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Julie Finds A Lover.

For just a moment after opening her eyes Julie didn't know where she was. As her eyes became accustomed to the dark room she was able to pick out the shape of the furniture, thanks to the sliver of light coming through the blackout curtain. That's when she remembered that she was in a suite at a local four-star hotel. The clock on the nightstand told her that she had been asleep for only ten minutes.

'It wasn't supposed to be this good,' was the first thing that Julie said to herself after she was fully awake.

Julie was lying on her right side with the well-muscled arm of her bed partner was across her body. His warm body was pressed against her naked back, legs, and butt. For just a moment, Julie reveled at the softness of the sheets on the king sized bed along with the smells of perfume, cologne, and sex.

She was surprised that her bed partner was still here. The few times that she had given her pussy to a momentary boyfriend she usually woke up alone.

"It wasn't supposed to be this good," she said again.

Julie managed to gently release herself from her lover's arm without waking him up. She really had no desire to leave the warm bed but she needed to pee. She also needed to distance herself from his naked body as the feeling of it against hers had caused her to get hot again.

As Julie swung her slender legs over the side of the bed she noticed that they were still clad in the silky black thigh high stockings with lace tops that she had worn for the occasion. She also noted that her legs they still shaking from the intense sex she had just experienced and collapsed under her twice.

Since standing was a chore Julie elected to slide to the carpeted floor and crawl to the bathroom. As she crawled she located her purse along with the tiny black silk panties and bra that she had worn. She grabbed them and carried them with her. Julie located the bathroom door and softly closed it once inside. She managed to stand and locate the switch for lights over the sink were located and flicked on.

The reflection in the mirror was that of a very attractive seventeen-year-old female with long dark hair and a pale complexion. There was a look of total contentment on her pretty face that had not been there in awhile. She took a seat on the toilet and replayed the events from last night and once again she commented to herself about last night sex.

"That was unfucking real. I can't believe it was that good," she said to herself.

She completed her chore and then spied the complementary soaps, shampoos, conditioner, and shower cap. She removed her stockings and stepped into the top-of-the-line shower stall. As the jets of warm water hit her body from all sides and she lathered herself she told herself again that supposed to be that good.

"Call it what you want. This was supposed to be nothing more than casual sex or mercy sex or pity sex and not the fuck of the century," she commented to herself.

As she toweled off she glanced at her finger and toenails sporting the shiny black polish. She remembered feeling foolish as she had applied the black polish as it was not her normal color. The color had been selected just for Den as he was really into it and Julie decided to give him a treat.

Julie smiled to herself as she removed the hairbrush and makeup from her purse and commenced to run it through her long dark hair. To think she had just about given up on sex when this happened, not that she was an expert at it. Now despite the warnings from her Mom and teachers, Julie had surrendered her cherry to a longtime boyfriend at school shortly after her sixteenth birthday.

While it was good, it wasn't as great as she had been told it was supposed to be. She soon discovered that her lover had told everyone at school about his popping her cherry. The next lovers she had were no better and her friends only comment to her was that she was too picky.

"I've given myself better orgasms with my fingers," she admitted to her friends.

"Ya gotta take the bad with the good," she was told.

"Why can't you be more like Robin and Kelly? They seemed to be able to have sex with anyone and get off on it," she asked herself as she applied her makeup.

It was in late summer when she and her friends had seen the ad to volunteer for the Jaycee's spook house project. They had been taken there by their parents when they were little girls and had the shit scared out of them. Now here was the opportunity to scare others. Julie already had a touch of the performing bug thanks to many years of dance classes and couldn't wait to sign up.

She told Robin and Kelly and they all decided to get involved. It was during the signing up that they met Den, he was in charge of all the actors. He was tall, dark, tanned, well built and not bad looking. But he was old, somewhere in his mid-twenties.

Besides running the action part of the project he also looked after the volunteers. He made sure those without a car found a way home or he drove them himself. Julie and her friends were amazed at the fact that for someone so old Den had a bit of a shy side when she was around him.

The girls spent their evening's cleaning, painting and decorating the rooms amid talking about costumes and makeup. Many times Den drove Julie and her friends home afterwards as Julie did not always have access to a car. The group always stopped for coffee and a snack at a local twenty-four-hour restaurant.

The girls were surprised when Den told them that he was a regular at this restaurant as it was a favorite of theirs. Mostly because it was within walking distance of their house. Now Julie became aware of his attraction to her by the end beginning of September but his own shyness kept him from vocalizing it to her. Not that it would have helped.

