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Justin and Twila: Testing New Lube

Twila and Justin test out a new lubricant in the shower.
Justin awoke to the smell of a warm breakfast in his bedroom. Scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, and hot coffee. He sat up, and looked towards the area of the bedroom where the coffee table and chairs were. There he saw Twila casually eating her breakfast and drinking her coffee, completely naked. He looked to the side of the bed where Twila slept. Her nightgown was in a wad on the bed.

“Justin, come have some of the breakfast I made for you,” Twila beamed, grinning adorably. Justin threw the covers off his body, and sat at the table with Twila. As he ate his breakfast, he couldn’t help but to stare at Twila’s naked body. Every movement she made, no matter how small, made her breasts bounce or jiggle. She pulled her hair to one side, and over a shoulder to keep it out of her way. The hair covered one of her small freckletone nipples.

“So, while you were gone, I bought some cherry-flavored waterproof lube. I know you need a shower since you’ve been on the road, and I thought we should try it out.” Twila said before forking the last of her eggs into her mouth. All Justin could do was nod in agreement. His eyes were fixated on her curves. In between bites, Twila leaned in, and gave Justin a kiss as she rubbed his thigh. Her hands travelled from his knee to just past the hem of the leg of his boxers, and back down repeatedly. The crotch of Justin’s boxers now looked like a pitched tipi.

She kissed his mouth, stood up and headed out the door to get the shower ready. Justin quickly scarfed down the rest of his breakfast, chugged his hot coffee, and took the dishes to the dishwasher. When he got to the bathroom, he heard Twila humming in the shower. Justin took off his boxers, and stepped into the shower with her. She was facing the shower head, washing her face in the spray of water. Justin grabbed her hips, and pulled her body back into his. He let his erection slide to the opening of her wet pussy, but no farther. He just gently prodded. She turned her head back, smiled at him, caressed his face and kissed his lips. Twila tried to press her ass into him to make him slide into her from behind, but Justin pulled away and whispered, “It’s my turn to tease the fuck out of you, my lovely doll.”

Justin saw the lube on the shelf. He layed Twila down on the floor, the hot water pouring down on them. He squirted some onto his fingertips, and began massaging her slippery pussy. It was bare, aside from her neatly trimmed landing strip, just the way Justin liked it. He pinched her clitoris between his thumb and index finger and gently moved his fingers around it. Twila arched her back and bit her bottom lip. This felt too good for her. Justin had to tease her more.

“Babe, get on your knees, let me see your ass,” Justin suggested. Twila did as he demanded. Her round ass was in his face, and he was loving it. Justin ran his finger down her ass crack, and began circling it around her vaginal opening lightly. Twila moaned softly. Justin traced his finger partially back up her ass crack. With one hand, he separated her buttocks. he drizzled some lube down her crack. It ran all the way down, and decadently dripped from near her pussy. He spread her buttocks apart with both hands, and licked all the way down. Then, he licked all the way back up, flicking his tongue from side to side. Twila sucked in hair between her teeth and groaned. She was surely enjoying this, and wanted more.

Justin traced small circles around her tight asshole. It tightened a little as it was stimulated. “Honey, you’ll have to learn to relax if I’m to fuck your tight little asshole soon,” Justin stated. She relaxed. He added more lube to his fingertips, and slowly slid a finger into her asshole up to the first knuckle. He paused, pulled it back out, and slid it back in up to the second knuckle. He pulled it back out and slid it all the way in. She quietly hissed, and groaned. He did this until he managed to fit three fingers in. After gently fingering her asshole for a bit, he pulled his fingers out and spanked her ass gently. He quickly washed his hands.

“Okay sweetheart, lie on your back for me.” Justin whispered into her ear. Twila did so, and smiled up at him, her hands resting on her breasts, and her wet hair matted up against her cheeks and neck. Justin covered his insanely hard cock with lube. While he was a fairly average size, he certainly knew how to please a woman with what he had. He put more lube on his fingers, and inserted them in her pussy, getting the lube everywhere, making sure she was nice and slippery.

Then, Justin positioned his dick right at the entrance of her pussy. He began to kiss her lips. The kisses evolved from small pecks to wet, passionate kisses. He prodded her pussy over and over, touching it with his cock but never going in.

“Oh my god! You have got to stop teasing me! Please, fuck me already!” Twila grunted.

Justin hushed her. “No, my love, be patient.”

Twila scratched hard across his back. Justin gasped and slammed his cock into her tight, slippery pussy. Twila screamed, “Justin! Yes! More!” He went faster, harder and deeper. She scratched deeper across his back, neck and shoulders. She moaned loudly with every pounding. Her breasts bounced, her breathing became heavier, and she wrapped her legs around him. The hot water hitting Justin’s back only increased the sensations for him.

Just as Twila was close to her orgasm, Justin pulled out of her and flipped her petite body over. She was on her stomach. Justin dripped more lube over her ass crack, and applied more to his cock. He positioned his cock at the entrance of her asshole. He pushed the tip in. Twila’s body initially tightened up from surprise, but promptly loosened up again. Justin massaged her shoulders as he pushed in a little more. He whispered in her ear, “Just try to relax, I’ll stop if you tell me to.” Twila nodded. Justin pushed in slowly and steadily. Her tight asshole felt amazing on his cock. He pulled out a little, and pushed all his length back in slowly. He began gently fucking her ass. He rested his body on her back, reached around her, and played with her sensitive, silky nipples as he fucked her. Her body went into a more relaxed state of euphoria, making it easier for Justin to fuck her ass harder. She let out a soft, high-pitched moan. Oh, how this turned Justin on. The hot water along with Twila’s sexiness made him sweat. His cock began contracting, pulsating. He was on the verge of orgasm, He gripped Twila’s boobs firmly. He fucked her ass deep and hard, pulling out as he came all over her back. The shower water quickly washed it away.

“There’s one last thing we need to test,” Twila remarked. Justin raised one eyebrow in question. “Taste.” She added.

“Ah, yes.” Justin nodded. He lay flat on his back. Twila straddled his face. Justin grabbed her ass, burying his face in her delicious, cherry-flavored pussy. It tasted just like cherries. Not at all plastic-y or chemical-like. He licked her clit vigorously. The friction made her squirm, her pussy pressing into his face as she did so. He gently licked around the opening of her vagina. He lapped at it, prodded it, and flicked it with his tongue. By this time, Twila was breathing heavily and moaning. He slid his tongue as far into her decadent pussy as it would go, wildly flicking it about briefly. he pulled his tongue out of her pussy. He gently bit her inner labia and dragged his teeth off. Then, Justin sucked her clit. Twila was screaming Justin’s name and fucking his face, gripping his hair. He was loving every moment of it.

“Ohhhhh fuck, I’m cumming!” Twila shrieked. Her grip on his head tightened, and she humped his face harder. He stuck his tongue into her pussy again, and felt her pussy tightening and loosening around his tongue. She used her arms to get off his face, and just rested her body on his. She closed her dark purplish-brown eyes and breathed deeply. Chest to chest, Justin could feel her heartbeat. Twila opened her eyes, smiling at Justin. She kissed him, and helped him up. They washed each other’s hair and body, got out of the shower, and got dressed.
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