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Just Say You Love me, Part 1

We went to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch, just like we had done for the past 3 Fridays.   We both love the location and the outdoor seating on the deck with a view of the beach and marina.   We hugged and talked while we waited for a seat.   I didn’t care how long we had to wait, just being with her under any circumstances made me happy.

We had met three months ago at a Lakers’ basketball game.   By chance we were sitting next to each other, and by the second quarter we were chatting amiably.   Heather was beautiful and I assumed she was attached, although she was there with a girl friend and wore no ring.

I learned that she had a friend who had two season tickets and he gave them to her whenever he could not make the game.   I was using my company’s season tickets, which got rotated among the managers, and I got them once a month.   I usually brought a male friend as I had several who were always begging me.    She said she envied me getting good seats like this every month as she was lucky to get tickets once a season.   So I offered to bring her with me the following month.   We exchanged email addresses and a month later had our first date.

We had been dating regularly since, usually in the evenings, but we often met for lunch as well.   We had tried all of the so called ‘hot places to be and be seen’, and had recently decided that we liked the Cheesecake Factory more than anywhere else we had been.

After about 20 minutes we were seated in the middle of the outdoor deck area.   I let her sit on the side with a view of the water.   We quickly decided what we wanted and placed our order.

As we chatted I wondered if she felt anywhere near the same way toward me as I felt toward her.  She seemed to enjoy my company, was always free when I asked her out and we always had a good time, but she really had not given any signs that she might have serious feelings.

As we talked I became aware of another couple at the next table that were not getting along well; he was berating her loudly and appeared to be drunk.   I looked at him closely.   Not a big guy, probably 150 to 160 pounds.   I had around 30 to 40 pounds on him.

Our food came and we began to eat.   The food was very good and the weather was warm and my date was beautiful.   Everything was almost perfect, except for the loud mouth at the next table.   He was getting louder and more abusive.   It was beginning to bother me and I could see he was getting Heather upset.

I couldn’t let this perfect scene be ruined, and I could tell by looking around that other people were uncomfortable with the situation.   I looked at the servers and bus boys and they were all conveniently looking the other way.   I didn’t blame them; they were all boys.

“Call 911,” I said to Heather.

“Jake, what are you going to do?” she asked as I turned in my chair.

I got up and moved over next to loud mouth, praying that he was not a black belt in Karate.

“Excuse me, but you are bothering the customers, including my date and myself.   Would you mind keeping your voice down?” I asked politely.

“Get the fuck out of here and mind your own business or I guarantee you will get hurt,” was his response.

”I’ll mind my own business if you will keep your voice down,” I said, “fair enough?”

I saw him reach for the knife on the table.   When the knife was halfway between the table and my body his wrist stuck my outstretched hand and stopped.   I held him by the wrist with my right hand and slammed my left palm into his neck.   I clasped my hand around his throat and began to squeeze as I pushed his body off the chair and to the deck.

I followed him down, grasping his left wrist with one hand, and squeezing and pushing his throat toward the deck with the other.   As he landed I dropped my right knee into his stomach, forcing the air out of his lungs.

I shifted and placed my right knee on his neck and put my weight on it.   He could not breathe.   He struggled, throwing his legs up and striking my back, but I held my position.   He dropped the knife but I held onto his wrist.

When he finally gave up; when he lay there unmoving, fearing he was going to die, I lifted my knee from his neck.   He remained there, struggling to get air into his lungs.

I looked up at Heather and she was putting her phone down and nodding with a nervous look on her face.

I removed his belt and rolled him over and tied his hands behind his back.   He continued to struggle to get air, but I was confident he was not going to suffocate.   The restaurant manager was by that time standing by with another staff member and between them they carried him off and into the restaurant.  

“I really can’t go back to work after this,” Heather said, “I don’t suppose you can take the rest of the day off can you?”

I looked first at my watch, more out of habit than anything.   I then pulled out my iphone and connected to my email exchange site on the internet.   I checked my calendar and found that I had a staff meeting planned for 2:00.

I dialed my sectary and told her to call off the meeting and I would see her on Monday.   I also told her to let the staff know that anyone was free to go home when their work was done, on their own judgment.   I had done this before and had confidence that no one would leave with anything important unresolved.

I put my phone away and looked at Heather.

“I’m yours for the duration,” I said.

“Duration of what?” she asked, with a grin on her face.

“The duration of the day, of course, what did you think I meant?  

“Oh, is that all?” she asked, with a wicked grin on her face.

“I’m not tied to any schedules,” I responded, with a grin of my own.

“I need to change clothes, would you like to meet somewhere?” she asked.

“Why don’t I follow you to your place, you can drop off your car and change, and we can take my car from there?” I suggested.

Heather had a townhouse in Santa Monica.   I had spent a few nights there and knew it well.   I followed her in and went to the kitchen for a beer as she went up the stairs to her bedroom.

“Do you want a beer?” I yelled up at her.

“Yes, why don’t you bring it up,” she responded. 

I decided to open just one beer and share it.   I wasn’t thinking of staying that long.

