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Kat and Cyrano - Chapter 2

Eric and I were exchanging naughty emails as foreply to our first time.
Chapter 2: Naughty Emails

We started off our emails a little too tame, maybe out of nervousness. But in one of his early emails, dated Friday Sept 19, he became bolder, and he really thrilled me.

He wrote in reply to one of my fairly tame early emails to him: “Mmmmm, I'm so happy to see an email from you this morning! You brighten my morning. So many images are on my mind right now. The softness of your lips on mine whenever we kiss. The way you look into my eyes so adoringly, so lovingly, so hungrily--the same way I feel when I look into YOUR eyes. The way you close your eyes and purr and visibly shiver at the thought of me, at the feel of my arms around you, at the touch of my fingertip against your very long nipple through your blouse.

“Your slow, suggestive unbuttoning of your jacket in the heat of the weather and in the heat of our growing passion for each other as we talked earlier in the week (and wishing my fingers could have been helping you unbutton—not possible in such a public place). You reaching out smiling to fleetingly touch the ‘growing’ passion I feel for you, your smile and gentle giggle and happy soft purring whenever you touch me there, whenever you feel how hard you make me. Realizing that only the wispiest fabric of your blouse, and no bra, separate my fingers from your incredibly long and super hard nipples, and sometimes not even that much in my way, and realizing I’m the lucky man causing your nipples to react like that.

“And yesterday in your tight red blouse with two buttons open, that magnificent cleavage exposed to my hungry eyes, but unfortunately not yet to my hands and my mouth. And your impossibly short matching red skirt barely to your thighs, that almost, ALMOST let me see everything that I long to kiss; you looked so good, it was tough to keep my hands (and my tongue) off of you. But in a public park, what could we do? Some day, some day SOON my love, we will make our fevered dreams come true, and it will be better than either of us dare to imagine.”

I almost instantly replied: “Hello! You brighten my day, too. The images you describe resonate with me as well. And I've had a lot of dreams lately... wonderful, thrilling dreams of what will COME -- may they soon be a reality! You’re right, touching that mmmmm thick ridge of yours, and knowing that I caused it, is about the most wonderful thing I’ve experienced in a very long time. But for me as well, it’s not enough for me, not NEARLY enough. I, too, wish I could spend the weekend in your arms, in your bed, in my bed, or in any bed together.”

His reply that same evening: “I hardly know what to say. Just a few simple sexy lusty words from you in an email, and you've put a smile on my face and warmed my heart. Yes, I know we can and will make these dreams happen very soon. You have – STIFFENED – my resolve to make it all happen soon. Life's too short not to. I know we'll be in each other's dreams every night until then. And soon in each other's arms. I'll look for you on the bus Monday morning. My arms already miss holding you.”

Me, also the same day: “Sometimes I too am at a loss for words, but what you say to me in email or when we are together puts a thrill in my heart and a smile on my face and a squishiness in my panties that refuses to be quieted. Your presence and understanding are a great comfort and mean a great deal to me. In turn, I want to be a good, supportive friend, a comfort to you, and so much more. Everything will be fine - and worth the wait until we can make our dreams come true.”

Him: “One last hello before I go to bed and dream... of you, I'm sure. Yes, I do well know that thrill in the heart when we're together, or just reading your words or hearing your voice. Yes, worth the wait, definitely. I know we'll make it happen soon. The way you hold me and look at me is already a comfort, and I know that the ‘something more’ we both long for will be a great comfort, too, when it finally happens—and it WILL happen.”

His hot words were really getting to me now. I closed my eyes and tried to imagine how his very thick hardness would look and feel in my hand, with no fabric in my way this time. I was breathing hard and I couldn’t stand it anymore. I made sure my husband was asleep in his room, then I returned to my lonely bed. I stripped naked except for my panties, and I read and reread Eric’s latest email. I jammed one hand down my panties, and I fired back one last email for the night: “Your sweet words have me breathless and so dewy. I can hardly wait to hold you again. And some day soon to hold what I'd like to feel in my hands....and in other places. Until then, I have to be content with my hand jammed down my panties right now, as I daydream of you. I’ll have a very pleasant sleep and happy dreams tonight for sure! I hope you also have pleasant dreams!”

The next morning being a Saturday, he emailed me “Good morning, my beloved. After your message last night about you stuffing your hand down your panties while thinking of me, I have to tell you, I did indeed have pleasant dreams. VERY pleasant dreams.

“I had a sort of a hazy half-dream last night that I awoke to find your smiling face and beautiful deep brown eyes and naked curvy body lying in bed beside me, and I could reach out and gently touch you and lovingly caress you everywhere. The dream was hazy only because I have yet to actually see and touch the beauty I'm certain lies under your clothes. And to show you what I hope you will enjoy seeing and touching.