 If Julie had any faults, it was that she was a bit prejudiced when it came to age and looks for her lovers. Her tastes in males ran toward the young long and lean rock star looking boys. She loved their slender frames, long hair and slightly femme looks. Even though they treated her like shit and told the world about their fucking her, she couldn't leave them alone.

 As nice as Den was she would never be considered him anything more than a good friend, he was simply too old for her.

When Julie missed a work call, Den drove her friends home and they stopped for coffee as usual. He was a little more talkative in her absence and the girls got him to admit that he really liked Julie and how great she looked in her black jeans and t-shirt. 

Robin and Kelly couldn't wait to share this new-found knowledge with her. It was also an opportunity to tease him when they were all together.

"It's a good thing you never saw Jul in the black tap dance outfit she wore for her last recital," Robin stated.

"Black tap pants, heels, and fishnets. One look and you'd be heading for the cold shower," Kelly added.

Den and Julie both blushed. Den with embarrassment and Julie with shock.

"So, you like girls in black?" she asked him once when they were alone.

"Yes. It's a passion of mine," he answered with an embarrassed look.

"I love black clothing too. It's a passion of mine," she responded.

So from that day on Julie always wore black to the spook house and made sure that Den saw her. If she was feeling particularly flirtatious she would often tease him.

"I'm wearing black panties," she would whisper in his ear.

She was rewarded by him blushing.  

Now it happened after the spook house closed that Den came to her rescue. She had been on a date with one of the young men at her job and they had a fight. It seems he only wanted to get laid and his suggestion of a movie was a way to get her to go out with him. Seems he had heard the stories of her giving pussy to her boyfriends and wanted to get laid.

Sitting in the darkened theatre he suggested that she give him a blow job. Julie informed him that was not something she liked to do and definitely not in public. He suggested a hand job and she nixed that idea and he seemed pissed. He suggested leaving and heading to the lovers' lane area of the park so they could fuck. She shot that idea down as well and then excused herself to use the ladies room. Once out of sight, she bolted out the front doors.

None of her friends had cars so calling them would be a waste of time and she wasn't going to call her Mom. So she naturally called Den and he responded to the laundromat where she was hiding. She didn't tell him what had happened and Den didn't ask. She thanked him with a kiss on the cheek once they arrived at her house.

As a reward, Julie treated him to dinner and a movie the next night. He was less shy and talked a lot more and they discovered that they had a great deal of the same likes and dislikes. As a result, they went on several dates.

It was a week later that Billy, an older mutual friend of their's announced he was having one of his famous hotel parties to celebrate the Thanksgiving season. As he still lived at home he would rent a meeting suite at a local hotel and stock it with liquor. All his friends were invited to join him providing it was done with the highest degree of discretion. Many of the attendees were under twenty-one.

Julie called Den and asked he was attending. He said that he was and she promised to meet him there as she had access to a car that weekend. Based on the limited conversations they had she knew that Den never drove after a couple of drinks. He would rent a room and spend the night there. That's when Julie decided that this was the night she'd have sex with him.

So it was on the morning of the party that Julie painted her toe and fingernails black and dug out her silkiest black bikini panties and the matching bra. She also donned the black thigh high stockings under her jeans that she had just purchased at the mall. He had heard him say that he thought girls that wore black silk stockings were the sexiest.

The party was even better than she imagined as she knew everyone there. Den talked and joked with everyone amid doing a few shots and tossing back a few beers. Julie, as usual, nursed a glass of wine as she watched and waited. Finally, around eleven Den took his leave and Julie caught up to him when he was halfway down the hallway.

"I don't need an escort," he told her.

"Just making sure you make it to your room," she responded.

"I'm not that drunk," he replied.

"Well the hallways are dark and I'm here to keep you safe," Julie added.

Den just laughed as he placed his arm around her shoulders. The alcohol had lowered his normal inhibitions as he would have never done this in public. Julie could not explain the rush of excitement she felt as he walked with her in this fashion. When they reached the door of his room he bid her a good night and unlocked the door.

Julie waited until the door was opened slightly when she pushed him inside and locked the door behind her. His surprised look was intensified when she attached her sweet lips to his and wrapped her arms around him. Julie could not believe what a great kisser he was. He was quite gentle and unlike her former lovers did not smash his mouth into hers.

