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Just A Man's Fantasy

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Just a Man’s Fantasy!!

“A story to my love, Mel; from your love, John”

Part One – Unexpected Stop

We had been going to the same club/bar close to where we live for several weeks and most at least thought of us as regulars and when we entered the bar staff said hi or just raised their hand in welcome, it was quite a big place with pool tables and live music. We went to the back area which was pretty much secluded and sat down; when the waitress came she introduced herself as Kris and told us that she was new and glad to be serving us, I looked at you and said, “I wonder why she bothers wearing a top, I could see all the way to her belly button,” you just laughed and said, “That’s how she gets her tips!” You were wearing my favorite low cut dress which I loved seeing you in, you have such a wonderful figure I never get enough of looking at you.

We ordered as usual then got to talking just general things enjoying ourselves, well she brought our drinks and I guess it was still a little slow so she stood for a while just chatting telling us the local gossip, well she left to serve others and then when we ordered again she took our order. When she brought them she said it was her break and would we mind if she sat at our table as some guy at the bar was bothering her, I looked at you and you said not at all, so she took a seat and was sipping at a soda and nibbling a sandwich. Well, we all chatted and it turned out she was fun to talk with, well her break finished and she excused herself and said she had to get back to work, so you and I sat and were just having fun, talking and of course me being me I had my hand in and under your skirt and top and pretty soon your hand was in my shorts stroking my cock.

Closing time came and we said goodnight and walked outside ready to get home and have some fun, well just our luck Kris was arguing with some guy and when she saw us she told him, “That’s my friends we are leaving together and going to their place for a drink and to chat.” I guess that scared him away and we thought she’d get into her car and go her own way, but no she asked if we’d follow her home to make sure she was safe as it wasn’t but a few minutes drive, we looked at each other again and reading each others minds we said, “Ok, but then we’ll go on home.” Well we followed for a little way and she stopped and got out of her car we stopped just behind her wanting to wait till she got inside, but she came to us and asked for us to come inside with her because we’d been so nice.

Well we looked at each other, not really wanting to because with all the playing we’d been doing, both of us feeling very horny and wanting to get home and have some fun! When we got inside she surprised us by asking if we’d like a drink, we said yes why not but then we had to be leaving, well she got us a drink then said she’d be right back as she wanted to change her clothes and get comfy, after she left the room I said to you, “Wonder what she means with that top she has to be comfy already?! You said, “Yes I noticed you looking at her tits,” I said, “Well I couldn’t help it, but your tits are much nicer my dear!” I put out my hand and squeezed them; I couldn’t help myself and slipped my hand inside wanting a quick feel. We heard a cough and I jerked away feeling guilty being caught, I knew that we were blushing.

Kris was standing in the doorway still wearing what she’d been wearing we must have looked puzzled, she told us she just had to get her bra off now that she was home. At that we both laughed, she said, “From what I saw you love for tits to be free.” I said, “Yes, we love just to be together and be naughty!” At that she came into the room and sat on the couch between us and raised her glass saying a toast, to a long and happy friendship! We both raised our glasses too, after the toast she gave me a kiss on the cheek and did the same to you, saying that’s to seal the friendship. Then she stood up and said, “Let me get more drinks,” I said, “No thanks we need to be leaving and get on home.” She still went to the kitchen and came back with refills saying she needed the company as it had been so long since anyone had been there, somehow along the way her top had opened a couple of buttons and we could see plenty!!

You glanced at me and saw that I was staring, you nudged me with your elbow, making me jump a little, and then came the surprise of our lives, she said, "It’s ok Mel, I like people to look at me it turns me on.

She left the room again saying she needed to use the bathroom and we both just were more than a little embarrassed, me more than you of course, because I’d been caught staring. She called from the back asking if you could help her for a minute and you said of course and giving me a kiss said, “I’ll be back in a minute my love.” It was only a minute or two and you shouted, “John, can you come here please!”

I got the surprise of my life, both you and Kris were stood there, each wearing a skimpy bra and thong; needless to say my cock got very hard. You said, “I know you’d been looking and she did too so we wanted to please you.”