“This morning I have a new resolve to see all of this happen very soon, to finally let each other see and touch what's under our clothes; I just know we can and will. I love that you want this and dream of this as much as I do. And I hope you will enjoy me as much as I know I will enjoy you. And I know it will be wonderful, for us both, when the time and circumstances are finally right. I hate that we have to be apart again all weekend. I hate that it is MY hand and not yours wrapped around my hardness right now (think about THAT tonight!), but I'll see you and hold you and kiss you again on Monday.”

I locked my bedroom door, peeled off my panties, and just made my body tremble until I couldn’t orgasm any more. Then I wrote back: “You just made my morning. Your description of your dream sent sweet shivers up and down my spine. Last night I had some wonderful dreams about us waking up in the middle of the night… I have ‘come’ so much last night and this morning that I’m sore all over... I, too, long to see what ALL of you looks like, and I know it will be even better than my dream last night. Yes, you have touched and entered my heart, though you have not yet ENTERED me the way I dream of. And I believe you and I are now a special part of each other. When we find our way to be the ‘something more’ to each other, it will be sweet.”

On Monday morning, Sept. 22, he sent me a sweet message: “I got home from all my various errands about 9:00 last night. Before I cleaned-up and went to bed, I took a quick look at our special email box. And reading your message from yesterday made me smile last night. But I was too tired to write a reply at that time. Your sexy words caused me the most wonderful dream last night.

“You and I had just made the most amazing love for the first time. You were lying naked, face down beside me on the bed. You left the sheet and blanket off, so my eyes could drink you all in. I know you have a sweet ass, as I have seen and studied and just about worshipped its outline under your tight jeans and in your sexy tiny skirts, and I feel like I already know your every tempting, tantalizing sweet curve back there, even though I have yet to see it uncovered.

“So your exposed ass was very vivid in my dream last night. I could see it and almost feel it under my fingertips and under my adoring kisses, and I'm betting I will prove pretty accurate once I do finally get to see and touch it.

“In my dream, I slowly ran my palms and my fingertips from your shoulders, all down your back, over the gentle curve of your derriere, and down your smooth legs. I could see your spine shiver, just like your email yesterday described that thoughts of me naked make you shiver in desire. I smiled, knowing that our feelings for each other were at that moment causing us both to react in that most exquisite way that the human body responds to the gentle touch of an adoring lover.

“I woke up from this dream at around 1:00 this morning. I was feverishly sweaty, and I was very, very, VERY hard. Understand, it has been about a year since I woke up in the middle of the night in this condition. It took YOU -- your loving and lusty words and my sweet powerful erotic dreams of you -- to get me this way for the first time in a very long time. I tried to get back to sleep, but I couldn’t. So I took a cold shower to calm down.

“That didn’t help. I started to think about what you whispered hotly in my ear the other day, how thoughts of me have caused you to need many cold showers lately. I closed my eyes under the shower stream. I pictured you and me in the shower together, soaping up wash cloths and washing each other all over.

“I finally went back to bed and back to sleep about 2:30 this morning. And now I’m up and starting to get ready for work -- and ready to see my beloved again.

“It’s going to take every ounce of my willpower to keep my hands off of you on the bus this morning. The minute we both get off the bus, I want to sweep you up into my arms. Prepare to be hugged and kissed! A lot!”

I replied: “Hello, dearest... Wow! What your words do to me... it makes me smile through and through, and sends those shivers up and down my spine. My panties are a total mess right now, reading your post… I think I’ll toss them, although we won’t have a chance this morning for my pantiless condition to do us any good today. But I want you to be thinking about the fact that there are no panties under my skirt the whole time we’ll be together this morning.

“You are a delight and a wonder to me.

“I can just see myself gently rubbing your shoulders, back and elsewhere, especially rubbing your umm ELSEWHERE, and feeling your response as I brush against you with my hands and... before, after, and during, when we simply melt together as one. Just thinking about how it will be with you makes me warm, tingly and blissful inside and out. We will give each other the attentive and energetic loving we both deserve.

“It is YOU who should be prepared to be kissed deeply, hungrily, repeatedly in the morning. Sadly, I won’t get to kiss you where I’d like to today, but I can hardly wait until I finally get to kiss your… ELSEWHERE!”

That morning, we managed to sit together on the bus instead of standing. The whole ride into downtown, we whispered all of our hot desires to each other. He told me the thought that I have no panties on was giving him ‘a hard-on that won’t quit’ and I smiled, ‘Yes, I can see that. It looks so GOOD, baby.’ From the bus, we walked together until he had to go left and I had to go right. Until then, we stopped about every two feet to kiss like CRAZY!

He hadn’t read my email yet, so his next email that night responded to both my email and our secret shared desires, whispered on the bus.