Den removed his lips from hers and planted gentle kisses on her neck near her ears. Julie stepped back and pulled her long sleeve top over her head and tossed it aside. Den stared at the black silky bra she wore and smiled.

"I wore this just for you," she said stepped back into him.

She tugged at his polo shirt and pulled it out of his jeans. He assisted by bending down so she could pull it over his head and toss it aside. She then pressed her bra covered breasts into his naked chest and was sure she heard him moan with pleasure. Den ran his hands across her naked shoulders and down her arms and back. Now it was her turn to moan.

His hands drifted to the cups of her bra where they gently caressed her full breasts. He didn't pull the cups of her bra up or down to expose the soft flesh underneath as her former lovers had done. He expertly unfastened it with one hand as he placed his lips on hers again. The bra fell away exposing her firm young breasts and again she surprised her at how gentle he was as he rubbed her smooth globes and thumbed her extended nipples.

Julie stopped him again and undid her tiny silver belt and unzipped her tight black jeans. As Julie slowly wiggled her jeans down she saw that the outline of Den's cock was very visible under his black dress slack. The garment puddled at her feet revealing the shiny black bikini panties and thigh high stockings.

She moved in and kissed him again as her hands to drifted to his waist where they unfastened his belt and unzipped his slacks.

"Please don't let him be wearing tighty whities. That will be a real mood killer," said to herself. 

The dress slacks fell away to reveal black nylon briefs. Julie was relieved as she ran her hands over his nylon covered butt.

"Nice," was all she said as she pushed him back toward the king-sized bed and pulled down the bedspread, sheet, and blanket.

They laid down and embraced each other again. Den's lips went straight for her breasts where they commenced to kiss and lick her nipples. This was a first for her as none of the other boys had ever done that. She was amazed at how good it felt and how hot it made her.

When his lips returned to hers he allowed one hand to stray past the waistband of her panties. Julie gritted her teeth as she mentally prepared herself for the feeling of fingers digging through the silky material and into her wet pussy. It was a feeling she didn't like.

Once again she was amazed at his gentleness. The tips of his fingers ran over her silk covered mound that was becoming hotter and wetter by the second. The same fingertips moved to the inside of her silk covered thighs and traced a line from her stocking tops to her knees. He gently kissed her lips as he did this.

Julie reached over and gently grabbed the outline of his hard cock that was visible under his briefs, It seemed to pulsate in her hand and Den moaned again.

"Julie, we have to stop," he said in a soft voice.

"Why? Don't you want me?" she asked in a surprised voice.

"More can you can possibly imagine. But I didn't bring any protection as I never imagined I would be having sex tonight," he responded.

"Aren't you one of those guys that keeps a rubber in his wallet?" she asked between kisses.

"No way and you really wouldn't want me to be. Would you?"

"I guess not. Relax I've got you covered," Julie said with a smile. She reached for her purse at the foot of the bed and extracted a condom package and placed it on the nightstand.

"Now, how about you lose those shorts," she asked

Den slid his shorts off allowing his cock to spring free before he took Julie in his arms again. She could feel his warm and hard manhood pressing against her as they kissed.

"I don't give head," she informed him when there was a break in the kissing.

"That's OK," he said simply.

That statement also surprised her. All her former lovers couldn't wait to cram their hard cocks in her sweet mouth and more than once they ignored her pleas not to cum in her mouth. Den straddled her and began to slide her tiny black silk panties down her nylon covered legs.

"Beautiful," was all he said when her hot pussy was finally revealed. 

Den commenced to kiss her breasts and suck her nipples. He moved his head downwards and planted soft kisses on her hard belly as he moved. Julie closed her eyes and rode the waves of euphoria that this movement caused. Finally, she felt his warm breath and tongue moving through her tiny tuft of pubic hair.

Less than a second she felt his tongue enter her pussy and she moaned long and softly as he commenced to lick and kiss her down there. No boy had ever done that to her and she could not believe how hot it made her. He kissed and licked the inside of her nylon covered legs as he ran his fingertips across them.

He paused long enough to grab the condom off the nightstand and Julie smiled at the sight of him sliding the latex sleeve on. They started kissing and touching each other again.

"Julie, would you get on top?" he asked.

She had never had the opportunity to do this. All her former lovers just had to be on top and many times they crushed her making breathing difficult. So Julie slid a nylon covered leg across his body and positioned her pussy over his shaft. Den grabbed his hard cock and placed it at the entrance of her wet pussy.

