered. I left them in Daniel’s room as he escorted me downstairs to the post-Halloween party breakfast. I couldn’t believe how many people were still there eating. I was given a glass of orange juice and some Motrin, which I needed, but not for a hangover. My sex was more than a little sore—but at least it was a good kind of sore.

Rayanne and Farren sat with a small group and waved me over when they saw me. Daniel kissed my cheek and I joined my friends. I ate some scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast. Daniel worked the room asking if everyone had a good time, and asked for suggestions for next year’s party. Rayanne and Farren asked if I had fun and if I’d gotten laid. I said yes to both, but refused to give them any details. As we ate, I watched Daniel work the room, and I thought about what we had done, and how badly I wanted him again. I knew he’d have to escort me back to his room, and I decided to do something that only the naughty Malice would do.

I stood up, walked up to him, and kissed him hard on the mouth. I heard some gasps from behind me as I reached into his pants, grabbed his cock, there in front of all these strangers, and pulled it out. He smiled wickedly at me as I led him by his cock out of the room, and upstairs for another round. I could hear the crowd rise and move to watch us as I led him up the stairs by his cock, and I’m sure I saw him wink at them as we disappeared. As we entered the room, I released his cock, put the black wig on, dropped my dress and petticoat onto the floor, looked him in the eyes in just my bra and panties, and smiled.

“I want you to fuck me hard, and make me scream.”

I didn’t have to ask twice. He locked the bedroom door, threw me onto the bed and began kissing me. He flipped me onto my stomach, lifted my ass, pushed my thong to the side, and slammed his cock into me. It was a mixture of pain and pleasure; I didn’t realize until this moment that my sex was that sore. There was no dirty dialogue like before, just raw, animalistic fucking. He pounded me harder than before, teased my anus with his thumb, and made me climax multiple times. We fucked hard for several minutes when I heard him moan, felt his cock pulse, and shoot. He fell on top of me panting, we collapsed on the bed, and my sex ached. I was so glad it was Sunday, as I really did need the time to recover.

After we finished, I cleaned up again, retrieved the remains of my costume, and I promised to wear the entire ‘Malice’ costume (especially the wig) for him again. I gave him my phone number but when I started to write my address down, he reminded me that the angel (who was also his personal assistant) already had it as she took a picture of my license. When we all passed our breathalyzer, he kissed me goodbye, and Farren drove us home. Rayanne and Farren told me how happy they were that Daniel and I had hooked up, and how it was the first time he’d seemed that happy since Alice. I knew after my stunt at breakfast it was pretty obvious it was because we had hooked up, but it was nice to know that I had made him happy, even if it was just for the one night, and morning.

On Monday, Rayanne worked her make-up magic again and ‘Malice’ was reborn. A few of my fellow teachers actually challenged me until I showed them my ID badge. My students loved my costume and praised the make-up job Rayanne had done for me. A few kids didn’t realize it was me until I spoke, my voice gave me away. During my first period class, the principal’s secretary came in carrying a box with a dozen long stemmed red roses in a beautiful black vase and a note that said, “Can Malice come out to play tonight? Count Daniel.”

My kids went nuts and teased me all day about my roses, but I kept the note a secret. I was even voted “best costume—teacher” by the students and won a $25 Starbucks gift card. After school, I found Daniel in the same sexy vampire costume, standing by my car with more roses. He admitted he had done a full background check to make sure I was the real Crystal Falcone, and had known my address, phone number, and where I worked for a couple of weeks. He had a driver take my car back to his place. Then he took me out to a wonderful dinner at an exclusive (and very expensive) restaurant and back to his place for another night of hot fucking.

Daniel and I have been dating steadily for over two years now. He’s everything Robert was and more. Daniel even got Robert to start talking to him again when we arrived together at their sister’s wedding. I swear Robert was shocked to see the two of us together, and it was well worth the trip for just that alone. Robert still works for the same company but Peter Miller was fired for sexual harassment. It seems that he made a pass at a young intern and the intern turned him in.

Emily Miller divorced Peter, but as far as I know, kept the video to herself. I heard she did take Peter to the cleaners. After the sexual harassment scandal, Peter got drunk one night and died when he drove into an abandoned building. At least he didn’t kill anyone else. I shared the video with Daniel before I destroyed it forever. Daniel was so aroused he made me put the ‘Malice’ wig on and fucked me hard for hours afterwards.

We still hold the annual Halloween party; Rayanne and Farren never miss it. We even make a mini shrine to Alice as part of the Halloween decor. I now live with Daniel and I’m still teaching, as he loves the idea of sex with a ‘naughty’ teacher. Sometimes, I surprise him by having ‘Malice’ be the hot teacher. Daniel did talk me into trying the swinging thing, but it wasn’t something I could fully enjoy, so he’s agreed to make that something he shared with Alice, and leave it at that.

We’ve decided that we’re not going to get married until the end of my alimony run, as we’ve been having so much fun spending my ex-husband’s money. For Daniel, it was a bit of brotherly spite and revenge for doing what he had done in college. For me, call it the final nail in the coffin that held my dead marriage, and a harsh reminder to Robert that I was not just a dumb blonde, or his brother’s new girlfriend. So, that’s my “journey through the rabbit hole.” Like I said, my life didn’t turn out the way I expected or hoped, it turned out so much better.

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