You came over to me and unbuttoned my jeans sliding them down and fondling my cock through my boxers. Pretty soon you bent over, “I need that cock in my mouth,” you moaned. Getting on your knees, you opened your mouth and took it deep. I reached over and pulled you into me, gripping your tits and wanting more. Kris was still just watching, after about ten minutes, she came over wanting some as well. She reached over and started playing with your tit, fondling them and doing what you love, squeezing the nipples hard, but not too hard making you feel so hot.

You let go of my cock and said, “Fuck her my love I want to see you fuck her!” You pushed her down and opened her legs wide; she was excited we could tell that because she was so wet. You grabbed her tits asking her roughly, “Is this what you’ve been waiting for?” She groaned, “Yes I’d been thinking of the three of us fucking all night since you two came in the bar!” You took her tits in your mouth, alternating between them and using your other hand to play with her clit while I fucked her pussy hard. Just before I shot my load in her, you moved behind me playing with my ass with one hand and balls in the other. Finally, I shot my load into her and we all collapsed on the bed, you whispered, “Well my love you’ve had your fun lets go home and fuck for real!”

Part 2-Finally Home

When we got home, we took off our clothes deciding to get comfy we sat close together naked on the couch for awhile talking about our little adventure and how we’d enjoyed it. I never can get enough of looking at your beautiful body and pretty soon we were in a close embrace. You said, “Wait a minute my love let me get something out of the bedroom!” I knew it had to be something sexy and fun; sure enough you came back and had your hands full of toys. “I don’t know about you, but I’m still horny as hell,” you said with a look of lust in your eyes. I knew my cock was getting hard again and you saw it too, so you bent down and took it into your mouth; teasing the head with your tongue.

I said, “No baby, it’s your turn to cum, I want you to cum for me!” I started to kiss you, my tongue inside moving in the way I knew you loved, feeling you pushing yourself against me. I moved my hands down your body until I reached your pussy and I put my fingers inside you feeling how wet you were already. I took the vibrator with the ridges, knowing you were ready; I pushed it deep into you. I said slyly, “Baby I want to use another toy with you too.” You looked puzzled so I said, “Just keep this inside you,” taking our new slim vibrator, I pushed it very slowly into your ass knowing that you loved that full feeling. You gasped with pleasure feeling yourself filled and moving the toys back and forth I wanted you to cum for me. It didn’t take too long and I felt your juices cum out over my hands. I said, “Baby now I need my cock inside you,” with that I had you get on all fours. I fucked you harder then I had ever before until both of us came.

Collapsing on the bed I said, “Maybe we should get some sleep?” You smiled big and said, “No, I got this toy for you especially and I want you to enjoy it too. I said, “Girl no really, I just enjoy making and see you happy.” Yet you, being the wonderful woman you are, just smiled, straddled my chest, you pussy almost in my face. You started to tease my ass with your finger so I did the same thing to you. I really started to get into it, but you pulled your finger out. I started to protest, but you just kissed my cock. I looked at you puzzled when I felt something trickle on me, not realizing it was lubricant. Before I could ask you again what you were up to, you pushed the toy deep inside me, damn it felt so good!

You continued to work the toy in my ass and to my surprise; I was getting hard already again. Seeing this you managed to take my cock in your mouth with one hand while working the toy in my ass in perfect rhythm. I couldn’t just let you have all the pleasuring fun so I put my hand onto your pussy and spreading the lips enjoying the view of your wetness; some of which was already dripping on my chest. With my other hand, I pushed in four fingers far until they would go no further. I felt your pussy muscles clamp down hard on them as your sign that you enjoyed it. After letting your pussy get use to it a little longer, I said, “Baby let me try to get my thumb in there too; I want to fill all of you!” I did manage and soon my whole hand was deep inside you and I moved it slowly not wanting to hurt you; but you moaned deeply and said, “That feels so good, fist me good love!” With that we started to move in unison, faster and faster. I started to groan, pushing your head down so you’d take my cock in even deeper. You knew I was about to cum so you took your hand that was on my cock and squeezed my balls as you sucked me hard.

Well needless to say it didn’t take long at all and I shot my load deep into your throat just as you started to cum, it felt like we’d never stop cumming! Finally, we stopped moving and just rested the toy still in my ass and my hand in your pussy. I knew you could cum again so I carried on moving my hand deep inside you and the other one on your tits, gripping the nipples hard till you gasped with pleasure and came again.

“Hope you enjoy my darling, I love you so much!”

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