I went up the stairs to her bedroom.   She wasn’t in the bedroom.   I went into the bathroom and she wasn’t there either.

I turned around and saw the light on in her walk-in closet and the door slightly ajar.

I walked over and pushed the door open with my foot.

Heather stood there wearing a sheer black babydoll and all of her assets were on full display.

I’m no genius, but I realized instantly that she was hot for a mid afternoon tryst.   Looking at her was all I needed to get into the mood.   All thoughts of leaving instantly left my mind as I began to focus completely on the moment.

I stepped into the closet and pulled her to me with my free hand. She placed her arms around my neck and pulled my face down, kissing me with force and abandon.   I set the beer down on the shelf above her head freeing my other hand to pull her body against me.

She kissed me hard on the lips.   I kissed her back, and quickly realized that this feeling was different.   There was energy to her that I had not felt before.   The kissing quickly became more passionate and we soon began to caress each other in places that we would not do in public.

The kissing and caressing migrated into the bedroom and I undressed her slowly as I kissed the skin that I was baring.    My shirt was removed, and her hard nipples came into contact with the sensitive skin of my chest.   My arousal was complete and she had to know it.  

The kissing and caressing continued as I undressed.   Heather was down to a pair of sheer bikini panties that tied at the hip.   I pulled the strings and let them fall to the floor.   I leaned over and kissed one nipple, rolling my tongue over it and feeling how hard it was and making her shiver, then did the same to the other.   I sucked her nipple into my mouth and bit down lightly.   She moaned, ran her hands through my hair and pulled my face into her breast.  

I moved down to my knees and my lips traveled down across her flat, toned stomach and beyond.  She shifted her weight to spread her legs wider apart.   As my tongue made contact with her soft, velvety lips I looked up at her.   Her eyes were closed as she tilted her head back, her breasts jutting out and her large nipples in full silhouette against the ceiling.   I couldn’t take my eyes off of her magnificent breasts as I placed my hands on her ass and pushed my tongue between her swollen wet lips.

She moaned loudly as my tongue explored her nether regions.   I wanted to make her cum, but this was not the right position.   I stood and took her over to the bed and sat her down.   I got on my knees between her legs and spread them wide, bending them at the knees and exposing her wet pussy to me.   I felt like I had just sat down to a meal at the dinner table.

I held her legs up with my hands at her knees, pulling her ass off of the bed.   I began to lick from her ass hole to her clit, repeating stroke after stroke and sending her into a frenzy of orgasms. I kissed her lips, slipped my tongue inside and licked up and across her clit.   Her hips were moving rhythmically as she thrust up at my face with each upward lick of my tongue.

I removed one hand from her knee and inserted two fingers between her wet lips.

I stroked upward, seeking her G-spot and apparently finding it.   A couple of orgasms later, with my fingers suitably lubricated I then pressed a finger into her ass hole, then replaced it with the other finger.   I sucked her clit into my mouth as my finger massaged the back side of her vagina.   Her moans turned to screams.   I enjoyed making her scream; and I did so again and again.  

Finally I felt it was time to move on, and I rolled my tongue up across her stomach to her nipples once again.   I lingered there, enjoying the feel of her hard nipples on my tongue, before moving up and kissing her mouth.   I positioned myself with my cock over her pussy and began to rub her clit with my hard shaft.   She couldn’t hold back and reached down and inserted me into her dripping well.

She began to thrust immediately, not waiting for me to do the fucking.   I joined with her rhythm as she wrapped her legs around my waist, her ankles crossed at my ass and pulling me into her.   I began to fuck her hard, pounding my shaft into her deep and fast.   Her orgasms started over and her screams echoed off the walls.

After she had several more orgasms I turned her over and entered her from behind.   I began once again to fuck her hard and fast.   She began to moan but her moans quickly became screams as her orgasms commenced anew.   The sensation was stronger for me and now I began to moan.  It wasn’t long before I began to feel myself swelling inside her.   She could tell also as I felt her pussy lips begin to squeeze tighter around my cock.

When I finally poured my seed into her my voice joined hers in the expression of our mutual pleasure.   My orgasm seemed to continue longer than usual and I continued to pump into her as she continued to cum.   It seemed like several minutes before I was spent and we collapsed together, our bodies and lips entwined.

We had made love before, but never like this.   Heather was different, like she no longer had any inhibitions.  

I will never forget that day.   Images are burned into my memory of her large, stiff nipples and the way she shivered when I rolled my tongue across them.

When it was finally over she clung to me as we were falling asleep together.   The last thing she said before falling asleep was “I love you Jake.”

I tried to say that I loved her too, but I could not get the words out.

From then on Heather was warm and affectionate toward me whenever we were together.   It seemed that she was acting as if she belonged to me.  

I felt I had found the perfect woman and she loved me.   There was nothing in the world that I wanted, I had it all.

The next morning we had breakfast together.   We made plans to have dinner together but we each had things to do and had to go our separate ways for the day.   After we kissed at the door she once again said she loved me.   All I could say was that I was crazy about her.

As I drove away I wondered why I could not say ‘I love you’.   I did, there was no doubt in my mind, but I could not get the words out.

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