Feeling his cock at the entrance Julie slowly lowered herself on it. She was so hot and wet that it slid in without a problem.

Julie heard herself moan as it entered her tight cave and soon he was buried up to his balls. She was sure that due to his age that it would be over in a few humps, she was wrong. He kissed and licked her nipples as she rode him.

He ran his hands over her breasts and they eventually came to rest on her hips They seem to hold her in place as she ground herself against him. Den eventually laid back against the pillows so Julie had to lean down to kiss him. His warm hands caressed her butt and occasionally his fingers slid between her butt cheeks and tease her tiny butthole.

No one had ever done that to her before. The feeling caused the internal muscles of her pussy to grip his shaft and they both moaned with pleasure.

"Am I actually making those sounds?" she questioned herself.

She was normally a quiet lover. In the past, she had to resort to fake moaning to please her current lover. Yet here she was moaning aloud with almost every thrust. None of the other boys got her to do that.

Finally, she felt Den place his hands on waist and commence to thrust upwards into her.

"Julie, I'm gonna cum," he managed to say.

"Me too," she said in between moans.

Just as her orgasm arrived, Den slid his little finger into her butt and it caused her to issue a long sustained moan. She laid there on top of him panting for air for the longest time. She finally got off of him and lay on her side. Den pushed himself close to her warm body and placed an arm around her and held her as he gently kissed her.

This also surprised her. The other boys got off her and redressed as quickly as possible and left without so much as a thank you.

It was as Julie floated down from her orgasmic high that she fell asleep. That also was something that never happened before. She felt warm and safe in this bed with Den's arm around her.

Julie donned her lingerie and stockings and double checked her make-up before exiting the bathroom. She was surprised to find Den sitting up in bed bathed in the soft glow of the nightstand lamp. He was smoking a cigarette but crushed it out when she approached.

He then flipped back the covers and she slid between them. Just the contact of her nylon clad legs against his caused her nipples to harden.

Julie gave him a kiss and placed her head on his shoulder. All this time she had the perfect lover in front of her but her own prejudice prevented her from seeing it.

"That was fantastic," was all she could think to say.

"Yes, it was," he answered.

"So, what happens now?" she asked.

"Well, I do have the room for the whole night," Den responded gently stroking her breasts.

"I only had the one condom," Julie replied gently taking hold of his quickly hardening cock.

"There are other ways if you trust me," Den answered.

"I trust you," she replied.

Den allowed his hand to slid down her naked back and under the waistband of her panties. He then commenced to gently remove them. She continued to stroke his now fully erect cock as he did this. Den then gently placed her on her back and positioned himself between her legs.

Julie watched wide-eyed as he pushed his bare cock into her and commence to slowly slide it in and out of her. Just as she was getting into it Den stopped and asked her to flip over and kneel on the bed. He then placed his hard cock that was slick with her juices at the entrance to her butt.

 Now Julie had heard about anal sex but never had the chance to experiment, Most of her former lovers never stuck around long enough after getting the prize of her young, tight pussy.

"If it hurts, I'll stop," he said softly as he placed the head of his cock against her anus.

A heartbeat later she felt his cock push into her virgin ass. The small pain she felt vanished and was replaced by pleasure and she moved her body back into him. Den removed on hand from her hip and allowed his fingers to enter her dripping pussy. Julie was being taken at both ends and her moaning announced how much he was enjoying it.

She was so lost in ecstasy that she barely head him announce that he was cumming. She felt Den increase the speed of his humping and then heard a long moan escaped through clenched teeth. That was enough to push her over the edge and she enjoyed a massive orgasm.

Once again the cuddled on the bed. She felt his semen leak out of her butt and it turned her on She fell asleep in his arms Daylight pushed through the partially open curtains and Julie was up like a shot. Den was surprised as she began to dress.

"What's the hurry? Don't you want coffee or breakfast?" he asked.

"I'm going home to shower and locate my tap dance outfit. Unless you don't want to see me and do me in it," she replied.

"Anything I can do?" Den stated.

"Yes. Go buy some condoms and be home by about ten," Julie replied as she planted a long kiss on him before departing.

Her butt hole was a little sore as she drove but she ignored it.

"No more backseats or parents' basements," she mused. "No more hurried fucks and being left alone afterwards."

Julie had finally found the lover she had been seeking.


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