“My darling,” he wrote, “I thought you would like that image, of me with a hardness for you that just REFUSED to die, as I dreamed of exploring each inch of your luscious naked backside. It was a powerful and wonderful dream and strongly affected me. After that dream, I needed to hold you this morning, and I'm glad I got to, even if only for a few minutes on the bus. I loved kissing and kissing and kissing you this morning, too, and I thoroughly enjoyed every HOT kiss you gave back to me, too.

“Yes, melting with you, melting together. It will be wonderful. Yes, the touch on each other, when it finally does happen, I know will be magical and electric. Our hands and our bodies touching in sweet ways. Unleashing so much energy, too long pent up in us both.

“I'm thinking about what you said this morning, when we were both getting off the bus to go to work. About how, tomorrow morning, we could go to that secluded section you found in the park, to fool around as much as we can with clothes still on, explore under each other's clothing with fingers and lips until we have to get to our jobs. Not ideal, someone might see us, and not going as far as I know we would both like to do. In a public park, you can't strip me and ride me there, like you told me this morning that you want to do more than anything else in life. I want that for you, too, to let you enjoy me every way you want to.

“We won’t have a lot of time for this playing tomorrow, but I think it will be great. Just to be able to feel your moist sexiness on my fingertips, and your hand lovingly wrapping around the serious hardness you cause me. That will be wonderful, and tomorrow that will have to be enough... for now.

“I’m not happy with one thing you told me this morning, though. That you have to travel cross-country for work, leaving Wednesday and I won’t see you again until Monday. I don’t know how either of us will stand being apart that long. Not looking into each other’s eyes, not whispering secret lusty plans for each other, not touching each other. And not KISSING! But if you can find a way to email me from your trip, I would like that very much. If not, I'll definitely see you after you get back.

“I have to go now. Tired. You will surely be in my dreams tonight -- sweet, naked, horny, and smiling and purring, as I give you the gentle yet powerful loving you want and deserve. Again and again and again and AGAIN, as much as we both want. Soon, it will be more than just fevered dreams we both have of each other.”

I wrote back: “Mmmmmm... It was great holding you, too. You are so sweet, gentle and kind. No, just holding each other, clothed, wasn’t nearly enough for ME, either. Yes, I want to experience you in EVERY way, over and over again. Yes, YES! And yes, I’m taking my laptop on this business trip with me. As long as I can get a decent wireless signal at the hotel, email should not be a problem. There are only two things I could wish for that I won't have with me: a nice, sandy beach on a warm, soft night... with little waves breaking on the sand and the sky glittering with stars; and you.

“See you tomorrow morning! If it works, we can walk a few blocks from the bus stop, and then go around to the back side of that park to the secluded spot I found. There, lying in each other's arms in the manicured grass, and hidden by the bushes, you can lift my skirt and your fingers can caress MY bush. And, mmmmm, I can hardly WAIT to slip my hand down your pants!!! It won’t be easy for me tonight, thinking about how tomorrow I’ll FINALLY have your wonderful naked hardness in my hand, but I’m going to try very hard to keep my fingers out of my panties tonight; I want to save up every last DROP of my hunger for you, to flow all over YOUR hand in the morning. Meantime, sleep well... if you can. I'm not sure I'll get much sleep; the exciting thought of what we'll be doing in the morning is liable to keep me awake. Yours... and soon to be even MORE yours... Kat… purrrrrrrrrrrrr!”

Early the next morning, he wrote back: “A train horn woke me up, so I thought I'd write to you real quickly and then try to get another hour or so of sleep. Before my fingers go exploring later.

“Thank you for that comment about ‘sweet, gentle and kind.’ I sense that in you, too. I think we have similar philosophies about life and work and love, as well as similar background, and that's part of the attraction. Although right now the only attraction toward you I can focus on is that in just a few short hours, I’ll FINALLY have your bush under my fingers… and a finger or two… or three… inside YOU!

"I'll see you in about two hours. Not long now until we'll see each other -- more of each other than we have so far... and yet not as much of each other as we would both like.”

A few minutes later, another message from him: “The other thing is, I also can’t stop thinking about what you said about you and me alone at the beach. The image your words conjure up. You and me sitting on the beach in our swimsuits. Watching the sun set and the sky fill up with stars, as the gentle surf playfully laps at our toes. Instinctively, our arms encircle each other. We kiss, softly at first, then with an increasingly passionate hunger. Yes, I would like that, wish it could be, but I'm happy with the moments we can and do find.”

His hot words in his first message were making it REALLY tough to hold back from coming, but I had to, so I could SOAK his fingers in just two hours. But the sweet innocence in his second message, about the beach, made me laugh. I fired back a single word: “Swimsuits?”

His reply: “With just one word you have made my heart pound and taken my breath away. Yes, of course there'd be no swimsuits, I should have known! You just WAIT until I get you under that tree this morning, my sweet sexy darling; I’m going to show you NO mercy. In just one more hour from now, I’m going to make you come more in 30 minutes than you have in the last decade. You can COUNT on it!”

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